MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Patrol is looking to add more troopers to its ranks, and they turned to social media Monday to help them reach a larger pool of applicants.

For the first time ever, representatives from the State Patrol took questions from potential applicants via Facebook. Lt. Steve Fischer, along with application coordinator Kathy Walker, spent the hour answers questions.

Many focused on the academy.

“Our academy is very physically demanding. They do physical training two times a day,” Fischer said.

It is a 15 weeks of Para-military training with barrack-style living conditions. Before you get to that point, however, there is an online application, written examination, physical fitness test, background investigation, medical exam and psychological testing.

Last year, there were 1,300 applicants, and with the help of social media, they hope to double that number this year.

Their invitation cannot be more to the point: If you want to make the highway your office, being a state trooper is the job for you.

They even developed a YouTube video to spark an interest in becoming a state trooper.

“There are way more qualified people than there are police jobs we’re anticipating anywhere from 20 to 40 new troopers being hired in our next process,” Fischer said.

With so many men and women coming back from overseas military assignments, the State Patrol says they have the qualities needed to become a trooper.

If interested, you can fill out an online application from Feb. 29 until March 9. Then, the applications are sorted through and a class of new recruits begins in February 2013.

Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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  1. MOM says:

    That is absurd, I wonder if you would be saying the same thing if you were in an accident and they saved your sorry butt.

  2. Pundit says:

    Do we need more cops?

  3. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

    Where do I sign up! I like to extort money.

  4. Brett says:

    Hey STATE PATROL. A LOT of HONORABLE VETERANS from Iraq and Afghanistan are probably looking for a GOOD JOB. Look up the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION, and get with the PROGRAM. I see NO SHORTAGE of WELL TRAINED, EXPERIENCED, HONORABLE, and ABLE candidates to fill your open positions. END THE NEPOTISM, and make these jobs available to ALL capable candidates. It might actually make your force BETTER.

    1. Bob says:

      Only FOOLS and IDIOTS use capitalization LIKE you have DONE.

      1. Brett says:

        Oh, REALLY??? WHY? Do you mean emphasizing words like HONORABLE VETERANS, or GOOD JOB, or VETERANS ADMINISTRTION?? How about WELL TRAINED, EXPERIENCED, HONORABLE, and ABLE?? or do you just have a problem with “END THE NEPOTISM”???

        1. Orrest says:

          regardless the words it still makes you look like an idiot. swhy would you need to shout.

    2. PizzaRocks says:

      Tarnish your honor??? Your name of Lakewood 4 are burning is disrespectful towards four officers who were murdered while preparing for their shift that day. The a-hole killer killed those four because they were cops. So maybe you should think about what the word honor means. On a flip side of things, I thank you for your service and think its appalling to see the President getting rid of some the medical benefits given to soldiers these days.

    3. Been there, Done that, Glad I left it. says:

      Hey Brett being a vet isn’t enough. You must first complete 2-4 years of college and obtain an A.A. or B.A./B.S. in a P.O.S.T. certified degree in Criminal justice or Law Enforcement. Then you must complete the clinical or “Skills” portion of P.O.S.T. board requirements to become Eligible for License as a police officer in Minnesota. Then you must pass the P.O.S.T. written examination. Then you MAY apply for a position with the State Patrol and if you pass all the required prerequisites stated in the article you maybe selected to go to the Patrol Academy which is part of your one year probation period. After completing the Academy (if you don’t wash out which I think about 20% do), you will be assigned an area (usually the Metro area and YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.) to start your field training with a Trooper. If you pass the FTO phase you will work by yourself in an area chosen for you and for the remainder of your first year at which time you will complete your probationary period. At anytime during your 1st year you can be terminated without hearing or cause. So if you want to work holidays and evening and overnights, be the target of animosity of the general public, be introduced to strangers as “Joe So And So” then have them say “oh BTW he’s a trooper” while your non-law enforcement friends get to live a normal life go ahead and apply. But personally, I think there are better ways to live a life.

      1. Brett says:

        Oh, BS. I’ve heard that stupid story before. I’ve worked nights, evenings, was a former paratrooper with AAA ratings, the fact is NEPOTISM is RAMPANT in MOST Minnesota law enforcement circles. The fact is, is that not only is Minnesota LE biased against those who are not white, they are prejudiced against those who have NEVER HAD ANY CONTACT with LE. Tell me I’m wrong, and WHY. And YES, I have heard of those who have passed the POST tests, and still not get hired.
        FACT: It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know, or WHO you BLOW.

