MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two Roseville police officers will not be charged in a fatal shooting from November.

According to the Washington County Attorney’s Office, the two men, Officer Joseph Adams and Officer Grant Dattilo were justified in using deadly force to kill Wayne W. Malone on Nov. 17, 2011.

Both officers responded to an apartment on the 600 block of Larpenteur in Roseville on a 911 hang-up call, unaware of what to expect.

Adams recognized the address and remembered encountering a violent man there in the past. After knocking and announcing their presence, the officers were met by Malone, who was holding a handgun.

The officers retreated and repeatedly yelled for Malone to put down the weapon, but instead, Malone raised the gun, as if to shoot.

The officers fired their weapons a total of eight times, with two rounds hitting Malone and causing his death.

The fact that the officers repeatedly warned Malone to put down his weapon, a black .177 pellet gun, is confirmed by two witnesses.

The actions of the officers were justified according to the report and no charges will be issued.

The Roseville Police Department considers this matter closed.

Comments (18)
  1. Safe Gun Lover says:

    I will never understand why people don’t drop the gun when the police tell them to. Pellet gun or real gun, just drop the thing…or die.

    1. Andy says:

      You may die either way in that situation.

    2. ez says:

      I think he wanted to die, it’s called suicide by cop and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop them. It’s a cowards way to end their life in a cowardly fashion.

  2. Safe Gun Lover says:

    I will never understand why people don’t drop the gun when the police tell them to. Pellet gun or real gun, just drop the thing…or die.

  3. Just Wondering says:

    So…What happened to the other 6 bullets. I’m not judging the outcome of this situation, but kind of concerned with the accuracy.

    1. Get a life says:

      @ Just Wondering… lmao.. really?! that’s your concern? Grow up.

      1. Just Wondering says:

        You’re right “Get A Life”, I guess I have alot of growing up to do, stupid me to think 6 stray bullets could be a problem. I guess as long as those bullets are from cops….no worries. Thanks for setting me straight.

        1. Robert says:

          That’s right stray bullets never hurt anyone.

        2. Brian says:

          Who cares what happened to the stray bullets? They lodged in the wall. Happy with that scenario? If anything even remotely significant had happened (bystander struck, entered an adjacent home, etc) to those rounds, the media would have been all over it. As it is, we heard nothing. Which means, nothing special happened with those rounds.

        3. Jason says:

          @ just wondering, law inforcement and people like myself use personal defence rounds. Hollow points bullets cause more damage upon entry, but will not pass through intended target. These rounds will not go through walls instead will get lodged into the thinnest drywall. FYI

    2. ez says:

      During a shooting, the amount of adrenaline is huge. Under that amount of stress and hormones accuracy drops like a rock. Unless you have been there I don’t think you can judge how poor of a shot someone is.

  4. duh says:

    This shouldn’t even need to be a story! Of course the officers were in the right! If someone raises a gun at me, they better be prepared to die. Me or them.. This was a “By the Book” ordeal. Good Job Officers!

  5. Joe Tenor says:

    They were just doing their jobs and correctly I might add. I sure don’t mind another dirt bag off the street, thanks officers.

    1. Joe is a Loser says:

      How do you know he was a “dirt bag”? Do you know the facts of what happened there, or do you just use the term dirt bag based on how you see yourself?

      1. Phil McRackin says:

        He pulled a gun on a cop idiot, did you read the story?

      2. Calm Down says:

        Relax, dude. The leap from “man brandishing gun at police” to “dirt bag” isn’t very far. Was Wayne Malone your brother, or what?

    1. Kevin says:


      Really? Your a moron. He was white as the night……Liberal dumb a**.

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