ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has unanimously passed a bill that would require teachers to pass a basic skills test before getting a teacher’s license.

Republican bill sponsor Andrea Kieffer says the legislation would keep unqualified teachers out of the classroom. Current law allows teachers to hold a provisional license for three years while continuing to retake the test.

The companion bill hasn’t received a vote in the full Senate. Gov. Mark Dayton has not yet taken a public stance on the bill.

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Comments (14)
  1. Wildbill says:

    Great, another day off. Thats just what they need.

    1. right says:

      How is taking a test before one is even certified, much less hired, a day off you ignorant brainless twit?

  2. markH says:

    I’d like to see the “test” before I pass judgement. My suspicion is that the Teacher’s Union will find a way to pass even the most ignorant of the lot. If we truly want to see an improvement in the public education system, we need to castrate the Teacher’s Union which protects mediocrity.

    1. omg says:

      Please tell me how the teacher’s union can help someone pass a test. How absolutely ridiculous. Perhaps you are the one in need of castration to spare us more idiots like you.

    2. tan pup says:

      Maybe you should take a test for your job, would you pass? Teachers already have to take multiple tests before they get a license. This bill is just another way to bash education. I think each person who gets elected to office should take a Praxis test. I bet they would all fail! Interesting the excuse is to keep unqualified teachers out of the classroom. Now we need a test to keep unqualified people out of the House. They get paid more, get more perks, get the best health care for LIFE, not to mention a pension; all paid for by the “tax payers” but yet I don’t hear ONE person BIT CHing about that! Hey, if we all could have benefits like our elected officials, we wouldn’t need unions!

    3. Min Da says:

      hold on a moment, consider first and foremost – ” The Parents”. no teacher can get through the heads of uninterested students without the help of the Parents/Guardian.

  3. Keep It Real says:

    This is a joke. They don’t need the test when applying for a license, they need one 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. years later. And they need cameras and evaluators in every classroom, every month of every year. And hey, here is a radical idea, talk to the students and ask them who the poor teachers are…they will give you the list…and they will mostly be “senior” teachers who can’t be fired because the union will protect them.

  4. What a load says:

    We must pass our college’s exams and program requirements. Then we take a full day of Praxis exams covering basic skills, field areas, and teaching skills. What further redundant testing do they want now for the sake of sounding proactive on education? What a crock. Why do Asians ( here and in Asia) do so well? Because their culture values education and makes it a priority at all levels of society, especially the family. Here we just pass of the responsibility to government and the schools and complain bitterly when unmotivated students fail. Behind almost every successful student is a parent or parents pushing them to succeed. But hey, the politicians need an issue and parents need a whipping post for their own failure of responsibility, and we teachers make such a convenient whipping post.

  5. Growser says:

    Another example of over-legislation. Teacher testing is already the responsibility of Department of Education through Praxis Exams. Google Praxis and see how you do on the practice exam questions.

  6. Another redundant test says:

    Most of the young teachers that don’t cut it in the classroom are perfectly knowledgable in their subject area, but have difficulty managing kids. How do you test for that? You can’t.

  7. tan pup says:

    All of you who hate teachers – take a test for your job! Oh and make sure you keep up your CE – continued education so you can keep your license. I’m SO, sick and tired of the teacher bashing. Yes there are bad ones, but far more good teachers out there in the classrooms. I personally think all of you who hate teachers so much please take your kids out of school and HOME SCHOOL THEM we could use the space. Make sure you follow all the mandates the governement hands down as well as you might need to take those tests as well. Good luck and and before I forget, the tests are at least $100 for each section, Math, Science, PE, English, Grammer, Art and if you are teaching SP Ed, that will be another test.Don’t forget to budget supplies as well. Then after a long day, make sure you are ready to coach, tutor or attend a fund raiser. Good Luck!

  8. Andrea says:

    I would like to know more detail about this bill. I wonder if it is more geared to those that are coming from other states, other country’s. Either way in my opinion the main responsibility of teaching falls first and for most on us parents. We the parents need to be more involved in our children’s academics not just the sports they participate it. We all can do better.

  9. Rob Swart says:

    I thought they just passed a law makinh it easier for non-teachers to become teachers