MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A popular feature many of us have in our cars could be leaving us permanently scarred.

Doctors say heated seats can lead to a skin condition called Toasted Skin Syndrome.

It’s not actually a burn, but a rash caused by prolonged exposure to a warm temperature. Safety experts say heated seats average 105 degrees.

People who use their heated seats for long trips without turning them off can develop this. The heat isn’t hot enough to burn the skin, so most people don’t even know there’s a problem.

Dr. Caleb Crestwell, a dermatology specialists, says computers and heating pads can also cause the syndrome.

“We’ll see it in the lower back (and on the bottom) from people using seat warmers in their cars; we’ll see it on the lap area … from people setting lap tops on their laps,” he said.

Doctors say people who get the rash most often can also end up with a permanent tint in their skin.

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  1. Al Frankenstien says:

    Yes, so can sitting on a toaster.

    1. Sammie Jo says:

      you’re ridiculous, see you on the 22nd we’ll see who the dummy is then.

      1. IGGY says:

        Googly eyed Scandahovian inbred DFL Soccer Mom and impotent Dad:
        For the SAKE of the Children!! OUTLAW THE CAR SEAT WARMERS!

        1. Peridot says:

          Or turn them off. My car’s had seat heaters for 15 years but we’ve never had a problem.

          Use your brain.

    2. ablecynic says:

      Dang! I wondered where that bun-rash was coming from. Guess I’ll have to move the toaster from my office chair. ;o)

    3. Marine72 says:

      I wonder if you can get it sitting on a copier?

  2. Doug Johnson says:

    The solution is simple; Those with seat warmers can ride with a seat warmer technician to tell them when they are getting too hot and to turn the seat warmer off. Add this technical position to the “Dress Warm Because It Is Cold Technician” and the “Don’t Lay in the Sun All Day Technician.”

    1. Abe_Noxious says:

      Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to sue the car manufacturer for millions of dollars?

        1. Steve says:

          lmao i actually clicked on this guy’s website, check it out-
          “Whit_ney Hous_ton-WHITe HOUSe”
          “There is an extensive code online of anagrams and look alikes put together by the wealthiest people in the world with the goal of electing their spokesperson”

          I think I know why some people are out of work- time to end unemployment.

          1. beazr says:

            yeah he’s half right, until he throws his gayblog up there. Then he discredits everything else in one swoop. Intentionally. I thought he was being sued by all these people anyway.

            1. WelomceToTheMilitaryPoliceState says:

              Hey Steve great job copying and pasting. You must be an expert on taking things out of context to attack, discredit, and divert attention.

              Beazr, using the words gayblog doesn’t add credibility to your lack of an argument. Why would he be sued by all the people pictured? You should learn to read more and lie less. From what I read the treason committing law breaking government posting dirt bags also dominating the conversation online are the ones who will be sued.

    2. socialist slayer says:

      This may be a small trivial thing now, but without immediate legislation it could become an epidemic. I am sure it can somehow be linked to cancer, impotence, cramps, and obesity. We just need some new safety measure put in place so people won’t get hurt. And since it’s all about safety, no one can object to it.
      I know. Implant a “smart” chip into us that communicates with our phone to let our masters know when we are being bad. We don’t want to make master mad now do we.

      1. lcs says:

        Take your medication now.

        1. Captain Obvious says:

          Hmm, apparently LCS is not familiar with satire as a form of social commentary. Perhaps I’ll dub you Captain Oblivious.

    3. Sean says:

      How long before they unionize?

      1. Peridot says:

        Seat heaters? Our @$$es? Dermatologists?

        I am unable to discern your meaning, Sean.

    4. Marine72 says:

      My god! You have saver der ruler’s rear! What a boost to employment.

  3. michelle says:

    Here we go – warning labels & beepers on the seat warmers to tell us when they’ve been on too long.

    1. JoeInMichigan says:

      We can’t be trusted with mere warning signals. Only an automatic shut off will do. And repeat offenders will have their warmers permanently disabled.
      If you attempt to over-ride the auto shut-off, your car will self-destruct.
      It’s in the Obamacare bill.

      1. Elwood says:

        It was also in the Romneycare bill.

    1. Vicky bevis says:

      I agree, Tori, but there IS a medical president. Many times elderly people, esp. those w/o good senses of feeling in their extremedies, like diabetics, CAN develope burns w/o realizing it.

      1. matt says:

        A medical President? Is that like the Sturgeon General, king of all fish?