        1. Amy Senser' says:

          Brett boy …. you are quite the fibber now. I won’t tell your mother but it must stop. 😉

      2. Brett says:

        Hey, “been there” I wasn’t just a regular “paratrooper”. I was the only guy in my entire squadron to score 100% on a skill qualification test, in a 3 year period, in any military specialty. I was also lifequard qualified, never missed a jump, never failed a REQUIRED drug test, the list goes on and on. I volunteered to be a “Police Reserve Officer”, and it was an INSULT, especially knowing what they could find out about ME. So don’t try to BS those who know better. The “Captains” and “Sargents” that were present in that police reserve unit wouldn’t even have made it as E-2 PRIVATES in my Army unit. for a DAY. I’m tired of hearing about how tough you law enforcement types are, DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. The FACT IS, if you are built like a middle linebacker, you are OK. But that is not always the case. So take into account my tact here and tone it down…………

        1. Been there, Done that, Glad I left it. says:

          Well Brett so was I 4/324 and then became an M.P. 988th M.P. Co. then part of the 16th Airborne M.P brigade so I can tell you a few things.1) The fact the we jumped out of planes don’t mean a thing and the MN public doesn’t care. 2) Chiefs don’t like to hire vets because its more difficult to get rid of an officer that was hired under vet’s preference because they are entitled to a second set of hearings. 3) Why do you want to be part of an organization that doesn’t want anything to do with you? 4) There was a reason why you left the military but you refer to it a a high point for your career. If that’s the case go back in if you won’t then leave it behind you.5) There is much more to law enforcement than running down bad guys and shooting.

          Like your experience in Iraq or Afghanistan only people who’ve been there are going to understand well guess what my friend its the same for people in law enforcement. Only those that have been a cop are going to understand what its like to be one and the impact it has on the officer’s family and personal life. And I’ve been there and its not worth it. The risks you face for a generally unappreciative public is not worth the sacrifice. Its not worth risking my safety for the unappreciative public and the risk of my children to grow up with out a father or a wife without a husband. Yes the flowers,flags and cards are nice come day of the funeral but what happens afterwards? A few benefits and some feel good news coverage to make the survivors feel good but in the end my kids would be without a father,wife without a husband, no second income to help her raise my kids and I’m in ground. Nope buddy there are better was to live.

          Nothing to tone down Brett you’re the one complaining and a few of us are trying to point out the real facts about the career. You’re the one complaining about your supervisors in the police reserve and who can cut it and who can’t. If you don’t like what you’re seeing why do you want to be part of it?

    4. A Vet Also says:

      You are a d-bag. Probably were a chef during the war and call yourself a Vet. No self-respecting Vet would tarnish the name of any other service member be it local law enforcement or military who gives his/her life to protect others.

      Stop calling yourself a Vet – you disgrace those Vets that honorably served and gave their all for our way of life.

      You disgust me!

      1. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

        Actually was an 0311 in the marine corps for 14 years. It’s obvious you were never in the service because we don’t call our cooks chefs. Nice try wanna be. Also marines don’t put ourselves in the same category as law enforcement, especially troopers. That’s disrespectful to every marine who has served, and is serving now.

        1. Real Deal says:

          I know lots of Marines who currently are Law Enforcement Offficers, so those Marines are garbage because they are cops? The Marines I talked to stated that you were discharged because of psych issues. Peeling potatoes that stressful?

          1. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

            Nope 14 years meritoriously promoted twice got out as an E-6 staff sergeant. 0311 is MOS for infantry. Honorably discharged also, nice try though. A real marine is a infantry marine, not the POG marines you apparently have been talking to.

        2. jackactionhero says:

          I’ve never seen a United States Marine not capitalize Marines before, Andy.

          What gives?

          1. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

            Sorry jack I forgot, that’s the first thing we learned in boot camp, and SOI (emphasis sarcasm here). Give me a break.

            1. jackactionhero says:

              I would just assume you would capitalize it out of honor and respect for the Corps.

              Why are you so angry?

  5. Reagan says:

    Why all the training to be a traffic office? Since 99% of a troopers job is traffic officer.

  6. Duuuuuur says:

    Since the majority of today’s soldiers are idiots, why would a department want to hire them?

