ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Lawmakers have reached a deal with the Minnesota Vikings to build a new football stadium on the current Metrodome site in Minneapolis.

The agreement to build a new “People’s Stadium” was announced Thursday morning, which includes support for more than 13,000 jobs, requires no general fund tax dollars and will keep the Vikings in Minnesota for the next 30 years.

Gov. Mark Dayton said this is the result of countless hours, discussions, negotiations — and reiterated that it will not include a single dollar of general fund tax revenues.

The Vikings and stadium negotiators met for two hours in the Governor’s office Wednesday night, going over final details.

Sen. Julie Rosen, who helped author the bill, said they are ready to work and excited to see this go to a vote.

“Today is the official hand off,” she said. “We have a plan in place, a very good plan.”

The Vikings stadium cost will be $975 million, with the state paying 26.7 percent, the city chipping in 22.7 percent and the team paying 50.6 percent. That breaks down to $398 million for the state, $150 million upfront from the city and $427 million upfront from the Vikings.

The city and the Vikings will also be required to pay operating and capital expenses. Those additional costs bring their totals to $338.7 million for Minneapolis and $754.1 million for the team, respectively.

“This is an exciting moment because here we are, at the cusp of getting this done,” said Vikings owner Zygi Wilf. “We look forward to bringing this project forward to the legislature and to the people for consideration.”

Officials say this stadium will be modeled after the Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis. The stadium will also include a large public plaza.

Ted Mondale said the goal is to have the Vikings spend only one season playing at TCF Bank Stadium.

The stadium is expected to draw more than one million visitors annually into the community — through high school and collegiate sports, events and Vikings games. A major league soccer franchise could also be included in the plan.

The stadium will be owned and operated by a new Stadium Authority — with three members appointed by Dayton and two members appointed by the city.

Vikings owner Mark Wilf said this agreement represents a real compromise.

“This location is the most cost-efficient stadium alternative,” he said. “We have an opportunity to leverage existing infrastructure, including highways, the Hiawatha Light Rail line and the future Central Corridor.”

Dayton said a stadium vote needs to happen this year. The stadium agreement is contingent upon legislative approval and the support of the Minneapolis City Council. Dayton admitted the latter will be a challenge, but they’re ready to work to come to an agreement. Legislative authors expect to introduce stadium legislation on Monday.

Minneapolis Stadium Site Plan

Minneapolis Stadium: By The Numbers

Minneapolis Stadium Financing Plan

minneapolis stadium specs Lawmakers, Vikings Announce Stadium Deal

(credit: Minnesota Vikings)

vikings stadium minneapolis Lawmakers, Vikings Announce Stadium Deal

(credit: Minnesota Vikings)

Web Extra: Gov. Dayton Announces Stadium Deal

Comments (182)
  1. Wilson says:

    If you add up the numbers 150 million construction, 180 million operating cost, 400 million from Minnesota that`s 770 million for the taxpayers of Minnesta, and How do we recoop that money? Where and when is the payoff, when can we expect a return? The Vikings kick in 427 million not even half and have a new stadium rent free, operating cost free, upkeep free for 30 years, and can recoop their money as well a profit leaving the tax payers to support them. sounds like a good deal if you own the team.

    1. Nate says:

      I’m pretty sure the construction and operating costs were part of that 400 million so it still remains at 400 million.

    2. johndoe says:

      please tell me why the operating costs and upkeep are free for the vikings?

    3. MN Atheist says:

      Read the article…

      The city and the Vikings will also be required to pay operating and capital expenses. Those additional costs bring their totals to $338.7 million for Minneapolis and $754.1 million for the team, respectively

    4. Murph says:

      By my calculations your great,great.and even greater grandchildren will be paying for this for..hmmm… Don’t worry about it !!… The amount of carbon dioxide from burning nat gas ,diesel fuel oil, coal, jet fuel and wood, if added together equals the end of the world by the end of the month! Unless there are two or more major volacanic eruptions and spring comes a little late this year.Your life expectancy is at least April and perhaps as late as July.Unless of course there are early forest fires and the President doesn’t jump start the switch to ALGAE! Of course YOU think I’m kidding! Contact me in August as you are sucking the last vapor of breathable oxygen off of the poison ivy or frog pond! Armeggadon is just ONE vote away! Go with algae fuel,it will burn in your oil furnace and diesal truck engines ,as is,right NOW! The Prez is NOT b.s …. ing you about that!

  2. angus says:

    The rich white boys have their new toy and they stick it to the middle class and poor, most of whom can not afford to go to a game. Meantime Minneapolis can not afford sufficient police and fire fighters. How many more deaths and other crime will occur before corrective action is taken? This does not bother the rich, they live in well protected rich suburbs and show their contempt for others.

