MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –- A 2-year-old boy has died after he was discovered submerged in a hot tub at a Grand Rapids hotel, according to the city’s police department.

Authorities said the boy was at a birthday party at the Sawmill Inn on Wednesday evening and wandered off.

According to the Grand Rapids Police, he was only gone for a few minutes before people at the party noticed and started searching.

He was found in a hot tub. CPR was performed and he was transported to Grand Itasca Hospital before later being transferred to St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth in critical condition.

Authorities on Friday morning said the boy had died. Police identified the victim as Tony Lee Scovel.

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  1. So tragic says:

    This is so very sad……my thoughts and prayers go out to the family….I can ‘t even imagine what they are going through at this time.

  2. SAD says:

    tom- you have kids??? All it takes is 2 seconds to lose sight of them. Maybe you should keep your negative comments to yourself and realize that a little child passed away! Show some respect! My thought and prayers go out to the family! This is a sad sad deal!

    1. david says:

      A kid passed away. (I have two children) and agree with you SAD, they do tend to leave your sight. My thoughts and prayers.

    2. tom says:

      Of course its sad. Thats understood. The issue is with parents who don’t watch their kids. Knowing very well they may wander, and its up to the parents to be aware……….and to be one step ahead of potential accidents. Its called “PARENTING!!! Like it or not.

      1. M-Stockwell says:

        the baby was with a babysitter not his mom so don’t blame it on the parent!!!!! you should know your facts before you make negative comments about a child’s death.

      2. precious child says:

        I just mentioned on this site last week, just how important it is to NEVER take your eyes off a Two year. It is the most dangerous time. Some of us know from our own experience, as a Adult saved us. I know Tom cares and is angry that a baby suffered, that is all. We all cry out. IT IS Our Job, to Always think of the “What Ifs”, for the precious children given us. And maybe Tom has known up front what it is like to lose a child or grandchild, and is speaking to us all to prevent the heart break for others, what this family has now to face.

  3. Rich says:

    The article does not say if the party was in the pool area, but if not then there is a problem with the access door(s) to the pool area. If all building codes regarding pool areas are followed there is no way a 2 year old should be able to open those doors on his own. As a father and grandparent my heart goes out to the family

    1. bill says:

      Let’s not blame the hotel and the doors for not working. Blame the parents or shut up!

      1. M-Stockwell says:

        the parents where NOT there he was with a baby sitter

  4. Mama says:

    It is so very sad. Toddlers can get out of your site very quickly; however if the party was in the pool area then perhaps someone could have been watching the hot tub and/or pool. Bottom line, it’s a tragic loss that was preventable.

  5. tom says:

    Of course its sad. Thats understood. The issue is with parents who don’t watch their kids. Knowing very well they may wander, and its up to the parents to be aware……….and to be one step ahead of potential accidents. Its called “PARENTING!!! Like it or not. And……it is just how Moly said it.

    1. missy says:

      Here’s a possible scenario: In a large group gathering, mom has to go to the bathroom. She looks at Aunt Susie and says, “can you watch Jimmy while I use the restroom?” Aunt susie says, “of course!” Aunt Susie gets distracted in conversation and forgets to keep her eye on Jimmy. Mom comes out of the bathroom and says, “Where’s Jimmy?” Tom, this was an accident. May I remind you that you reap what you sow. Don’t you think that these parents will spend the rest of their lives punishing themselves for the loss of their son? Do you really think it’s necessary to add to that guilt? Those who sow mercy will reap mercy. Those who sow judgement will reap judgement.

    2. tough to swallow says:

      Tom, please quit posting, you are disturbed.

      1. jeff costa says:

        look tom and anyone else that has a problem with Tony’s mom and anyone that says that she is a bad mom or whatever because of what happened I think that you all need to realize and also keep your comments to yourself because I plain to see you don’t know what you are talking about because Tony’s mom was not there she was at work where she makes money to support her kids like a real parent should be doing the kid was at a birthday party with a babysitter and yes kids do tend to wander off in a split second especially at the young age that he was and you know what he is also my family and I really do not think that it is nice to be rude like that about someone that just lost someone so close to them . so close that you could not anymore closer and you know what I know the boys mom really well and she is a great mother and yeah she may have made some mistakes everyone does but they were small but you cannot know that if you are saying the rude things you are saying. I mean don’t get me wrong I agree parents should be more aware of what their kids are doing but you cannot say that stuff about someone that was not there at all and not say things about a situation that you really do not know much about. Sorry if I come off as mean I am not trying to be I am just standing up for someone that means a lot to me as a friend and as family.

