COON RAPIDS, Minn. (WCCO) — After the city saw nearly 500 gas station drive-offs in 2011, Coon Rapids is making all gas pumps in the city prepay only.

The City Council voted Tuesday night to begin the ordinance later this year.

Small gas station owners brought up the prepayment plan last autumn, saying they were losing big money from drive-offs.

The drive-offs reportedly make up about 20 percent of all crime in Coon Rapids.

However, not all station owners are happy about it. Some said it will cost them money at the pumps and in their stores.

Whether they like it or not, the new prepay ordinance will start on August 1.

Comments (58)
  1. me says:

    I live in Coon Rapids–this story is not correct. The police dept. and the city brought it up, not the gas station owners. They had a “planning meeting” about it recently, and according to the Coon Rapids Herald, nearly everyone who spoke at the meeting was against it, including most of the gas station owners.

    1. Bob Moffitt says:

      That’s correct. I live near Coon Rapids, and I can tell you I have bought my last tank of gas from a Coon Rapids station.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        There are entire states that require pre-payment for gas. Time for you to grow up and adapt to the situation. Stomping your feet and complaining doesn’t seem to be working for you yet.

        1. robert golfermann says:

          just do not make a statement tell us the many states that have prepay only so we can stay away from those states

      2. jackactionhero says:

        There are entire states that require pre-payment for gas.

        Time for you to grow up and adapt to the situation.

        1. Joey Stalin says:

          There are cities and counties and states that are losing money every day to the largest non-pre payed funds due in America.
          Mortgages !!!!
          Immediate pre-payment of 12 months, minimum, into an escrow account as it can take that and longer to get you out when you don’t pay.
          I mean come one – lets do something then that really benefits us all – prepay the damkit MORTGAGE.
          You people are totally crazy…but then you live in the cities and love having them dictate to you. My daddy would have loved you.

  2. Kyle says:

    I have no facts on CR but here in Eden Prairie we are accustomed to the same type of BS often….they do what they want to do and put their spin on the “open Meeting” thing. lol
    Absolute zero ethics in gubbermint – starts locally and all the way to the WH. Such high and mighty people they all are and always know “what is best for us” ………… sometimes the democracy thing is over-rated by 10,000%. We getto vote at the polls – beyond that it is a friggen joke.

  3. Kyle says:

    I got distracted… lol
    My point is this – I run a small construction company, and I write mainly checks as I have had issues in past at stations with my CC’s having crazy charges appear later….so I use checks for gas and repairs, period.
    All this prepay does for us here is we don’t stop in CR or wherever as it is a PITA to come in, prepay by check a certain amount and then have to again finish the fill elsewhere. Why bother ??? – unless on “E” and desperate. My fills run anywhere from $120 to $280ish so I spend a lot. Then the coffee, a snadwich or whatever that seems to follow and …. personally I cannot see why anyone would want to do prepay only as they will be losing a lot of people like me. Maybe some pumps far away from the door – sure. But having all dictated as prepay —- I’d likely do a court challenge. The day is coming they will regulate the amount of TP and water one can use in the restrooms too. Beware folks – this is gubbermint running amuk

  4. wayne says:

    500 drive offs sounds like a lot but it is not even 2 per day for a 365 or 366 day year like this year. More regulation that hurts business. And for the gas station owners not to write down car plate numbers is just plain lazy.

    1. Billyboy says:

      Most have cameras too – and if they don’t that’s almost a shame on them deal in this day and age. If for no other reason than liability if someone claims injury.
      “They didn’t shovel and I slipped” …. camera shows surface clear. Bingo

    2. BadMedicine Beetchmann says:

      they all worked up on 500 …. wonder how many booze related calls they field per year. 😉

  5. politiciansSUX says:

    a story a while back stated that gas station owners were against pay at the pump because they make almost no magin on gasoline. The money is made on the in store sales. So, if Coon Rapids wants to reduce their tax revenue, I say more power to them. On the flip side of this, catch the those that do not pay, prosecute them and quit making the rest of us live a certain way because the governemnt can not effectively do their job.

