MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Commercials for Fast Brite claim to restore the headlights on your vehicle to showroom bright in 30 seconds, but how well does the product really work?

WCCO-TV reporter Chris Stanford tried it out and found Fast Bright fairly east to use.

Inside the box, you’ll find two bottles and a sponge. One bottle is labeled “Step 1,” the other is labeled “Step 2.”

After the headlight is wiped clean with a damp rag, you’re supposed to use the liquid in the “Step 1” to clean the headlight. Then, you’re supposed to use the other side of the sponge and the liquid in the “Step 2” bottle to protect the headlight.

The process is completed after you wipe off the headlight with a clean, dry rag.

Stanford compared the treated headlight to one that was only wiped off with a damp rag and found that the headlight treated with Fast Brite did appear brighter.

Stanford thought that using Fast Bright was fairly easy and work about as fast as it claimed.

Comments (9)
  1. Christopher Mankey says:

    Did the reporter measure the brightness before/after treatment to quantify its effectiveness? Real scientific testing there, merely concluding that it “appear[ed] brighter.”

    Love these ‘CCO fluff articles.

    1. Sonjay says:

      He only cleaned 1 of the headlights and left the other as a comparison. But keep on commenting one day you’ll figure something out!

  2. Manny says:

    Journalists are liberals. They have no clue about analytical thinking.

  3. TL says:

    Isn’t the brightness of your lights based on the age of your lightbulbs, not by the plastic covering over them? I feel like you could get the same conclusion with Windex. That being said, I am curious if it would work on my headlights, they are old and yellowed.

  4. ok says:

    I had on old 1990’s Chrysler with plastic headlight housings several years back and they got really yellow over time really restricting the headlight output. I just put some regular old car wax on them, gave them a good hand buff and they were fine. There are severaly higher end kits that will do a much better job but everyone has auto wax.

  5. djp says:

    Could they make a product that will DIM the headlights of those idiots that need one on bright at all times???THAT is a safety issue when it is shining right in your eyes while driving..as well as being RUDE!!!

  6. ok says:

    djp, you would hate the whole of Europe where HID lights are the norm.

  7. d0 d0 says:

    NO. does not work, i used this wast of time junk……

  8. Swamp Rat says:

    After having replaced several headlight fixtures over the years due to road blasting to the plastic headlight covers. I found something that works better than this Fast Bright stuff. It’s a tough clear mylar plastic covering film for the headlights made by 3M. It’s a variation of a 3M product that protects the front ‘nose’ portions of a vehicle from road abrasion and stone paint chipping etc.. It’s a marvelous product and is replaceable if necessary. Certainly beats this Stay Brite stuff or replacing the light fixtures.

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