MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dog owners should be aware: Flea trouble is on the rise in the Twin Cities.

Fleas don’t die during the winter as they stay alive indoors, but extra time outdoors at dog parks is exposing Minnesota dogs to more of a risk than they’d normally get if it was too cold to play outside.

“Fleas can be transmitted from pet to pet, at the dog park, going to kennels, any indoor places, b/c active year round,” said Kristi Flynn, DVM, of the University of Minnesota.

The solution is simple: use a flea preventative all year long.

“We used Frontline throughout the summer. Skipped one month and he got a tick, so we figured that we’re just going to use it throughout,” said dog owner Chris Lillehei of Northeast Minneapolis.

As for ticks, experts say they’re dormant this time of year and don’t come out until it gets even warmer than the temperatures we’ve had this winter.

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  1. Jay says:

    We dont use tic/flea collars. Every Spring when Im going to fertilize the yard, I add bags of flea/tick/grub killer to the fertilizer mix then spread on the whole yard, and also some in the bushes where the dog likes to go. We havent had an itchy dog since. One bag does 1400 sq.ft and its inexpensive. Well worth the price-$7- $10 Heck of a lot cheaper than buying flea collars and flea baths, and much more effective.