MERRIFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) — A Northern Minnesota man is concerned that hunting dogs are becoming the hunted.

John Reynolds of Merrifield lost his dog Penni when she got caught in what’s called a “Body Grip Trap.”

The traps are designed to kill raccoons, fishers and bobcats — but there have been several reports of pet dogs getting caught in them.

Reynolds is a trapper himself. But the type of trap he demonstrated for us is the kind he wants nothing to do with.

“You can imagine what this would do to the neck of a dog,” said Reynolds, as he springs a body grip trap.

There are several names for this type of trapping device, but Reynolds and others call it the body grip trap. It lures prey in-between the springs with grouse or pheasant meat. And it kills quickly — instantly breaking the neck or the windpipe of the animal. It’s a scenario, that last month, became all too real for Reynolds.

On Dec. 17, Reynolds and his springer spaniel Penni were walking around a lake near Emily, Minnesota. Penni ran off and got caught in a Body Grip Trap.

“It took about a half hour before I found her … and she was dead,” said Reynolds.

And he’s not alone. Reynolds says at least four other dogs in the area have been caught and killed, as well.

What worries him most is that body grip traps can virtually be set on any public land in the state of Minnesota. Including some parks.

But Reynolds isn’t out to get rid of the traps, he just wants the rules to change.

“Every time you go in the woods with your dog you are playing roulette,” said Reynolds.

Because the bait is what attracts the dogs, Reynolds would like to see the traps moved off the ground — where fishers and raccoons can still get them but dogs can’t. Twenty-five other states have that type of regulation, but Minnesota does not. And because of what happened to Penni, Reynolds now refers to body grips as ‘hidden killers.’

“All we are looking for is a change in the method. It doesn’t seem like much to ask. They are good traps, we just don’t want them set where our dogs can reach them,” said Reynolds.

In 2010, the DNR created regulations that do not allow the traps to be placed near houses or buildings occupied by livestock.

The DNR says they continue to talk with trappers and concerned dog owners about the body grip traps.

John Lauritsen

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  1. Kate says:

    Have these idiots stopped to think about what would happen if someones kid finds one of these traps, not knowing what it is, and gets killed in it? Seriously

    1. Kire says:

      No kid is going to stick their head in a contraption to chew on some raw pheasant. Seriously, over react much?

      1. bpk says:

        Have you been around kids much ?

      2. chris says:

        this is true Kire……..Kate is just another example of the “what if” population in this world. Its people like like her that would like to regulate everything

      3. Mary Lou Platt says:

        A child may not stick his head in these traps, but a curious child might stick an arm in one. My comment concerns the end of the story which states the DNR does not allow these traps to be set near houses or barns. Actually, the rule is that a trap cannot be set within 500 feet of an inhabited house. Our property length is over that, and our dog was caught in a trap within 50 feet of our property line in a road right-of-way — a perfectly legal trap. Road right-of-ways are also public places where these traps can be set. This road is the only way in or out for over 20 houses and cabins, so if you want to take a stroll with your dog, this is your option. We are now afraid to let our dog off a leash even on our own property. There is nothing more horrible than watching your dog die in one of these traps. I am not against trapping. Just want them off the ground.

    2. britany says:

      Very true. and with what other people say that i kid shouldn’t be touching others property. Well lets think about it no maybe there not going to put there head in it but, they could easily step in it or put hand in it. there kids there curious. The traps are hidden you don’t always notice them.

      1. mikle says:

        yeah, we all know kids small enough to get caught are always wandering around on public land alone in DEcember and jan. use your head people, scare tactics and nothing more

    3. grikdog says:

      Kate you are right those idiots below can’t see farther than their own nose. Kids might not stick their head in but they certainly will poke their hands where they shouldn’t

  2. Billy says:

    Sorry Kate but a kid should be taught not to mess with other people’s property. Also, assuming the kid is young enough to be dumb enough to put his head in it or stick an arm in there…I’m guessing they should be under adult supervision anyways. Kids get hit by cars no body wants to ban them.

    1. bpk says:

      You can trap on public land too, even some parks

  3. Lillie says:

    If you’re “just walking” with your dog and you are not capable of training it to stay close, then you need to keep it on a leash. If you are a hunter, then you should have trained your hunting dog NOT to go into one of these traps before ever first taking the dog hunting.. Dogs are Very trainable.
    To me, it appears Mr. Reynolds’ Springer Spaniel was either too young & not yet trained or just not well trained to have wandered that far away & out of sight. A dog can have it’s “freedom” but doesn’t have to have “free reign” of the entire area. I see this as a preventable accident in this case.