      2. Peridot says:

        The word you were searching for is precedent, Vicky. The remainder of your post is valid and on point. Rock on.

  4. Not a Laughing Matter says:

    I’ve been to both my regular Doctor, and a Dermatologist because of a rash this year suspecting my laptop to be the cause. I bought a laptop cooler to place between my computer, and my lap, but the damage had already been done. It’s without a doubt the worst case of jock itch I’ve ever had.
    Thanks for posting this article, I will take a copy of it to my next visit to the Doctor.

    1. noitall says:

      Soon ObamaCare will mandate coverage for tossed bum condition, whether or not you believe in toasted bums.

    2. Georgiasaraann says:

      Did you read his post? Where does it say he had the laptop between his legs? How did you come up with that idea? Never mind, we don’t want to know lol!

      1. Georgeisanidiooot says:

        Because he said he has Jock itch dipshot. When would a laptop ever touch your crotch to give you a rash there. With a laptop on your lap it would only touch the tops of your thighs. Watch your tongue before you say something stupid again.

  5. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Sounds like a bad case of hot crossed buns.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      @Richard in Mpls;
      You’ve said it all! The hot buns are worse with heated leather seats! LOL!

  6. joedoakes101 says:

    Now they’re going to come after my but warmer!

    No way buddy!

    That’s crossing the line!

  7. Sue G says:

    Did some of you not read the article? The temperature of the seats/ heating pads, etc… are not so warm as to be uncomfortable but they can be causing damage-including permenant skin darkening. Did you know this could happen before you read this? I didn’t. People should be alert to this and that is what the article is about.

    1. dwalk says:

      Oh my God!
      Don’t set in your car during the high temperatues in the summer. Always run your car and a/c for 15-20 minutes before setting down on those seats.
      But wait!
      Cooling off the car before setting down will add to Global Warming – let’s just stop driving and using heated seats.
      On other words, quit whining!

      1. Sebastian Xavier says:

        What the hell is your problem? The same thing could have happened to anyone.
        Now that we know about the problem, we can avoid doing those things. Nobody is whining except you.

    2. stogieguy7 says:

      Oh yeah Sue, you’re right. After all, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!

      Get a life…..

  8. Martin says:

    “We’ll seeing it now are in the lower back (and on the bottom) from people using seat warmers in their cars; ”


    Does anyone proofread these things before they are posted?

    1. PublicEd says:

      Sadly, I’m guessing they DO. Probably the product of our public edu-ma-cation sys-dumb.

    2. Cindy says:

      Actually.. here’s the copied text.. “We’ll see it in the lower back (and on the bottom) from people using seat warmers in their cars; we’ll see it on the lap area … from people setting lap tops on their laps,” he said.”

      The wording in the article is correct, they’re using “we’ll” for “we will” – had they actually used the word seeing, then it would be incorrect.

      We will see = we’ll see
      We are seeing = we’re seeing (but they didn’t use the word seeing)

      I think the article wasn’t overkill at all.

      I remember when a young niece sat in our “new” car with heated seats, she was wearing shorts and bumped the seat warmer button as she climbed into the car. She sat there very uncomfortable for some time as she didn’t want to interrupt adults who were busy talking. Finally, she said – “My seat is getting really hot!” We pulled over and had her switch seats with someone as her bare legs were too toasty.

      They do put warning labels on heating pads for the same reason. We also have a heated mattress pad, which I love – but if you fall asleep when it’s on a higher temperature, it’s easy to wake up very uncomfortable from it. (If a child/senior/diabetic with nerve issues were on the bed, would they notice and wake up to correct the excess heat that can build up?)

  9. jennifer says:

    Seems like a big “duh” to me… and who actually puts their laptop in their lap anyway? I’ve had seat warmers for 12 years and have no rash, odd skin discoloration or complaints.

  10. Edward says:

    White House quick to put blame for this on Bush Administration and anyone rich enough to afford heated seats.

  11. Marc Web says:

    I got a rash from sitting on my computer!

  12. goober says:

    Too late, already have a nasty one on my theigh from a laptop computer. Useless article because I been looking at that ugly blotch on my leg for months now.

  13. Biff says:

    they also found that shoving it with a red hot poker caused numbness, pain, burning and itching.

  14. Kendrick1 says:

    Warning! Warning! Warning! Breathing causes cancer!!!! Give us your money and your first grandchild and we will save you!!–signed the Government–You can believe in Us,the Ruling Class!!

