MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For months members of Occupy Minnesota have been trying to help a North Minneapolis woman stay in her home, but now it looks like she may be evicted.

Monique White is a single mother who has lived in her home since 2003.

She lost her job after state budget cuts, and she’s been struggling ever since.

Friday, she said she got a letter from the bank saying they were taking steps to remove her from her home. She says her bank has been unwilling to work with her to modify the mortgage.

“It’s a little nerve racking,” White said. “At this point I’m just trying to process it. I believe the Lord is not going to put on more on me than I can bear.”

Her bank says it has no authority to modify her loan or to order her eviction.

A spokesperson for the bank said that it sold the loan to Freddie Mac in 2005. They said White’s house was foreclosed on in January 2011, and it is now the property of Freddie Mac.

White has a court date on March 5 to figure out when she will have to leave.

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  1. Sven says:

    This is what happens when the government messes with the free market system.

    They make things worse.

    1. Kicked Out says:

      This is what happens when you don’t pay your bills.

  2. ... says:

    “she lost her job after budget cuts” that is some very insightful reporting right there

  3. a says:

    No, this is what happens when the banks have no regulations on what they can and cant do. This is what happens when greed becomes more important than human beings.

    1. Sam I am says:

      Are you kidding me. Foreclosures have been around for years. If you loose your job and don’t pay your mortgage you dont get to keep the house.

      Nuff said.

      1. Abbott says:

        I hope you never “loose” your job.

      2. Abbott says:

        The bank is refusing to work with her. She’s not refusing to pay. Get it right Sam.

        1. Phiiiiid says:

          Facts are in order. If she’s offering to pay $5 when her bill is for $500, then her “not refusing to pay” is worth very little. And I have to imagine that the bank DID work with her when it structured the loan. You need to provide more facts rather than provide opinions, Abbott.

          1. Abbott says:

            Okay, I’ll provide facts Phiiiid, just like you. You “imagine that the bank DID work with her”. Was that imagination, fact? Where did you see that she offered to pay “$5 when her bill is $500”, from your imaginary facts? If you’re going to call a kettle black, make sure you’re some other color.

    2. Jake says:

      This is a result of the regulation from Chris Dodd and Barney Frank that REQUIRED banks to make bad loans.

  4. Words are cheap. says:

    ” I believe the Lord is not going to put on more on me than I can bear.” Obviously the woman belongs to the Christian faith. Well Christians its time “walk the walk”. isn’t there one congregation, one Christian that can come to the aid of this woman through no fault of her own has become unemployed and is loosing her home and her child’s home at that? Or, are you Christians going to offer only prayers and other acts of cheap grace? Maybe one of you Christian business men….oh wait.. true following of Christian doctrine and current business practices particular in banking are antithetical to each other. That is to say you can be a banker or you can be a Christian BUT YOU CAN NOT BE BOTH!
    Either way as your Jesus teaches “But by their fruit you will know them.”

  5. Jus says:

    I have a issue with US Bank as well. its a 50 miles drive for me to get my Money out or in the bank. wells Fargo and US Bank should not be in the US at all. what rip off’s

    1. tony says:

      Its not their fault you live far away from them. I dont think they are going to open a sattelite office so you wont have to drive to them. Isnt there a bank closer to you that you can open an account at?

    2. Obv. says:

      Try living in the 21st century, its called direct deposit, and pay bills online or by phone , or get a new bank donkey kong.

    3. jackactionhero says:

      Is there a Holiday gas station closer? Every Holiday gas station has a US Bank ATM. There are thousands.

      Why did you join a bank so far away? That is YOUR fault. The bank didn’t get up and move out of your neighborhood to be further away.

      Although from the tone of your comment, maybe they would have…….. You sound like a real PITA.

  6. Jay says:

    WOULDNT you think the banks would try everything in their power to keep people in these foreclosed homes? Weve read and seen pictures of homes vacated, now rundown, some inhabitable, and others occupied by less than desirables. Its easy for us to say this could all be avoided had the people paid their bills. Evidently, a good many of you have never tried to live on what youd get from Unemployment. The unthinkable DOES happen. Maybe youll have that chance. Then well see how your song changes.