    1. britany says:

      Well your response is very untrue. The fact that a dog is trainable is true but it had pheasant meat in it. If the dog is trained to hunt pheasant then if it smells the meat of course its going to go there. That is what they are trained for. Obviously you do not hunt at all.

      1. Red says:

        I am with you britany

    2. Tou says:

      This is such a stupid comment to say the least.

  4. steve roepke says:

    one, its not legal to use grouse/pheasant for a biat!! how can u even report this!!??? 2. the EDUCATED trapper would know what baits/scents to use to not get domesticated animals to it!!! he said he was a trapper!! not so.. !! fishers and bobcats not even caught in those traps… at least the cat!! the fisher is more likely going to be caught in a tree!! the bobcat on a snare or #4 coilspring!!! wich catches the paw!! this story was blown way out of porportion!! the norm go figure for a citiot, or pro PETA society!!! you guys need more education on trapping before you knock it!! i live just west ( 2mi.) of merrifield!!

    1. sue says:

      caught by the paw?????? What is wrong with you??? My husband and I both hunt with two dogs, they are ahead of us, nose on the ground, in the air, looking for grouse. We are not against hunting, eating meat, or supporters of PETA.
      We are against trapping.

      1. Careful.... says:

        Then move! Trapping is the history of this state. Trappers needed to think about where they are putting traps, but a hunter shouldn’t just tromp unknowningly into an area either. Public land is just that… PUBLIC. If you can hunt birds there, a trapper can trap there. Careful what you ask for, you’ll end up losing your hunting land too. 🙁

    2. @ Steve says:

      Way out of proportion? I did what the person above recommended, and Googled conibear trap. It was all pics of domestic dogs caught in these this. I think that makes the point of the story exactly, And by the way, legal or not, you know people are doing all kinds of things they should not when it comes to trapping, hunting, baiting, etc.

  5. Jeff says:

    In my opinion all trapping is cruel and pathetic so called sport.

    1. bubba136 says:

      Trapping is not a sport,its an income,same as a job.

  6. svea says:

    So true, Jeff. It’s disgusting. It’s not as black and white as you either trap or you’re a PETA member, either. Trapping is cruel, simple as that.

  7. Sue says:

    Ttrapping should be banned completely. This trap is at least fairly humane, most traps leave animals to die a slow, painful death. There is not one reason to trap animals. I guess we all will have to stop hiking with our small children and dogs so a few inhumane people can trap all those vicious animals.

    1. Citizen says:

      Most traps leave animals to die a slow, painful death . . . Would you care to back that one up?

      I’ve trapped a lot of years, most traps that I use either kill the animal immediately or are rigged to kill the animal within a minute to two. Slow painful death would be about as far from the truth as it gets. If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to come join me next fall.

      By the way, what is Ttrapping?

    2. bubba136 says:

      Another idiot speaks,yup, they are out trapping your small children and dogs.It scares me that you reproduced.

    3. @ sue says:

      please do and do us all a favor who are sick of cleaning up dog poop and picking up kid’s wrappers and trash……oh wait. The trash came from mommy you say ?! me bad

    4. michael O'Brien says:

      Sue, you are very uneducated when it comes to trapping. first of all if a trap in the state of Minnesota is uncapeable of killing an animal quickly by drowning or by the use of a coniber it needs to legally be checked every 24 hours, so no slow, long, painful death.

      secondly, no trapper wants to hurt the animal, as an injured animal wil fight the trap and there is a better chance of it getting away. I know guys including myself who spend thousands of dollars on modifying their existing traps and buying new traps that will hold the animal wit no or very little discomfort. I’ve released countless animals that were or poor quality or out of season and they were all uinjured.

      Look, just because you dont rap and know nothing about it doesnt make it wrong. Some of you act like all trappers are barbaric cavemen wanting nothing less than to club every living thing to death, and you ouldnt be more wrong.

      I am a trapper, a hunter, a dog owner, a father and someone who also just loves to take walks outside with my family. There is plenty of educational materials out there to educate you o how to release a dog out of aconibear, and i suggest you read them.