    H.L. Mencken hit the nail right on the head:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed–and hence clamorous to be led to safety–by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  15. alright says:

    Well they say the population is going to be less white in the next 50 years so I don’t see a problem with my skin changing to a darker color assuming the permanent tint is darker. I am warm too as it happens..sweet.

  16. skyhook says:

    just another situation where some people have become OVER educated.. i’m more worried about 5 year olds 3 inches away from a nintendo ds My concern is HOW do these yo yo’s get a job like this to study this stuff.

  17. Piquerish says:

    Well, I think we need to assign a new government agency to control this bane of the people. I’m sure Obama and his fellow Bolsheviks could up with something.

  18. CKAinRedStateUSA says:

    If the driver of a vehicle travels long distances with the seat warmer on, I suggest that he or she shouldn’t be out at all, given the apparent viciously low temperatures.

    Or, perhaps he/she should not be driving since they seem to have a fairly serious sensory misfire that could lead to harm to the driver and/or drivers hit by the toasted-tuchus travelers.

  19. Dutch says:

    Plan on seeing this in a hemorrhoid commercial in the near future.

  20. Avoicenmany says:

    This comes to no surprise. There is something called “laptop lap” It is caused bu the constant heat generated on the bottom of them, and I will admit I actually have a minor case of it on one leg from the CPU on my laptop. All it caused is a bit of red and dry skin, LOL I should worry about the microwave radiation given off running at 2 Ghz. next to my 0_o.
    Anyone want a good chuckle on bizarre health concerns, get the movie Wellville,

  21. noitall says:

    This is obviously a sneaky way to avoid the 10% extra tax on tanning salons.

  22. LindyMan says:

    The lawyers are lining up – this should be better than the hot coffee lawsuit against McDonald’s since there are more idiots with seat warmers. I’m sure they will blame all this on global warming soon enough.

  23. Michael E. Stora, Ph.D. says:

    They news that temperatures of 105F or above can cause a rash and perminent skin discoloration is not encouraging to those of us who live in Arizona.

    1. davec says:

      Did you notice its not about you?

      Ph.D., and you missed that elementary education..

      1. Michael E. Stora, Ph.D. says:

        Did you notice I was making a joke?
        No need to answer as that was a rhetorical question.

  24. Michael E. Stora, Ph.D. says:

    make that “permanent” with an “a”.

  25. Tommentary says:

    If it’s a German car, you could get “toaster strudel.”

    1. Georgiasaraann says:

      Thanks Tom. That was funny! I haven’t had a good laugh in a while.

  26. Not Chicken Little says:

    How in the world did the human race survive before seat warmers? Fortunately (?) I can’t afford them now under Obama…

    1. Marc Web says:

      Under obama? That’s a gross thought!

    2. hillcoguy says:

      I wish we COULD put them ALL under 0’bammy!

  27. NOSTROTHOMAS says:

    If your sorry A** needs to be heated for you to drive your car or truck, yours is a sorry A** indeed!

  28. vinko says:

    I see a lawsuit coming, what if your a swimsuit model an you now have a discoloured bum?

    1. Deskboy says:

      I will have to look into this allegation in more de “tail”

  29. Deskboy says:

    I am more concerned about hard cooking the juevos if you know what I mean.

  30. Laura says:

    This is exactly why seat warmers shouldn’t be an option in cars on the lower end of the food chain.

  31. Ryrick says:

    Seriously! This is over the top! We have three cars with seat warmers. You can set the degree of heat you want to receive then after several minutes it reduces by a bar until it shuts off. If your A S S gets to warm, then shut it off yourself. There is also that owner’s manual that comes with your car, read it.

  32. Sammie Jo says:

    I just want to know, who would continue to sit on a seat hot enough to burn them through their clothes?
    They are wearing clothes, aren’t they? lol

    1. davec says:

      Skin burns can ocurr at 110* F.

      Thats not particularly hot to a human.

    2. Peridot says:

      It’s not a burn. Read the article again, SammieJo.

      It’s a rash and at times a PERMANENT change of skin tone.

    3. Peridot says:

      Forgot to mention the scarring.

  33. William Baranowski says:

    That’s a bit rash, wouldn’t you say?

  34. LoCo says:

    Is this phenomena what causes “chub rub”?

