MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The woman accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian near the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove was over the legal limit, according to a search warrant.

The report states that 61-year-old Linda Hamm had a preliminary breath test that registered a .169 on Jan. 31, when the accident occurred.

Police also found an empty 1-liter bottle of Kamchatka Vodka that was inside Hamm’s car at the time of the accident.

According to authorities, Hamm had been driving erratically and at high speeds when she hit a curb, drove onto a median and struck a pedestrian. That pedestrian was later identified as Ann Blake, a mother and recent widow. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the report, Hamm has said repeatedly that she doesn’t remember what happened the day of the crash.

Hamm is in the hospital being treated for a hand injury. She is listed in good condition.

According to the Osseo School District, Hamm began working in the Osseo Area Schools in 1972 as a speech therapist and is currently a part-time teacher that has been serving as an Early Childhood program assistant.

As a program assistant, she provides curriculum and assessment support to early childhood teachers at four sites and supports the early childhood coordinator with administrative functions.

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  1. Whoop there it is says:

    treated for a hand injury? I bet they can take care of that while she is in jail!!!! Send her on over for a nice stay at the Gray Bar Motel

  2. Tom says:

    I bet her kids are proud of her , if she has any LOSER

  3. Kevin says:

    This is it? 5 posts? My lord the Amy Senser article had a couple hundred haters posting on it! This woman was even worse than Amy Senser! She was smashed and driving in the middle of the day….in an area full of kids and families! At least Senser was on a highway. Proves my point….that everyone hates on the Sensers because they have money and she is a hottie! If she was poor and ugly…..there would be no interest in her case. Just like this lady. She kills a woman…who had just lost her husband to cancer…..and no one seems to be calling for her death! My god the Senser story had vicious posts! So the woman above kills an eldery woman on a crowded street during the day…..and no real posts calling for her death. Amy Senser hits and kills an immigrant on a deserted highway….at 2 am….who has cocaine in his system….and 200+ posts calling for her to be hung in a tree! Oh and a guy last week got 90 days for the same issues as this one and Amy Sensers. And just a handful of post on his too. Oh I do love haters on here. Hate the rich and hot……ignore the old and ugly. GO MINNESOTA GO!

    1. baloney Kevin says:

      wrong lil’ Kevin – I was calling for a public lynching the day it was reported. I even offered up my old Amy tree out back as the hanging tree

      1. Kevin says:

        Oh Mr. Baloney….I think that your full of b and s! Check out all three articles and posts…….Nearly 200 posts? To what 17 posts? Give me a break you hater…..why is it that f*g liberals cant deal with facts?

        1. Kevin says:

          Your name is Charley Manson…..umm…and Im full of hate? Your a fu**ing moron.

        2. Kevin says:

          Charley I dont take posts down…not my style….I dont care what you say…..

    2. Tom S says:

      I don’t belive the story is correctly titled, where does it state this was actually a hit & run?? Either way she’s in big trouble and I dioubt she has Sensers $$ for a lawyer. Don’t pass go and go straight to jail.

    3. pot & kettle = black says:

      I seriously… hope that this isn’t the… same Kevin who also doubles as the… grammar police…. What exactly are you… attempting to achieve with the constant … … … … Get a life you idiot!

      1. Kevin says:

        Are you saying that all pot’s and kettles = black? My lord your a racist!

        1. @ Kevin says:

          The word is “you’re”

          1. Pity poor Kev I does says:

            It’s the one and the same. He’s a bit rattled today now. Maybe his mommy took away the nipple early or ??????? Poor kid – he is again being deprived of one of the few things he actually loves in life.

            1. Kevin says:

              I does too…….your a moron…you too should walk to the nearest highway and see the light….

    4. I agree... says:

      No kidding. I wish that nurse in Mankato would get on the Interweb and help Kevin end himself. He’s as annoying as it gets. How could anyone defend any of these dirtballs, especially Amy S?

    5. You'rekidding? says:

      You must be one ugly man, if you think Amy is hot, that’s is unreal to me.

      1. Kevin says:

        “that’s is ” unreal me to…..I see you went to school in Minnesota…….

        1. Really Kevin says:

          Says the man who hasn’t used the word “your” or “you’re” right one time ever in your life.

    6. Reagan says:

      HOTTIE???? GAG!!!

    7. Amy_C says:

      Ann Blake was hardly “elderly”, Kevin. She was born in 1957. May she rest in peace.

