MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 30-year-old man faces eight felony counts of prostituting young girls throughout Minnesota over the last few years.

Akmal Saleem Karon has been arrested and made his first court appearance on Wednesday.

According to the criminal complaint, Karon allegedly prostituted a girl in the St. Cloud area as well as in Richfield back in 2010. The girl was 16 at the time.

Investigators said Karon, who has no known address, advertised the girl’s services through notices placed on Backpage.com. When officers caught the girl, she admitted to being a prostitute.

Investigators found a number of calls made to Karon on her cell phone. The girl later said that she had been coerced, and that Karon had repeatedly beaten her and once burned her with a cigar.

In 2011, investigators in St. Paul were contacted about another case of underage prostitution. A 14-year-old girl told officers that Karon had beaten her and forced her into prostitution until she managed to escape.

Karon’s bail has been set at $200,000.

Comments (12)
  1. Research says:

    Indianapolis just passed a law that could get someone 50 yrs for prostituting anyone under 16. Wonder what MN law is if he’s convicted for the 14 yr old.

  2. Ali says:

    MN State sentancing guidlines call for no more than 3.5 years. This is why I say we get rid of or change these stupid MN state sentancing guidlines.

  3. Peggy Hill says:

    As sick as this story is and as sick of a f— that this guy is, where is the indignation when this guy produced child porn in small town MN? Did y’all miss the story or is it because we can’t deport him based on his European name?

    1. Josie Malone says:

      Thank you Peggy — a VERY valid point. Also valid is this: If people (MEN) would stop paying to have sex with CHILDREN (and that is what 14-yr-olds are, despite what anyone says), then prostitution of CHILDREN would not exist. There would be no market.

  4. Bubba says:

    dude – he just needed a jon is all…..EOE is all

  5. Minnesotan says:

    What does diversity and Somalians have to do with this??? ALL of Minnesota is racist, and Karon is not Somalian….don’t get your point. Stupid people come in a ‘rainbow’ of colors.

    1. Laughing at the scared white boy says:


      “ALL of Minnesota is racist” Oh Lord. That must be one of the dummest things I have ever heard.

      1. Lol@you says:

        Hmm “dummest” pot meet kettle.

  6. ken says:

    again if MN wasn’t so liberal of a state we would have some guy with a shotgun take him to the woods and leave him there. I would even pay for the .25 cent round

  7. RSS says:

    But this type of behavior is celebrated and condoned in dey kulcha yo!

  8. Wanna Scream says:

    Hey WCCO. How come this story gets a comments section where as this one
    has its comments blocked?

    We should be allowed to comment on BOTH the stories….
    You can’t hide behind the freedom of speech and press and then decide on which stories can get comments and which can not.

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