MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man who has been labeled as a predatory sex offender — and locked up in the state hospital in St. Peter — is about to be released.

Clarence Opheim has admitted to a 100 predatory sex acts — most of them young boys — before 1993. That’s the year he was committed indefinitely under Minnesota’s civil commitment law.

Earlier this month, a three-judge panel approved the release of Opheim to a half-way house, saying he had completed treatment.

However, republican leaders do not want him released.

House Majority Leader Rep. Matt Dean spoke with WCCO’s Esme Murphy on the matter on the Sunday Morning show. He said they have strong concerns about Opheim’s release — as well as the lack of public notification.

“We’re working as fast as we can,” he said. “We’re going to bring this up under emergency rules of the House on Monday.”

Watch the video above for the full interview.

Comments (38)
  1. Gary says:

    Shoot the waste of oxygen!!!!!!

    1. Matt says:

      Come on now…. No need to shoot the republicans at least they are trying to do something this time.

  2. MN-SNAP says:

    Do you know how many Minnesota clerics have over 100 sexual abuse acts? Do you know not one of these clerics have ever been charged with a crime?

    Public safety / child protection can be greatly improved by correcting civil law and thus be able to identify were ALL child rapists live in Minnesota. It’s those you don’t know about that are the danger.

    Bob Schwiderski

    1. See BS says:

      Sex abuse is more common and frequent in Public Schools.

      Public Schools in the State of Minnesota make Catholic Priests look celebate.

      1. Frankie says:

        Prove it. See BS will be very silent as it cannot back what he says

        1. See BS says:

          Didn’t a teacher just plead guilty to using a disabled student to make porn?

          I can think about a dozen public school teachers in the past few years, including a Roseville Public School employee taking a drop out lingerie shopping.

          You prove it

          1. See a weenie says:

            You are the BS person who made a BS claim. You claim to see BS but all you do in write BS, Instances do happen in Public schools, prove it is worse than the Catholic priests. The public schools have all involved teens, not so with the churches. In a past time those teens could have declared themselves emancipated adults. You are full of BS and cannot prove your claim other than to say prove me wrong. Weenie argument

          2. See a weenie says:

            A little solent there. Can’t take truth

            1. See BS says:

              I bet Minnesota Public Schools have sexually abused more children in the past 10 years than the entire history of the Catholic Church in the State of Minnesota.

              1. Paul Solinger says:

                In order to be licensed as a teacher in MInnesota, you must pass a background check. Even volunteers in schools need to pass a background check. Can the same be said about becoming a priest? Do priests need to be fingerprinted?

                1. See BS says:

                  Is that the only Priests being talked about in the news are either dead, or it happened back in the 70’s when Roman Polanski was sexually abusing 13 year olds on hollywood casting couches.

              2. See a weenie says:

                Again claims with no proof

                1. See BS says:

                  Doctor Charol Shakeshaft, a researcher from Hofstra University is studying sex abuse problems in public schools.

                  Her report is avaiilable on the Department of Educations website.

              3. See a weenie says:

                Again, a problem but your thesis is unproven. Why don’t you change your name to Say BS

      2. llp says:

        Only because they hide it well underneath their skirts opps frocks.

  3. Murph says:

    Gee he looks so harmless! Even my polar bear would love to hug him!

    1. Greg Loosanus says:

      As a Republican and former Olympic diver, I hope they let things be.

  4. d0 d0 says:

    he was sentanced INDEFININTLY….. which means , in this case less than 20 years, cuz he’s better now….also clerics just hide behind the religous thing. and get away with it…..

    1. AsLongAsTheyDontComeForME says:

      No, he was civally commited AFTER completing he original sentence. He has spent 20 years AFTER finishing his sentence. Would you all feel as good if instead of a sex offender they decide to start locking up DUI offenders because they MIGHT do something in the future. This is slippery slope territory (but since we hate what this group of people did, it’s all ok … just as long as they don’t come for YOU).

      1. Paul Solinger says:

        Until there is a bona fide, proven treatment of sex offenders to make sure they don’t offend again, then I have no problem with locking them up forever. Unfortunately, we hear far too often of repeat offenders.

        As for DUI offenders, if they have multiple DUI’s and have proven that they aren’t about to get better, then I have no problem with them sharing a cell with the sex offenders.

  5. EJ says:

    Isn’t it Sex that gets most Politicians out of Office? Yet non of them are charged with abuse of power when it comes to sex. Now they want to be hard on public safety? He is a level 3, and we all know the public will be notified at that level.

  6. Ace says:

    Chalk one up for the Republicans. This time I agree with them

    1. Cynthia says:

      I agree with the Republicans! This is a first time for me — I may have to re-think my voting from now on.

      1. Frankie says:

        Over a single issue. I think you should be glad you are not Pinocchio.

  7. G Dog says:

    Like to see the GOP work this hard to raise personal taxes on rich folks and jobs for the rest of us.

  8. alli says:

    hope the perp ends up living near the idiots who released him. are they crazy, or what?

  9. John says:

    Regardless of the likeliness of someone reoffending, everyone deserves a second chance at life.

    Our state’s commitment program is unconstitutional because all of the criminals have already served all of their time and they’re supposed to be free. This is practically the same thing as giving someone two sentences for the same crime.

  10. Frankie says:

    @ John. They identify the criminal as mentally ill and do a civil commitment. Mentally ill and dangerous is a separate issue from being a criminal.

    1. See BS says:

      Nazis like to round people up into prisons for being mentally ill too.

      Unless they give these people a lifelong sentance, they have no business putting people in hospitals without due process of the law.

      1. hunnybear18 says:

        They should all receive life sentences. That’s what they give their victims. Then there would be nothing to argue about, and we wouldn’t have to hear about a repeat offender hurting another kid.

      2. See a weenie says:

        You talk more with no knowledge of the civil commitment process. Get a clue next time you spout off

  11. Republicanus says:

    Interesting that the GOP is excited about this issue yet they won’t even investigate the matter of their own leader, Amy Koch, who by all accounts committed the crime of adultery and most likely misused her position in the legislature to her sexual advantage. Minn. Stat. 609.36: “When a married woman has sexual intercourse with a man other than her husband, whether married or not, both are guilty of adultery and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year or to payment of a fine of not more than $3,000, or both.”

    1. hunnybear18 says:

      Right. Because a sexual relationship between two willing adults is exactly the same as victimizing over 100 defenseless children.

  12. Murph says:

    OOOOPS, I thought this was just another story about a GOP POTUS candidate!

  13. mike says:

    Now you all wonder why police officers often endorse and vote republicians over the democrats.

  14. Common Cents says:

    Put him down or let him go so someone else can, we can’t afford to put these guys up in the MN correctional “Hilton” for the rest of their lives… Whats the point? Are they going to release him once he’s so old he can’t walk anymore?

    We’re trying to bail water out of a sinking ship.

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