  4. Big Bang Theory says:

    Come on folks – she gets some credit. She recently had completed the Slaughter ’em Now class from Amy Senser and had the Cerificate of Completion, signed by Ms Slaughter Senser herself, on the dashboard. That qualifies for something special now, does it not?

    1. richard says:

      Right on !!!!!

  5. K. says:

    The word is “scene” not “seen”…….

  6. MAJ says:

    So sad that her drinking problems led to this terrible tragedy. My heart aches for the twin survivors. No one can ever replace their parents.

  7. Andy says:

    99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer! You take one down and pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall!

    1. GH says:

      I’m guessing she’s your mom Andy? She must’ve been following your idea that if you don’t like a rule you don’t have to follow it. You know, drinking and driving, driving where ever you feel like it, killing someone…sounds like your family member alright. I’m surprised you aren’t demading her release.

      1. Andy says:

        Gh where you been?! No not related this was horrible.

  8. Sally says:

    Though she’s using the defense similar to Senser defense of “I didn’t know I hit someone”, I bet the outcome will be totally different. She doesn’t have the money or the fancy attorneys.

    1. @Sally says:

      If you can read, there was a police officer following her when this accident happened, i’d say this case is exact opposite of Senser case, do you breathe on a machine or by yourself?

      1. em0886 says:

        lmao…good one!!!

  9. markH says:

    Over and over and over; we read about these “accidents” every single day. And our government would have you believe that marijuana and other drugs are the true evil. Folks, as a taxpayer I do not want one thin dime of my money used to incarcerate those who smoke marijuana while ignoring the REAL killer on our nation’s roadways-ALCOHOL. To me is is just insanity that alcohol is such an inextricable element in our society and yet we persecute other drugs as if THEY are the problem.

    1. I'mSmartYourDumb says:

      Mark smoked his dinner………. Booze doesn’t kill anymore than guns kill or SPOONS MADE ROSIE ODONNELL FAT! There will always be some idiot that can’t control themselves. Rosie can’t leave the table, some drunks can’t leave the bar, most drug addicts will cause much more economic damage if allowed to perpitrate their addictions openly.

      Why do you think they call it DOPE?

      1. Brett says:

        I agree 100%. Those who think that legalizing DOPE would be a good thing would unleash a torrent of misery upon many innocent victims. They think that they can get away with it because the cops have no way of measuring how INTOXICATED a person is while under the influence of pot, acid, meth, crack, shrooms, or any other radical intoxicant, so to them, it’s all good. Open up that can of worms and see how deadly our roads can really be.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          But you’re ok with alcohol being legal? LOL

          Also, pot is not a “radical” intoxicant. It’s a plant. Calm down. Maybe if you smoked some you wouldn’t be so uptight and angry all the time. Ya think?

  10. Ron Raygun says:

    Kevin – the Senser story carries more clout because she’s the wife of a notable ex sports star/Restauranteur. ………. Same reason the pavoratzi that chased down Princess Di got more ink than the White Supremists that chased down that poor Hatian refugee in the Bronx.

    Wake up, you’re giving us that lean to the right a bad name.

    1. Sonjay says:

      It’s hilarious to see the self-loathing liberals whose parents taught them that minorities are owed a debt. This mentality has crippled the African-Americans and is now starting to cripple the Somalis, Hmong, etc. When society expects NOTHING from a person why are they surprised when they can’t support themselves or their children when the handouts stop. So Ron the mob mentality is justified because she is successful and White?

  11. Peace and Love says:

    I can’t believe this discussion has gone this way. shameful. A beautiful person was killed, a life wasted because of a self centered person with issues. And now, I am sure it will ruin her life too. and maybe other family members. The family has beautifully offered their forgiveness and you people are here, being sad………and to the person who I believe, is suggesting that pot should be legal???? seriously, aren’t stories like this a good example of “mind altering substances” being all bad…………??

    1. Diane says:

      Thank you for pointing out that this conversation has gone so far astray. Let’s just address the present situation……..the death of a very dedicated Mom and good hearted person. I knew Ann for almost 40 years. I am her sister in law. How sad this conversation has gone to throwing barbs………Please, respect our dear Ann.

  12. Kevin says:

    Oh Mr. Holy I am no racist. I just repeat facts given in the media. I am just tried of paying for your failed “entitled” liberal policy. But again your just another namless putz who does not have the intelligence to state facts….just hate and anger and attack…….

  13. Kevin says:

    Oh Mr. Holy I am no racist. I just repeat facts given in the media. I am just tried of paying for your failed “entitled” liberal policy. But again your just another namless putz who does not have the intelligence to state facts….just hate and anger and attack……………

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