ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A St. Paul mother says a bully is targeting her daughter. Karen Thornburg is now worried for her child’s life.

For 10-year-old Kathy Grover, the walk to and from school is terrifying.  Since September, Kathy says she’s been the target of a bully.

“I’m actually really scared about it,” said Kathy Grover, who said she’s been bullied.

Her blood-stained school shirt still carries the signs of her most recent attack.  Her mother, Karen Thornburg, also has pictures the injuries that include a bloodied lip.

st paul bullying 2 St. Paul Mother Believes Daughter Is Target Of Bullying

(credit: CBS)

“The last time she showed up like that it took us 20 minutes to get her lip to quit bleeding,” said Karen Thornburg, Kathy’s mother.

Police have investigated the bullying incidents, but there is a challenge. For months Kathy claimed it was two to three girls bullying her. Only recently did she admit it was just one.

“I didn’t want to sound like a wimp,” said Grover.

“She’s so scared of her, she didn’t think anyone would do anything. That’s why she said it was just the one,” said Thornburg.

It’s a scenario that’s playing out in schools across the nation.  Every day, thousands of children are victims of bullies.

“I desperately want to see change, not just for Kathy, but all these kids,” said Thornburg.

For Karen, that change now means limiting the days Kathy walks to school alone. But there are still times when the fourth-grader must make that walk by herself.  It’s those days that worry her mother the most.

“It keeps escalating.  The threats keep escalating, and honestly, I think this child is going to take it too far,” said Karen.

St. Paul Police said they did make arrests in this case, but those people are not in custody at this time. Right now, they need some new information before they can move forward. The school is not able to step in because it’s not happening on school property.

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  1. Kevin Eicher says:

    What the Hell is Wrong with this School district I Wanta KNOW WHO & Where this Makes me Soooooooooooo Angry you don’t even know Whats the Principle doing Nothing FIRE HIS ASS and Get someone in there that can HANDLE THE JOB Before this Poor girl ends up DOING Something That NO PARENT should EVER HAVE TO FACE !!!!!!

    1. something fishy says:

      I don;t believe this family at all. Just because people make accusations does not make them true. The facial expressions of both the mother and child appear off, the child’s own story has changed, and the mother even states her daughter has allegedly been “bullied her entire life”.I work in a clinic and even the blood pattern in the photo looks off/unnatural. Sadly there are people around that make false allegations for all sorts of reasons-

        1. jen says:


        2. lawbuff says:

          NO! One lives in St. Paul one lives in Grand Rapids, MN. The name is fairly common

          1. jen says:

            it is the same person ….she moved

          2. jen says:

            the family moved to St.Paul

          3. jel says:

            SHe used to live in Grand Rapids….she is from my home town.

      1. lawbuff says:

        Sadly, there are more people around like you. Lay off the girls. Help them instead

        1. something fishy says:

          “Sadly there are more people around like me” ? Oh please. I volunteer my services in low income clinics and *do* help people. I’m basing my skepticism on 30 years of clinical experience with blood and facial injuries as well as the people and their stories behind them. There have already been innocent young ladies in this story treated like criminals. Is that your idea of “helping girls”? I hope a very detailed investigation is made as well as a follow up story.

      2. WAY fishy says:

        I totally agree. That blood does not look real at all. If her lip was busted, there would not be a neat line coming out the middle and then out the side. If the parents are behind this, then that little girl needs protection from THEM, as they are seriously messing her up.

    2. truthhurts says:

      i am afriend of the family of one of the girls who were accused of bullying this little gir.this family is crazy. They can not get there story straight and they seem like they are living in a fantasy life begging for attention.police arrested a group if very young teenagers and held them with little to no of the girls were not even at schol or in town the day the girl got a busted lip.i would also like to know why were these young ladies arrested and questioned for hours without there parents even being notified until hours later!nobody deserves to be bullied but nobody deserves to be blamed or lied upon for bullying when they were not involved!

      1. Kendra says:

        I feel the same way!

      2. someone close says:

        There were girls falsely accused. They are owed an apology. Karen is working on making sure they get one from Kathy.

        Well-intentioned adults that witness crimes as bystanders have trouble getting stories to match, they are notoriously bad at identifying the right people even in person. You expect a scared 10-year old to be perfect at identifying her attacker from photographs? Kathy is a very honest girl, but she made a mistake, which was then compounded by the police that made more mistakes.

        No, nobody deserves to be blamed for something they didn’t do, but they weren’t “lied upon” [sic]. It was a regrettable mistake, assuming your friend is one of the innocent ones.

        1. Kendra says:

          No, the little girl lied and a apology isn’t gonna cut it!!!!

  2. Kevin Eicher says:

    And BS the School can’t do anything either Why Because it’s NOT happening on School property Balony Lets DO SOMETHING People before the Inevetable happens again Darnit !!!!!

    1. Sarah says:

      I was always told if it happens at the bus stop, the school can step in. Guess I was wrong.

