MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis store known for helping the poor is now in need of its own help after a bold burglary.

Police say thieves punched through the wooden wall of St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store to get inside. The thieves then broke into two other rooms before stealing a safe that weighed more than 100 pounds and contained $1,000. It happened around 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

The thieves carried the safe through an emergency door. They did this all before police had a chance to respond to the alarm the they set off.

Wayne Bugg, the store’s manager, said the thieves not only stole store, they took from the community’s poor.

“Essentially, it wasn’t stealing from the store, it was stealing from the poor that they helped,” Bugg said. “I guess that’s the saddest part about it all.”

Bugg has worked at the store for 15 years, and he credits it for helping him get his life back together. He said the store sells donated clothing and household items, and that it donates its proceeds to food shelves.

The robbery has struck Bugg personally.

“I feel violated. I feel like my own home was broken into,” he said.

Bugg was hoping the surveillance camera would get a good shot of whoever broke in to the store. But the robbers also stole the surveillance tape. The restaurant across the alley has a surveillance camera, but it wasn’t working that morning.

For an organization already willing to give, having thieves break in such a brazen fashion is what makes this so hard to accept.

Ed Koerner, the store’s executive director, said the $1,000 the robbers stole could have fed 50 people for two weeks.

Koerner also said the robbery couldn’t have come at a worse time, because donations are down this year.

If you know anything about the robbery, call Minneapolis police at 612-692-8477.

Comments (9)
  1. 600XCSP says:

    How about not leaving money in the store after hours.

    1. Sue says:

      How about not blaming the victim.

  2. 600XCSP says:

    How about not making it so easy for the criminal to get at your belongings.
    People leave valuables laying around and then cry when they get robbed.
    Wake up.

    1. Rockford says:

      You must have missed the part where the money was put into a safe. Hmmmm, wonder how they came up with the word for safe? Oh yea, cause your money is supposed to be SAFE.

    2. ez says:

      What part of safe, security camera and alarm don’t you understand? That is no laying around for thieves to take, they took steps to protect their belongings. What a dumb ass.

  3. 600XCSP says:

    Any one that leaves $1000 dollars in a 100 pound safe is a dumb ass.

    1. Miserable people keep comments to yourself says:

      Your a dumb ass. No reason to take your miserable life out on the comments board.

  4. garageman44 says:

    They should have done what the manufacturer says to do. Bolt the safe down so it can’t be taken!! They tell you to do that on a 400 pound safe !!

  5. David Pittelli says:

    1) It’s not a robbery. It’s a burglary. Newspapers and TV networks should know not to use these terms as synonyms. Robbery involves force or the threat of force.

    2) A 100-pound safe is a joke, and not suitable for holding that sort of money, except maybe if it’s heavily bolted to concrete.

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