    1. Gawd's Fools says:

      Watch this one – I just pulled $1,000,000,000,000,000.00 out of a hat.
      Pretty damnnn cool eh !
      My next $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 will be to provide gold plated entrance ramps to the new-to-be Stillwater Bridge.

      After that, if my hat has not collapsed from mis-use and abuse I just may have enough money to patch the holes on Chicago Ave for a few blocks around the Holy Stadium. If not well I know you all will be happy to chip in at a later date

    2. jackactionzero says:

      Oh, I guess just all the double spins and tap dances and bullchit. Other than that we all feelin’ warm and fuzzy. I do think having a pro team in town is worth a few bucks. But not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not ….
      regardless, all you fruitcakes no longer can whine about this being a welfare state I guess.
      Add up what’s going out in total to the various teams, pro and college. Makes the actual welfare costs seem trivial.
      I want next a light rail to say Atlanta to haul in some ho’s for the boys….in and out so they don’t have to live here and all.
      bloody great idea !

    3. sick of whiners says:

      Hey Angus, stop asking for everyone else to bail out your North Minneapolis problem. The only way to truly stop the violence & crime is for the residents to take responsibility for their own & not stand for it any more. Everyone needs to get over the whole “it’s not MY fault, someone else needs to do this” mentality.

  3. Ryan says:

    I like the republicans proposal of low interest loan packages. What’s wrong with that? I think politicians might be getting paid off by ziggy in exchange for stadium support against the will of the people. Referendum on these deals is required by law..

  4. let 'em go says:

    The area around the dome is already a ghost town crawling with drug peddlers, bums, and thieves. What would a new stadium do, attract a higher class of drug peddlers, bums and thieves? Or just provide them with fresh victims? And why should the entire state subsidize the businesses that are there ( and I highly doubt there’s fifty)?

    1. altavista says:

      When was the last time that you were in downtown Minneapolis? Where do you live? The reason there were no decent businesses near the Metrodome is because of the fan base of the Vikings. It is the same with any stadium. The Twins stadium has not generated any high tax paying business around it in two years. Anything that has been developed was already there or planned. The Minneapolis Downtown Council has made one mistake after another because of the kinds of businesses that they promoted. We don’t want a copy of the sleaziest parts of Las Vegas here. That is why Block E failed. As soon as we saw the line up of businesses for it we knew that it was doomed.

  5. E Kern says:

    I’m from Wisconsin and my husband is a avid Vickings fan but I do not come to the games because of the hell hole of where it is. Good luck trying to fill anouther stadium.

  6. R U Joking says:

    Yesterday’s news – We have a nice surplus
    Today’s new – Vikes get their stadium

    R U Joking me ?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      It’s apparent you don’t understand what a “projected surplus” means…

      Take an Econ class before piping in with your totally uneducated comment.

      How embarrassing for you…

      1. Kevin says:

        Was thinking the same thing. Evidently you dont need even need a middle school education to get one here a spout off some insanely asinine drivel.

        1. stubby says:

          You’re living proof of that.

      2. Accounting 1001 says:

        When you borrow 2 billion dollars, you don’t really have a surplus.

  7. EJ says:

    It’s about time! So glad to hear a bit of great news for a change, All of you nay-sayers can go cry in your soup! As for E Kern ….there has never been a problem filling the Metro-dome, don’t know why they would have a problem now. GO VIKES!!!!!!

    1. Captain Obvious says:

      This isn’t a deal, it’s a proposal.
      It has to get through the state and city governments.

      That’s an awful lot of people for Piggy WIlf to bribe and corrupt.

  8. Nostradamus says:

    If public stadiums are such a good investment, why don’t they use all the money they made from the Dome to pay for a new stadium?

    Is it possible they are a bunch of lying thieves?

    1. sarn says:

      Don’t forget public education. The most expensive lower third state ranked program in Minnesota.

      1. sarn says:

        I speak perfect English. I am not Somali (or Somalian in your dictionary), Hispanic, nor am I Asian. My children are of no concern to the public education system as they attend private school so sterilizing me will not fix anything. I choose not to have any more kids though as 2 is enough for me if that makes you happy, and guess what, I pay for 100% of their expenses and you don’t have to chip in a dime. My point was that money is not fixing public education yet liberals insist on showering it with cash flow over and over again. Thanks for your two cents though.