    1. Sparky says:

      You’re right. The unthinkable DOES happen. But reasonable people would make every effort possible at avoiding foreclosure. Did this person do that? When I lost my job, I was lucky enough to find another right away. It was about a 30% drop in pay, but more than unemployment. I quickly realized I would not be able to afford to stay in my home. As it was, I, too, bought more than I could realistically afford when I had my other job. But instead of losing my house, or having no money to put in savings for that “just in case” scenario, I put mine on the market. She had options other than waiting for someone to bail her out. We don’t know what attempts she had made prior to going to the press. Wish we did, or many of us wouldn’t judge so harshly.

      1. David says:

        “…reasonable people would make every effort possible at avoiding foreclosure. Did this person do that?” Yes. Yes she did. She’s not even looking for a bailout; she’s looking for a renegotiation of the terms of her mortgage, which the bank has repeatedly turned down. Monique didn’t “just wait for someone to bail her out.” To say that is a slap in the face to everyone who hasn’t been so fortunate as you have been.

      2. Abbott says:

        Did you even bother to read the article? She’s trying to work with US Bank, so your “make every effort possible” argument just went through the window. And what gives you the right to “judge so harshly” mr/ms perfection? You do realize that these “evil empires” did hand out loans to just about anyone and landed this country in a bad way? Yet, they got bail-outs and are now posting record profits. If you’re incapable of compassion, you deserve these nasty, money-grubbing banks.

        1. Eugenia Renskoff says:

          Yes, the banks did give money right and left. I myself was given a bad loan, even though I had excellent credit, 754. I think that before one speaks, it is good to remember that mortgage fraud, predatory lending and foreclosure (any/all of them) can happen to anyone. If this happens to you, you’d want people to be compassionate and understanding.I hope it doesn’t happen ever again. Eugenia Renskoff

    2. Kate says:

      You’re right. The unthinkable DOES happen. I, too, lost a good paying job. I was lucky enough to find another job – but it pays 40% less than what I was making. (Since unemployment benefits aren’t forever, I took the job, even though it was less than unemployment paid initially). I quickly realized I could no longer afford the home I bought – and I know I bought more than I should have when I bought my home, but it is a great house that would have been perfect for a family – which I had planned to have. With my job at that time, I could afford it and still afford to live a comfortable lifestyle. Cut that income by 40%, and my once comfortable lifestyle was awfully uncomfortable. I was rapidly depleting my savings account to pay all the bills – since my salary now covered just the mortgage, car and insurance. Since the mortgage was the biggest bill I had, I decided to sell, rather than geting into a similar situation as this woman. I can guarantee you, if I hadn’t sold the house, I would have been in the same boat as her in about 4 months (my savings weren’t that large since I lived on them during three months I was on unemployment).

      Responsible people do whatever it takes to avoid this situation. Since the story was more about garnering sympathy for her and less about the actual facts of the situation, it is very easy for people to judge her. Responsible reporting could have avoided a lot of this. Did she try to sell? Did she attempt to contact US bank before she was so far behind? Was she making at least some payment towards the mortgage every month? If we all had more information, rather than just “poor me, I’m losing my house and the bank is evil!” perhaps it wouldn’t be so easy to jump to conclusions.

      1. Judy says:

        Like many others caught up in the economy, I saw the light BEFORE it was too late. My hours had been slashed drastically at work, and I was feeling like a wreck worrying if Id be able to pay even my taxes. I didnt have house payments, but I decided to sell. Luckily, this was just before everything went down the tubes. I took some of the settlement, paid off my few bills,my car, and am finally able to sleep at night, yet maintain an excellent credit rating. We do what we have to do, hopefully BEFORE the situation gets out of hand. In my case, this was the best answer. There comes a time we have to realize we cant afford to own.. There are clear signs we can see long before disaster happens. Thats the time to prepare for the worst, not when its hanging you. UC isnt meant to support us as were used to. Its a temporary bandaid that requires a permanent fix. I found other work paying much less, but now dont require a lot to survive. It seems like our gut instincts let us know if disaster might be in the near future. I feel for the many that dont pay attention and end up losing the life they had. Things dont change just by avoiding them.

