MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Meet Tula, a 1-year-old mix whom authorities rescued from hoarders who kept her and more than 100 other dogs in filthy trailers.

Although Tula had a tough start, she has a lovely personality, according to Deb Balzer of the Animal Humane Society.
Balzer says volunteers at the humane society call Tula a “little lady.” Balzer described Tula as curious and social, as well as occasionally shy and fearful.

Tula and 106 other small dogs grew up in two urine-soaked and feces-filled trailers. The dog’s two owners tried to care for them, but the number of animals was too great. Authorities rescued the dogs from their unsanitary living conditions in January.

Tula gets along well with other dogs, Balzer said. She has also had her vaccines, her microchip implant; and she’s ready to meet someone who can give her the attention she needs.

If you are interested in Tula, call the Animal Humane Society at 763-522-4325, or visit its website.

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  1. Tina says:

    Why oh why are these people not put in jail for this crime???? These judges that give such light sentences should have to live under these deplorable conditions for a while…….then lets see what the punishment would be!! Or maybe some of these fabulous leaders we have elected could sit in a feces filled trailer for a while and see how they like it!! I’ll bet we would see some pretty quick changes to the laws in that case!! Sad, very sad! The owners TRIED to care for them………I don’t think so!!

    1. Do your research.. says:

      …and have a little empathy.

      The reason is BECAUSE most people who are hoarders suffer from OCD. It’s a considered a psychological problem and not actually a criminal act. Many of these people have experienced great trauma in their lives which is what brought them to this mental state. These people are NOT evil.

      They are ill and need proper treatment including cognitive therapy.

      Not jail.

      Before you start throwing stones you should try to understand.

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