        1. Denamie Herrera says:

          JEFF you do not come off as mean! THE RUDE PPL MAKING COMMENTS ARE!!! Racine is an amazing Mother!!!

      2. Kevin says:

        Yes Tom! Stop speaking your mind! We dont care about thoughts that are not ours! We are liberal trash! Either drink the Kool Aid and get in line….or SHUT UP!

    3. AntiTeabagger says:

      Tony, you need serious help. Our family lost a child and you act like an armchair parent. Please keep your silly comments to yourself.

  6. Give mom and dad some love says:

    The parents weren’t even there. Little Tony had been entrusted to relatives at a birthday party. Please save your judgement and pray for Tony’s parents who received a horrific phone call. A little prayer for the people he was entrusted to would be appropriate too. I’m sure there is enough burden and guilt.

  7. Katya says:

    The sawmill doesn’t have gates around the poos/hot tubs. The hotel rooms are open to the pool deck. Birthday parties are usually held in those rooms.

  8. Nothing New says:

    Well now our PD…at it’s finest as usual has investigated all this and found no negligence…so….Don’t understand that

  9. Think about it says:

    You know what its just simply a Very sad tragedy.. The best of parents make mistakes period.. and a hyper happy go lucky child of his age is bound to dart and with a big group, it isn’t bad parenting or bad family watching it simply was an accident.. and for those judging those parents and or family members I bet either A) you have never had kids of experience with children or B) your super perfect parents who have NEVER had a lapse in knowing where your kid initially darted off to which I wouldn’t believe for a second. My prayers go out to the family of this little one, I am so sorry to hear of your tragedy.

  10. Jo says:

    To those of you who are saying this is bad parenting…the mother of this child graduated from my high school two years before me, and i know her. The child was with a sitter, so this is a case of “dont leave your children with someone who does not love them enough to look after them.” not “Bad parenting.”

    1. I'm just saying... says:

      “dont leave your children with someone who does not love them enough to look after them.”
      “Bad parenting”

      One and the same.

  11. To close to home says:

    Wow such uninformed people that pass judgement. Trust when I say I know the parties involved, and to say “bad parenting” is to blame or “no loving them enough” to watch them is the reason this happen is complete ignorance. This was a complete tragedy, the persons involve have to live with this guilt for the rest of their lives, and every time they look at their child who’s Birthday it was. People need to support the families involved rather than pass judgement. My love goes out to them all as many have forgotten this baby is gone and it is not the time to point fingers but to grieve the loss.

  12. AntiTeabagger says:

    Tony was my cousins grandson, have a little respect for the family, it was an accident. Don’t assume people were not watching him, did you know you can drown in a tablespoon of water as an adult? You people are your armchair theories really make me sick. The boy has passed due to a tragic accident. Hug your children tonight and pray for Tony’s family.

  13. jennifer says:

    i feel so bad for the child that died my prayers go for the family and freinds i know it hard to have death in family .so sorry about little tony my prayers

  14. Denamie Herrera says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Shut your mouth She was a very dear friend of mine and she was not even there!! She would be absolutely devistated to see this!!! Dwell on your own pathetic life!! My neice just passed away in April as well and I can say it is 100% UNPREVENTABLE at times!!! Little Tony was not even 2 years old and his mother was at work!! Put yourself in her shoes!!! Imagine that heart dropping moment when she received that call!! Please for her sake find Jesus in your hearts and leave your comments to yourself!

  15. lawbuff says:

    This is very sad. And more so in that woman HAVE to work because the cost of living is so high. We have to find care for our children. We think we have good care for them of care that we can afford and we take risks and we know it but life is full of risks we just have to take. The sitter was not enough. The sitter was not a good match and it took the death of her child to prove that. The mother trusted the sitter and went to work. How would she of ever known that her baby was not being safely watched? My heat goes out to her.

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