ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A bill expanding the situations where citizens can use deadly force in their home is headed for a vote by the full Minnesota Senate.

The state House passed the gun bill last year and senators gave it a final committee vote Thursday. A number of law enforcement groups are against the bill, but opponents say they see little opportunity at this point to stop it from passing. Those critics say they fear the legislation could endanger police officers.

The bill allows the use of deadly force with a weapon if people feel like they’re in imminent danger while defending a dwelling. That could include a home, a hotel room or other overnight accommodation, a tent, car or boat.

Gov. Mark Dayton has not indicated if he supports the bill.

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Comments (52)
  1. Andy says:

    Yeah, why should you be able to defend yourself, and your family? No offense to law enforcement against this bill, but they usually get called after the fact. I’m not going to risk my family on hoping they get there. I catch someone in my home, threatening my family, I’ll call them to come clean up the mess.

    1. j says:

      I agree 100%. I think this is a great bill. If your putting my family or myself in danger, than you better expect for me to protect them with what ever it takes.
      I would think that the law enforcement would be more concerned with search warrants or demestic disputes, where they would need to go into a “dwelling” for some reason to stop or help with a situation. At that time you have some yahoo with a gun trying to defend himelf and home for no goo reason.

    2. Cops in danger?? says:

      As long as cops announce their presence when entering a private residence, they should be fine. I don’t know why this would put them at risk any more than the current laws? It’s not going to make someone more likely to shoot an intruder; it just protects them more if they do. Too many times the criminals have been successful suing the property owner they unsuccessfully burglarized. It’s a great law that restores the right to protect oneself.

      1. gandydancer says:

        cops in danger. i agree with you, however, after taking the conceal/carry class i posed a question to the instructor. does your homeowner liability policy limit extend coverage and/or defense costs if you are brought into a legal action by the criminals family…or whoever. the instructor told me contact atty. marc berris, whose business card was in the book we bought for the class. he could not or would not address that matter. i called my insurance company and they said “no coverage” for an intentional act…which is intersting. so, is their case law out there in minnesota which will clarify this matter. i am not inclined to “carry” if the out-of-pocket legal costs will bankrupt me. very perplexing…

      2. Accidental Resident says:

        Hopefully the law will encourage cops to make sure they are at the right house.

    3. imarangernotajarhead says:

      too bad your such a wuss, i’d take you out with some piano string and a tooth brush.

      1. Andy says:

        Wow you’re an idiot

  2. Jason says:

    Police work , dangerous work sometimes. I am okay with that as long as it gives me better chance of survival. I always like a bill that allows us more use of our freedoms already allotted to us.

  3. r says:

    this bill should be followed by a good personal check’s long over due for people who live alone and in danger of harms way. this will lower the invation crimes,but could put law enfores in some danger. but we can not let just the crimals have the guns.

    1. @ r says:

      You make zero sense. Not only is your posting incoherent, but you don’t seem to understand that it does not affect the right of an individual to own a gun. It does not put law enforcement at any increased danger.

  4. Kyle says:

    This changes nothing for the police. They assume everyone is armed and intending to shoot them when breaching a dwelling. This bill does not allow someone to shoot a cop. It allows them to defend their home and not have to show that they could not flee. This puts crooks on notice that we will shoot them dead if they enter our home.

  5. Crazy Joe says:

    If I have to pull my 9mm or AK15 on someone who is breaking into my home and I feel my life is in danger I am shooting to kill so the loser will not turn around and sue me, we live in such a legally overburdened society. What I could not do this before the bill?

    1. @ Crazy says:

      Before this bill you would not win if the family sued you, now you would. Sounds like a perfect bill for a guy like you.

      1. Burt says:

        And a guy like me too or anyone who would have to do the unthinkable trying to protect their family.