    1. Dumb fools says:

      That’s what I recall too – so the council just decided the hell with the business owners and this is what it is ?????
      If that’s the case I truly hope to hell the stations move out to neighboring communities.
      Does that mean the city says the issue is cost(s) to pursue the drive-offs? If that’s so then the bastids best reduce taxes now that they have solved that one….
      What a Gawd awful bunch of idiots. I can help them out too – I’ll instead just drive to Anoka to do my errands. F’em – bet that many others will do the same.
      A City on the Fall – Coon Rapids, MN

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Paying at the pump does not stop someone from being hungry or thirsty. If they wanted something to begin with, they’ll go in and get it.

      1. BadMedicine Beetchmann says:

        then they gotta be dumb as you are action….there are places that actually have real food just up the street. lol
        I might stop to wizz, likely leave a mess but hey……we got socialism in MN as a trademark. May as well tell us what to buy and how to pay too.
        Gotta love all you pizzants who want to tell us the way we need to do business.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I’m dumb and a pizzant? I’m trying to tell you how to do business?

          Why do you feel the need to call me names? You can’t refute what I’m saying with anything.

          Try going other places around the country and try to pump gas without paying for it first. In 5 years, you won’t be able to get gas anywhere in the continental U.S. without pre-paying. What will you do then? Call people more names and blame them for where you are in your life. That’s my guess. Have fun with that.

          1. Cindy says:

            I have an idea jack … why don’t you mind your own business instead of telling others how to run their business?

            Stop sticking up for the little dictators on the CR city council you freedom hater

            1. jackactionhero says:

              I haven’t told anybody how to do anything, Cindy.

              I’m not sticking up for anybody here. What is wrong with you that you talk to people that way? You should be ashamed of yourself.

              1. desert eagle .50 says:

                Yeah, JAH… Tell us how you are the paragon of courtesy. Could it be because the admins told you to watch your rudeness?

                And, as always, please be specific.

  6. Dumbing down of a city says:

    We all shall soon see how dumbed down the gene pool is in Coon Rapids. If they accept this from the Council they are proof that Puppets are being created by the day on the north side.
    me wonders if it’s the water?
    or the open leg policy within families?

    1. I need a card says:

      Sounds like the gurs dictate how you pay for you gas going to your job.

  7. THe BS Truth says:

    Then they not making enough off you to care if instaed you are the one that doesn’t stop if they dictate “Inside Pay Only”
    cheers chump

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Once more. In English.

  8. Bad policy says:

    Not a big deal for me – I can do a work around and stop on my way home. I imagine many local stations will feel the impact since I know I am not alone in this.
    This reminds me of the front page of todays Strib – fast tracking all to avoid the publics input. I started to read it and got pretty damn fed up with what I had read – better to read BS at night. lol
    Wheter one cares about the impact this decision makes – you damn well should care about the politicians making more and more decisions on your behalf and dictating from the throne as they do WITHOUT our input. People have fought for our freedom for generations. It’s a damn shame if we don’t do a little part to ensure we have freedom in years ahead.

    1. Brian says:

      Once again, we hear from the short-sighted right-wingers. You’re forgetting who exactly put these “dictators” in office. Oh that’s right…it was us. Personally, I see nothing wrong with this policy. In fact, more cities should follow suit. You cry about the importance of a free market and feel business owners should have the right to decide on their own, right? Here’s some free market: take your stone-aged gas station to a city without regulations. Now that’s some freedom of choice! A business owner’s inability or unwillingness to protect themselves from these thefts means my tax dollars are spent paying cops to do a gas station owner’s dirty work. Instead of solving all of the murders, assaults, and breaking up fights, they’re chasing a license plate because someone stole $50 worth of fuel. And here I thought you right-wingers were so against wasteful government spending. Most of these business owners are (or should be) insured against these types of losses anyways. Update your pumps and join the 21st century. One less headache for both you AND the cops.

  9. BadMedicine Beetchmann says:

    I needs to rethink this ….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    The city is called what? Coon …….. ok.
    Prepay only and fingerprint reader on the pumps also.

