MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There were no apparent injuries but still a bit of a mess along Interstate 35W early Monday morning.

Traffic management cameras showed an SUV on its roof in the meridian near 46th Street around 2 a.m.

All of the people inside the vehicle were able to get out and walk around, though an ambulance was called to the scene to check it out.

The State Patrol is still looking into what caused the crash.

Comments (7)
  1. Casey says:

    “Traffic management cameras showed an SUV on its roof in the meridian”


  2. Billyboy says:

    2:00am huh
    need one say more

  3. Uncle Chico Rico says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen to the meridian. huh . oh

  4. Geez Louise says:

    Spell check is NO SUBSTITUTE for good reporting.
    That’s what happens when a once-good news organization loses touch with the core values of reporting and relies on technology.

    Does NO ONE proof or edit the stories anymore?

    1. Brett says:

      Who says that they are relying on technology? They are only hiring the best out there that is available, imagine how bad the REST of the job applicants are. Yeah, forget about good english/reading/writing skills, but in California, a 12 year old can now “secretly” put in a mail order for condoms, for FREE, at taxpayer expense, and the so-called parents are completely out of the loop. Now that’s what I call “progress”.

  5. H.Y. Weber says:

    WCCO’s writing and reporting have gone way downhill in recent years. Too many good people let go and unqualified people hired. “Meridian” when it should have been “median.” Just another example of sloppy writing. Many other examples in recent months.

  6. konjokris says:

    I’m glad 12 year olds can get condoms, better than having unprotected sex. More states need to offer free condoms, I hand out several hundred a year to our clients. Keeping it safe is the only way to go.

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