      As far as getting images off the internet and believing that is how it is I woul hope the people of MN are smarter than that.

      Next time you are at the fair or a sports show or home show if you see a booth there with wild furs I beg you to stop in and chat with the people there. Most likely it will be the MN Trappers Association, andf I am 100% positive if you give tem 5 minutes of your time you will in fact be impressed.

      As far as this news report went there were some factual errors such as a conibear kills instantly, which isnt true. they dont “crush the windpipe” or snap the neck. Also evreyone who traps knows you can not use grouse meat or pheasant meat for bait. Not only is it delicious meat that no trapper would waste as bait, but it would also be illegal uinder the wanton waste laws of this great state.

      You also made it sound like the is a conibear around every tree in our state parks, which couldnt be further from the truth. At least around here it is illegal to trap in parks.

      As a trapper, I am fully aware that many of you have never been exposed to trapping and know nothing about it other than what you hear from a friend of a friend, but I a assure you the stories and images of barbaric practices are nothing more than a fallacy. Trapping is already HEAVILY regulated and Minnesotas conservation officers to a wonderful job of keeping everyone in check. So please, before you let your emotions take over research this on your own, dont take someones word for fact till you know. Speak to a couple trappers for yourself and I bet you will have a change of heart.

      1. LJ says:

        In reading your own posts on Trapperman, I am not even slightly impressed by trappers if they are all like you….luckily I have also read that many of them are not like you. Many of the trappers on that forum post very intelligent and rational comments in an effort to protect dogs, as well as their own trapping heritage. When you post comments that give an impression that you are not even willing to consider a change or show even the slightest bit of compassion toward a dog or a person who owned it you make trappers like yourself look very heartless and self serving. Your comments tend to have a condescending tone on trapperman also. I recall you writing that you trapped 3000 animals in 12 months. That is going to seem excessive to most people. Also, claiming that others are lying is not an effective way to defend trapping.

  8. kevin says:

    You ALL are missing an important fact, firstly you are all being ignorant, the dog is running loose, so what!! Who gives a damn, it is a DOG, and nothing more. Let themn run and pay the consequences fools.

  9. Mark Kirkpatrick says:

    The problem is that the story is a set up.
    If the public knew what REALLY happened, they would tar and feather the dog walker.

  10. agree says:

    Reynolds – you are so cute!

    Sorry to hear about your dog! That is horrible!

  11. GMA says:

    Don’t want something to happen to your dog, keep it on a rope or home!!!
    Tired of people leaving their amimals run all over.

    1. Red says:

      They were hunting for goodness sake. That what dogs are suppose to do!

  12. rw says:

    I hate to see a grown man cry. very sad but on the other hand you need to be responsible if you are a pet owner. it is your job to keep your animal safe.

  13. STEVE ROEPKE says:

    the responses so far against the trapping prove it!! pics on google??!!! of course!! all they show is the neg. stuff!! slow and painfull? not hardly!! the conibear is designed to kill the right sized prey in a way that is instant!! and for those who( and yes i have a chocolate lab for grouse!) hunt with dogs…. yes, your always going to have people that have illegal traps.. but was this reported.. no!! like i said.. bad p.r. for the ETHICAL trapper… that guy is obviously ingnorant to trapping and shouldnt call himself a trapper!! i trap on a daily basis round here ina residential area on my 20 acres!! not once have i gotten a dog or cat in a trap!! with dogs across the road that run free!! get a f@%kn clue people… without hunting or trapping… and the ethical hunter should know better!, that without it, there woulld be disease, overgrazing.. and who know what else!! this is why i say the “PETA” BS!!

    1. STEVE ROEPKE says:


  14. Ron says:

    If you want to see cruel look up what Mange and Distemper do to animals.

  15. bubba136 says:

    You let your dogs run loose,you have it coming,stop your whining.

    1. @bubba136 says:

      It was not running loose. Its called hunting and it is allowed idiot.

  16. steve roepke says:

    again.. only true trapper education will prove what im sayin.. not matter who you are or what you think.. it will open your eyes to the northwoods way of life!! no hunting/trapping and you all will be begging for us to take em out in a yr or two!!

