Scary for News Anchor!

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  1. Sgt says:

    Why was the video removed? It was on the morning news.
    I do wonder why she put her face up next to the dogs face.

  2. drmc says:

    That dog did not “bite” her, he nipped her. His way of saying “get your face out of my face”. If he had bitten her, she would not have had a face. Her stupidity ends up making it all his fault. NO WAY, she should apologize to the dog and his owner!

  3. Tony says:

    I watched the vid several times and it wasn’t something that I would have done mainly due to the type of dog and fact he likely was nervous being on tv anyway.
    That said I can tell you I have done the same thing many times to other breeds and never had an issue. Nor has anyone doing it to our Irish Setter and 2 labs. I trust these breeds – not a big mastiff. That’s my thoughts …. but she wasn’t to bright in what she did due to all going on. just my .02 and I’m standing y it. lol

    1. Jo says:

      Your dogs have likely not been on TVin a strange place with mostly strangers around. Breed had nothing to do with her getting in a strange dogs face when he was in a (for him) tense environment.

    2. billdo says:

      There you go again putting down all other breeds but your own,Pit Bulls,Mastives,what ever ding bat,its the dog at the other end of the leash that makes any dog behave badly!!!She (news lady) didnt know any better,even though there have been many news anchors bitten.

  4. Lia Nistler says:

    Think about it. She never would have put her face that close to a human who was just through the same trauma as the dog. Did she deserve it? Of course not. But it was her decision and choice to do what she did. The dog had no choice and reacted appropriately considering it’s situation.

  5. Angela says:

    I watched the video and it looked like what happened to me when I was 12 with a doberman. I leaned in and started petting his head with both hands and he responded with a “nip” to my face. I didn’t blame that dog for my stupid actions and I don’t blame the mastiff. The anchor should have done a little research ahead of time or the owner should have warned her on proper doggie etiquette before the interview. She’s lucky it wasn’t worse.

  6. michiglen says:

    I have only read the reports and did not wish to view any video. NEVER put your face in the face of a dog that is not settled and definitely do not do it to a dog (or any animal for that matter) that you do not know. No one deserves any sort of injury through misguided intentions, but have some frickin common sense people!

  7. konjokris says:

    When I was eight years old I kissed a family friends Irish Setter on top of his head, at the same time someone walking down the alley threw rocks at him. He bit me on my neck and face and I have the scars to prove it. In the fourty years since this happened I would never try to nuzzle a strange dog. It’s not this dogs fault, the woman should have used better judgment.

    1. iCat says:

      The exact thing happened to me.
      At 5-6 yrs old petting strange very large black Lab, everything was fine till another kid pulled his tail, wham, I was taken down by his teeth.
      I never blamed the dog, I wanted to kill that kid.

      In this case, she’s not too brilliant.
      She never met the dog earlier before camera, the dog smarter than her knows her phony attempt.

      I could take My Red Siberian Husky to a new place with 4- 3yr olds pulling her tail, gouging her eyes out, she would cower down, look at me out corner of eye, basically saying Help Me.

      Take her to work, one very smart’ adult touched her tail,
      That guy will never do that again the rest of his life.

      When A Siberian snaps 180 showing all their teeth next to yours, it just left a huge permanent mark internally for any future offspring.

  8. Patty says:

    I live in a home with 4 mastiff’s, I trust them with my life….they put a dog who had a tramatic event, put it in a unfamiliar situation, bright lights, new people, and some woman does what you tell your children not to do, stick their face in the face of a dog they do not know, brilliant!!!! I’d have bit her too!!!! FYI non mastiff people, you are more likely to be bit by your black lab or chihuahua then a mastiff!!!! Now drooling all over you may be a different outcome…..

  9. konjokris says:

    BTW, my scar looks like a dimple, couldn’t ask for a better scar.

    1. Sandy says:

      I’ll sum the situation up like this: Maggie (basset/beagle) is 5 and Jeanine (border ciolle mix) is about 4. In the past 2 months Jeanine has attacked my dog (Maggie) twice, resulting in $400 in emergency vet bills and weeks of recovery. Both times I noticed it was because Maggie was near Jeanines treats or food and she goes nuts on her.Will obedience training help her? What are my options?? Neither of the girls have ever attacked our small boy dogs. Maggie is the best dog in the world and doesn’t deserve this. I feel like crying again because she’s laying in my bed 1/2 sedated and shaking still.

  10. lmc says:

    Anyone who knows dog behavior knows any dog feels threatened when a stranger makes eye contact and puts their face too close to the dog. Yes she did deserve to be bitten. You can’t remake dog social behavior to follow Human behavior. It is just unnatural. We request animals to defer from their natural instincts that were instilled in them for a reson just to suite ourselves. There is no animals show that does not warn people not to make direct eye contact or put your face in the face of a strange dog, let alone a traumatized dog!

  11. Chrystal says:

    Seriously, she doesn’t deserve to be bitten in the face and it is not the dogs fault either. Anyone who blames her or the dog is an idiot – some people just dont know dogs and how they can turn on you and that leaves the responsiblity up to the handlers and owners – sorry folks, you own a dog it is your job to inform people around them, take care of your animals and then all theothers who don’t “Know Better” will be safe.

  12. Interceptor says:

    As someone who survived a dog attack i know what she’s going through. When I was 4 my grandparent’s springer spaniel ripped open my face & neck, missing my jugular vein by a hair. I needed 250+ stitches at the time, and reconstructive surgery 14yrs later. In that case the dog was put down while i was in the hospital, but I have learned to be a bit more cautious around dogs that don’t know me.

  13. newladyfault says:

    yea that news lady just did a stupid thing!!! you never put your face in the face of a dog….esp one you do not know and it does not know you. she obviously knew nothing about dogs. the owner could have warned her not to do that but maybe it all happened so fast he didn’t have time to. but the lesson learned here is never put your face in a strange dogs face..or go eye to eye. that means ‘threat’ in dog language.

  14. Debra S says:

    WHAT? NO she did not deserve to be bit! But- dogs will be dogs- SO many people are so shocked when an animal BITES. I have owned dogs all my life and I know to NOT do what that woman did. Even small dogs are snappy. It was tragic and very sad this happened.

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