  6. Rick says:

    Yeah, when a criminal breaks into my home in the middle of the night to take my stuff and poses a threat to me and my family, the first thing I always do is google Minnesota laws regarding if and how I can legally protect myself. I say pass all kinds of laws like this and let’s keep the criminals wondering if we have a gun or if I’m willing to use it. Let’s pass more laws designed to keep the honest people safe. The criminals already have guns, make it easier for those that follow the law to have guns and protect themselves.

  7. Wiley says:

    About time,Law Enforcement will not be in any more danger then they are at this time,They will just have to make sure they have the right house ,Pretty simple

  8. Andy says:

    Exactly right Rick, know one said being a burglar was a safe buisness. Enter my home at your own risk.

  9. DEEP says:

    I am submitting a bill. You should be able to keep any intruder as a slave. I have a lil’ cage in my root cellar all ready with a lil cool whip bowl for water….. gotta keep them slaves healthy!

  10. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Sounds great – until some overhyped Dirty Harry wannabe inadvertently blows away a member of his own family who locked themselves out or is trying to sneak back in after an illicit date.

    1. Jason says:

      @ Richard ,Life will always have risks. Government will promise you safety while compromising your freedom as well as mine. I am not okay with that.

    2. Fed Up says:

      What! I’m suprised! Somebody making up an absurd situation to defend their BS “gun control” logic. Richard, do us all a favor and break into my house and threaten me or mine…

      1. New Norm says:

        I’m with Fed Up…. That is just a BS talking point passed out by the Sarah Brady types.

  11. Irv says:

    If this bill were passed fifteen years ago I would be dead right now. Came home late after telling wife I would be spending the night at a friends. Didn’t have my keys so had to go in the back door. She was standing there with a bat wishing she had a gun. Quite sure she would have shot me coming through the patio door. You people need to think about this before you give everyone the right to kill.
    What about when we have an alzheimers patient who doesn’t know where they are, as happens quite frequently, trying to get into a house they think is theres? We kill them as well, right?
    Not saying I don’t enjoy my gun rights, but I think its a bad idea to let people bait others onto their property so they can legally kill them.

    1. Jason says:

      @ irv , I guess if I was in your situation I probably would have maybe called my wife to let me in. We are confronted with choices everyday. Common sense goes a LONG way. As far as someone getting { baited} into someones home for the intention of murder, we already have resources at our disposal. Court system.

    2. Hunter says:

      Irv, quit being so ignorant. Bait people to break into your own home?? You only continue to add to my argument the MN herd needs to be thinned out….first off, if you knew your houshold had a handgun, and your “wife” has no issues using it for it’s purpose, and you didn’t have keys to get into your home, most intelligent indviduals would call home first or ring the doorbell. Not break into their own home in the wee hours of morning. Secondly, the use of deadly force requires you or your family to be in imminent danger. You just don’t shoot a person standing at your door wiggling the door handle wondering where they are. Take a handgun class and enlighten yourself to gun ownership.

      1. np hogger says:

        hunter…your last sentance hits home. take a course (conceal and carry) and learn something…that might save your life or prevent you from taking another life under duress. as i have said before all our youth , who wish to pass the basic course, should also take a the handgun safety (conceal & carry) course. not to obtain the carry permit at a young age, of course, but, to educate themselves on overall firearm safety.

    3. I always look before shooting says:

      Did she hit you with the bat? If she did not; was thinking she would go to jail the reason she didn’t? Or did she look to see who you were before she swung?

  12. The Infidel says:

    It’s about time Minnesota adopted the “Castle Doctrine.” It takes a while for the police to arrive at a house in the city, in the rural areas , it’s highly unlikely they would be close enough to make a difference. Sorry to say, all they are there for is to file a report.

    And as for the officers being in further danger? I don’t think so. Once you see the flashing lights of a squad, and hear the officers, you put your weapon down and do whatever they say. If you don’t comply, you face the consequences.

  13. angus says:

    And all the would be Dirty Harrys come out of the woodwork and think they will be able to shoot accurately, hitting what they want to hit, and it will be the right decision. Then you have to live with the knowledge you killed someone. Law enforment has told me that 75% of law enforcement that kill someone retire/quit within 5 years due to the emotional distress of the shooting.