      2. Jeff says:

        You seem to be ignorant of the fact that our ancestors did not speak English when they immigrated to Minnesota — Swedes, Norwegians, Germans mostly. It took a generation for them to be assimilated. The groups you talk about do assimilate, but it takes a generation, again. And to this day Swedes, Germans and Norwegians still celebrate their culture, or what they know of it. The Somalians, Hispanics, and Asians add to the richness of the culture, not detract from it. I also challenge you to go to the Franklin Literacy center and work with students and refugees who are here legally, and work hard at multiple jobs and study long hours to learn a language and pass a citizenship test. Let’s not forget that this country was all home to Native Americans. Do you speak Ojibwe?

        1. jackactionhero says:

          What part of Somalian culture adds to the “richness” of our own? Just curious…

          1. Jeff says:

            No jacka…hero, I wouldn’t presume that anyting could add to the richness of your one-dimensional, beer-swilling, couch-dwelling existance.

            Some actually prefer an existence where people do not all look the same and eat the same food and enjoy the same past times. Even music — the most mainstream of musical traditions unwittingly borrows from worldwide cultures.

            The point about Ojibwe was just to say that when European settlers came here, they did not all assimilate with the people who were already here. They pushed them aside and imposed their European culture. Ojibwe was spoken (by Ojibwe), but Indians have had to assimilate to European culture to survive. I just think Jacka..hero’s stance is hypocritical and myopic. I focused on the Scandinavians as they have been the predominant historical cultures in Minnesota, but the argument can and should be extended to include others.

            1. jackactionhero says:

              I’m not sure which comment of mine you are responding to, Jeff, or why you choose to insult me and call me names.

              My family came over here from Europe and Scandinavia and knew English already. They were not settlers who pushed out the Native Americans.

              I’m neither hypocritical nor myopic, and your accusation of it is unwarranted.

          2. Grynch says:

            For instance… When engaging in cultural activities that involve going somewhere, we now have the option of taking a cab.

        2. Peace says:

          Actually there was allot more than just scandanavian’s that settled here. Let’s not forget about the Fins, Irish, Italians, the list goes on.

          Also there is some proof that the firest settlers were not Asians (Indians), rather Europeans. There are new artifact findings that at least puts previous beliefs into question. Also most Indians don’t speak Ojibwe today. Most don’t want to learn it because it’s too hard. I know, I’m an Indian and have many Indian friends. In fact, most of us have Indian friends because so many people have Indian blood in them and don’t even know it.

        3. Ace says:

          Nobody mentioned the Dakota indians. They were here first

          1. Jeff says:

            I was making a general point — point is that the European settlers did not speak the language (but a handful of them, anyway) of the people whose land this was. But now we, their ancestors, seem to feel that everyone who comes here should speak OUR language immediately.

    2. jackactionzero says:

      sssssssssssssssssssssssssh – we gotta get this passed and then you can tell the truth and spit out the facts. 🙂

    3. Jeanne says:

      B as in B.
      S as in S.

      They lie. They DO say it is an investment. You are a gullible dupe. A hapless victim. I would feel sorry for you but you are costing us non-stupid people a lot of money.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        You’re against financing a stadium with pull tab money? Why?

        What money will this cost you? Please be specific, Jeanne.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        You are the stupid people if you read that and think you are going to have to pay anything at all for the stadium.

        Get a degree in something Jeanne and get off your fat tractor a55…

  9. FinallyBigLeague says:

    A thousand bucks says you live in a second or third ring suburb and you never venture downtown. Just stick to Applebees and strip malls.

    1. Finally says:

      I’m thinking Lakeville…..

    2. Kevin says:

      Wow…if your willing to wager a grand on some frivelous bet….you should have no problem helping to pay for the stadium. Thanks!!!

  10. FinallyBigLeague says:

    For all these small minded whiners…. I have two words for you. Sioux Falls.
    Plenty of strip malls and chain restaurants for all of you.

    1. what? says:

      What does the city of Sioux Falls, which is dwarfed by the Twin Cities, have to do with a new stadium in Minneapolis?

      1. Kevin says:

        If this guy is too dense to get the reference…dont waste time explaining anything to that small of mind. Flash something shiney in front of the genius and he will go away for atleast a few days.

        1. what? says:

          I live twenty miles from Sioux Falls. They are in the process of upgrading their facilities and planning new ones for the teams in the city. So what is the point of the reference. As if their are no strip malls or chain eateries in the Twin Cities? Being called dense and small minded by a racist twit like you is an extreme compliment.

          1. Kevin says:

            I’m not the Kevin you are thinking of. Not racist in the least. I know who you are refering too though, and i frankly agree with you.

            And here it is: We already live in fly-over country. If we want to be a zero destination mid-west city like Souix Falls or Des Moines….then by all means, lets get rid of ever single pro-sports team we have. If we care to compete with the likes of Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, etc….we need a pro football team. It gives out state national exposure, for the fans, it gives us a common theme to rally around.