    1. Amy Senser' says:

      cuz even if the idiots they 10x brighter than the idiots like you I guess. lol 😉 😉

  7. Real Deal says:

    Lakewood 4 AKA Andy says he served in the Military. If you did all I can say is that you are a disgrace to any active or honorably discharged Marine. I would put money that his kids and ugly wife are as pathetic as this guy is. His kids never had a chance with a father like that.

    1. GH says:

      Glad someone else noticed that it really Andy just changing his name.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Even if you think Andy is a d-bag, it is pretty low to talk about the man’s family in a derogatory manner. That isn’t called for. Just my opinion…

  8. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

    It hurts when you know I am right. I can tell when the insults come. I don’t know how I can be a disgrace to my self since I was active for 14 years, and was honorably discharged. What’s next? Let me guess…”I live in my moms basement”

  9. Lakewood 4 are burning/Andy says:

    I have posted this comment before, and I will do it again because it seems appropriate. Those reading this instead becoming a glorified ticket giver try an honorable profesion inte military. Read the analogy below

    The vast majority of people like soldiers. I had to come up with a counter thank you to use at airports when I was traveling a lot in uniform a few years back (and thank you sir, for without you working hard and paying taxes, I could not do what I do). Cops have their supporters, but a lot of people don’t like cops. They would love to get the treatment soldiers get, but there is not the same feeling by the public, even though they both have uniforms and guns, and the propaganda mill is constantly churning the “cops as American heroes” meme.

    To picture why, imagine a Hoplite, a Greek soldier of the classical era. Helmet, shield and spear.

    Imagine the soldier as Hoplite. He and his brethren stand shoulder to shoulder, shields up in the defense of the nation, spear pointed at the enemies of the nation (though the legalities and moralities of war can be endlessly debated). The American citizen stands behind him, and his shield and spear defend them. He is expected to die in defense of the nation and is willing to do so. There are no knee-jerk phrases about a soldier’s most important duty is to go home to his family at the end of his shift. “Soldier Safety” is a laughable concept.

    Now imagine the cop as Hoplite. His spear is pointed AT the citizen. He is at the ready to roust you at the above checkpoint. Take your money for whatever reason the State says. Take your life for possession of a plant the State has deemed illegal, or throw you into a
    dungeon. Nobody feels relief when a cop pulls up behind him while driving, even if they are perfectly “law abiding”, whatever that means. A cop will tase a grade schooler, or a soccer mom, shoot an unarmed marine or as a group of 6 beat a homeless man to death for the crime of existing.

    The cop’s spear is pointed at us. His shield defends his buddies and himself. You hear about “the thin blue line”, “professional courtesy” and “no matter what, always go home at the end of your shift”. Cops call non cops “civilians” (a laughable concept, as they too are civilians) or sheep. Cops will defend the most indefensible behavior on the part of another cop, not on moral grounds, but that the shooting of a soccer mom was “within policy”, as if that makes her death any less terrible.

    There is no thin camo line. Cops are not our defenders. Their spears are pointed the wrong
    way. And there is no disputing that fact.

  10. Real Deal says:

    Blah blah blah same bs from Andy. Only the people in the military can save us , yea right. It doesn’t hurt Andy when we know your pathetic human being. Period

  11. Lakewood 4 are burning/Andy says:

    Wow real you just prove you’re wrong everytime you post something. An intelligent comment like blah blah blah followed up by a childish insult. Who’s the idiot? You!

    1. pumphandle says:

      Here are current requirements for joining the military, not disabled and no felonies, wow those are some real tough restrictions, every1 knows the military is the last resort for 90% who join it.

    2. Real Deal says:

      Only a sociopath would have a name “Lakewood 4″…that’s not name calling that’s just a fact about your psych.

  12. TL says:

    Geez, I guess if anyone needed a reason to lose at least some respect for certain military vets….just read some of their posts on here. I mean, if you have to brag about who you were in an attempt to put down another outfit, I dunno….because you didnt get enough slaps on the back and “atta boys” while you were in or miss the attention that is now focused on a paramilitary outfit that mimicks the Marine way of life , seems to me you lose some credibility.

    At any rate, thanks for your service.

  13. pumphandle says:

    If they hire 30, 28 will be diversity hires , qualifications mean nothing.

    1. Been there, done that says:

      You may be surprised at how many minorities and women actually apply.

      My last go around with them, you could count on one hand or less minority- wise. Women maybe 2 hands.