ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking citizen input on three hunting and trapping issues at a series of public meetings this winter.

The DNR is seeking comments on proposals that would: require non-toxic shot for rail and snipe hunting, add a third waterfowl zone in southern Minnesota, and allow snaring to begin earlier on private property in the farmland zone.

The meetings will be held Feb. 23 in Winona, Feb. 28 in Crookston, March 8 in Nicollet and Aitkin, and March 15 at DNR Headquarters in St. Paul. The DNR will also take written comments.

If the Legislature approves and the governor signs a bill authorizing a wolf hunting and trapping season, a separate public input process will be conducted.

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Comments (4)
  1. Debra S says:

    You know, I’m a meat eater. Will always be. Deer hunting- sure, go ahead, waterfowl too- pheasants, etc. We raise those, we replenish. But I have to admit to a sinking feeling when I learned how much trapping goes on. Like badgers, etc. Do we really NEED to “control” populations of such animals? NO. Our very presence and roads do that, honestly. Do we NEED their furs? NO. It is sad people just like to kill things for a few bucks anymore.

    1. Sonjay says:

      You’re obviously NOT a farmer or a person who lives in CENTRAL or NORTHERN Minnesota. So actually speak to people from these situations before you pass judgement. You sound like a true moron.

  2. Thats why its called dFl says:

    Thank you for your input, now we will go ahead and do it our way.

    1. Jeff says:

      As sad as it is, you are exactly correct!