  17. Bambi says:

    I don’t trap but sheesh – all you over the top ban everything in the world moron types need to stay in your little city and within your tiny little huts and read Bambi. Okay – I am sounding almost as bad as you…sorry.
    And leave it to this state of media insanity to have this in the paper and here….it’s a non-story and life. Move on and shutter your windows – the sun is about to shine and we all know that can cause cancer. not sorry at that. lol

  18. S.E.MNBeagler says:

    Here we go. The trappers are going to call anyone that is against what they do a PETA member. I do not support PETA in any way, shape or form, I am a hunter. Actually I think that PETA has become the trappers best friend, they use Peta as their rallying cry in an attept to get other sportsmen to support their cause. Well not this time…. I am a very avid rabbit hunter and run Beagles in there pursuit. Late last fall while hunting on state land my hound was caught in a bodygrip trap and only by the grace of God did she survive. The trapper had six of these traps set on a twenty yard stretch of trail makeing it almost impossible for my dogs to do what they have been trained to do without being caught. I am not against trapping but you trappers are makeing it very hard to deffend you when you support this method….

  19. bob says:

    Find the traps, and take the traps.

    1. Grow up says:

      @Bob, yea, thats right steal Bob. Great answer! Come on people. Hunters complain about people not understanding their sport, but they aren’t willing to understand anothers? Correction… Most Hunters are willing. Your Private Country Club, pressed outfit wearing, shiny gun toting, look at me Hunters, are the one’s not willing.

    2. mike says:

      and get arrested…

    3. mike says:

      and get arrested…

    4. mike says:

      and get arrested…

      1. bob says:

        not to worried, mike

    5. Joe Tenor says:

      Trap Tampering
      • No person
      may remove or tamper with a trap or snare legally
      to take fur-bearing
      or unprotected
      wild animals
      without authorization
      by the trapper, a DNR agent, or the owner or lessee of the land
      where the trap is located.

  20. John Reynolds says:

    One more thing. Penni was a very well trained dog and kept a close eye on me. We spent almost 24 hours a day together from the day I adopted her until she was killed 6 months later. She was killed within 50′ of my car and was NOT running wild.

    1. james says:


      arent you sick and tired of lying yet? when are you ging to tell the truth?

      did the trapper not see you on the road and warn you about his conibears, and where they were?

      Why would you let your dog out to go near these so called land mines or hidden killers that you knew where there?

      sounds to me like you have been on this warpath for a while. Yoiu dont sound responsible enough to be a dog owner if you ask me.

    2. Mixed thoughts says:

      So she was leashed then JR?
      Or not?
      If not she was running wild…un- leashed/contained and maybe under voice control and maybe not.
      Just stating the facts – I am mostly with you on this whole thing but let’s look at the facts too as they (f)actually where.

      I had a dog, my all time favb, shot – illegally mind you – here in Minnetonka. Thing was he was out wandering the woods out back and off my property. Two issues – one you cannot shot an animal or discharge a gun inside city limits. Two – he had left my control and property.
      I was mad as hell but still recognized I have a right to control only on my property. After that if things are legal I have no right to anything.
      Time will heal the anger, temper the loss and also hopefully never happen again. Remember the word leash – saves a lot of heartbreak I have learned

      1. @Mixed thoughts says:

        you do not go hunting with a leash on the dog. 50′ away is not a wandering dog. There is nothing wrong with a dog being off a leash where its allowed.

        1. @@Mixed Thoughts says:

          nor nothing wrong with using a trap as permitted.
          I suppose we could ban traps
          I suppose we could ban dogs too. lol

          1. @Mixed Thoughts says:

            Yes, conibear traps should be banned . They are notorious for killing indiscriminately unlike hunting. But why ban anything? who needs laws, right?

  21. LJ says:

    Why are some trappers so against making a change to how they use a body grip traps? Even if this change saved one family dog it would be worth the change. How many furs would you lose by making this change to set body grip traps up and off the ground by 5 feet? And using dog proof traps as well? I appreciate that some trappers on the trapperman website are encouraging other trappers in Minnesota to make this change on their own. For those of you wanting to learn more about the trapping industry go to the trapperman website and click on trapper talk and then trap talk and scroll down and look for posts with Minnesota in the title. They are talking a lot about this issue and there are many rational trappers posting and many who are not willing to even consider a change.

    1. Linda says:

      Really? Talk to a trapper? Bottom line, trapping is cruel and inhumane, no matter how you cloak it under the guise of legality or factual errors. Nature is cruel, we don’t have to be. Why on earth would someone enjoy killing animals for sport OR profit. We don’t need furs anymore. How is it that one animal is a pet and is loved and protected and a wild animal is just to be “harvested” as the DNR calls it, as if they were plants that don’t experience pain or suffering. Like Ghandi said, a nation’s moral progress can be judged by how we treat those that are less than us.

