GORHAM, Maine (AP) — Ron Paul said Saturday the Republican presidential race has “a ways to go” and he doesn’t intend to get out or get behind another candidate anytime soon.

The Texas congressman was campaigning Saturday in Maine, which holds caucuses beginning Feb. 4. He spoke to an overflow crowd at the University of Southern Maine and held an outdoor rally outside the famed L.L. Bean store in Freeport. He picked up the endorsement of Linda Bean, the granddaughter of the Bean company founder and a prominent Republican activist in the state.

Paul told reporters that it didn’t make sense for him to campaign in Florida, which holds its primary Tuesday and awards all its 50 delegates to the winner. Polling indicates Mitt Romney is leading the field there.

“Some other campaigns have many, many millions of dollars to run a campaign,” Paul said. “We maximize the delegates the way we’re doing it.”

Paul planned to campaign next week in other caucus states, including Nevada, which also holds its caucus on Feb. 4, and Colorado and Minnesota, which hold caucuses Feb. 7.

Paul dismissed suggestions he would back any of his GOP rivals.

“I think that’s premature. We have a ways to go,” Paul said, adding he was glad they were speaking favorably about some of his libertarian-leaning views.

“I’ll work with anybody who wants to come in the direction of Constitutional government,” Paul said.

He noted that Newt Gingrich had endorsed his views on monetary policy in a nationally televised debate this week. Paul has called for the Federal Reserve to be audited and ultimately eliminated, and wants the value of the dollar tied to gold.

Paul said he hoped the former House speaker and others would also adopt his noninterventionist foreign policy views, which are far outside the Republican Party mainstream.

“If he says ‘I agree with Ron Paul, we should bring the troops home from Afghanistan,’ my ears would pop up,” Paul said.

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Comments (15)
    1. Ron Paul 2012 says:

      I second.

  1. Gunnar says:

    Keep going Dr. Paul
    Ron Paul is redistributing the wealth. He takes from the poor and spends it on his ego trip. After all of his years in Congress not one of his resolutions on government have made it to committee for the lack of a second. His own party does not support him. He is one effective leader

    1. Ron Paul 2012 says:

      Yeah, Gunnar, he’s so unimpressive that he has Newt and Obama in lockstep preaching his very plan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It is working…and that’s Ron’s point. Anyone that can’t see that is a complete moron.

      1. Gunnar says:

        Obama for flat tax?
        Obama for selling off US assets and going on the gold syandard
        Obama for having the patient buy their own malpractice insurance for the care they get from doctors.
        Obam for ending the fed.
        Your response would lead one to believe that you are one deluded person.

  2. Veteran for Ron Paul says:

    No one keeps Ron Paul in a corner!

  3. Military vet says:

    Ron Paul is really the front runner with the people. Romney and Gingrich are the same establishment corrupt candidates.

    Listen up media, We Want Ron Paul, he’s uncorruptable. No more crooks like Bush and Obama

  4. Crazy Joe says:

    Ron Paul go go go you show them, many behind you, much more than the corrupt media will report.

  5. joel says:


  6. Mayhem says:

    You folks actually think Ron Paul Jones has a shot at the Presidency, eh?

    Keep thinking that.

    My dead cat has a better shot than any of the GOP stooges.

    OBAMA IN ‘012!!!

    1. Rudy says:

      I liked you better on the Vikings comment page. Of course no one thinks he has a shot but having him out there is great ammo for the rest of us that actually think beyond pollitics, focus on the economy and could care less about social issues. Ron Paul is a very good thing.

      1. Mayhem says:

        Very good thing for what? He doesnt bring anything to the table. Much like the other GOP’s

        I guess I dont get the logic of wasting a vote on a puppet.

        Might as well not vote at all – or, write yourself in at the least.

  7. Jay says:

    As much as I like Ron Paul, I wouldnt vote for him today. Thats only because I believe he is too old for the position. As for Obama, we can only pray he doesnt get re-elected. Weve had enough of his inexperienced bull****!!

    1. Mayhem says:

      Good thing some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

  8. Ordinary Guy says:

    He’s a “super-capitalist”. Even if you would like to live and work like our Asian export/import” partners, we can’t. If we try to cheap our way down to their competitive labor and consumption levels, there wouldn’t be the 70% of our economy to support us or them. The truly exploitative model doesn’t work. Rich plantation owners don’t have enough consumption to do it. That means social unrest, starvation, and war for meager survival. I just don’t buy his story.