    Talking with law enforcement, a gun in the house means that the odds are about 40 to 1 that it will be used on a family member. This can also mean more guns in societywhich means more bad people get the guns by theft, illegal purchases from law abiding citizens, etc.

    Of course, many of you gun nuts have personality/emotional problems anyway so this is right up your alley. Please note your constant refrain of anti law enforcement. Have you been getting tickets or arrested?

    1. Hunter says:

      Gus, I am not anit law enforcment and no tickets or arrest warrants…..just a law abiding citizen. Understand, Bad people have guns already or get them when they want. If a Bad people breaks into my home, and possess a safety threat to me, my family, my children, I will use my handgun at the Bad people until the danger is eliminated. I will feel and sleep just fine knowing one more Bad people is no longer being bad in society. Part of my responsibility in owning a handgun is understanding and accepting the ends to the use of deadly force.

    2. Fed Up says:

      Well gus, I just had to say. I am a law abiding citizen, and a owner of sevral firearms. So, by your logic, that means that I have some personalit or emotional problems? How so? Save a few comments above, I don’t think that people are really trying to be Dirty Harry types, so save your IGNORANT extremist comments for your self. I will tell you this, that if a situation arises that I feel my family is in immediate danger, I won’t hesitate to shoot to kill. I’m confident that I will hit my target, as part of being a responsible gun owner is to know your weapons and maintain my shoot skills. And will I be able to live with killing somebody? If it meant protecting my family, you’re d@mn right!
      Your “stat” of 40 to 1 is BS at the least, and I’m sure you have no real proof of that number.
      Your gun control ideologies are childish and ignorant at best.
      And to answer you last question, I fully support my law enforcement agancies., don’t get arrested, and yeah, there’s been a ticket, but that was my choice and the responisbility lies on my shoulders for that, no anomosity towards the LEO on that.

    3. Jason says:

      @ angus, { Talking with law enforcement, a gun in the house means that the odds are about 40 to 1 that it will be used on a family member.} Do you drive? I bet your odds of being killed or injured are 1000 to 1, maybe we shouldnt drive. Do you drink soda, your odds of developing diabetes increases 500 to 1, call the white house ban soda. Get real, make choices deal with them. It called life deal with it.

    4. Wow says:

      Wow gus, how would you feel if some one came into your home tied all of you up. You and your wife and kids!!!! You could have stoped it. But no you were worried about WHAT? I hope you never have anyone try to hurt your family. You will just say, oh ok do what you will!!! Oh My

    5. Wow says:

      gus, even as the law says now, I will shoot you if you were going to hurt my family, It doesn’t change anything. It is only stating that if YOU break into my house I wont prosecuted. It doesn’t mater now or later if YOU break in and try to hurt us I will shoot you. If my family was not at home I would make sure it wasn’t them first, you know common sense. You may not have that!! And no it does not mean you shoot out the door. Wow where are you coming from. I am glad I don’t live in your house.

  14. Andy says:

    Angus I am not a gun nut , but I do believe people have the right to protect themselves. I have just as much right to shoot an intruder who I feel is intending to cause death, or great bodily harm as a police officer does. Do you really want to just rely on law enforcement to protect you if someone breaks into your home to hurt you, or yor family? Believing in your right to protect your family does not make someone a gun nut.

  15. DontTread says:

    Legal gun owners are typically bar-none responsible individuals. They don’t rob people. They don’t draw their weapon when upset or angry. They don’t use it unless they need it. They typically go through courses and are just as well trained as most police officers in handling their weapon and knowing its capabilities. There is no foo-proof logic or statistical backing to oppose a bill like this. On the contrary, the stats are overwhelmingly in favor.

  16. numnutzme says:

    Numerouos other states have the same wording on the laws. This will not make MN the wild wild west.