  22. b says:

    now days people are so messed up that they treat there pets like a kid its a dog you can replace it

    1. gordokong says:

      You can’t just insert a new dog and call it a replacement. You have to spend countless hours training and spending time with the “replacement” to get it where your previous dog was. Much easier to replace a snake as a pet than a dog.

    2. jerry says:

      you can replace a kid to.

    3. @b says:

      Usually the way people treat their pets is a good indicator of how they treat their kids and others b.

  23. john says:


    the trap that killed reynolds dog was set for bobcats. you arent ever going to catch any bobcats in a dog proof trap, and would most lkely never get any in a tree either.

    also, every single year there are rights trappers give up, when is it enough? when are these dog owners going to take some responsibility?

    1. LJ says:

      I read that dog proof traps are for raccoons, not bobcats, so mentioned them for that reason. Bobcats, fisher and pine marten can climb. You many not get a bobcat every time you set a body grip in a tree, just as hunters do not get to shoot or take home a bird, deer or bear every time they go hunting. It is not suppose to be easy is it? What would be the point if it was easy?

  24. John Reynolds says:


    The story about the trapper warning me are false. I know the trapper who killed my Penni and had talked to him earlier in the week about selling furs. He never mentioned anything about traps in the area and I never saw him the day he killed Penni.

    He did tell me about warning some people about his traps north of Kego Lake on the Pistol Lake trail. That is many miles from where he killed Penni.

    1. come on john says:

      whoa dude – he didn’t kill Penni. A trap set did.
      you taking this was to personal and full of vengence like ….
      and he frankly didn’t have to tell you a thing….
      sorry for loss but dude you need to take a chill pill

      1. 2cents says:

        Personally I don’t think it should be legal to trap unless on your own property.

        1. 2bits says:

          I agree and also think that it should be illegal to take any dog off your property. Dogs kill and maim people and things way more than any traps ever had. And with all the PETA folks out there we’d hear and know anytime a trap is involved. Frankly – this is not even worthy of a story. It was a sllow news day again it seems

  25. John Reynolds says:


    I’ve never seen anyone suggest that dog proof coon traps could substitute for other bobcat traps. Most experienced cat trappers know that foothold traps are far more effective than killer traps but some trappers use the less effective killer traps because the MN DNR encourages them to use those traps by allowing them to go 3 days before checking them. Convenient for them. Deadly for our dogs.

  26. S.E.MNBeagler says:

    Some of you trappers talk like we are supposed to hunt our dogs on a three foot leash, come on guys. Skillfull trappers have been very successful long before body traps. These traps set in buckets and on the ground have really dumbed down trapping. The focuse used to be on the quality of sets, now it is more on the quantity.

  27. james says:


    how many bocats have you ever trapped?

  28. LJ says:

    Agree Beagler. I read a trappers comments on another paper’s coverage of this story in Brainerd. The trapper claimed to have trapped 3000 animals in 12 months. Seems like more than his fair share and that trapping must be really easy if he trapped that many in 12 months. Thought there would be limits preventing him from being able to trap that much in 12 months.

  29. agree says:

    WOOF@ John Reynolds – very nice lookin!

    sorry to hear about your dog!

    1. Protect me ! says:

      Holy Trap – the Bible Beaters and PETA Poopers out in High Holy Force.
      I was about to comment and say I question this type of trap but after reading all your pizzy whiny idiotic posts – I say MORE MORE MORE traps on every corner. On the N side especially. Protect me parakeet from the coons and rats that populate the streets at night. Traps Traps Traps

  30. Charleygirl says:

    So is there a “season” when these traps are used or are they used year-round? Wow, makes me afraid to walk my dogs in the woods!

    1. It all scares me so bad says:

      Prolly no more than me fretting when I take a walk with my kids around Calhoun with all the skate boarders, joggers, dopers, and various other idiot types who are there on the paths, behind a steering wheel, dealing there stuff who can cause us harm or death in a blink of the eye.
      Ban Walkers
      Ban Joggers
      Ban Drivers
      Ban pot heads and coke heads
      Ban Women in alluring swimsuits who cause male gawkers to not pay heed. lol
      Indeed ban the very air we inhale as it is often polluted and unhealthy.
      Aaaaaah – are we safe yet? 😉

      1. lets go now says:

        Ya need to ban my wifey stopping home at unexpected hours if ya get my drift.
        To close for comfort …. but ban that and I shall give you my vote on all the above.

