By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Appealing on WCCO Sunday Morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann said she would not be endorsing any of the remaining Presidential candidates before Minnesota’s caucuses on Tuesday.

However, the former presidential candidate is running for re-election in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

It’s a race that experts say will be a tough one for her, in part, because new district boundaries that will be announced next week will likely affect the number of Republicans in her district.

But there is another issue that her critics point to — the time she has spent away from her district running for President.

Congresswoman Bachmann spent much of the past year campaigning for President. Much of that time she was in Iowa, where she played up her Iowa roots.

Bachmann was born in Waterloo and often referred to herself on the campaign trail as an Iowan. But critics say that could hurt her as she tries to run for re-election here in Minnesota.

Appearing on WCCO Sunday Morning Congresswoman Bachmann offered this response.

“I have been a proud Minnesotan ever since I was 12. I will be 56 years old, so the bulk of my life has been spent here in Minnesota, living in the 6th District working in the 6th District, going to church in the 6th District, having our business in the 6th District, so I am a 6th District Minnesotan,” she said.

Bachmann has won her 2010 re-election race with 53 percent of the vote. It was the most expensive congressional race in U.S. history with the candidates raising and spending $15 million between them.

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Comments (16)
  1. j speedbag 64 says:

    esme taking out the trash again…..

  2. sounds of silence says:


  3. angus says:

    Why does CCO give her all the publicity?? Must have been a heck of a party and she has the phtotos. Either that or she has relatives in the newsroom.

  4. the real Mdewaketon says:

    What experts? You cite experts opinions, but oddly enough you do not tell us who those experts are. As for her critics, that is like citing made up numbers. Critics will say anything to put down the person they are critical of. Nice opinion peice Esme.

  5. Grey Wolf says:

    she’s doing the doggie with one of the staff ….. think she lets out a howl when ….. ????

  6. Tom says:

    The only ones who will welcome her back are her loyal and nutty followers from the 6th district who actually think that she is smart. They dont love her economic issues as much as they really love her because she shares their views on social issues which is “you keep your nose out of our business, but we have every right to stick our nose into your business”

    1. F.O.J. says:

      Praise be to Jesus!!!

  7. WasteManagementWonders says:

    Hi Skanky – welcome back to Minnesota. Time to earn the taxpayer dollar again huh?
    Michele Bachmann – the Career Politician. The one the Tea party has disgarded like a hot potato and set her out with the rest of the trash for pick-up. Is that whacko 6th ready to recycle her again? Is there a logical smart thinking brain up there? Stay tuned

  8. jackactionhero says:

    She’ll be re-elected. Just watch. Tune in for the next episode of Minnesota Naive.

    1. Kevin says:

      You mean like Dayton spending millions of his own dollars to buy his eleciton? Or Big Al (Air America) Franken who bought his election usiing all those New York funds? Your right jackmeoff……MN is naive….

      1. Great kooks says:

        peanuts compared to your beloved GOP again trying to buy the WH. Hell – maybe Mitt can buy the House and Senate eh! Just need Newt the Nut and Ron the Mutt to toss their $$ his way and they can own it all. Slavery 2012!

  9. F.O.J. says:

    Is that Marcus’s carcass behind Shelly??? Didn’t think he’d come back to Minnesota with her. What a fool.

  10. Pavel says:

    Sad for Minnesota.

  11. Murph says:

    Bachmann’s best talking points ? Put a gag in her mouth and she might get reelected! She has done nothing for years now BUT talk! All off the wall,all incorrect and/ or downright pants on fire fibbing. The humor of it all has pretty much worn itself out! If she and hubby put some of their serious conversations on tape.She could land herself and Marcus a TV sitcom !

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