MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For months members of Occupy Minnesota have been trying to help a North Minneapolis woman stay in her home, but now it looks like she may be evicted.

Monique White is a single mother who has lived in her home since 2003.

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She lost her job after state budget cuts, and she’s been struggling ever since.

Friday, she said she got a letter from the bank saying they were taking steps to remove her from her home. She says her bank has been unwilling to work with her to modify the mortgage.

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“It’s a little nerve racking,” White said. “At this point I’m just trying to process it. I believe the Lord is not going to put on more on me than I can bear.”

Her bank says it has no authority to modify her loan or to order her eviction.

A spokesperson for the bank said that it sold the loan to Freddie Mac in 2005. They said White’s house was foreclosed on in January 2011, and it is now the property of Freddie Mac.

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White has a court date on March 5 to figure out when she will have to leave.