GRANDY, Minn. (WCCO) — A 28-year-old North Branch man was injured when the dump truck he was driving was hit by a train near Grandy, Minn. on Monday.

According to the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office, the collision occurred shortly before 11 a.m. at a railroad crossing on 369th Avenue Northeast. There were no crossing arms at the location, only warning markers.

The driver of the truck, identified as Lief James Frauendienst, came to a stop at the railroad crossing, but proceeded through and was struck by the train. The train was reported to be traveling at 46 mph.

Frauendienst was pinned in the resulting wreckage and had to be extricated. He was conscious and alert as he was airlifted out of the area and to the hospital.

Frauendienst thought he had enough time to go across the tracks, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The accident is under investigation.

Grandy is north of Cambridge, Minn.

Comments (9)
  1. Bill Guenther says:

    The driver of the truck DID STOP at the crossing…please re-read the press release.

  2. thinkbeforeyouact says:

    I’m sorry, but the driver in this accident is actually in my family and i find it very insensitive & hurtful that someone could leave such cold-hearted comments about not only someone they have never met, but especially someone who is in serious condition. i hope next time you think about leaving such comments you consider how the victim & their families will feel when they read them.

  3. Big dave says:

    Im sorry to hear about what happened and i wish nothing but the best, he is a good man with a strong heart. Worked with him for 2 years prior

  4. trybeingpartofthehumanrace says:

    Me either and they own computers and have nothing better to do but leave idiotic heartless replies on events they are completely ignorant about. You are a sad judgmental being in human form. I am sure the angels that were watching over Lief will fly right past you the next time you happen to be in a life threatening situation. Watch your comments!! and be respectful.

  5. Barney says:

    People leave hurtful comments here, Just a warning to people looking for support PLEASE DON”T LOOK HERE this is typical of most comment boards, this accident was a tragedy and I hope the best for all.

    1. bepositive says:

      Seriously it shouldn’t matter if its typical of most comment boards, whats wrong with raising people up instead of tearing people apart?

    2. atypical says:

      Seriously it shouldn’t matter if its typical of most comment boards, whats wrong with raising people up instead of tearing people apart?

  6. Shantel Hodges says:

    So the friends and family know a caringbridge site has been set up. we will do our best to keep it as up to date as possible.

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