            1. what? ahhhh ok says:

              Thank you very much for the clarification. It is appreciated. I see your point.

  11. luvs says:

    As long as there is a referendum I am all for it. Let the people decide.

    1. Mayhem says:

      Guess youre not all for it.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Let them decide what? They don’t stand to pay anything, so why should they do a referendum? Do you even know what a referendum is for? Why are you commenting at all on this?

    3. Jeff says:

      That’s why we elect representatives. Referendums are manipulative acts of political cowardice to avoid taking responsibility for a big issue. How much tax money is wasted on manipulative referendums?

      1. Jill says:

        We have referendums on school bonds.

        Are you saying the stadium is too important an issue to be left to the voters?

        Are you saying the stadium is more important than children’s education?

        You are an ass.

        1. jackactionhero says:


          No tax dollars will be used.

          What exactly is your objection?

  12. FinallyBigLeague says:

    Referendums are a waste of time and negate the entire reason for having elected officials. 99% of the voting public are clueless when it comes to projects of this magnitude. In addition, there’s never been a single proposal involving tax dollars that’s survived a referendum. Why? Because people only hear the punchline and act like sheep (Tax dollars? Hell no!) By electing officials, the public have already put the people in place to represent them in these matters. We elected them to do their homework and see through what’s best for the community. Let ’em do it!

    1. luvs says:

      School referendums pass all the time.

      1. Mayhem says:

        Really, youre comparing school referendums to a stadium bill?

        I guess FinallyBigLeague has a point in his first two sentences of his comment.

        1. luvs says:

          Yes I am. A school referendum will increase how much I pay in taxes more than a stadium would.

          1. Mayhem says:

            What school district do you live in that school referendums are held for HUNDREDS of millions of dollars – almost a billion????

            Gald I dont live there!

          2. jackactionhero says:

            Did you miss the part about how you WON’T HAVE YOUR TAXES USED FOR THE STADIUM??

            How can you be so thick??

            1. Jeff says:

              You are naive to think that our taxes won’t pay for the stadium. I believe the article said the state and county are on the hook for about 600 million. It may not come from the general fund, but that’s not the same as saying it won’t come from taxes.

              1. Christine says:

                Referendums for schools.
                But this is too important to leave to the voters?

                Are You Kidding?

                Contact your representative and start screaming.


                1. Mayhem says:

                  ahahahahahahahhahahaahahha….ok Christine, theyre on my call list now.

                  Ill show ’em!

                  You are a naive and angry little taxpayer, arent we?

                2. Jeff says:

                  I don’t believe in referendums. We elect represntatives to educate themselves on the nuances and details of public policy. If we don’t like how someone votes we vote someone else in. Referendums are dangerous, as people are swayed by massive campaigns that pander to the least common denominator and scare tactics, and facts hardly get in the way.

                  Those who believe schools have all this money are apparently unaware that teachers and staff end up bringing in their own materials, bring in paper for the students, even snacks for the kids because the kids are hungry during school. Before you criticize school funding, spend a week volunteering at a school.

              2. Mayhem says:

                Then I guess you wont be gambling………

                1. Jeff says:

                  All that money is not coming from gambling.

                2. Mayhem says:

                  I’m sorry, when I don’t have a rational argument, I lash out like a small spoiled child.

                  I can’t help being an angry fool.

                  Zygi, please take my money away from me, it will make me happy.

              3. jackactionhero says:

                Naive? It’s in writing in the proposal isn’t it?

                So you’re saying they’re lying about the pull tab part then?

              4. jackactionhero says:

                Oh really?

                Please be specific in telling me where it will come from, if “I’M” the naive one….

            2. Learn to Read says:

              Jack: Did YOU miss the part where “the state (will be) paying 26.7 percent, (with) the city chipping in 22.7 percent”, or do you just not understand what that means? Where do you think the state gets its money? Or the city? Do they just print their own? No! It means TAXES.

              1. jackactionhero says:


                You learn to read. Didn’t you read the part where that money is from Pull Tabs?

                They said no taxes from General Fund will be used. Which part of that confuses you so much?

    2. Robert says:

      FinallyBigLeague- Sounds like you are the only voice of reason on here. Well said!

    3. now you trust them says:

      Hilarious. When you want your precious stadium, the people are clueless sheep and should blindly trust the politicians they may or may not have voted for. What elitist tripe. The Vikings will get their stadium, have no fear. And as with every other stadium, the promise that it will not be paid for with taxes will be broken.

  13. FinallyBigLeague says:

    When tax dollars are SHIFTED, yes…. never when they’re increased.

