MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Spending time on a frozen lake is a rite of passage for many of Minnesotans. But for military families, that tradition got a unique twist Saturday as technology connected families to ice fish.

WCCO-TV photojournalist Dave Wertheimer captured a military ice fishing festival known as Holes for Heroes.

At the event, which took place on Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minn., deployed military personnel from Minnesota got a chance to see their loved ones ice fish via Skype.

Watch the video above to get a feel from the experience.

Comments (6)
  1. Barbara Carlton says:

    The video for the Holes for Heroes is only a commercial. Will the actual story be posted? I’d like to send the link to my son who is in Japan so he could see his sister, niece/nephew, and brother-in-law on the program.

    Thank you so much for covering the event!

    1. Michelle says:

      Yes it is only a commercial. When can we expect to see the video? Many of us are friends, family members and co-workers and would love to see the video. Thank you in advance!! Take Care….Michelle

    2. Barbara says:

      Thank you, CCO, for fixing the link!!!

  2. Jane says:

    I would love to see the video of this event. Hopefully, it will be added. All I see is a commercial. Thanks.

  3. Sara Boyd says:

    WCCO: Our apologies for the error. The video has been fixed. Thanks!

  4. Greg Scott says:

    I was one of the guys with a laptop and webcam walking around during the event talking to people and streaming the video over the Internet. We ran the video stream and multiple Skype sessions for families, along with the radio show across a temporary wireless Internet link mounted on a pole on top of the ice. If anyone wants to look at a bunch of unedited webcam video, go to http://www.ustream.tv and search for “Holes for Heroes 2012”.