CRYSTAL, Minn. (WCCO) — Two people have been arrested in what police say is an investigation of a possible death of an unborn baby they believe may be suspicious in Crystal, Minn.

According to police, the death was reported to have happened several years ago on the 5700 block of Quail Avenue North.

Officers were alerted of the possible suspicious death while investigating a domestic assault report on Tuesday afternoon.

Crystal police were searching the reported property, along with members of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. A number of squad cars, as well as Hennepin County Crime Lab, had responded to the scene.

Two people — a 30-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman — have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter of an unborn child. They have been identified by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office as Duane Albert Clark of Brooklyn Park and Tiffany Ayn Clark of Crystal. They are both being held in the Hennepin County Jail on charges of first-degree murder of an unborn child.

Authorities said the two had a child in 2004.

Crystal Police Chief John Banick said their search may include digging on the property. Authorities said they will focus on a portion of the backyard at the residence once the ground there is thawed.

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  1. Parker Schnobel says:

    please say no ……

  2. Sam I am says:

    This article is poorly written. It says infant, then unborn, please be clearer when reporting.

    1. Charley Manson says:

      totally. I mean totally_or do I mean exactly or _maybe or maybe not?

  3. ???? says:

    What do they mean by unborn child??

    ‘CCO is garbage reporting

  4. Cindy says:

    WCCO needs to fire some body. There are many mistakes made in articles I read from WCCO

    1. Charley Manson says:

      Hiya Cindy …. wanna nest again today?

  5. Females lose weapons. says:

    Horrible journalism. Unborn or infant? If it wasn’t born yet then it is unborn. If it came out of the woman through natural means then it was an infant. I see so many spelling errors (CCO would spell it airs) and other grammatical errors. English was not my strong suit but I also didn’t become a journalist.

    1. Frogweather says:

      Not to mention manslaughter…was some man killed too?

  6. Clem H says:

    I thought the courts decided abortion was legal, I have to believe the ACLU or some anti-male feminist group would defend these two. The guy is guilty, you can tell.

  7. AntiTeabagger says:

    Waiting Moderation? Really they put this garbage on the website and they want to moderate that I said they put garbage on here? C’Mon!

  8. Mike says:

    I think they are a married couple that moved up here from Iowa,
    got divorced and are now brother and sister again.

  9. Hmmmm says:

    She’s got the lifeless look. He’s got the “deer in headlights” look. Something smells fishy with these two siblings…

  10. zee the reporter says:

    did the nextdoor neighbors report to the police!

  11. Rita says:

    this article is confusing

  12. Niki says:

    Does it really matter how the article was written? I would think that people would be reading for content and not journalist quality. If an infant or unborn child was killed that is very sad and should be the focus, not how bored you people seem to be and how much better you could have written the article. Wouldn’t it be great if the general public got to watch your every move at work and point out all your errors or short comings?

  13. Jeff says:

    I noticed on the video of this story there were a few investigators working in the yard and at least a half dozen standing around with their finger up butts. It reminds me of the pot hole patchers who spend 4 of 8 shift hours on break. We obviously have too many cops. We should lay a few of them off.

    1. jackactionzero says:

      They busted ya at some point eh Jeff … for sex with a minor or summptin”‘ ya said before 😉

  14. Peace says:

    Clearly the woman has every right to kill her child if she wants to, after all it is her body.

    1. Yup says:

      You are exactly right. If she had gone in and had this done at Planned Parenthood there would be no need for an investigation!

  15. AntiTeabagger says:

    And then you let idiots like this comment ? Comer on ‘CCO!

  16. that guy says:

    So, they were arrested on a possible death? With that logic the police can arrest anyone, anywhere, at any time and then go search for any evidence that a crime was actually committed. I hope they go get a very good lawyer.

  17. that guy says:

    on a related note, did a 6 year old write this report?

  18. Molly says:

    this is such a confusing story. if the husband is charged with manslaughter on an unborn child…then he must of performed an abortion on his wife. and if that is the case the authorities all across this land better charge and jail l000’s of doc’s. and planned parenthood clinics for doing the same thing…..abortion is killing of a baby regardless if you have a clinic do it or yourself.

  19. yeah says:

    I know Tiffany very well. First of all, they did NOT move from Iowa, and they are definitely not brother and sister. They were/ are married, but are going through a divorce. Duane killed the baby, Tiffany was just a victim of abuse and does not deserve to be in jail for manslaughter. I have known Duane since I was young, and he has always been somewhat crazy, but Tiffany is the sweetest person and the best mother I have ever known.

  20. something fishy says:

    This site should make posters log in with their real names; most of the a-holes posting comments on here wouldn’t have the nerve to say such disgusting things if they had to own up to their comments !