  17. To server and protect says:

    Average police response time, 15 minutes. Average 357 hollow tip response time, 1500 feet a second. Who do you think can get there faster to stop the intruder?

  18. Kevin says:

    Dead is as Dead does….

  19. chris says:

    This is a great bill. Law Enforcement always disagrees with bills that expand the rights of citizens to protect themselves. The only danger they would have to worry about is performing an unannounced raid on the wrong house. There are far more citizens killed during raids than LEO’s. This bill is great as it allows you to defend your dwelling including your motor vehicle from an attacker. I will not give the benefit of the doubt to someone who chooses to invade my home or attempts to carjack me and my family. The lives of my wife and kids mean to much to me to take a chance on their safety in one of these events. For the record, I survived an armed robbery attempt where the perp’s gun jammed sparing me a gunshot wound. The police did a great job taking a report 2 hours later.

  20. MN Cop says:

    The law does not mean that you keep a gun under your pillow. It is for your family’s safety, so you have to keep them safe by properly securing your weapons. At the same time they also need to be accessed quickly. There are bedside safes that are simple to operate out of a deep sleep. They can even be secured to the wall or floor to make them difficult to access by an unwanted person (your 13 yo) or stolen. I am a cop and I like the bill. When I enter a home there is always the danger of being shot at. But I won’t be entering a law abiding citizens home for no reason so I don’t think I have much to worry about as far as the general public goes. It does take a while for me to get to a call. It could be upwards of 20 minutes depending on my location and traffic. I don’t see a problem with a homeowner shooting someone who is inside their home. And the idea that this bill will cause loved ones will be shot is absurd. Just because you are free to defend your home doesn’t mean you shoot blindly at anyone in your house…I would urge anyone that has a home defense weapon to take a class or two in it’s use.

    1. Fed Up says:

      Exactly, it is all about being responsible for your weapons, and that requires training and dilligence. Well put MN Cop!

    2. @ MN Cop says:

      Thank you for what you do, for all of us. You clearly get it; this bill is not even about increasing the numbers of guns, or increasing the chance someone will use a gun or not. The bill is about protecting individuals legally when they are forced to use their gun on an intruder that means them harm. Let’s face it, the gun is going to be used, law or not. You are protecting yourself, or family. The law just makes sure the criminal does not use the legal system to ‘win the lottery’ after the crime.

    3. Never!! says:

      Never, ever believe or trust a law enforcement officer.

      1. The Infidel says:

        Yeah, unitl YOU need them. Crawl back into your hole.

        Thanks MN Cop for being a voice of reason.

      2. Wow says:

        I hope you need one and they know what you said. You find they are busy at the time. What a loser.

      3. MN Cop says:

        Good point. Don’t do it. Don’t trust the police. But that only applies if you are a criminal and just been picked up for your latest misdeed…

        1. DEEP says:

          Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Talk to the Police
          REASON #1: Talking to the police CANNOT help you. REASON #4: Even if you are innocent, and you only tell the truth, and you don’t tell any little white lies, it is possible to give the police some detail of information that can be used to convict you. The full list of 10 reasons can be found on James Kirk Piccione Law Offices web site as well as many other places on line. Also You tube “10 reasons not to talk to police. Sure call the cops if there is some dangerous situation, let them risk their lives for some hood rat/ violent situation, but say as little as possible. If you have to interact with a cop keep your mouth shut, know your rights. I can think of one issue that good cops and Judges around the world agree on. That issue is ending prohibition. Join and support L.E.A.P. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. RON PAUL 2012!

  21. kevin says:

    Two things, one it’s about time and 2nd gov. Dayton state your position don’t blind side the public.

  22. Xd says:

    With or without this bill every case always has been and always will go under review to be decided if any charges will be brought. This bill is not a “right to kill” bill. There is no law saying you can defend yourself at home but not a boat, justifiable homicide is what it is. The best part about it is the government not being able to confiscate during time of emergency. Like Katrina.

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