MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A nonpartisan audit is raising suspicions about unusual out-of-state spending in Wisconsin’s food stamp program.

The Legislative Audit Bureau reports Friday that a portion of recipients on the Wisconsin FoodShare program spent almost $33 million outside the state last year.

Program participants are legally allowed to purchase food anywhere in the country. But the report shows some FoodShare cards were used for purchases in Wisconsin on the same day the card’s account number was manually entered for purchases in another state.

Rep. Samantha Kerkman, co-chair of the Joint Audit Committee, says she’s not surprised with the report. She says more background checks on recipients are needed.

The bureau is expected to release a more comprehensive report on the FoodShare program this spring.

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Comments (25)
  1. Brett says:

    Do you mean to say, to a LIFELONG taxPAYER, that there is FRAUD in Wisconsin’s (let’s not even talk about MINNESOTA’s) FOOD STAMP PROGRAM?? Are we in the 21st century, or the 18th? Fraud is fraud, and anybody involved who thinks that it is OK to abuse the system is a serious criminal, and should be seriously prosecuted. Time to end the “ebt’ cards, pronto.

    1. Peace says:

      I agree. People get way too much money on their EBT’s cards, they can’t use it all so they end up selling it for cash to spend as they please. I know MANY people that do this every month. So, workers, keep working so EBT recipients can keep “cashing” in their cards to buy the non-essential stuff.

  2. G Dog says:

    So Governor Walker is buying his caviar in another state. Gotta have plenty on hand for when the Koch brothers come to town to tell him what to do.

    1. George says:

      Did you go to a public school?
      You seem to have some severe reading comprehension problems.

    2. mark trail says:

      Grow up and educate yourself about the abuses in programs like these. If you have no meaningful comment perhaps you could just move on with your day G-troll

  3. Kevin says:

    MN EBT cards are used in every state in the Nation and even in the Cyman Isands. They are used heavily in CA and in Mexico. They are used at casinos, strip clubs, and liqour stores. The MN Senate is trying to fix it,but the liberals are screaming racism and class warfare. The system does not work. They just arrested a Paki in St Paul for EBT Fraud. He bought and sold millions of dollars in EBT.

    1. Revert says:

      Link, or it didn’t happen.

      1. whocares says:

        They need to get rid of all welfare it was to help people and now the program is being abused. It is time these people stand on their own two feet and before someone judges I have a couple of family members getting help. Enough is enough.

        1. Revert says:

          Oh I agree.
          There was some pretty tall claims with no factual data backing it in the comment above mine.

          1. Eyes Wide Shut! says:

            What rock are were/are you sleeping under?

            1. Revert says:

              Apparently it’s unheard of to ask for legitimate proof for anything now.

              1. Kevin says:

                Go back to sleep you fu**ing moron……We will handle the rest….

        1. Revert says:

          Thank you.
          It only took a few days, but someone finally came through with the original request.
          Googling “Paki EBT fraud” doesn’t get you too far. (Can’t imagine why.) But in the end Kevin got his panties in a bunch, screamed and name called like a big boy. It says a lot about a person.

  4. jody says:

    I’ve never been to Wisconsin. Are all of the welfare collectors over there blacks?

    1. Kevin says:

      No Jody. Per numbers most welfare in MN and WI are white. But if you figure the ratio per people per group….then in MN and WI its Blacks, Asian, then Mexican, then whites…..wefare is a need….but I think its a form of a liberal plantation…..if you give a man a fish…..type thing…welfare without a strong program to get them off welfare becomes…a “life style”…….

      1. Kevin says:

        Per the state of MN data…..4% of MN is now black while 45% of the MN prison inmates are black. The liberal media likes to bend facts. And liberal trash love to yell racism…but facts are just that…..

  5. stung4ever says:

    Hey, the legislators that fled the state had to eat too.

  6. TRUE says:

    Kevins comment about the investigation is true, google it. here is just the blurb of the article 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Investigation Prompts Changes to MN Welfare Laws
    There is a series of it….KSTP website.

    Enough is enough.

    1. Kevin says:

      TY True…I only speak the truth…but liberal trash hate facts…..

  7. TRUE says:

    Prosecutors: ‘Brazen’ Welfare Fraud Cost Taxpayers More than $3 Million
    KSTP 5 site —for the Paki caught

  8. Common_Cents says:

    Ron Paul 2012. The only candidate that will stop the madness.

    Because Obomney/Robama 2012 is just plain stupid.

  9. JT says:

    Interesting how some folks abuse the system making it impossible for the legit families needing help to get it. Not everyone needing assistance is black, trashy, or criminal. I for one am a white girl with some class, raised in EDINA and rely on Medical Assistance and Medicaid for healthcare because Im disabled. I dont qualify for EBT because my $832 disability check puts me over the limits. When I DID qualify I never “sold” a dime. The card was only ever used in MN for actual food purchases to feed my family.

    Generalizing everyone based on some is just as racist as claiming all this is “the blacks”

  10. Murph says:

    I would not be at all surprised that many of those purchases are on the up and up! As refugee’s are very generous and protective of each other.The exchange of food s stamps and money is quite the norm with many foriegn born peoples .Much unlike our homebred Republican families that would not share a dime with their dying mother or father ,much less a friend or acquaintence!GOP sux!

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