MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Supervalu Inc. announced plans Tuesday to cut an estimated 800 jobs nationally, including about 200 jobs in the Twin Cities.

The company said a majority of these reductions will take place on Feb. 25. That includes current positions and open jobs that will not be filled.

The company said the reduction is part of a strategic plan to reduce expenses and overall operating costs in order to continue offering competitive pricing to its customers.

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  1. Kevin says:

    For the love of GOD! Is no one watching the news? Are they not listening? The freaking recssion is over! Its all over! And not becuase its an eleciton year…I mean it…its really over!!!! NO IM SERIOUS!!! ITS OVER!!! NOW STOP LAYING PEOPLE OFF!!! Or the liberal media will have to create a spin for the layoffs….start calling them unwanted vacations……

    1. what!?! says:

      Do you know how we know when a RECESSION starts and when it ends? Do some research. Educate your mind before posting silly rants like this. Not every thing in the world revolves around the silly notion of what is and what is not democrat or republican.. Simpleton!

  2. what now? says:

    I hope they were union jobs.

    1. Kman says:

      They could be so when your in there store waiting in long lines because they cut Union Jobs you can see whats its worth oh by the way there None Union Employees make far more per hour

    2. steve says:

      I hope you get laid-off along with your republinut friend Kevin.

  3. reality check says:

    Yeah, why should we want good paying jobs around when we can all work for 10 bucks an hour like the Republicans want us to. Who would want to work a job that pays enough so people can buy a new car and keep auto workers working? Who would want to work a job that pays enough to buy a house and keep the construction workers working? Not me!! I would rather work two jobs at 60+ hours a week just to keep a roof over my head. You people who are against unions need to stop listening to the Repukican garbage and become a member of the real world. With the Republicans they want NO middle class, just upper and lower. That’s the facts!!!

    1. LibertyDiva says:

      Get over yourself. Companies lay off because their overhead is too high.

  4. keel says:

    Companies also lay off because they’re losing money. Companies lose money because their product doesn’t compare favorably to the rest of the market. Seriously…check quality and prices and you’ll see why Super Valu is hurting. The old mom and pop grocery stores are a thing of the past. Sad but true.

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