  14. Gator says:

    13,000 jobs and a new home for our beloved vikings. Whats the problem? The Vikings are a part of Minnesota history so for all you non sport people, just pretend its a theatre and zip it!

    1. Tom says:

      well put. totally agree.

    2. go Vikings says:

      The viqueens are “beloved” by a precious few, and their part in Minnesota history is brief and inconsequential. They are a professional sports team, not a cultural asset. They will get their stadium, and inevitably the tax payers will end up paying for part of it. They always promise otherwise, but it is always a sham. One can love sports and not love the Vikings.

      1. Kevin says:

        That is your view….and it is partial. Congrats…you’ve been heard. That my no means makes your opinion fact. I would argue they are a big part of MN entertainment history. They are both a pro sports team and a cultural asset…not to you perhaps….but they are to many others. Thus the new stadium and keeping them around for another 30 years.

        I get you dont love the Vikings…but i get the feeling you are to bright to be so obtuse and righteous in your OPINION.

        1. go Vikings says:

          Yeah, you’re right. Sports are a part of our culture. I suppose even if the tax payers do pay for part of it, we’ve certainly spent our money on a lot dumber things than a new home for the Vikings. I was thrilled as a kid to meet a couple of the Purple People Eaters at a promo event. I guess I shouldn’t harsh out on them over a stadium that is obviously going to be built.

          1. Jeff says:

            Sports may be part of YOUR culture but not the majority’s culture.

            It’s NOT “obviously” going to be built. Repeating lies in print doesn’t make the come true.

            It is obvious any politician who votes for this will be in the unemployment line shortly.

            The media will not be able to protect them like they protected the four corrupt Hennepin County commissioners.

      2. can't fix stupid says:

        I can bet there is more Vikings fans in the state then there are Arts Lovers yet we keep pouring money into those organizations. Go Vikings

    3. Journeyone says:

      MN history? MN EMBARRASSMENT IS MORE LIKE IT. There off the field as well as on the field. What have they done for this state? The only time they were at a Super Bowl game was in 1992 when the Viqueens selling beer to the fans. Another tax payer bailout for the RICH!!!!
      Shame on our elected officials.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        They’ve been in 2 Superbowls in my life. Does Minnesota not deserve major sports franchises like the other large metropolitan areas of the country? Or are you really suggesting that we are the poorest people in the nation…. Well?

    4. Tax Payer says:

      There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


      Google it yourself: Publicly financed stadiums

      1. Mayhem says:

        You keep bringing these websites up that have nothing to do with the issue. If you’d read the article, people wouldnt be making fun of you.

        Unless you have something on gambler subsidized stadiums – stfu.

        Dont like it? DONT GAMBLE!

      2. Brett says:

        Look up the catastrophe that has happened in Cincinatti, after the Bengals got their new stadium. It’s all over the internet. Ignore it if you want, just don’t complain if we end up in the same DITCH as they did.

    5. Richard Ratcliff says:

      Dude – 13,000 jobs? You should get one selling hot dogs for 20 bucks a day. You were just ponzied for a half billion dollars by a billionaire. Let me guess, you like watching the Vikings on TV.

    6. Greg says:

      13,000 jobs. Please list the all of the full time jobs this will create for the 30 years that this stadium will be in use. What a joke.

    7. WESWON says:

      Incorrect, I am a sports person! The good news is I have been here for all 51 years of the Vikings loosing history. The bad news is they have appeared in 5 super bowls and embarrassed themselves 5 times. That is they LOST all 5!!! Now if you think that 51 years without a super bowl victory is a good deal and John Q. Public should continue to subsidize the billionaires of the world and build them a new stadium, I feel sorry for you. You can still be a Viking fan when they move to some other venue and then they can suck the money out of those folks.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        They’ve been in 4 Superbowls. When was the 5th?

        Also, you apparently didn’t read the article. Your tax dollars won’t be used. So where is the “John Q Public” money you were referring to?

        Pull tabs. That’s the source of the money. You’re against funding a stadium with pull tabs? Why?

  15. 21Dort says:


    1. Kevin says:

      You are litterally talking gibberish. Go back to school, learn English, then try to communicate your thoughts in a coherent manner, so that all may understand.

      In the meantime….i would suggest you just keep crying. That is sure to make things better in your miserable existance of a life.

  16. jackactionhero says:

    What tax dollars?

    Did you not read the article? No General Fund Tax dollars will be used.

    1. Gawd's Fools says:

      Watch this one – I just pulled $1,000,000,000,000,000.00 out of a hat.
      Pretty damnnn cool eh !
      My next $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 will be to provide gold plated entrance ramps to the new-to-be Stillwater Bridge.