  3. Brett says:

    Hey, calm down. The victim should be able to identify the perp, the POLICE should encourage the victim to tell the truth and identify the REAL perp, and then the POLICE should do their job and arrest the THUG, no matter what the age. THEN, the school, once they find out, should ban the THUG from school indefinitely.
    That’s how the system works. Yes, if this was my kid, I would have the kid at the police station to tell the truthful story, tell her that she will not get into any trouble, and she will be supported throughout the ordeal. If I were the perp’s parents, I would be hiring a really good lawyer right now.

    1. CAPTAIN CAPS says:

      It was A TYPO. NOT a spelling ERROR. SEE is not spelled wrong, a “SPELL CHECKER” would not have corrected it. I needed a GRAMMAR CHECKER. I find it VERY FUNNY that you are calling names on an article about bullying. 😀

    2. getting rid of true bullies says:

      the police were told the child could not positively identify the girls with pictures, Karen asked for a line up so Kathy could look at the girls but it didn’t happen. The police have the name of the actual girl who is doing this, and she has been pointed out. As for the girls wrongfully detained that’s a police mistake as well because they were told that Kathy has a hard time picking out people by pictures. I feel bad that they were pulled out of class like that and there was no reason for it, that was over aggressive on their part.

      1. Kendra says:

        Kathy picked the girls out of a year book. She must not of been thinking straight.

  4. Will says:

    The girl is obviously not a jock strap or the school would find a way to protect her!

  5. Jerry says:

    It’s time for a line-up!
    When things like this happened to me my Mother would be at the school the next day, even though I didn’t want her help. I was embarrassed, and felt it would only get worse, but that would be the end of it. It usually takes two to tangle.

    1. truthhurts says:

      sad thing is there was a line up……..exactly why the girls were released,wrong people

  6. Brett says:

    That’s because some people don’t READ VERY WELL, or they are BORDERLINE ILLITERATE.

  7. Say Something says:

    I would be interested in where this is happening as well. Unfortunately as parents, we can’t always be there to bring are kids to and from school. But all this little girl has to do is tell her Mom the name of the “bully” or “bullies”, I still think the school should step in to a point. Sad this girl may not have any friends to walk home with. Her Mom needs to step up and say something to somebody, or walk home with her child one day, then perhaps they will see this bully, the Mom can talk to her parents and all that and settle this. Good luck to the family.

  8. Say Something says:

    *our kids…

  9. no surprise says:

    Why is the mom allowing her to go to school to get assaulted, move her to a different school . Minnesota has the worst anti bullying law in the nation.

  10. Jean says:

    Who was arrested? Can kids be arrested? Did the bully’s parent’s get arrested? Wow…not a lot of information here…

    1. Sarah says:

      Agreed, not enough info at all! However, Kids can be arrested. The process is different than adults though.

      1. lawbuff says:

        You can be arrested on very little evidence. I read they were questioned.

    2. Kendra says:

      My sister was one of the little girls arrested. There was no line up and the police wouldn’t even give the kids the so called victims name. I feel the little girls parents should be arrested for neglect of their child and the victim should be arrested for false information to a peace officer!!!!

      1. jackactionhero says:

        And you are an uneducated idiot. Go back to your EZ Bake Oven already and let the grownups talk.

        1. desert eagle .50 says:

          Now we hear again from that paragon of virtue, JAH. I must say you are truly the one person well qualified to judge uneducated idiocy, having lived with it your entire life, and broadcast it so well on the forums.

          If you want the grownups to talk, why are you chirping up?

          Please be specific.

        2. GOOBIE says:

          im one of the girls that got arrested. My sister is a grown women. And if you got a problem go tell your mom about it. while on here calling people idiots thats VERY RUDE!!!!

      2. getting rid of true bullies says:

        the line up is the polices problem, not the mother or the child. The child is 10 and disabled so get over yourself. There is no neglect in that family I know this for a fact. The girl walks a few blocks to and from school. Not everyone has the luxury to stay home and not work, so that isn’t neglect. I can understand your frustration to what happened but really…neglect. come on

        1. Sarah says:

          Is leaving your kids for long periods considered neglect? I think so, it’s my opinion this is NEGLECT! It’s your opinion there isn’t neglect, not a fact. The luxury of staying home and not work…no not everyone has that luxury, you’re right, but what does she do?!? SHE DOES NOT WORK!

          1. someone close says:

            Well, on one of the days when Kathy was attacked and left bloody, I believe it was the one when the picture was taken, but I’m not sure of that, she was stuck on the phone taking care of an important issue regarding Kathy’s sister.

            Define long periods, and how old? Kathy is never left by herself for anything anyone would consider a “long period.” But she is old enough to walk home on her own, something that is developmentally appropriate, and physically good for her. If she can’t because an older girl is constantly attacking her, that’s wrong, and nobody should be on trial except for the girl who is assaulting Kathy, and possibly other younger children. But you can try the blame the victim game if you want. Enough people will see through it, it won’t work.

            1. Kendra says:

              The blood isnt even real….. Some people are so ignorant!

              1. someone close says:

                It is real. I saw it myself. Yes, some people are ignorant, namely you.

  11. Kevin says:

    One man’s bullying is another man’s assault!

  12. KM says:

    I would be sending this girl to karate class to learn how to defend herself!

