MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This winter has so far been mild, but drivers will once again have to wait for a freezing car to warm up.

If you’re considering a remote car starter, there are a few things to keep in mind. Units at Best Buy range in price from $160 to $400 depending on the different features.

“Some (units) will give you two-way feedback,” said automotive technician Dan Enfield at Best Buy in Eden Prairie, Minn. “Some will have key-less entry.”

Best Buy charges $119.99 to install a unit and there may be some additional charges for extra parts.

“There will always be additional parts that you will need for your specific car. Those can range from $15 to maybe $200 at the max,” said Enfield.

If you’re thinking of having a remote car starter installed, the techs at Best Buy are pretty busy this time of year, but should be able to get you in within a few days, maybe the next day. They say it’s best to call ahead for an appointment.

Since the key isn’t in the ignition, the techs at Best Buy say there’s no need to worry about someone stealing the car.