      After that, if my hat has not collapsed from mis-use and abuse I just may have enough money to patch the holes on Chicago Ave for a few blocks around the Holy Stadium. If not well I know you all will be happy to chip in at a later date.

      1. Neato says:

        So true!! We will just start printing funny money. Minneapolis can’t even afford to educate their children, but they can afford to operate a stadium….wow!

        1. Tito says:

          PEOPLE…ever heard of a cost/benefit analysis? The benefit of building this stadium and keeping the team here far outweighs the costs. Jobs created, state revenue to busineses, taxes paid by pro athletes and on the stadium revenues, etc. Stop complaining, and start cheering. This is great news for MN.

          1. Spin Doctor says:

            Dance with me paople, just dance with me

          2. Gary Lee says:

            Having written a few cost-benefit analyses, I’ve noticed that most of the costs are estimated very conservatively, with most projects ending up costing more, and all of the expected benefits are wildly optmistic gusses at best. You don’t base a cost-benefit analysis on facts, you base it on a very biased look into a crystal ball. Otherwise all of those failed shoping malls, civic centers, industrial parks, museums, stadiums and the like which dot the landscape all over the country would be wildly successful, like their respective cost-benefit analyses said they would be.

          3. PositiveSpinnerGuy says:

            Absolutely agree. Anyone ever check the dome schedule…it’s not just used for the Vikings 10 games…it get used for most of the year by organizations that pay to use it. Everytime it’s used there are many people employed there to run gates, consessions, security, etc. It won’t just be a “Vikings” owned facility.

            1. Hal says:

              The current events calendar shows only baseball games and the chance to use the concourses for indoor running for the next 2 months. There will not be baseball at the new facility. I don’t think providing an indoor running surface is a big draw.

        2. Brett says:

          Pretty bad comparison, neato. Minneanapolis spends more per pupil than any school district in the state, yet has the worst results, for the past SEVERAL years.
          I guess what you are saying though, is that more money doesn’t buy success.

          1. Darryl says:

            Let me guess, you are a North High geaduate. When you have the highest percentage of English as a second language students in the state you have a battle to teach the students. Minneapolis also has the highest proportion of low SES students. There is a correlation between SES and educational performance. I know all of this went over your head.

    2. Learn to Read says:

      “…the state paying 26.7 percent, the city chipping in 22.7 percen…t”

      THOSE tax dollars. Or do you think that the state and the city just print their own money?

      1. jacob says:

        They say it’s coming from electronic pull tabs. That is not a tax.
        To me it makes little difference though, as they could do the electronic pull tabs and put that money into the general fund. It’s the state governments money that they are using for a stadium.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        Speaking of Learn to Read, you should probably request WCCO delete your comment, now that you look so incredibly stupid, don’t you think?


        For the slow people in the room, like you, NO = 0….

  17. oh yay says:

    That is a good point. They are entertaining, both on the field and off.

  18. lisa says:

    Agree 100 percent !!

  19. 21Dort says:

    <> ———-the future doom will be multi uses – huh !!!!

    1. Kevin says:

      yes…building a new stadium is just like nazi germany. Very good and rational comparison. You obviously have your great analytical mind with tremendous perspective. WOW

    2. awesome idea says:

      Actually, I think the design of the Nuremburg stadium make an excellent venue for the Vikings. Instead of cheering Go Vikes, we could all yell Sieg Um Jeden Preis!

      1. Kevin says:

        Except for one small fact tarssmack…we dont live in Nuremburg, thus we wouldnt be yelling anything.

        Do you think before you type…or just scribble down whatever?

        1. but it was awesome says:

          Geez Kevin relax. I was being sarcastic in response to yet another tiresome Nazi reference. Still, the stadium in Nuremburg was awesome, but it would be impossible to put a dome over it.

    3. FinallyBigLeague says:

      Turn Caps Lock off!

  20. Shawn says:


    1. Mayhem says:

      Something to do with future pull tab purchases….pay attention.

      See? now you have a choice…dont buy gambling products if you dont wanna contrribute to the stadium.

    2. Orrest says:

      There is some sort of hotel/liquor tax already in place. It has been in enough stories that WCCO thought people would remember. Obviously not.

    3. JWar says:

      They took it from education probably…

  21. No Deal says:

    Didn’t they have a “deal” with Arden Hills not long ago? What happened to that “deal”?

  22. devel says:

    The peoples stadium??? the PEOPLE had no say in the matter at all….don’t hang my name on it…..and ofcourse there will be overruns that the state will pick up…

    1. Mayhem says:

      OK, Good…..Devel down on paper as not wanting his name on the stadium…gotchya…thanks for playing!