  13. Dave says:

    Dear Kathy, Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I bet you are a great kid. You are not alone.

    A trick bullies will use is they will make you think you should not tell anyone what is happeining or you will be in trouble. Its not true. Always tell your parents what is happening.

    I know a lot of kids that would want to have you as a friend.

    1. someone close says:

      Thanks, Dave. I’ll make sure Kathy knows about your well wishes.

      Kathy never thought she’d be in trouble for telling, but they have threatened her with worse reprisals if she didn’t change her story.

  14. jacob says:

    What a stupid article.

  15. Msmidwest says:

    First of all, I do know one of the young ladies that was arrested for this crime. Don’t always believe what you read or hear…. This young girl that is getting assaulted is changing her story everyday. The police arrested a few girls at school, took them to JDC, would not tell the parents nothing, then released them the next day with no charges because this little girl keeps changing her story. The little girls that they say are involved, it is not possible for them to do this. There is a few things about the story that where fishy from the beginning, the girl states that this happen to and from school, when the schools don’t start at the same time so how is it possible? If this has been happening for months, as a parent states, why has nothing been done until now with all the anti bullying by the parents, family or the police? Don’t get me wrong I feel horribly bad for this young lady but at the same time these other young girls were tormented over this little girls lies. What are you supposed to believe?

    1. Sarah says:

      I agree with you. Somethings do not add up. I really hope she isn’t lying for attention. The other kids involved should not be subjected to this if it is all made up.

    2. cloudynik says:

      I agree that if she’s lying, or heaven forbid that the mother coerced this little girl into doing this for media attention, she &/or her mother should be punished. However, she may also be ‘constantly changing her story’ because she’s terrified. Having been terrorized myself as a child, I remember that fear. I’m surprised that the police didn’t have a child psychologist talk to her.

      1. Jerry says:

        Who busted her lip?

        1. Msmidwest says:

          @j Jerry, when this little girl decides to tell the truth I will let you know!!! If your asking my opinion, maybe the mom, the little girl herself?

          1. jen says:

            one of her sisters????

          2. Kathy's Sister says:

            Yes, because it makes complete sense that my mom or Kathy would bust her own lip open right? No. I dont think so, and please inform me on how you would be able to inform people if/when she was telling the truth?

            1. Msmidwest says:

              When she decides to stop lying on my family…..your little sister lied about the amount of people who were bullying her, how do you get bullied to an from school, you have been bullied at another school, you have no family or friends to help bring her back an forth to school, it’s a lot of funny things with your families stories but you have every right to try an defend yourself. I just find these stories awfully strange! I think that your sister needs to understand what could have happened to these innocent girls in her lying process. I feel the police department is just as to blame for their lack of investigation. An just a little advise if your sister was lying to you and her mother about the truth maybe you should think about the relationship you have with her!

              1. Msmidwest says:

                Oh, an if your family was sorry for your sisters bogus accusations then why is it that your family didn’t have the decency to call an inform the investigator that your sister was lying, they found out by the news channels story not because you called them to let them no!!!!

                1. someone close says:

                  Um, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Her family did call the investigator “to let them no” [sic] quite a few times in the less than 24 hours between knowing it was one person and the news story. The investigator was unavailable, and didn’t return messages until 5 minutes after the news story broke.

        2. js says:

          The busted lip does not look real. It looks like they put lipstick on her. I really hope the mother is not making her lie for attention.

    3. Ines Beag says:

      Finally a commenter that can see 2 sides of something. It’s so refreshing to read a comment that is not so dogmatic!

    4. someone close says:

      If the person you know is one of the innocent ones, then my apologies, she is owed one by Kathy (who made mistakes under pressure) and the police (who compounded them).

      Almost all were after school, when the times are close enough between the two schools that walking times explains how they encounter each other after school. Before school it’s only been a couple times. How can that happen? You’re telling me it’s impossible that teenagers are ever late to school? Which is why if things had been properly followed up on by the schools and police, the chances of misidentification would have been almost greatly reduced, as there should be a record of who was late on those days.

      Police have been called since the beginning. One reason it took so long was that Kathy didn’t know who was attacking her. Beyond that, you’d have to ask the police why it took them so long to act. As for the family, what can the family do, vigilante justice? That’s not a good idea. Kathy has had many friends and family members walking with her, driving her, or shadowing her whenever schedules allow.

      1. Msmidwest says:

        I’m sorry if that was my child, I guess I would do what I had to!!! If you want to call me a vigilante then so be it, I don’t mind!!

  16. something fishy says:

    There is something in the mother’s facial expressions I find troubling…and this entire story seems a bit…thin. II work in a clinic and have seen a lot of facial injuries and there is something off about the photo of the alleged lip injury. The pattern and amount of blood, as well as the color, does not look like a natural pattern.
    Just a hunch, but I just get the feeling there is something wrong with the mother and it is being expressed through her child. There are many avenues for parents to protect their own children in situations like these and the Saint Paul school system is very conscious of bullying.
    A quest for attention? A liability lawsuit? A mental disorder? Maybe the mother is coaching her child to make these allegations, as even the story of how many people allegedly involved has changed.To state that the child has been “bullied all of her life”, and apparently in different locations, says more about the mother teaching her own child to play “victim” than perhaps anything about what goes on out their front door.

