MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A suspect is still at large after he or she stole a car in North Minneapolis Saturday evening and led police up Interstate 35E to Forest Lake, authorities said.

Sgt. Stephen McCarty of Minneapolis police said the incident began around 6 p.m. near the intersection of 26th Avenue and James Avenue North.

Several police agencies are tracking the stolen car. However, details about the car’s make remain unknown.

This story will be updated as more information is released.

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  1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Oh your such a racist……….again……….and again………..and again……….and again……

  2. Kim Thirlwall says:

    OMG! Must be a government employee? From north mpls. to Forest lake and they got away? Must be one fast vehicle to out run motorola!

    1. Hillbilly Hub says:

      It must be Supercharged.

  3. caregiver says:

    If the car’s make is unknown what are they doing, speeding around and looking for someone that looks suspicious? Why even put this online until they have the info!

    1. talking to the dipstick says:

      It’s unknown to the media, dipstick. The authorities do know.

  4. alligator says:

    i’ll bet he’s not swedish…..10 to 1 odds.

    1. teabaghater says:

      thats because there is not that many of you oh and thats good!!

      1. A Swede says:

        Their is not much goodly English in you’re incoherent centance.

  5. Hillbilly Hub says:

    Too many Vigilantes to give out the Vehicle Info.

  6. Bud says:

    Almost made it to the junkyard

  7. Obama says:

    And all the donutbellies couldn’t figure out what kink of a car it was!!

  8. Andy says:

    Way to go! Great getaway!

  9. Lars Penus says:

    Fret not – just my lil’ bro hurrying home to use the chitter. He tried to hail a cab but since he’s a lily white fem looking north ‘burbby boy they were afraid to stop I guess. He’s fine now despite soiling his pants a bit. We good …. thanks for worrying about us.

  10. Der says:

    If they know the car is stolen how on earth don’t they know the make and model?

  11. Be on the Lookout! says:

    Unknown race, unknown gender, unknown vehicle.

  12. Jason says:

    Dont expect much more info. 4th precinct surpresses crime stats and info. After all if a crime isnt charged it hasnt happened. This is how we can get a drop in overall crime rates. Looks good for the city, harmful for residents.

  13. Kevin says:

    Aint diversity grand?

  14. gawker says:

    There had to be 20+ squads in that chase – we started counting after several went by and saw 15. Another news site said something about them not knowing who the suspect was. For a chase like that (with quite a bit of traffic on 35E at the time) over a car stolen out of North Mpls, I have a feeling they know exactly who the suspect is and that there’s more to this story than we’ll ever know.