      2. charleygirl says:

        Yeah(sarcasm) … so back to my original question, is there a season?

  31. james says:


    I personally know the trapper you are talking about,and he was most likely being modest with thos numbers. I have seen pictures of back to back days where he had over 300 animals each day. For him to get those sort of numbers he has a ton of $$ invested into gear and he spends more time trapping than you could ever imagine. He has also responded above.

    he is a friend, and a fellow outdorsman and a better gfamily man there is not. He is also a dog owner, and loves his dog as if it were another child, and she goes everywhere with him. I know he is trapping bobcats and coyotes out west right now and his dog is with him.

    As far as he gettin his fair share, the state sets limits so who are you to decide what hi fair share is? Easy, sure if you call running 18 hour days for 20-30 days straight, driving hundreds of miles per day and spending days on end in wet boots, nasty gloves, and freezing cold sure it is easy. There is a reason everyone isnt getting that many animals,


    1. LJ says:

      James, good to know this trapper is a family man, etc. I was only commenting about my opinion of his his comments where he has stated that others are lying and such, not that he may not be a family man or loving dog owner or good friend to someone. And I was questioning if 3000 animals in 12 months is within the states set limits, as that just seemed high to me. What animals can he trap 300 of in one day? this is not a sarcastic question… I am really wondering the answer. I don’t think there is a limit on coyotes, woodchucks or skunks, so is that was he is trapping so many of in back to back days? I would be curious to know for educational purposes. He is obviously very good at what he does which is great for him. It seems that if he is that good, seriously, I mean this sincerely, that he would still be able to trap a lot of animals setting the body grip trap off the ground. Why would he oppose this change so much?

  32. John Reynolds says:

    james, I’ve trapped a few. Mostly out west when after coyotes but some in this state too. I was taught by a fellow you’ve probably heard of in ND.

    It’s not just me who thinks dog safe footholds are more effective than body grips. Ask around.

    Coon season is from mid-October to mid-March. Unprotected animals like woodchucks and skunks can be trapped 365/yr. You should be afraid to walk your dogs in the woods because there is no way to protect them short of keeping them on a 5′ leash at all times. I’ve seen bucket sets within 6′ of the trail and the DNR approves of that set.

    1. Charleygirl says:

      Thanks John, your right I do have a reason to be afraid!

  33. John Reynolds says:

    James, if your friend is out west running hundreds of miles a day on the trapline how did he find time to post here and on Trapperman?

    His post above is full of mistruths by my posts correcting his statements aren’t showing up.

    1. Legal a comin'??? says:

      oh my – am I smelling the makin’s of an attempt at a lawsuit?
      belive half of what is said here folks and tally ho

    2. hook it up says:

      I want you so bad.

    3. hook it up says:

      man 4 man… john. you and me.

  34. jack says:

    I have never trapped or believe in doing so, although I have hunted most of my life. I had a Springer Sapniel get caught in a #4 wire snare years ago that was set for coyotes. Luckily I was close enough to hear her struggle with the strangulation., and also able to hold her while I took the wire off of her neck. Had I not been close, she also would have strangled to death, not too quickly mind you, sort of a slow angonizing death. If you cannot shoot it, leave it be. Stop the trapping.

    just me

  35. George says:

    Trapping, really? What next a reality show like swamp people a bunch of toothless morons.

  36. michael o says:


    i just got back to MN very late last night. with the technology available there isnt many places you cant get online thee days.

    Tell me what mistruths I stated in my above post?


  37. Joe Tenor says:

    I am not a fan of trapping but it is a legal activity here in Minnesota. You can pretty much trap on any land you can hunt on. You can’t trap on private property without the landowners permission. Trappers have a trapping season and when wandering around in the woods with your pets you should know what the trapping rules are for your own safety. You can get the trapping rules right off the Minnesota DNR website

  38. John says:

    Here’s some.

    “At least around here it is illegal to trap in parks” Not true. Check with the city of Brainerd.

    It IS legal to use parts left over from grouse and pheasants for trapping bait. You carefully said meat but the dog doesn’t know the difference or care.