    1. someone close says:

      The lip injury photo is a photo of a photo. That’s why it looks funny. It is not staged, but since the reporter took a picture of the LCD display of the digital camera, and then blew it up, it’s not surprising that it didn’t turn out well.

      Implying that someone being bullied in multiple locations must either lying or asking for it (not sure which one you’re implying, but it’s one of the two), however, is horribly insensitive. If you work in a clinic, you really should know better. Many students, often through no real fault of their own, are marked as targets for bullying wherever they go because of traits they have. Many times these are good traits, like doing well in school, being nice, being trusting. Other times, neutral or negative traits (although often still outside someone’s control), like being overweight, socially awkward, funny looking, shy, or any other way one is different. Kathy is one of the sweetest kids you’ll meet, but it is not a surprise that she is a target. Five minutes after I met her, I could have told you she would be a target. But none of it is her fault, it’s just part of who she is, and many of the traits that make her a target make her a wonderful person. If that evokes condemnation in you and not sympathy, that sounds pretty much like a bully to me…

      1. Concerned says:

        I agree with what you have said. Kathy is not capable of making this up for attention and it does not matter what her mother may or may not get out of this or even who she is. Someone, maybe one of these innocent ones has to have seen this in which case shame on anyone who has witnessed this and not spoken up. There are professionals out there who should be helping Kathy get through this and get her story out there. Where are they? Kathy is exactly the type of individual who is tagreted. This problem will most likely never end as people in this country are too willing to pretend that it dose not happen and that their friend or relative would never particapate in bulling. People who are aware of these things and do nothing are silently supportive of the bully and just as guilty. How about all this chatter stops and someone reaches out to help Kathy before something worse happens.

        1. Msmidwest says:

          You said if one of the innocent ones have seen it, well it’s kinds hard to see something when you ride a bus………just sayin

      2. something fishy says:

        “Horribly insensitive”?? Accusing me of being a “bully” ? Because I *dare* to question a picture and story that does not make sense based upon my own clinical experience? I have a great deal of compassion and care for my fellow man. I have seen alleged “victims” accuse innocent people of abuse for all sorts of reasons. We’ve even seen people cause their own injuries. Police departments and professionals in our legal system are well aware of this problem which is why we have a legal system that presumes innocence *until proven guilty*.
        You are awfully quick to judge others without proof. That itself is a dangerous thing.

        1. someone close says:

          Yes, you are horribly insensitive and bully-esque. Either that or you have intellectual and communication skills of an under-ripe rutabaga. Considering you completely missed the point of what I said, even though it wasn’t a difficult concept, I’m leaning towards the latter. Or both, both is also very possible.

          As I said before, the part of your post where you were insensitive and bully-esque is when you implied that anyone who has been bullied throughout their life either deserves it, or else must be lying about it. You were either deliberately vague as to which, or you weren’t nearly as clear as you thought you were, but you were implying one of those two things. Either one IS insensitive, at the very least.

          Everything else you said completely and utterly missed the point. You can question the picture and story, but since I know Kathy and Karen, and saw the bloody lip and shirt myself, I know you’re wrong. That doesn’t make you insensative or a bully, just someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. And the fact that you have some compassion and volunteer are good things, but don’t make you immune to charges of insensitivity. People can do the right things sometimes, and do/say horrible things other times. yes, innocence until proven guilty is important, but completely irrelevant here, since we’re not talking about anyone’s guilt. I didn’t accuse anyone of anything I don’t know about. I’ve said that someone attacked Kathy, which I do know enough about to say, but I never named any names. In fact, I said several timea that the police should do their due diligence and do everything they can to make sure the right person or people are held accountable.

          And by judging others, do you mean you? What proof do I need? I’m judging you by the words you posted here. Those words were insensitive as can be, your ridiculous straw man arguments notwithstanding.

  17. Msmidwest says:

    I am very sorry to here of you being bullied, that has got to be the most horrible thing to deal with especially as a child! I just don’t think it’s fair to blame innocent kids, and she needs to understand that. I am fortunate enough to have close family and friends and if the police aren’t doing their job, I promise my child would not be alone going back and forth to school, and I would be in jail. I really hope that if there is someone bullying this little girl she stands up and tells the truth, so that justice is hopefully done but not to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

  18. MN Cop says:

    Not sure here…I have seen a lot of assaults in my day and the blood looks off. Wrong tint. Not saying it is impossible, could be the camera or something weird as it is displaying on my computer. Others have stated the blood pattern is off as well, I agree. Without all the details it is very hard to make a judgement call, but as reported I am skeptical.

    1. something fishy says:

      Yep. I’ve seen a lot of traumatic injury to the mouth and the photo provided by the family hits me wrong for a number of reasons; color, viscosity of the alleged “blood”, pattern/angle of “dripping” on the face, as well as the shirt, appears off/altered, and it’s rare that even bleeding from getting a tooth knocked out takes “20 minutes to quit” ( biting down on dampened gauze usually gets it under control in just a few minutes) and that otherwise very clean face and white shirt for someone who was just assaulted is questionable.

