MINNEAPOLIS (AP/WCCO) — Mayor RT Rybak, along with community leaders, will announce a workforce agreement Monday to help create jobs at a new Vikings stadium.

The agreement will be announced at a press conference at 1 p.m. Monday at the Gridiron Club at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The plan is for a site to be built next to the Metrodome.

The new plan would put the stadium just east of where the Metrodome now stands on what is currently a parking lot.

Earlier plans to build on the Metrodome site would require the Vikings to move elsewhere for as long as three years, likely to TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus.

Ted Mondale, chairman of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, said the plan — which is still being shaped — could see a new stadium as much as three-fourths done before the Metrodome would have to be demolished. Mondale said in that scenario the Vikings could stay in the Dome through 2015, with a new stadium complete by 2016.

Lester Bagley, the Vikings vice president for stadium development and public affairs, said the goal is to cut down on time the team plays at TCF Bank Stadium. Playing at the university stadium would also require about $50 million to make the facility NFL-ready.

“It’s the dome site proposal but shifting it,” Bagley said. “The idea is to eliminate the three seasons we’re playing at the university.”

Bagley said the Vikings, city and state officials are looking to prepare a funding package for this newest proposal in the next week to 10 days. Bagley said the team isn’t convinced the new plan is affordable.

The Vikings have said their preferred site is the St. Paul suburb of Arden Hills, but the site’s been ruled out by Gov. Mark Dayton without any clear source of local government revenue. Another site near a historic church on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis has also been rejected.

Stadium bill sponsor Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, said a new proposal would have to be ready in the next couple of weeks for lawmakers to consider it this session.

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Comments (24)
  1. Mike says:

    I feel a hosting of the 2020 Superbowl in MN!!

  2. Kevin says:

    “will announce a workforce agreement Monday to help create jobs at a new Vikings stadium.” I just love moron politicians who spin bs….I lost interest in the Vikqueens years ago…..becasue they suck…..as long as I dont have to pay for a millionares playground….I could care less…..

  3. Sven G says:

    Google these words: publicly funded stadiums.

    Then contact your representative and tell them how you feel:


    1. Nails says:

      Thanks Sven – I contacted my rep and told them they better vote for the new stadium or they wouldn’t be getting my vote next time around.

      1. Sean says:

        Sure you did. I’m glad you posted. That should impel the majority of us to also email their rep.

        “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

        Favor: 22%
        Oppose: 74%
        Don’t know: 4%


        1. Nails says:

          I’m not opposed to public money if it’s coming from gambling

          1. Sven G says:

            No one cares what you think. That’s why they don’t want you to vote in a referendum.

            The question is why should Zygi get gambling money? What about schools, seniors, roads, bridges, property tax relief?

            Why should Zygi get our money?

  4. Reginald says:

    What a crock of _rap. Rybak has a new grandiose plan for building the Great Zygiland Ripoff Center & Fleece The Public Complex but the only thing he ever has to say about paying for it is “There won’t be any referendum on my watch.”

    In other words, he’ll do everything he can to make his new pay Zygi happy but to _ell with the voters and taxpayers.

    What a bum. He won’t be able to garner enough votes in the next election to be the dog catcher.

  5. mwallek says:

    The quicker His highness gets to washington, the better off the city will be.

  6. Sarah says:

    Jobs? Why do they keep repeating a lie that has proven to be false time and time again?

    There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. None.


    1. Boozehound says:

      why do you keep using a different name everytime you keep posting these worthless links of lies??/

      1. Sarah says:

        Just to annoy you.

        Why do different people keep repeating the same lie about jobs? Do they think repeating a lie enough times makes it magically come true? Come on! Get a clue!

        1. Min Da says:

          keep it up, people do follow your links and read what you have to say.