    “they dont “crush the windpipe” or snap the neck.” Yes they do break the neck sometimes and yes they do crush the windpipe. You cannot say that a trap that strong gripping the neck does not crush the windpipe. I wasn’t able to pull that wooden rod out of the jaws. That’s how tightly it grips.

    MN DNR regulations of body grip traps are some of most lax in the US.

  39. Sad! says:

    How sad that the dog was killed! They need to use a different types of traps out there then so this does not happen again. Also ( Hello) I am sure if this happened to your dog you would be upset as well. It was not running loose. Its called hunting and it is allowed idiot’s. I agree with Reynolds all the way!

    1. Jezzus says:

      so is trapping.
      and pity the poor Bambi’s that get scrared and driven by a doggy off leash
      shame shame shame on doggy
      No more traps
      No more doggy off leashes
      shame shame shame on you all

      1. Sad says:

        Jezzus ~ You sound like a very heartless person same with some of these people on here. Enough said! Also feeling it~ you sound like a gross sick person that would even say something like that!

  40. michael o says:

    hey Sad, why dont you ask REynolds what he was doing in the woods. He has said time and time again he WAS NOT HUNTING.

    John, if it breaksthe neck or crushes the windpipe how is it that guy in hinkley had time to go home, get a firearm, return to the site and SHOOT his dog? Seems like a long time to live with a snapped neck or crushed windpipe if you ask me. You would have thougt he would have also thought about removing the trap rather than shooting it!

    at 2:28 into the story they said it lures bobcats through the trap with grose or phesant meat. Did he pull that from his fanny o did you tell him that? it didnt say feathers, it didnt say a wing for an attractor, it said MEAT.

    and our 220 laws arent some of the most lax in the nation, for petes sake there are states where you can use larger traps unrestricted, and they arent piling up dead kids and pets like some on here and you would have people believe

    1. Sad says:

      Who cares what Reynolds was doing in the woods! How do you know if I agree with hunting or not. I am a animal lover and yes a women enough said. But I also do not judge others. This is about a dog that lost his or her life come on now.

  41. done says:

    I hate spearing poor fishy’s too. And using a line with a hook – sadistic
    have you even seen a spear? my gawd it is horrible and they miss and ding up ol’ jaws way to often. I no longer can go on the water in the summer as I see the scars on snaggletooth, jaws grandson, as he swims by. terrible
    ban people and solve the worlds problems. there ya have it
    close this silly thread.

    1. nummy fems here? says:

      Prolly no more than me fretting when I take a walk with my kids around Calhoun with all the skate boarders, joggers, dopers, and various other idiot types who are there on the paths, behind a steering wheel, dealing there stuff who can cause us harm or death in a blink of the eye.
      Ban Walkers
      Ban Joggers
      Ban Drivers
      Ban pot heads and coke heads
      Ban Women in alluring swimsuits who cause male gawkers to not pay heed. lol
      Indeed ban the very air we inhale as it is often polluted and unhealthy.
      Aaaaaah – are we safe yet?

  42. Dave321 says:

    Wow, the amount of infantile comments coming from the trappers is really telling and says much about their intellect, or rather, lack of. And people such as this are allowed free rein to set dangerous devices on public land pretty much wherever and however they feel like and no warning signage is required. If that isn’t barbaric and behind the times, I don’t know what it.

  43. John Reynolds says:

    Mr. Kirkpatrick doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s committing slander. I do NOT tamper with other trappers equipment.

    I started this petition to force the DNR to change the regulations to require body grip traps to be placed 5′ off the ground or underwater so that no more dogs will be killed. It’s done this way in other states and the trappers do just fine.

  44. John Reynolds says:

    Mr. Kirkpatrick doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s committing slander. I do NOT tamper with other trappers equipment.

    I started this petition to force the DNR to change the regulations to require body grip traps to be placed 5′ off the ground or underwater so that no more dogs will be killed. It’s done this way in other states and the trappers do just fine.

  45. al martin says:

    John Reynolds is trying to make the world a little better place, not eliminate trapping. No one should disparage him for that. There can by no excuse for turning a blind eye to the unnecessary harm or killing of an unintended animal or child by one of these traps.

