MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is rallying Minnesota supporters as his campaign looks to the Minnesota caucus for its first state win in the Republican presidential race.

The Texas congressman spoke to more than 1,500 supporters at the Minneapolis Convention Center Monday night. Earlier he rallied several hundred more in St. Cloud, including a large number of college students.

Paul touched called for ending U.S. military involvement around the world and limiting the spending and influence of the federal government. He says he’s called dangerous by his critics because he wants to shake up the status quo.

Paul’s Minnesota campaign manager says it would be a “game changer” in the presidential race if he could pull off a Minnesota win. Paul is planning to be in the state on Tuesday.

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  1. RIII says:

    I do not advocate for Ron Paul but I refuse to subjugate with Romney or Obama. I cannot trust a party that takes from people who work for what they have and redistributes it to people that did not. I also will not trust a party that uses the rule of law to force their so called morality onto others and control behavior they do not agree with. Our once great Constitutional Republic has been hijacked by a Fascist regime consisting of Democrats and Republicans bought and paid for by Corporations and Unions. It is time we take our country back .

    1. Crazy Joe says:

      If change is to occur I think Ron Paul is our best bet. The upper echelons of power in the world own the large media company’s and have their own agenda. The NWO is very real and needs to be exposed for what it is. Two people that had close ties to the NWO but just could not go along with it were John F Kennedy and Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) and the NWO had to shut them up so defections from the NWO power structure are rare.Many people think the NWO does not exist and that is the very reason it does. Tons of information on it if you do the research. Just see for yourselves.

  2. DEEP says:

    I love how Obama flip flopped on super pac’s! That was almost as fast as his flip flop on marijuana was! Let’s ask ourselves some questions. What candidate, has openly spoke of the 47,000 dead on our border with Mexico in the drug war? How about CIA drug running? How about the MAJOR events of 1913 regarding the 16th amendment and the Federal reserve Act? How about PEACE!? How about bringing our troops home!? What single candidate can we trust to follow the Constitution? That one man is Dr. Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012.

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