MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 30-year-old man has been indicted for first-degree murder in the shooting death of Brianna Jones, who interrupted a burglary in progress.

Davis, of St. Paul, was also indicted for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. Davis was convicted of armed robbery in 1999.

Police were called to the lower unit of 1518 Emerson Ave. N. in Minneapolis on Dec. 22. Jones’ boyfriend called police after he found Jones’ body.

According to police, Jones had interrupted a burglary in progress in the apartment and was shot.

Davis has been held in the Hennepin County Jail since his arrest on Jan. 3.

Comments (12)
  1. Kevin says:


  2. j speedbag 64 says:

    yep aint it grand ….hahahahaha

  3. Brett says:

    1st degree murder. Well, that pretty much puts him away for life. Why can’t we get a death penalty law passed in this state? Oh yeah, dayton.

    1. Jack says:

      Death would be better than life in prison. Let this soul rot in prison life forever.

  4. jay says:

    two words..lethal injection . lets get rid of the trash.

  5. big banjo says:

    one word…..bullet……done.

  6. Bob says:

    Where is G-dogg on this story ??? LMAO

  7. steVE says:

    take out the b– trash!!

  8. Johnny Public says:

    I got the noose…..
    you got the tree…..
    let’s just drop her ……
    and then we’ll see …..
    just how bad …..
    he had to pee ……..

    1. Ummm... says:

      Used that one somewhere else already, mr. brilliant. Ain’t working now, and really didn’t work the first time around either. Try again when you have something witty and amusing…

  9. Heyba Manba! says:

    Hey, it’s Eddie Murphy Jr.!

    Hey, Eddieeee, suck my c0ck!! Don’t worry that you’ll do it wrong, where you’re going you’ll be getting lots of practice, and no poontang… Hahahahahahaha, loser.

  10. Bossy says:

    thats why they should pass the caslte doctrine so people can protect themselves

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