      1. fed up with stupidity says:

        try to get a 10 year old to quit crying, talking, and playing with the cut long enough to get it to clot. Good luck on that

        1. something fishy says:

          I ‘ve worked in clinics for over 30 years, and plenty of times with 10 year old ( and younger) patients and ,actually, the younger the patient, the quicker the clotting and healing times. No “luck” needed, that’s a fact.

          1. someone close says:

            I haven’t worked in a clinic, ever, and even I know that some people clot slower than others because of genetic issues, and that some people obsessively play with injuries because of their personality. I guess your clinics must have all been in Mayberry, or somewhere even more Pollyannaish, where everything is black and white (metaphorically, of course).

    2. Kathy's Sister says:

      @MN Cop, Are you sure that your not who I think you are? And the only reason you and “sarah” are commenting on here is just to get attention yourselves? …..

  19. A mad mother says:

    my daughter was one of the girls accused and arrested for this and I am furious about it, the police took my child out of class at schoo lwhere she rides the school bus to and from everydayand is a different scholl than this child goes to,handcuffed her and took her to jail without even telling her what was going on,than they called me ,she was booked,read her rights and finger printed had mug shots taken and humiliated,now this little girl wants to tell the truth,dont get me wrong i want to see justice for this child bullying is terrible,but so is what my innocent daughter had and is still going through,so you better believe I will be contacting a lawyer.

    1. Kathy's Sister says:

      I can understand why you would be upset, but I also feel that you should understand why she said there was more then one girl, she didn’t want to look like she couldn’t defend herself because she felt as if nothing would be done about it. I understand why you are upset about your child being falsely accused, but it should be taken into consideration that nothing would have been done about it by the authorities if it was only one other child doing the bullying. So, this is just as much the authorities fault as it is her. Police were told she could not identify children by picture due to her disability, but the still had her do it that way instead of a way she could have made the correct accusations. So, as I do sincerely apologize for your daughters unnecessary incarceration, The police are mainly at fault. Not her.

      1. Kendra says:

        Your sister is at fault also! My sister was put in jail because you or your mom were to busy to follow Kathy home or to school! Maybe if you guys care as much as you claim you do, you should of did something the first time you heard about her supposedly being bullied to the point of her coming home bleeding or crying. My little sister gets bullied too, but not to the point where she comes home crying. Kids are cruel but if someone inflicted bodily harm on my sister, best believe I would not have her walking to school and home alone!!!!

        1. fed up with stupidity says:

          oh wow kendraits great to know that you don’t have school or work responsibilities so you could have the time to do that. As for your sisters bullieing sorry to hear that but is she coming home beaten up or are they using hurtful words? Not saying one is better then the other but it could explain why she doesn’t cry about it. So you expect the parents to quit their jobs to make sure their child is not pounded on by a psychopath, or that her sisters are to drop out of school, or better yet end up in detention for coming into class late because of a girl who likes to beat up children years younger? If you ask me the girl who’s hurting Kathy needs mental help and the parents really suck at raising their kid, I hope they didn’t breed anymore because they haven’t taught their child how to let her anger out in a proper way.

          1. Sarah says:

            You’re close! Kathy will need mental help! As well as the rest of the kids, but mostly Karen! As for “parents suck at raising her kids.” Respectfully clarifying, Karen sucks at raising her kids. Different dad’s, who in my opinion are more capable of taking better care of the kids but DAD’s have rules, and mom doesn’t…because she needs those child support checks to live!

            1. someone close says:

              Well, you clearly have an axe to grind if you think the person that needs the most help is the parent of the victim, not the one perpetuating serial assaults on younger smaller girls. Still sad, though, that someone would sink that low.

              And I don’t know which of the “different dad’s” [sic] is feeding you information, but it’s as clear that it’s not because they have rules as it is that you don’t know the difference between possessive and plural. It is my educated opinion that the girls are better off with Karen, but I will admit that I don’t know quite enough to state that as a 100% objective fact, However, if you think that the laxity of rules is even a significant portion of the reason for who has custody, you obviously know far, far less than me. You are not only full of dangerous bile and vitriol, but you are sadly misinformed on even the basic facts.

            2. Kathy's Sister says:

              Okay, My mom does not suck at raising her kids… “Sarah” You and your husband do. You think that using a fake name on here is really that hard to figure out when you are posting things on here concerning C.S, Custody (when you and your husband are the only ones who have tried for custody of their child, and when granted failed), And other matters that don’t have anything to do with the case, When you are one of the only people who do this type of thing all the time. Maybe you guys are the ones who need help. And about the other comment on here concerning Social Services, There is no reason for them to be called, Learn a thing or two. Letting your child walk home from school is not a sign of neglect. Considering you guys did the same thing. I suggest you quit while ahead.

            3. Kathy's Sister says:

              And “Sarah” as for saying all of us kids will need mental help, Your full of it. Maybe you, who is coming on here pretending to be someone your not, and coming on here going on about my mom putting her business out there, business that has nothing at all to do with this case. Maybe you are the one who is going to need mental help. Grow up just a little bit, please?

