WASHINGTON (AP) — Home-brewed coffee lovers, take note: More than a million coffee makers are being recalled after dozens of reports of the brewers spraying hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves onto people.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says there have been 140 reports of problems with the Tassimo single-cup brewers dousing people, including 37 cases involving second-degree burns. In one incident, a 10-year-old girl from Minnesota was hospitalized with second-degree burns to her face and neck.

The coffee maker’s “T-disc,” the plastic disc that holds the coffee or tea, can burst while brewing, according to the commission. It also announced the recall Thursday of some 4 million packages of Tassimo espresso T-discs.

About 835,000 Tassimo coffee makers are on recall in the United States; another 900,000 are being recalled in Canada. The recall involves brewers made by California-based BSH Home Appliances Corp. that carry the Bosch and Tassimo Professional brand names.

The 4 million packages of Tassimo espresso T-discs, manufactured by Kraft Foods Global Inc., in Illinois, were recalled after 21 reports of problems.

CPSC says the plastic discs of coffee can become clogged, rupture and spray hot liquid. In Canada, a 2-year-old girl suffered second-degree burns to her face.

About 2 million of the recalled disc packages were distributed in the U.S.; the rest were in Canada.

Consumers can contact the company at 866-918-8763 for more information or visit its website.

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Comments (15)
  1. Bill smith says:

    It appears to me that Americans are too stupid to operate these coffee brewing devices.

    1. Jen says:

      Apparently you’re “too stupid” to know how to read. It says: “CPSC says the plastic discs of coffee can become clogged, rupture and spray hot liquid.” They are malfunctioning! That means they are DEFECTIVE!

      1. Love my Tassimo says:

        I don’t think that those who don’t use The Tassimo coffee maker, should take place in this discussion. When you own one, its hard to fathom how what is described, actually happens. Four years of brewing coffee, and never saw this. The pods are already punctured as they brew and are in a sealed part of the Coffee maker. Sounds like maybe someone is opening the device while it is pouring water. Or not doing the usual maintenance that is supposed to be done and cleaning. That could explain the symptoms. A clogged spout below the pod.

  2. Tassimo user says:

    I have never yet experienced what is described in this article. I do however, wonder what in the world a toddler, or even a ten year old is doing with one of these systems? Where are the parents? What numbers should we be looking for on our coffee bags and units for recall? The article does not explain about that.

    1. em0886 says:

      Anyone that has a 2-year old knows that you are not able to constantly watch what they are doing; however when using a coffee pot I am mindful of where he is and make sure that the coffe pot is not within his reach. Kids will play with anything they know they are not supposed to touch just simply out of curiosity. This is unfortunate so many have been burned by the machines but at least they are doing the recall.

      1. Grandparent says:

        Any one who has a two year old (I raised two) knows you don’t take your eyes off of them, or it could be the end of your two year old.

    2. Jen says:

      As a mother, I’m assuming that the kids are just standing there watching it because they are fascinated with it. Who would think that it would explode in their face? I’m sure if they knew it could explode they’d not only NOT have their child watching or standing near it, they wouldn’t be using it at all.

  3. SassyStacie says:

    I don’t think the issue is that people are playing with these, I think that disk bursts during the brewing process and sprays! If that’s the case, you might only have to be within 4 feet to get hurt.

    And there are only two instances listed above with children – the rest are likely adults, so it seems like a manufacturing issue. You don’t know when the thing can bust open.

    1. coffee says:

      Its hard to picture something burst, that has already been punctured. Are you people who are screaming, ever witnessed how the pods are designed? It will be very interesting to see how this situation plays out. Machine failure, or operator failure. My system has never had a problem. The coffee is great.

  4. STP says:

    And here I thought just drinking the coffee was a good way to wake you up in the morning.

  5. peeeppee says:

    Only time I’ve had it burst was when I was trying to fit in a T-disc in the dark and forcefully punctured it wrongly. Of course that was my own damn fault lol. But it wasn’t hot enough to get burns from.

  6. I. B. Litigious says:

    Classic overreaction. Never the end users fault. Why stop at a recall? Why not ban coffee? Take it another step, ban heat.

  7. Burnt Myself Many Times says:

    I have been after the manufacture of the Tassimo coffee maker for the past year to fix this defect. It doesn’t have anything to do with cleaning it or using a specific type of water. It is defective and it is too bad that nothing was done sooner to prevent this from happening. The manufacture knew about it for a few years and did nothing.

  8. Cadian Jino says:

    Ah the smell of a good pot of coffee brewing. Coffee is so important to me, I love it. Good beans and a good coffee maker are the perfect combination to make me happy.

  9. dietitian jobs says:

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