    Like it or not (I don’t) we live in a very crowded world, and must continue to make adjustments to accomodate each other. It’s no longer that romantic wild mountainman world of make-believe some still hold. It’s why you don’t sprawl out taking up the whole seat on a crowded bus. The world is a crowded bus.

    John isn’t asking for an end to trapping, just changes to reduce the chances of unintended painful accidents. I used to trap a little many tears ago, so I haven’t been opposed to trapping, but from some of the comments I could change my mind very easily. I hope some of those comments aren’t from true trappers, but just from armchair wanna-bees.

    I hunt and fish too, and I support PETA. How about that?

    Those who make insulting remarks or accusations about John should at least have the courage to sign their true names. Geez, I’m glad I didn’t read ALL the comments. Sounds like it could be a bonanza out there for the psychiatrists. Start settin’ those Crazy Traps, guys!

  46. John Reynolds says:

    I just heard that WCCO has a story on ANOTHER dog killed in a body grip trap. This time it was in White Bear Lake.

  47. Jesus Jones says:

    Just put your dog or kid on a leash. Problem solved. Simply follow the rules and get a life.

  48. Tommy Mommy says:

    Jesus, Jones who are all of these idiots. Just media hype over nothing. Follow the rules. No problem.

  49. DogsTastGood says:

    Tommy Mommy. you are absolutely right — so many whiners.

  50. OneHungLo says:

    CC’Ho — doing it again. Much todo about absolutely nothing. Report some real news for a change.

  51. Demi Less says:

    Demi Moore is so hot!
    what do you think?

  52. hanson says:

    reynolds you are a liar you claim you dont tamper with traps wich in fact you do..have some very good sources that tell me differnt so lets stop the b.s. and tell the truth lilke i have you time and time again.

  53. hanson says:

    let me correct myself i have asked you time &time again i would think that you would have some kind of consience. and not be so blind to the fact that regulations are distributed fairley to all sportsman.

  54. Shirley says:

    I understand traps are legal and supported by the DNR. I totally disagree with the use of any type of leg hold of kill traps. They are set and unfortunately children, pets and untargeted animals can be harmed and killed. We as pet owners are responsible for our pets and should not allow them off leash or to run loose; however, that probably isn’t going to happen. Now with the wolf hunting season being requested by the DNR, I’m concerned that even more traps will show up.
    Money talks. If citizens ban together and not check the donation box on their state income tax forms and not donate, it might get attention. I know other animals might be impacted by the lack of funds, however, this type of trap is barbaric and time to be abolished. This won’t abolish hunting. However, let’s do away with this barbaric form of hunting.

  55. Trapper Jim says:

    hanson, setting aside your slanderous accusations based on heresay towards Mr. Reynolds maybe you would be so kiind as to explain to us what you mean by “regulations are distributed fairly to all sportsmen”.

    Judging by what I have read from some of the trappers who have posted here and other places that means letting them set meat baited killer traps anywhere they want and then expecting dog owners to either stay home or risk watching their dog die.

    Is that your idea of distributing regulations fairly too?

  56. hanson says:

    trapper jim no slander what so ever just speaking facts as far as regulations for all sportsman thats the book we get every year by the dnr.

  57. David says:

    If you do not know how to quickly release one of these traps-
    Goggle- Conibear traps

  58. Max K says:

    Here’s an idea – let’s replace the trappers with humane people of conscience that don’t trap. What would we consider a reasonable “harvest”? I’m sure there are at least 50 immediately lethal methods that could be used and the best part is, if we’re clever, the trappers own trap could be the bait.

    As William S Gilbert said: “Deer hunting would be a fine sport if only the deer had guns”. Since animals don’t and they aren’t pursuing humans, perhaps some sporting humans care to even the odds?

  59. bubble shooter says:

    Hello, I love to find out more on this field. Thank you for publishing this.

  60. Eric says:

    Most of the grouse and pheasant hunters would be mad at the DNR when the 220 is banned and the bobcat and raccoon population explodes decreasing the bird numbers so bad they have to close the seasons. Then they will want to complain about the bird numbers then. All one has to do is educate themselves on the trap and carry a piece of rope to release their dog if it gets caught. It is not hard but personal responsibility is dead in this day and age. It is always someone else’s fault. To those who want to ban trapping, maybe we ban driving cars because it is cruel torture to run over an animal and it happens everyday. Maybe we ban farming to stop the torture of the tractors killing the field mice. Wake up and join the real world.

  61. Gino says:

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