MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota Timberwolves forward Derrick Williams will participate in the slam dunk contest Saturday night as part of the NBA All-Star weekend. He’s got a plan, and he’s keeping it close to the vest.

He has the body, the feel and the hops, but what kind of dunk will Williams break out Saturday night?

“I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. Hopefully I can get Ricky in there, but if not I’ve got a few other people in mind that might do it,” Williams said. “I’ve definitely got to get the fan vote.”

While we’ve seen some of Williams’ ways this season, he’s received some all-star suggestions.

“Every day people are giving me ideas and stuff, but we can only do three dunks. I have two down that I want to do and I’m waiting on one more that I want to pick,” Williams said.

He’s not that concerned about getting cute when it comes to dunking.

“You know before they’ve been doing a lot of creative ones but recently it hasn’t been too much like that. You had Gerald Green blowing out the candle,” Williams said.

He has a sense of history, and a player he emulates.

“Tracy McGrady, we kind of jump similar to his early days. Jason Richardson, I’ve watched him a few times,” Williams said.

In a contest with only three dunks, he knows this much: You don’t get very much time to make a first impression. That first dunk better stand out.

“The thing about that is you have to start strong. You don’t want to do your best dunk, but you have to do a dunk that will push you into the next round. So I’ll probably do one of my best dunks first,” Williams said.

Kevin Love, who will play in Sunday’s NBA All-Star game as a Western Conference reserve, will also compete in the three-point contest Saturday night.


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