  10. DJP says:

    I lived in CA for many years and ALWAYS had to pre-pay for gas!!! I was surprised when I moved back here that you could pump first. I think it is a great idea…saves the stations from those idiotic assinine drive off people.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      When I was in San Diego back in 1991, there WERE NO gas stations that were NOT pre-pay. Not one. That’s over 20 years ago.

      I think these whiners should be able to handle it just as well as the Californians have been for a quarter century. I mean wow…. Talk about crying over nothing.

      1. Cindy says:

        Why don’t you move back to California if you like how they did things there better?

        We have enough freedom hating liberals here, we don’t need outsiders moving here and telling us how they did things better back where they came from.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I’m not an outsider, and I never lived in California.

          Freedom hating liberals? How old are you, Cindy? You are very bitter and angry over nothing.

          Everybody will have to pay at the pump, because criminals take what isn’t theirs. What about that is confusing to you, Cindy? All of it?

  11. xxx says:

    There should be a federal mandate that requires all gas stations in the country to prepay. That way, there would be no advantage in going from one station to another.
    The article is right. Millions of dollars are lost every year due to drive a ways.
    So what if you do have cameras and you get a license number of a vehicle.
    Just because you prosecute, and even find a conviction, do you get any gas money back? Then what about your time in court as a witness etc. etc.

    Better to keep the thieves from stealing the gas in the first place.

    Each time that the price of gas goes higher, the amount of drive a ways increase.

    1. Cindy says:

      Why don’t you just let the owner’s of the gas stations decide what is in their best interests?

      Did any of them ask for you to decide for them how to operate? Mind your own business

      1. jackactionhero says:

        That’s fine. Then don’t call the cops when someone drives off anymore.

        Fair? You think those gas station owners really want you speaking on their behalf, Cindy?

  12. Yuri Nator says:

    I live in Anoka County and I hardly see any minorities in CR. Maybe 1 or 2 employees at a sandwich shop, that’s all.

  13. Coon Rednecks says:

    Here’s a thought for all of you hillbilly whiners out there.
    Move out of the sticks. CR is a city of dumb rednecks… run by dumb rednecks.

  14. Mulletville USA says:

    It sher is a darn shame when all them good ‘ol boys drive off without payen thar bill at the pump. I can hear ’em now…. YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWW .. Yuk Yuk Yuk.

    1. Brett says:

      You must be from georgia or kennesy or some other hick state. Mullets went out a long time ago, even Jared Allen gave it up.

      1. Brett KKK says:

        Yes… mullets DID go out a long time ago. For cities with a pulse. It’s clear you’ve never been to Coon Rapids lately. Whale Tail spoilers, stone wash jeans and mullets abound! Hick state? Brett… what kind of illusions are you under to think that 10 minutes outside the Twin Cities is anything BUT hillbilly country. Nothing but strip malls and hicks.

        1. Brett says:

          Oh, and the inner cities are SO HIP and SOPHISTICATED. Riiiiiight….If they lost electricity and phones for more than a day, they would RIOT big time, because they wouldn’t know how to cope with it. I have seen real life examples, though I doubt that you would believe me…..

  15. Brett says:

    Figures…. COON Rapids. Trying to outdo Crooklyn Park, only thing that separates them is a river, but thank God for the 610 bridge, brought diversity to the entire area. It only gets worse from here.

  16. Brett KKK says:

    Oh Brett… another bigot hater that thinks blacks are the problem to everything. Yep… the meth labs, the drug deaths, the miles of trailer parks with Escalades in front. Yup… all blacks, Brett. And no… you’re a couple decades off on the presumption of my birth. Brett… somewhere in Alabama a village is missing it’s idiot.

    1. Brett says:

      You don’t know JACK about me, or the BS that I’ve put up with in the last few decades here. You don’t know anything more about me than I know about you. But for you to ASSUME that I’m a bigot, says a lot…..Think about that for awhile before you respond,…..naive troll……

      1. Brett NAACP says:

        Oh… how presumptuous of me… I should have realized your caps lock only gets stuck when you type “COON”. Be who you are, Brett. You certainly had your little hey day typing the above over and over and over.