  7. 'bout time says:

    Well, let’s get it done Minneapolis!! Plans are all we’ve heard, let’s pick one and execute it! These whiners are going to whine whater we spend the “taxpayer money” on. When will they understand? If you don’t like it, run against someone and get yourself in office, so you can have your say! I for one am a sports fan, and enjoy MN sports, whether they win or lose. I have the idea that if the Vikes would have been playing last night, many of these whiners wouldn’t be saying anything.
    As far as “public funded stadiums”, even Dallas used some public funding, look it up.

    1. Min Da says:

      sounds like a couch tator

  8. PFred says:

    If Minneapolis can find funding, why can’t Ramsey County? What’s wrong with Racino, pull tab and/or a specific Viking lottery ticket funding going towards the Arden Hills site? St. Paul truly needs jobs and something to draw people to the area. Minneapolis already has plenty of those and WHY Gov. Dayton, do the business owners of Minneapolis get to help decide on this? There are plenty of businesses in St. Paul and the surrounding areas that would gladly do the same. Minneapolis has been given so many opportunities and they want the Target Center refurbished, along with this. They already have Target Center, TCF Stadium and the Twin’s Stadium. Send some of that money to St. Paul. Why is the capital city of MN always being shunned? We need the jobs now to help build it and we need the jobs in the future to help run it!!! Building in Mpls is going to end up costing more money. If they play at TCF Stadium, it costs more to get the stadium ready, adding millions more to the total cost. Gov Dayton is allowing Mpls business people to run the show once again!!

    1. St. Paulite says:

      This St. Paul resident is not at all interested in paying extra sales taxes to fun Zygi’s development. PFred, look at this: Ramsey Co. will not benefit St. Paul as a city – it’ll benefit Arden Hills. No new jobs in St. Paul if it goes there. But that doesn’t matter because they’re obviously not going to do that now anyway. The Vikings have turned back to Minneapolis as the only real chance they have and you need to get over this us vs. them thing. The city of Mpls has the infrastructure in place already and if they can make this all work w/o taking more from tax payers, why on earth would that hurt you? The Arden Hills site is the most costly – get your facts straight. If the Vikings moved anywhere outside of Mpls, people would lose jobs in Mpls – it’s not just the new construction jobs but it is the jobs of all the hotel, restaurant, store, taxi drivers, etc. workers in the current pipeline who stand to benefit by keeping their jobs.

      1. Min Da says:

        it would make way for a true team of the sport to move in or possibly a womens league of some kind.
        MN needs to make room for more honorable sport players than what we have now.
        The Vikings & Twins have got to go!
        No one person makes a team, that concept has been proven over and over but still that mentallity exists in both teams heads as well as the sports writers/commentators/reporters/etc. of MN.
        all business owners need to build their own buildings, leave the tax payers alone.

  9. WT says:

    Go west with the stadium. Level the star tribune and use the parking lots. Z Wilf at one time had a purchase agreement on the land. Stay in the dome while its built give the percentage of tax payer financing to the tax payers. No free ride for Billionaires.

  10. do do says:

    what makes them all so sure there will be a new stadium built soon? they must know something the tax payers don’t…..very scary…..

    1. David says:

      They keep doing stuff like this in an attempt to desensitize you to a horrible political malfeasance.

      Go to the link posted earlier, you can get your representative’s email address very easily.

    2. Kenneth Reed says:

      When all this closed door talks are going on it makes me wonder

  11. Kenneth Reed says:

    74 % SAY NO
    Has any one listen to the tv or radio saying 74 % don’t want it, They all talk like that has already been decided. Put it to vote and see how that 74 % think of building a new stadium for the rich guy that lives in a pent house in NEW YORK CITY
    We all have a right to vote so you should think of that before you speak– Rybak and city officals.

  12. Kenneth Reed says:

    We just put a new roof on and it would be good for 20 + years. They only loose how many a year———- 8 that’s only 8 time and we should spend that kink of money
    Good to go for 2032
    Great place, no snow, 72 degrees and think about saving money for a new one. I If they would save now by 32 they will have it made. Come back then and put it to vote

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