      2. David says:

        Anybody else notice how Kate’s comment is kind of identical to the “Sparky” comment? It’s almost as if there was some sort of standardize response these two are going off. Hey, US Bank, you wouldn’t happen to be hiring people to comment on news sites to discredit the stories in the comments section, would you?

        Totally just a coincidence that the wording is so similar, I’m sure.

        1. Abbott says:

          Good point David. How could these people be so cold anyway? And obviously they didn’t read the article before commenting. But since they have such a fantastic handle on their economic situations, they should start a non-profit business to help the others who are not so responsible. I love the comment about our “gut instinct” letting us know that “disaster might be in the near future”. Duh, when isn’t it? Perhaps your new business could include your psychic attributes too.

      3. jackactionhero says:

        Kate, if unemployment paid more than the starting wage at your job, I would suggest you have no education, no training, and no marketable job skills.

  7. Debbie says:

    If the occupy folks want to help her why don’t they help her with her bills, liberal hogwash, pay your damm bills.

    1. Abbott says:

      You sound like a really nice person Debbie.

    2. Jason says:

      What a great point.

      Except liberals are only generous when they expect to receive…not give.

  8. wake up says:

    remember the banks couldn’t pay their bills either but got bailed out,idiots

    1. Abbott says:

      For real, but these schmarties don’t seem to remember that. It’s all LIBERALS! -These comments brought to you by the compassionate Right Wingers who just purged their weekly sins this morning and are ready to start anew.

  9. Obv. says:

    I wonder if she ever considered getting a new job, I suppose not many companies are seeking useless people to employ. She either overpayed for her house or took a arm loan on the home, I feel for none of the poeple who took arms out, you purchased homes you knew you couldn’t afford, thinking they’d continue to gain value, I mean why wouldn’t you think your p.o.s. old 2 story isnt worth 200k.

    1. I'm just saying... says:

      Actually her mortgage may be neither of the above. I bought my house in 2003. Everything back then was overinflated. I’m also a single mom and struggle at times to pay my bills (thus working two jobs to keep afloat.)

      That being said, when did she lose her job? Has she even tried to find another job? Has she waited until now to try to refinance? If you’re too far behind no one will let you do that. If you haven’t paid anything until now, who’s to say you’ll pay another lower amount?

      1. Obv. says:

        So you overpayed for your house, like I said was her case also, anyone who bought a home around that time got took.

        1. 2003 home prices not that bad says:

          Actually 2003 was still tame. We bought in 2003 of course with a 20% downpayment as a responsible person does, and we are way above water. The value is almost exactly what we paid for it however after so many years we don’t owe very much.

          1. Obv. says:

            Don’t believe that for 1 minute, but if thats the case for you that is highly unusual home inflation of prices began in 2001, feel free to do a little research, also your home is only worth what someone will pay for it not what you think it is worth, you proabably base your homes value on its taxed value which is comedic.

            1. 2003 home prices not that bad says:

              Oh no, I know and agree that things were rising in 2003 but they were nothing compared to the next few years. We really bought in 02 but didn’t close til early 03. I lived through it and went through the buying process and the market went crazy in subsequent years. Our house is really, large, almost 6000 square feet of living space and high end with a large yard by a lake, golf course, school, 1.5 miles away from every retail store imaginable but have silo’s in the back yard and snowmobile right from the garage. They aren’t even building them this large or upgraded any longer around here. Still a lot of building in my town to my suprise but just slimmed down. We owe a fraction of what a cheap townhouse goes for around here given we have paid so much down. We have the benefit of a ultra desirable location. We could have bought a lot more house in some of the lesser suburbs but chose a slimmer version in a better location.

    2. Abbott says:

      Yeah, I’m sure just “getting” another job never crossed her mind! Lazy fool. Just go out and “get another job”. Spoken by someone obviously not affected by this rotten economy. Why would anyone not think that their p.o.s. 2-stories, as you so eloquently put it, gain in value? Everybody took that bait. You’re obnoxious.