      Actually it shoud should be “The Gamblers Stadium” but that doesnt have as good a ring as “The Peoples Stadium.”

      If you dont gamble…you wont have a say. If you gamble…you have a say.

      Theres your choices. Read the article…”NO TAXES WILL BE USED.”

  23. Zippy W says:

    I just commited a fabulous extortion. Ha ha, suckers.

    1. Spin Doctor says:

      No one ever said a sports fan had an IQ over 90.
      Cheers to failure, both the Hapless Purple and the new toilet they will build.
      In 20–25 years we will be back sucka, we WILL be back. LMFAO

  24. jackactionzero says:

    oh but I do……and I won’t 😉

  25. aaron says:

    The deal sucks for everybody except Zygi, Rybak, Johnson, and Mondale. Even the beer soaked purple face painted mono-brains won’t be happy even though they’re all screaming “victory.” (It’s in Minneapolis, it’s just a semi-glorified dome exactly like the one already there, and … ha, no tailgating.)

    Our politicians are losers just like the 51 year “no success” Vikings are. What an enormous waste of money.

    1. jacob says:

      Anyone who has been to a modern stadium knows this isn’t true. The new stadium will benefit fans, bigger concourses, scoreboards, better food, more bathrooms ect. As a season ticket holder I’m stoked.

  26. Nancy says:

    This article misrepresents the percentages and dollars. Sure, 398 + 150 + 427 = 975, but 398 is not 26.7% of 975 – it’s more like 40%! If you are going to report on something it is better to get your facts straight. Either report on the construction costs (of which the state is putting in more than 26.7%) or total costs, but don’t mix them up.

    1. Bummed says:

      Agree! fuzzy math?

  27. Diane says:

    Look at the dollars and the percentages. I’ve forgotten my arithmetic or something doesn’t add up.

  28. Bummed says:

    The numbers do not add up! if those are the percentages they are not the cost! this should be the correct breakdown.
    if 975 million

    26.70%= 260.325 they said 398
    22.70%= 221.325 they said 150
    50.60%= 493.35 they said 427

    if state pays 398 that is 40.821%
    if city pays 150 million that is 15.385%
    if Vikes pay 427million that is 43.795%

    Fuzzy Math here? It does not add up! they way they say so who is wrong!

    1. Slim says:

      WCCO… Please look at the stats and clarify or correct it for everyone!

  29. Erica says:

    The percentages listed in the article do not match up with the dollar amounts listed. Are the percentages accurate?

  30. common sense says:

    14,000 jobs?? How many of these jobs are going to be minimum wages jobs that aren’t worth a damn to begin with?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Approximately ZERO.

      Next question?

  31. Level headed says:

    I think we should all simmer down and look at this realistically. A city/state/metro area who has a team for each of the 4 major sports is a good thing. Ticket sales, jobs, food sales, parking, merchandise sales, and so on ALL generate tax dollars that go right back into our local state governments. They also generate revenue for the folks that work at those event centers, the parking lot attendants, small and large business owners selling merchandise and so on…. Whether you are a sports fan or not – These venues hold events like concerts, Disney on ice and more – all that bring in revenue of some sort. What is wrong with that?!?!

  32. Drop Kick says:

    The same dummies who built an inferior stadium to begin with are at it again.
    It was just announced that for every new project approve that something equal in value would have to be cut. So what have they agreed to cut? I hope it’s the Capitol, and it caves in on all those dummiess.

  33. EVZ says:

    Old buddy of mine used to say: There’s three kinds of people in the world: those who understand numbers, and those who don’t. Keep your eye on the shiny thing in Ziggy’s hand………

  34. xxx says:

    Report the facts correctly.
    If the state spends ANY money – for the stadium, it will be coming from the TAX PAYERS.

    ALL state money comes from tax payers.
    For that matter, all city money comes from the TAX Payers.

    So, the vast majority of this stadium will be paid for by residents of the state of MN who pay taxes.

    By the way, who is paying back the big bill we had from our last state budget?
    Shouldn’t the state be paying back its current bills before taking on new bills?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Not pull tab income, buddy.

      Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about…. Again… LOL

  35. MightyDude says:

    Lets see, the Vikings will play about 10 games (days) per year the other 355 are for what? AND contribute a little more than 50% sounds like the Vikings are more than generous.
    And owned by the Stadium Authority!

    1. deltadawn says:

      Roger that MD!

  36. bucky says:

    perfect – billionare welfare.
    13000 jobs? really, 13000 jobs. are they mixing concrete by hand ?