        1. Mesut says:

          #1 Kenny Chesney fan on October 25, 2011 I don’t know about Seventeen but GirlsLife is real buescae i won from their. Twice. I’m not sure though. I would think they are real buescae if someone actually did win they still would have to spend money no matter what

    2. Brett says:

      You are an idiot, to the nth degree. Bad people come in all colors, races, religions, I’ve known that for DECADES, but certainly not you. Let me guess, you weren’t born here, neither were your parents,am I close??

    3. Brett says:

      If you knew 1/10 of what you could find out about me, I’d be amazed. The fact is, you don’t know JACK about me. Yes, bad people come in all colors, but the biggest FACTS get DOWNPLAYED TOO OFTEN and the most insignificant ones mean little, until YOU try to bring them up and try to make them meaningful, which they are NOT, due to some century old, revised revision of what happened 3 or 4 generations ago, the fact remains, what’s done is done.

  17. Lance says:

    I just learned of this nonsense earlier today from my local BP guy. H esays it will kill him – most of his profit comes from the incidental impulse buys when someone enters the store to pay. I asked if they wouldn’t just buy intially and he said he had tried it – no. You don’t buy and item, etc and then pump smelly gas, get dirty and then eat the product you bought. And you are not coming in a second time most likely to then get things. Makes a lot of logical sense to me. I don’t see why anyone is defending this blanket “must prepay” thing. Let the business make the call themselves.
    I have government dictating dang near everything now to me – another layer and another layer and another ….
    boy folks, you are getting truly brainwashed into the “system”.

    1. Cathleen says:

      Agree with your comment Lance!!

    2. jackactionhero says:

      “You don’t buy and item, etc and then pump smelly gas, get dirty and then eat the product you bought.”

      No? What is the other way? Pump smelly gas, get dirty and then go in the store and buy an item and eat it? Hmmm… Sounds the same to me, Lance

  18. Brett says:

    I’ll just try to make it simple, especially for all of you high school dropouts, who think that you know more than me…..Coon Rapids USED to be a nice suburb. it’s NOT anymore. The rampant assaults on its schools, its city council, only means one thing, despite its efforts to build a viable retail area near Hwy 10. within 10 years, Coon Rapids with be a “landfill”. Home values will decline, property taxes will skyrocket, there will be more calls, especially by the ‘Met Council”, for “affordable housing”, and kiss your utopia GOODBYE.

  19. Obv. says:

    I live in C. rapids I never prepay nor have I did a gas off, however I will not buy gas in C rapids anymore because running your card on outdoor readers is 1 of the highest risk for card skimmers. Also I always b uy things when I get gas also, so now I would have to go in pre pay pump my gas then go back in haha, if this is 20% of crime in C. Rapids then they better lay some police off.

  20. Cathleen says:

    All this is doing is hurting the gas stations in their city and also their tax revenue. What a bunch of idiots running that city. Will not be purchasing any gas in that city.

  21. Coon Rapids, Arkansas says:

    CRPD had a presentation last fall on drive-offs. For the 381 thefts mentioned in the presentation, 273 (72%) come from just 4 stations, and 124 (33%) from just one of these locations. Was any action taken by these 4 outlets to address customers who don’t pay? Did any of them implement their own prepay voluntarily, or was there some sort of victory in having the city government get involved? Now all CR stations and customers are paying the price for government meddling in business. Why doesn’t the City get involved with more meaningful issues, like the economic and visual decline along Coon Rapids Blvd.?

  22. robert golfermann says:

    are you people total morons i do not buy gas at prepay stations and i know there are many others like me that do the same there will not be 26 stations in coon rapids for long many will close because of loss of revenue and the large extra cost of credit card chages

  23. Murph says:

    Dang I guess I;ll have to get my monthly fill up somewhere else! I’m RETIRED! Quit feeding hedge fund greed! Do everything extra one day a week.Let the hedgefunds know that you know how to hurt them! Gas $ will fall,if you do!

  24. Rick Goble says:

    This is just another example of law abiding citizens being punished for the actions of the guilty. I don’t know what the penalty is for diving off without paying is but apparently it is not enough. I would suggest offenders lose their driver’s licenses for failing to pay. The duration of time lost would increase with additional violations. Let’s inconvenience the law breakers and not punish the innocent.

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