  10. Where's Kevin? says:

    I want to know what Kevin thinks about this

    1. Kevin says:

      I think banks should help people. Greed is the American Dream. Millions of people have lost their homes. Its all about money and power. They tell you the recession is over….someone should tell the 50+ million that are out of work. I lost four neighbors this month to bank repo’s. All good people……kicked in the face by the recession. People are suffering…..the rich get richer……we build them a stadium…..the poor get poorer……we throw them into the streets…..Welcome to America…may I take your order please?

      1. wake up says:

        people dont realize there ARE TENT CITIES FULL OF FORMER MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS ….

        1. Kevin says:

          @ wake up…..its only a recession if your effected by it. Gas prices soar…..food prices soar……nealry all the workers I know have been on a pay freeze for years now. I have seen my bennifits taken away…..pay taken away……lay offs…..and yet my company posted huge profits…year after year….its all smoke and mirrors…..Manufacturing in the US is a thing of the past…..if you have not been kicked in the sack by the recession…..go to church and give thanks….

    2. Kevin says:

      Oh I get it…becasue she is “black” you expect me to go off on a rant…..sorry to let you down. She is hurting no one…..has not shot or killed anyone….she is just a person who got kicked in the face by the recession. I am not a PC type of person. If blacks are killing each other off….it makes me sick. If we bring over immigrants and they suck the system or commit crimes…it makes me sick….when I go to Maplewood Mall and I am the only white person there….it makes me sick…….when they lie and tell the public that there are only 30,000 somalians in MN….it makes me sick……when immigrants come here and sue everyone and everything…..it makes me sick…..MN becoming a thrid world State…..makes me sick……I didnt ask to bring 200,000+ Somalians here so I could pay for them….I didnt ask to have 27 different languages spoken in the St Cloud School System…….I didnt as for Asian gangs, Black gangs, Somalian gangs, Mexican gangs, Russian Gangs, or Nigerian gangs to take over my city. I didnt ask for those of color to kill two Police Officers in my fine city the past couple years……….I didnt ask for it….but I have it. Just like the fine citizens of St Cloud now have a city that is now over 25% Somalian….they didnt ask for it….they didnt ask for North St Cloud to become a third world nation….but it is…..and they now pay for it. Immirgrants and those of color who have come to my fine State…..who take care of themselves…..who do not cost me money…..who follow the law…..who do not attempt to force me to bend and work around their religion or ways…..well……I love them all……..If you speak English……I love them! If your head is not wrapped like a freaking tree in the winter…..I lvoe them! If you are here to BE AN AMERICAN…I love them all…..if not…..then..I guess I am a racist.

  11. Where's Kevin? says:

    This woman lost her job 2003, almost nine years ago. She is just now losing her house. Another missed story by WCCO. This is a miracle. How does a person stay in a house with a mortgage for nine years without a J.O.B. ???

    1. Obv. says:

      She bought the home in 2003, no where does it state when she became unemployed, how do you survive in real life when you can’t even read and understand a paragraph?

    2. Sparky says:

      Actually, the story states she bought her home in 2003. It doesn’t specify when she lost her job.

  12. RetroDude says:

    If the “occupy” pukes wanted so badly to help her why didn’t they simply make a few house payments for her? Of course not!! She and the pukes want it all for free.

    1. Realist says:

      I bet you’re a Christian…

      1. Abbott says:

        I’ll bet he is. He seems really compassionate. Lumping all into one group of “pukes”. And his insight is amazing. That’s right all the Liberals want it all for FREE!!!!! Who cares if the banks got massive bail-outs and now make quarterly profits in the billions! It’s the LIBERALS who just don’t want to work!!!! Zip it RetroDud.

  13. ipmutt says:

    Let’s have heer go back to occupy Chicago Duluth or Detroit. Enough of the twin cities supporting these people. Out of work how long?

  14. Brett says:

    I’ll bet she voted for obama, and saw that “news report” in Chicago on Election night ’08 in Chicago (which means “stinking onion in French), and saw that single mom holding a probable fatherless infant, saying how she wouldn’t have to pay for food, medical care, house/rent payments, etc. and was so happy about it, because obama would “take care of it”. Hope and Change, eh?