              1. mary says:

                sorry you think this is me, but it’s not… leave me out of it please. I have not even seen this site for 2 days and have been stuck at work…I was clocked into work at the clinic today when most of these posts were placed and my co-workers know I was not anywhere near a computer and I was working at the hospital when the others were placed and both places keep a record of all my computer use …….I think all of this has nothing to do with the fact that Kathy is being bullied and something needs to be done about it but I don’t have any answers……please don’t threaten me with attorneys and such because I am not afraid to use my name when I post something and I have proof that none of these posts were from me.

          2. Kendra says:

            I guess if your to busy to make sure your daughter is ok and not being “beat up” then you dont deserve to be a parent. End of discussion.

        2. someone close says:

          Kendra, Kathy’s sister was apologizing, and very graciously and fairly, if I may say so. Saying it was mostly the police’s fault is not a cop-out in this case. As stated, they insisted that she identify through pictures despite warnings that Kathy was not good at that.

          There were things done beginning with the very first attack. The problem is, it wasn’t anyone Kathy knew, and finding out who it was has been extremely difficult. Kathy’s sister who posted has walked with Kathy every time she could, so have other family members and friends. But you can’t be with someone every moment. If you think you can, you’re fooling yourself.

      2. MN Cop says:

        Where did you guys get the idea that “nothing” could be done about an assault unless there were multiple suspects? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Most of my cases of assault, stalking, harassment, etc are done by one person. It makes no difference to me, each case is investigated and appropriate action is taken. I may have waited until after school though to question the suspects. An arrest out of the classroom is a bit extreme given the details of the story. But maybe there is more to it, maybe the arrests were justified at the time. But like I said earlier, I was immediately suspicious of the photographs. They look staged somehow…

        1. someone close says:

          I don’t know where Kathy or her sister got that idea from. It was not from their mother, though, I know that. They are young, they sometimes make assumptions that adults would not, without asking, especially when terrified.

          I agree that the way the police approached it seems strange to me, as well, but I also don’t know what they were thinking. They definitely didn’t handle everything right, but I don’t know enough about their constraints to give a detailed analysis.

          No, the photos are just bad quality, not staged. As I said, the one of her lip bleeding is a photo of a photo with a reflective surface that causes it to look strange. Kathy’s mom is not very technologically proficient, so she wasn’t able to transfer the picture directly, so the reporter photographed the tiny display of the digital camera. Maybe I can help her get the original up where people can see it better. It is definitely real blood, though.

          1. Indigo says:

            Call me crazy, but if Kathy’s mom is not very technologically proficient, why does she have a Nikon DSLR camera? A camera well over $500 dollars and VERY highly capable of producing professional quality photos. And again…something is not adding up!

            1. someone close says:

              Actually, the camera is mine. But you don’t need to be technologically proficient to own a nice camera. The camera itself isn’t hard to use, at least under basic conditions, which taking a picture of your kid in the daylight qualifies. Transferring a picture from a memory card when you don’t have a functional memory card reader handy, now that’s a bit more challenging. She was only borrowing the camera, I still have the reader.

              But yes, it does take very nice photos, thank you. You should see some of the ones I took out in the rockies last summer…

      3. GOOBIE says:


    2. lawbuff says:

      The trauma your daughter went through is enough for a law suit. The police did not have to come grab her out of class and treat her like a bank robber. What a horrible thing to do. They had better options. I think most police officers are bullies themselves and think they are Gods, making up the law to fit their agendas all to often.

    3. Concerned says:

      Good Luck with that you can not get blood out of a turnip. All you discribe sounds a little harsh for merely need to be question as you photo was picked from a line up. I would be asking where these photos came from that were presented to the little girl to pick girls out of and what criteria was used to be included in this line up. I ask this because if the little girl did not know the innocent girls how could she with mal intent accuse them. For everyones sake it is hoped that these innocent girls had no knowledge of this situation and that they all will be able to sleep at night with a clear concious. I am sure that they have strong loving family’s who will help them recover quickly. Its a shame that anyone truely innocent has to go through something like this.

    4. something fishy says:

      I would be furious too. And looking for answers as to why some people feel it’s ok to traumatize innocent kids. This has turned into a witch hunt and I think those responsible need to be held accountable. Your daughter was victimized and publicly humiliated/embarrassed yet there are people on here making excuses for that. Please do follow up with a lawyer-

  20. Kevin says:

    Are we now wussified to the point that we are going to run a news story on every kid that gets bullied?

    1. The Angry Walrus says:

      Thank you Kevin- I was thinking the same thing. Bullies are a part of life. always have been, always will be. why is this on the news? ridiculous!

    2. fed up with stupidity says:

      i bet you are a bully in school, because if you had been beaten constantly by another child you wouldn’t say that. It is people like you who need to get a clue. If you weren’t interested you shouldn’t have read and/or watched the report.

    3. someone close says:

      Yes, Kevin, we should just wait until the bullied kids kill themselves or worse, take it out on others in another school shooting story, before we report on them or do anything about it. That’ll prove that we’re tough.