  35. hillcoguy says:

    This only applies to GM and Chrysler model cars and it’s known as the 0’bammymobile reda$$ syndrome….brought on by 0’bammy GIVING the majoriy og both companies to the UNIONS!

  36. TomB says:

    They also cause something called “toasty skin” which is a thoroughly satisfying and comfortable feeling on a cold morning when it takes a lot longer for the car to heat up.

    If they are too hot, turn them off. They are no hotter than sitting on leather seats in the middle of summer on a sunny day. If you can’t handle something so simple, don’t get the option in your car.

    1. davec says:

      Contrary to your arrogant opinion of how wrong others are (look up the phrase “attacking the victim” its a favorite trick of arrogant liberals) it IS the engineers job to make sure it doesnt happen.

      Im one, I know.

  37. jnsesq says:

    I read where holding one’s head underwater in the bathtub for too long can cause drowning! The Guvmint should step in immediately and mandate a 4″ depth limit on all new bathtubs! (It’s the Liberal Way: To preserve the Darwinian dropouts so they can be there to vote Democrat come election time.)

    1. LindyMan says:

      Well said Jonathon – Amen to that! The continuing quest of the Guvmint to protect all of us from ourselves.

    2. davec says:

      Time to outlaw bath tubs.

      And tea cups, one can drown in a tea cup full of water too.

  38. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Me thinks this ‘doctor’ has too much time on his hands….

  39. Deskboy says:

    1/4 c. brown sugar
    1/4 c. oil
    Worcestershire sauce
    Salt to taste

    Bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours.
    Tomorrow’s recipe, hot cross buns!!!!

  40. Bobby Sherman says:

    My 2007 Mustang is programmed to shut the seat warmer off after 10 minutes. I guess they had unusual lawyerly forsight – although its a pain in the butt to have to keeping turning it back on for a frigid Winter day. LMAO

    1. davec says:

      THey draw a huge amount of electrical current.

      Reality check,p

    2. davec says:

      Heaters draw a huge amount of electrical current.

      Yes, Virginia, contrary to popular opinion, engineers really do know more than the General Public///

  41. Ben Dover says:

    I like my buns toasted.

  42. WildBill says:

    Well, that really burns my butt!

  43. davec says:

    JPL design guidelines put skin burn temperatures at minimum of 110*F. (space design)

  44. waterman says:

    OMG!! Another study came out today that says everyone who drinks water will die, some sooner than others. Death rate over time is 100% and cannot be avoided. Please call your congressman and the President to get them to address this serious problem immediately. We know they have time to start working on this serious issue, they are doing little else constructive anyway.

  45. Wolfman says:

    Next time this guy is in Fairbanks, AK he can get into an automobile in -40 degree weather and have his ass freeze to the seat. Then he can worry about a skin rash.

  46. stogieguy7 says:

    How about a warning about “whining weenie liberal syndrome”? Because there seems to be an epidemic of little creeps masquerading as “experts” parading their warnings of impending doom associated with every single modern convenience that anyone might possibly enjoy.

    I, for one, am sick of idiots like “Doctor” Caleb Crestwell being taken seriously. If the seat is too warm, turn down the damn heat!! If you’re too dumb to master that, you need to go away – for the good of the species.

  47. Joseph D says:

    New for 2012 – The GM POP UP Seat warmer. An option on Buick cars, This option consists of a 1.5 inch diameter chrome pole that lets you know discretely when your buns are done! Feel the heat!

  48. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Once upon a time SAAB perfected heated seats by having a cloth interior. Heated seats in a leather vehicle are absurd. Our honda’s heated seats are garbage and someone always leaves them on (a woman usually). For any man who drives after that he gets the highly unpleasant experience of toasted nuts. Toasted nuts are no fun.

    1. tim says:

      Chet’s nuts roasting on an open fire……

    2. Peridot says:

      Men too dumb to turn them off, then?

  49. CRM says:

    The only unfortuante thing(s) about this article are the trolls who have the day off from school/work (ha!) and are posting their opinions in such idiotic ways. Grow up and realize that people with common sense see through your mentality.

  50. Shrugged says:

    I figured the biggest threat would be a yeast infection for women. Who’da thought it would be toasted butt syndrome?

    1. Peridot says:

      Newt, is that you?

  51. Tan says:

    People like their heated seats, so the seats must be disabled.
    God forbid anyone accidentally smile in America today.

    1. Peridot says:

      How odd. Mine came with an off button.

  52. rocky says:

    This is also known as black butt syndrom in Europe.

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