By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One of the biggest news stories this week will be the announcement on Tuesday of the new boundaries for Congressional districts and all state legislative seats.

Because our big cities, including Minneapolis and St. Paul, have lost population and the suburbs have gained population, suburban areas are likely to get more representatives in the Minnesota Legislature and that should help Republicans.

“The Republican Party of Minnesota has had a tough few months with the revelations that the state GOP is heavily in debt and a sex scandal taking out the Senate Majority Leader. But when a three-judge panel redraws Minnesota’s political boundaries this week, Republicans should get good news. Population has grown in traditionally Republican suburban strongholds and that means those areas should get more legislative seats,” Republican House Majority Leader Matt Dean said.

He appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning to discuss the status of the GOP Party.

“We think we have a very good opportunity in the Minnesota House, as long as it is a fair map. We believe we are currently underrepresented as Republicans in the Minnesota House so if the map gets fair and we take our case to the people on jobs and the economy we feel very, very good about the upcoming elections,” he said.

It’s possible the new map may be less kind to Minnesota’s best-known member of Congress. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s congressional district has 100,000 more people than it should so it needs to shrink. The new lines could mean fewer Republicans in her district, where in 2010 Bachmann won reelection with 52 percent of the vote.

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Comments (16)
  1. Let It Die, Esme, Let It Die says:

    ” The Republican Party of Minnesota has had a tough few months with the revelations that the state GOP is heavily in debt and a sex scandal “

    1. ALL repbubs are IDIOTS!!!! says:

      Idiot. She is QUOTING A RUPUBLICAN. You stupid, stupid, idiotic imbicile. A GD republican said it and she quoted him. What is it withyou STUPID, STUPID, IDIOTIC IMBICILE con servatives that you JUST DON’T GET IT????

      1. banliberals says:

        What don’t you get IDIOT?? Liberals just don’t get it d-bag!!

  2. politicianssux says:

    In other news, Esme Murphy is under investigation by the News Ethics coucil for taking two pay checks, one frmo WCCO and one from the Democratic Party of MInnesota.

  3. it will never die Esme, it's ok says:

    A new show is announced as a fundraiser:

    Amy and her Boytoy will be playing Traditional Values at the Scarlett Letter theater.

    Come see hypocrisy in action, live on stage, at the Capitol building.

    brought to you by Senjum Productions, where it’s all hush hush now.

  4. Murph says:

    If they were smart they would redistrict the Bachmann welfare farm over to Wisconsin!

  5. Swamp Rat says:

    This gerrymandering [redistricting] by the courts is going to be fun politically for MN for years to come. Let’s just hope it puts MN on the tracks to a good economic and political future. Also, it may help heal the present divisive political chasm in the present 6th Congressional district caused by the present Congressperson whose name we all know.

    Let the Minnesota 2010 redistricting begin! LOL!!!

    1. politicianssux says:

      Swampy, the 6th district of which I am not a part of, apparently loves their congressperson or the democrats fail to put up any reasonable candidates, because she just keeps on winning. Quit your whining and either put up a good candidate or shut your pie hole.

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        Just because she keeps on winning doesn’t mean she is doing her job for ALL her constituents and the TOTAL district.

        I lived in Congressional districts that were predominantly hard-core Democratic and so were local, municipal, and state elected officials. In both former districts, Republicans were elected to serve in Congress. Why? These Republicans respected the voices of the voters who elected them and represented their politically mandated wishes. Also, these GOP Representatives fought hard for their districts and constituents to bring them the benefits they deserved.

        Yes, they were Republicans and maintained that political ideology throughout their Congressional tenures. But, let there be no doubt who they represented and whose support they had. Other neighboring colleagues may have been Democrats but they all had a common purpose to represent their districts and constituencies to the fullest degrees possible.

        Can that be said be said about the present Congresswoman from the MN 6th Congressional District? You tell me? If the 4th District and 6th District get joined in the gerrymandering process then the MN political fur will fly. Let’s see who winds up the winner then? The will of the voters will decide………

  6. KEVIN says:

    Hey whiny liberals, go get a job and get off the dole.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Trolls should get a life!!!

  7. llp says:

    Hey all you sad excuses for humans it ain’t about how well your lips fit around some party hacks a**. It’s about how you feel about your fellow man but from what I keep reading in these comment sections you don’t have a clue. Libs, GOP, Dems, Teabaggers have ruined America

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Does what you just said include you? Just wondering!

  8. John Wexler says:

    Find out why a special judge panel, appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court were too partisan. National redistricting expert Peter Wattson who served as Staff Chair of the National Conference of State Legislators Redistricting Committee explains how the Minnesota legislature excluded the “one-vote principle” required by the U.S. Constitution. Learn about cracking, packing, kidnapping, hijacking and how it happened in Minnesota. Hear Representative Melissa Hortman as she explained why many Minnesotans were excluded by the majority party from participating in the redistricting process. Watch Audrey Britton’s interview on the RealProgressTV channel of Youtube.

  9. See BS says:

    We are witnessing election fraud in the State of Minnesota by our court system.


    Section 1. Division of powers. The powers of government shall be divided into three distinct departments: legislative, executive and judicial. No person or persons belonging to or constituting one of these departments shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others except in the instances expressly provided in this constitution

    Sec. 3. Census enumeration apportionment; congressional and legislative district boundaries; senate districts. At its first session after each enumeration of the inhabitants of this state made by the authority of the United States, the legislature shall have the power to prescribe the bounds of congressional and legislative districts. Senators shall be chosen by single districts of convenient contiguous territory. No representative district shall be divided in the formation of a senate district. The senate districts shall be numbered in a regular series.

    1. See BS says:

      Sec. 2. Apportionment of members. The number of members who compose the senate and house of representatives shall be prescribed by law. The representation in both houses shall be apportioned equally throughout the different sections of the state in proportion to the population thereof.

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