    1. Abbott says:

      What means “stinking onion” in French? Your post doesn’t even make sense. Yeah, we take a quote from one single mom with a fatherless infant and we RUN, because that’s how EVERYBODY who voted for Obama thinks! You can’t really be that ignorant, or can you?

  15. Meek1 says:

    Typical who cares about anything but ME responses you always get from pathetic people who can be so bold in anonymity. But I can understand if your all pubescent.

  16. Ha ha says:

    This is how things work. You don’t pay your debts, you lose your stuff. I realize this is a difficult formula for a certain part of the population. If I read this right then she was a government emplyee as well. Now I’m glad she lost her job. The fewer government ee’s the better. The funny thing about gov ee’s is that they are generally not employable outside in the real world where race doesn’t automatically provide you a job but instead actual qualifications do.

    1. Abbott says:

      You’re a rotten peach of a person. “Glad” that someone lost their job? You sound like a bitter, jealous being. Your sentence structure is horrible, to say the least. How did you get your job Einstein?

      1. Ha ha says:

        Yes Abbott, I love when the chickens come home to rooste. I don’t think you quite understand, bitter and jealous would imply that I am in any way shape or form below this person’s lot in life. I went to college, then got a graduate degree and with some hard work and smart decisions, I don’t worry about losing my house and haven’t for many years.
        I simply have an utter dislike for our government and the low class of loser that work there. Working for the government means you could not make it in the private sector. I haven’t thought about sentence structure since English class many years back and guess what, I don’t need it. Rather than compain and look for handouts, some of the responsible people in this world actually live by a plan and make it happen.

        1. Abbott says:

          Where did you get your degrees? I’m going to guess that no chickens will come home to “rooste”. That’s such an arrogant statement to say that only people who “could not make it in the private sector” work for the government. Obviously, since you have a graduate degree and don’t care about sentence structure or spelling, I can only imagine that you’re a middle-aged, white male in a position of management, and everyone around you wonders what the heck you even do.

          1. Ha ha says:

            I earned them both out East and I won’t even mention where since you will simply say it can’t be true. Again, I simply don’t care about spelling here. No spellcheck and so it contains errors…I just couldn’t care less. I’m actually under 40 in an executive role, hard earned without handouts. Government is what it and that is a landing pad for the least qualified in any given position or received their job via quota. It isn’t something that can be argued. Tear my sentence structure apart or comment on the grammar if it makes you feel any better. Poor people make poor choices and this story simply reinforces that. There is nothing wrong with being a renter for people who can’t keep it all together.

            1. Abbott says:

              Wow. You act like you have no compassion. You’re trying to convince us that you have an Executive role, under 40 and no handouts. Plus, you could care less about being articulate. You sound exactly like the fat that needs to be trimmed in Corporate America. I’ll bet your salary could be divided by 3 for people who actually work when they walk in their company doors. I’ll guess your docket is filled with pointless meetings where you’ll contribute a comment that only hinders a process. Oh, I know your type, and you point fingers at people collecting money for nothing?

  17. Eugenia Renskoff says:

    Hi, I understand from personal experience hoew horrible losing your home is. I hope she gets a job, a new one, and gets to stay in her home. Eugenia Renskoff

  18. djp says:

    If she has been sitting around waiting for her lord to help…she deserves to be kicked out!!!

    I have just had to move from MY house in Oakdale and there was no heat in the house while I was moving (pipe broke). I wonder why I am not in the news. Lost my job for 9 months,…no bank help until after I decided to let the house go.

    Can I get some free help too like this woman most likely will???

  19. Billie Jean says:

    Why did the occupy guys give this woman some advice on how to take care of her mortgage issue. 1. Get a job. 2. Sell house, refinance, whatever. I understand there are some smart people that are “occupiers”. They aren’t just a bunch of hippies that are not intelligent enough to hold a job.

  20. Rube says:

    Why don’t Occupy pass the hat and then pay off the loan.
    OH WAIT – they shouldn’t have to pay for anything.