      And this isn’t the run-of-the mill story where a kid is taunted by classmates (although those can be damaging, too). This is a 10-year-old being assaulted on her way home from school about once or twice a week for more than half a year, despite every effort of her family and friends. And Kathy isn’t the only one. Another, even younger girl that lives on her walk home has said she has to run from her bus to her house across the street, as she has been assaulted as well. If this was happening to adults, it would most likely be front-page news.

      1. Sarah says:

        Hmmm, this sounds like Crazy Karen here! We know your games, always trying to scam the system. Get some mental help! Stop brainwashing your kids. What are you going to do after they are grown up and can’t collect the 3 different child support checks?!? HMMM? Get a life, stop trying to play the victim! Karen should be arrested! Social servies should be called….AGAIN….

        1. someone close says:

          Nope, you fail. Karen is much cuter than me. She and I are very close, but no, we’re not the same person. For some reason, she’s blocked from posting comments on here.

          Scamming the system? Out of what, protection for a 10-year-old from an older bully? Yes, what a scam, why doesn’t everyone do that? Arrested for what? Oh right, for being crazy. If someone thinking we were crazy was a chargeable offence, the streets would be deserted, there’d be noone left. And you’d be one of the first ones locked up, because from where I sit, your rant is the epitome of lunacy.

      2. Kendra says:

        If she has to run from her bus stop to her house across the street, why was she 30 minutes late coming home from school one day? Oh, Im sure it was because she was being chased from her so called bully… So she decided to run around the block for 30 minutes.. Yea, I highly doubt that!!! I believe something is wrong with her family and alot with her mother and they are either A. Starving for attention or B. Kathy is having some horrible issues with her mother.

        1. someone close says:

          Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it? The person I was saying had to run across the street is not Kathy. In fact, other than clearly implying it was someone else, someone younger than Kathy, I gave no indication of who it was. So, how you could even know who it was, much less their schedule, is beyond me. Either you’re A – both clairvoyant and stalking everyone involved, or B – you are talking about random stuff that has no relevance to our conversation because you’re an idiot, or C – you’re just making stuff up. Which is it?

  21. Sarah says:

    They call her “crazy karen” she is one messed up person. ALways trying to scam the system somehow! She CAN walk her kids to school (doesn’t have to work with the money from 3 different dads she collects, and gov’t money for disability) and any mother WOULD walk their child if this was going on! Fake blood….fake story, too bad not a fake mom. Poor kids are BRAINWASHED! The system is messed up! Poor Kathy, poor kids, it’s not their fault they don’t know “NORMAL” I just wish a judge would see this. She’s a lunatic…confirmed. Check the public records people! She’s a phony, attention-seeker, and brainwasher. What an AWFUL mother and person. Makes me sick!

    1. Kathy's Sister says:

      I am sick of you and your comments. “To bad not a real mom” Who do you think you are? …Try to bad you not a mature adult.

    2. mary says:

      what does any of this have to do with Kathy’s story? The family thinks it is me making these comments and it isn’t….I was at work when this post was made and most of the others…if this is someone who knows me, you are making the family think I am behind all of your comments and they are sending texts to our phone blaming me….. I want to say I have nothing to do with any of the comments besides the ones with my name……please remember it is Kathy who is being bullied and someone needs to be held accountable. I know she has been targeted and jumped because her sister told us and we never once doubted the story….

  22. Working Mom says:

    Why does this child not have any friends or adults with her on a daily basis if the mother and “someone close” truly “fears for her life” ? Is the mother actually working? If the mother is on disability, has 3 child support checks coming in, and is not working, she should be walking her child to school every day if she truly “fears for her life” ( and isn’t that a huge over exaggeration that is a huge clue about the mental state of the mother??). My kids had occasional run-ins with bullies when they were school age and you bet I walked to school with them, and on the mornings I had to work I arranged for a neighbor or friend to do the same.
    The article says this has happened once or twice a week for MONTHS. Where is mom after two weeks of this? Or dad? Or big sister? Or “Someone Close”? Maybe this little girl would be safer, physically, mentally and emotionally, with her father or the grandparents.

  23. Working Mom says:

    don’t blame the police for bad parenting. It isn’t their job to walk a child to school daily nor should it be. If the mother truly “fears for her [daughter’s] life”, she is responsible for protecting her daughter and should be driving or walking her child to school, particularly if she is not working. Take some personal responsibility for your own child.

    1. Msmidwest says:

      I don’t think I could have said it better myself…..

    2. someone close says:

      No, I’m blaming the police for shoddy police work. It is their job to research cases of assault in more than a completely haphazard manner.

      And so you’re saying it’s ok that a child is scared to walk through their neighborhood? I have walked with Kathy quite a number of days. I can’t every day. Neither can Kathy’s mom. We’ve walked or driven with her most days, but can’t be there every day. Not everyone has an unending supply of people that can cover. And you know what? Most importantly, a 10 year old should not be assaulted by an older girl that she doesn’t even know. It is the police’s job to make the streets safe. Kathy is able to walk to school just fine, as long as there isn’t a big thug committing assault. But, you can blame the victim all day long. But if you get attacked on the way home from tonight (note, this is purely hypothetical, but hopefully it’ll make you realize how ridiculous your stance is), does that mean you didn’t take personal responsibility? Or would you call the police and expect them to do what they can to keep you from being attacked?

