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  1. Swamp Fox says:

    What a poetic lesson in parental justice. Hope the kid gets the message. Facebook finally has gotten it’s comeuppance!

    Too bad eight hollow-points had to “punctuate” the poetry lesson and posting, the lead may downgrade the recycle value of the laptop. [chuckle] Cie le vie!

    As for the Dad’s message to the young folks, I hope it goes viral and more kids get to see and/or correct their parental disrespect. Crazy? Yes!!! Cost–$8 for ammo. On point with its message–priceless and endearing!

    Poetic Justice can be enlightening with “hollow-points”!!! Don’t you agree?

  2. julie says:

    Wow. Way to go Dad!. Being a women maybe I wouldn’t of shot the laptop, but would of sold it. Some kids today are way to into “entitlement”. Where did we as parents and society go haywire. Please love your kids more, discipline them when they need it and encourage all of their good works.

  3. Karen says:

    It seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I wonder what made the dad leave home at 15? Maybe he’s turned into his parents and will drive his daughter to do the same (leave home)!

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      This story has nothing to do with the mistakes the father made in his life except to say that he doesn’t want his daughter to mess up her life.

      If you have kids and they posted on Facebook or Twitter some very scathing or derogatory remarks about you what would you do? Think about it!!! This is not the time for parental political correctness when your kids post that you are Evil Witch (” [X]-_tch”) of the North? Enough said……….

      1. Ned says:

        Swamp Fox, you need to learn something about family dynamics. Just trying to go through life being a tough guy isn’t enough. Try a little tenderness.

        1. Swamp Fox says:

          I maybe a bit old school but you can’t accuse me about “family dynamics” ignorance. The days of the family ‘board of education’ are past but well remembered. The board had its intended negative reinforcement effect. However, this is the 21st Century and certain other enlightened forms of ‘negative’ need, at times, be applied.

          The newer generations need to be aware of the consequences of their actions and the effects social media do to hurt them and others.

          I don’t have $8 to spend on 45ACP hollow points but I do have $2 for two 12ga slug rounds to put the offending aforementioned laptop inoperative for the recycle bin. I won’t post my actions on the web or Facebook since this is a “private” family warranting further in-house conversations. Now this is old school but modern family dynamics in action. From past experiences I know this is a win/win situation in results. Lessons learned by on all sides of the issue.

  4. Archie says:

    the people who don’t agree with this dad are the same people who feel this country is bad,and have the same attitude about all the entitlements. Way to go Dad!

  5. Archie says:

    if she has any feelings for her dad at all some day she will look back at how hurtful her fb post was and cry that she can never take it back.

  6. randy says:

    reply to karen- we have a daughter who is exactly like “laptop daughter”. she was a habitual run away who would call the police if she were physically restrained and would run again as soon as she had the chance. she left home 4 months before she turned 18 and it was a relief when she did and we celebrated when she became and adult. she complains now that people don’t feel sorry for her now that she is 18. don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.

    1. SillyYou says:

      I wouldn’t be holding your breath for “Paernt of the Year” award anytime soon.

  7. Granny_1 says:

    This family has zero face-to-face communication. This tape solves nothing. The clues are so obvious that this family needs a major rehaul:

    Clue One: Family divorce involved.
    Clue Two: Daughter does not talk with Dad, Mom or Stepmom; she posts.
    Clue Three: Father “solves” the problem by posting a response on Facebook, (seems awfully worried about her friends’ responses) while smoking a cigarette and wielding a gun.
    Clue Four: He brags about his own accomplishments on tape. It’s not about him at this point. Pointing out what you did at her age does not constitute guidance, parenting, or discipline.
    Clue Five: Daughter is “unmotivated”-or an angry fifteen year-old who needs the same direction nearly every teen her age must have.
    Clue Six: Dad uses curse words as he berates his daughter about her cuss word use.
    Clue Seven: Mom wants Dad to take a shot for her; no communication there, either, apparently.
    Clue Eight: Daughter has not talked to parents, Father has not talked to daughter, and neither one has listened.
    Clue Nine: Father name-calls. You are the adult, Dad.
    Clue Ten: Dad berates daughter even as he spends a fortune to upgrade and clean up a laptop that needs to be used in a more visable place while she is at home.

    Very sad for this family. This is not discipline.

    1. Ned says:

      This is an excellent reply. If all of the viewers of this video were as educated and wise as Granny_1 our world would be such a better place. We need to communicate more and attack less. Thank you for this wonderful post Granny_1.

  8. Rainy says:

    Why not just take the laptop away? Show us maturity, and you can have your computer back. Really, what sad parenting. Basically, it’s a tantrum for a tantrum. Who’s the adult here?

  9. Scott Dahlquist says:

    I think the dad has some good points, he just didn’t express them properly. I think if the dad didn’t “wing-it”, his point would have been better. What the dad should have done is think about his response a little bit more and have a better dialog. The whole shooting the laptop is his choice. We all know who is going to replace it anyways.

  10. peter graves says:

    that is scarey for a 15 year old girl to live with,a man,father or not,settles a family dispute with a hand gun with hallow points.that girl is in need of protection from her parents.I hope the state gets her away from that gun weilding psychopath,look at the signs people,look what happened in washington state.he displayed fear and intimidation against her using a very dangerous weapon.

    1. outlaw says:

      Well Petey if the state takes her you can foot the bill that she will incur over the next 50 or so years coz Ive yet to see a kid not get lost in the “System” kinda dumb don’t ya think ME ? I woulda taken her out behind the wood pile and straighten the whole thing out once and for all ! Oh wait ! Can’t do that the state took that right away AND you dummys wonder why kids are so disrespectful and unruley LMAO

      1. jackactionhero says:

        So what exactly would you have done to her “behind the woodpile” outlaw?

        Which right has been taken away by the state? You think that kids won’t grow up to be responsible adults if you don’t beat them when they go outside the rules?

        I hope you don’t have kids.

    2. Interesting says:

      I am interested to hear your reasoning as to why this child is in danger in the home. Is it because her father has a gun? Using his gun in the way that he did is no different than a person target shooting at a can on a fence post on private property. There are no indicators in this short video that this child is in danger or that she may be harmed. Never was a threat made toward her or her safety.

      Agree with the way the father handled this situation or not, calling him a “gun wielding psychopath” is going to an extreme.

  11. WhatAnIdiotDadIs says:

    Wow, just brilliant Dad. You just ruined a $1200 computer that has a million other uses besides Facebook, and you have not prevented your daughter from doing anything. She can still Facebook happily away from her phone/library/friend’s house. How about a little more actual parenting, and a little less dramatic theatrics dad? Is that really too much to ask?

  12. dadoftheyear says:

    This is actually well done. You could tell he was hurt by what she wrote, and the teenagers of today are very entitled – just ask them. I wonder how much she contributes to her cell phone, computer, etc. financially? Wait…$0.

    Good job dude. Just don’t stay mad – love her and she will thank you for this someday.