WALKER, Minn. (AP) — A northern Minnesota man has been sentenced to more than four years behind bars for assaulting a state trooper while she was trying to arrest him last October.

A Cass County judge Wednesday also sentenced 26-year-old Elijah Knowles of Akeley to six years probation and ordered him to pay $2,492 in restitution.

A jury convicted Knowles of assault, disarming a peace officer, DWI, fleeing police and obstructing the legal process.

Authorities say Trooper Darcy Gagnon stopped Knowles on Highway 34 on suspicion of DWI. As Gagnon tried to handcuff Knowles, he hit her on the head with the trooper’s Taser, then put the stun gun to her head and pulled the trigger, but the safety was on.

Gagnon missed two weeks but has since returned to full duty.

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Comments (20)
  1. Brett says:

    Good!! 4 years sounds about right, he won’t be able to own a firearm, vote, and his future job prospects are virtually non-existent. Choose to be a LOSER, this is what you face.

    1. CAPTAIN CAPS says:

      MORE CAPS!!! It depends if he was charged with a felony if not, he can do everything you listed.

      1. Brett says:


      2. Brett says:

        Do you really think that people in this state go to PRISON for FOUR YEARS for a MISDEMEANOR?? Which law school did you graduate from??

        1. CAPTAIN CAPS says:

          Whoa calm down sparky!

          1. mannex67 says:

            Do they have video of this? Cops lie so often that without some corroborating evidence the police version of events has to be viewed with great suspicion.

            1. Walker says:

              No video I personally know this. I live in the same town as him and attened school with him.

  2. Females lose weapons. says:

    I am embarrassed to say I was a cop. The only partner I could trust was a female. She was tough, however the majority should not be cops. As an ex-cop I always think…man I could have that gun in about 2 seconds if I wanted. The only reason it doesn’t happen more is because society in general is tame.

    1. Sarah says:

      Not true at all. May I ask why you are no longer a cop? I am a female who is going to school for law enforcement. I am faster, stronger and shoot just as good, if not better, than the males I am in class with.

      1. Ines Beag says:

        Being “faster, stronger and shoot just as good” has nothing to do with being a cop. If you don’t believe me, look at our pride and joy Mpls/St Paul cops. Slower, weaker, and can only shoot a few rounds out of their car after a party. You’re over qualify girl! Plus it’s a know fact that no one will hire a cop with an IQ over 115. Over that score they start to think for themselves.

        1. Sarah says:

          Its sad to see how little respect you have for police officers. The men and women I am in class with are all very intelligent, driven, and hardworking people. Not one of them are lazy, like you seem to be implying. I would be pretty surprised and amazed if you knew every single officer in Mpls and St. Paul. In every field there are a few bad apples. Nursing, teachers, doctors, judges, attorneys… the list goes on and on. You probably do not like cops because they give you speeding tickets or parking violations. Take a step back and look at everything they do, not just what you don’t like. I have been there to see all of this. I recommend you do a ride-along with them once.

          1. Ines Beag says:

            You’re way off base! Read my comment again.
            1) I’m sure they are very intelligent(as compared to you)
            2) I never said they were lazy.
            3) You next sentence is asinine
            4) I love cops and it’s not because they give me parking or speeding tickets(nothing on my record).
            5) Take a ride along, like my 3 sisters use to do. Married cops(men) are pigs, picking on young girls, or maybe times have changed.
            6) Are you sure you”re really not working for Bill O’reilly???

            1. jackactionhero says:

              We’ve now been introduced to the most clueless commenter on the website apparently…

              1. mannex67 says:

                No, I’d say he’s “clued-in”

  3. fitswell says:

    boy what a dumb a– s they should put the tazer down his pants and put the triger

  4. FAIR IS FAIR !!!! says:

    Cry baby cops!!!

  5. j speedbag 64 says:

    i have taken a step back and seen what they do and i’m not impressed…if i would of had my camera with me one night i could of shown you a 7 police beating of one person….brutal man………..

  6. Where's the video says:

    I would love to have seen the video of this incident. My guess is the female cop didn’t make sure her suspect was face down spread eagle before she approached. This is obviously a case where this officer couldn’t handle the situation. She’s lucky she wasn’t killed.

  7. js says:

    When they look bored in their mugshots, that’s usually a sociopath (when they look tough, they’re covering for being scared). Four years is plenty of time to lift weights until you can stab someone with the force of an hydraulic press, make connections, and come out stronger and more evil than when you went in. When he finally kills someone, our justice system will swoop in, it’s feckless little cape flowing in the wind, to rescue us.

    1. Walker says:

      Hey JS didnt your parents ever teach you not to judge anyone and off of a mug shot at that. Come the f on dude. I personally know this guy have known him for 10 yrs. He is not a evil man. I also have been pulled over and dealt with the tropper the attack was on. She is not a very nice person she is about 5′ 3 and definitely suffers from runtisum ( Littleman/woman syndrome) I am not saying she deserved anything of this by any means but you need to check you facts before you spew your nasty venom. He was wrong and they were wrong. There was no police video so that right there tells you that the situation is iffy!

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