      Yeah, don’t even try to tell me you wouldn’t expect them to do something about it.

  24. GOOBIE says:


    1. someone close says:

      You don’t have a record, at least not from anything having to do with Kathy. You have to be convicted for that. Noone was convicted, not even the guilty party.

      Considering how many people have come on here claiming to be one of the innocent girls, or a familiy member, I’m thinking not everyone posting is as innocent as they seem, since not everyone arrested was…

      1. A mad mother says:

        This is to “someone close” Goobie is my daughter that was arrested and finger printed and booked and just because she wasnt charged doesnt mean anything, once your put in the system it doesnt go away EVER its there for life thats why you might want to tell Kathys parents to be prepared for a HUGE lawsuit ,Im sorry for what Kathy has been going through I wouldnt want anyone to have to deal with that,But im more worried about what my daughter had and has to go through thanks to Kathy and the police.

  25. Kendra says:

    What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” because clearly its backwords for me when that lying little girl got me arrested!!!

    i find this whole case funny the mom is a phony like “sarah” said i totaly agree with her.

    1. someone close says:

      I thought it was your sister that got arrested? Changing your story, eh?

  26. Angry says:

    ‘Someone Close” makes a point of telling everyone how “educated” she is…hogwash. Where is this person who seems to have oodles of time to post messages, when this little girl is walking to and from school ? And where is the concern for the innocent girls dragged off to JDC without their parents even knowing, or having them access to an attorney?
    “Someone Close” has also stated that the little girl “has difficulty” being able to correctly identify people from photographs. She has also implied a disability of some sort. So why is a disabled child, who cannot even match faces to photographs, walking alone anywhere at anytime?
    “Someone Close” has stated the little girl “made mistakes” when pointing out innocent girls. (February 16, 2012 at 4:40 pm) It wasn’t a mistake, the girl actually admitted to lying . She knew the girl were innocent and yet to save face, she was perfectly ok with accusing them of a crime. That’s far from an “innocent mistake”. This type of situation is precisely why police and officials hesitate to become involved, because of untrue accusations.
    I hope the parents of the innocent girls file charges against the family. I hope the police also hold this family responsible for knowingly accusing innocent people and wasting their time. This whole situation is ridiculous.

    1. someone close says:

      I only used the word educated once, and in no kind of context that would be “making a point of telling everyone how “educated” [I am].” So, either you’re completely incompetant in reading comprehension, or you’re deliberately twisting my words for your own purposes. I’m guessing the latter, but you choose.

      Where is the concern? I showed it several places. Maybe the reading comprehension theory has more credence than I thought. Your semantic squabblings aside, I said it was wrong to point the finger at the wrong people, and far wronger for them to be arrested in the manner that they were. The latter part, though, can only be laid at the feet of the police.

      There are different kinds of disability. Kathy is perfectly fine walking. You seem to be implying that having difficulty identifying someone from photographs makes someone incapable of taking care of themselves. Yet studies have shown that any adult, except maybe those with eidetic memories, have difficulty with that.

      Kathy’s family did not knowingly accuse any innocent people. In fact, her mother indicated to the police that the identification was unreliable. There would be absolutely no grounds for a lawsuit or charges against anyone except possibly Kathy. Are you really suggesting that a trial against a 10-year-old who has been beaten up repeatedly on the way too and from school (and false identifications aside, she has been assaulted repeatedly by someone) would ever go anywhere? Yeah, somehow I don’t think so.

  27. Luann says:

    first of all you said these innocent girls dont have a record Goobie is my daughter and just because she wasnt charged doesnt mean anything she was booked and processed that doesnt go away EVER that stays on her record that she now has because of KATHY,And I have talked to many lawyers and yes this lawsuit will most DEFFINIATLY be going somewhere.Hopefully she picked the right person to go after this time and im very sorry what has happened to her,But im more worried about my own child and what she had and has to go through.

  28. Angrier says:

    No one is “twisting” your words and my reading comprehension is just fine in spite of your attempt to discredit it. You appear to love to blame everyone except the person making false allegations against others and a mother who ‘fears for the life” of her child, yet is somehow to busy to walk/drive her child to school.
    The child admits right in the video that she blamed her attacks on several people, and when she chose to point out several people in photographs, instead of just one, she was fully aware she was accusing innocent people.
    You have the gall to blame the police? EVERYONE who claims they were attacked is required to give a description of the attacker and/or identify them through a photograph. While you claim any adult may have difficulties with that, most do not. And that is beside the point since the problem is not only a child who made serious FALSE accusations against others, and knowingly doing so, but that same child seems to have a “support network” of people that make excuses for her behavior, and blaming others ,while never looking at their own.
    Children learn best by what the adults around them do. No wonder this child made false allegations; she is surrounded by adults who do the same.

  29. Poetry says:

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