    1. Nate says:

      Mixing concrete, driving trucks to deliver raw materials from other locations, architecture, crane operators, backhoe operators, scissor lift operators, supervisors, project managers, dozer operators, electricians, sound equipment installation specialists, random guys that do odd jobs like climbing ladders with a tool belt, hot dog vendors, beer vendors, security, ushers, cooks, janitors, the list goes on, and on, and on.

      1. JWar says:

        Don’t they have ushers, beer vendors, cooks, janitors etc… already at the current stadium..?

  37. Mark says:

    The location is terrible! Why downtown Mpls? The biggest reason people do not go to the games is the current location. Parking is terrible. Everything down town is expensive. A normal family of four cannot afford to go to a game. My opion is get the stadium out of down town.

    1. The dome is always full says:

      I thought they sold out or came close to selling out every game. The new stadium is not about convenience for the people. The people will come.

  38. Elwood says:

    Should be in Arden Hills…. more parking, easier access, room for expansion etc.

  39. Gail says:

    Priorities schmiorities. The Viking’s colors are purple and gold, right? And you know today’s golden rule, right? He (or she) who has the gold rules.

  40. kp says:

    Just remember to vote in November—
    any one that voted for the taxpayer of Minnesota to pay for a stadium gets to look for a new job. They play 8 times a year but they need a new place to call home How many games did they win last year? They played how many games last year?

    1. EJ says:

      I WILL vote in November, for all who voted yes for a new stadium. Go Vikes!

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Why would the taxpayer pay for the stadium?

      The proposal clearly says pull tab revenue. Did you miss that?

  41. Nate says:

    There are no economic benefits to tax subsidized stadiums. In fact it won’t even create jobs at all. The stadium will be built by robots, operated by computers, and all of the surrounding business will turn into non-profit organizations.

    -insert website with biased criteria here-
    -and here-
    -and here-
    -and here-

    Google it: football ballparks Minnesota Vikings

    Contact your local legislature and tell them that you know it’s too late to tell them how you feel but you want to complain about it anyways.

    -insert link to legislatures website here-

    1. Nate says:

      I just read my own post and realized how stupid I am.


  42. Mark says:

    Get the stadium out of Mpls!! Most of the reason people do not go to games is it is to expensive. Parking, city taxes and just plain every thing is expensive. A normal family of four simply can not afford to go to a game. Move the stadium out of Mpls!!!!

  43. Bubba says:

    I hear Brett Favre and Donova Mc Nabb are scheduled to sing the national anthem at the stadium’s inaugural game. Skol Vikings lets lose the game, we like to put Miinnesota to shame…..

  44. Veteran says:

    I hope the city council stands their ground and votes against this nonsense. Business is a private matter, dealing with private capital. Fascism is the connection between state corruption and business and that’s what this amounts to.

    We have homeless women and children in this state that should be in line first, not rich, able-bodied millionarres

    1. jacob says:

      Non-sense. Business and government work together all the time. Everything government does has an effect and is influenced by business.
      I assume you are also against the city building a civic center that will be rented private businesses?

    2. jackactionhero says:


      So no money should be spent on any sort of entertainment for the public, until all of our money has propped up the homeless.

      Repeat after me…. DUHHHHH


      That’s what I hear when I read your comments. They are mindless and pointless. Not a great combination if you’re trying to make a point.

      If you want to help homeless women, go do so all on your own, buddy. But don’t tell me it’s my job to do it because you want to.

  45. mnbornandraised says:

    Naming rights.

    Vikings Inc. have made sure that they get the naming rights, which they will sell off for, anyone? Anyone? How about $400 million?

    The Twins have worked very hard to keep their naming rights deal with Target secret, but Bloomberg was able to locate the numbers: $125 million. Twins’ initial ‘contribution’ to the project: $130 million.

    For our Governor to push this plan, without being crystal clear regarding the real financial deal, is a sorry comment on the state of our state and nation.

    1. jacob says:

      They worked the best deal they could. Yes Vikings ownership is going to make a great deal of money, but the state gets to what they want too, keeping the vikings.

  46. pumphandle says:

    Thank you, we’re all paying for it, and i could care less, people get a decent job nickels and dimes don’t matter, perhaps you should have done somethin g with your lives.

  47. JWar says:

    I just have a question…. where can I get a low interest loan for $400 million… It’s funny how many people are losing their houses because they are paying 8,10,15% interest on their mortgage that they can’t get reduced because of new government restrictions to not extend credit…why not borrow money at 2% to state taxpayer to pay off their high interest mortgages or consolidate debt…why are we giving it to some rich a%$hole for a team that doesn’t even win half their games! The average family can’t even watch them anyways because they can’t afford the outrageous ticket prices. The rich get richer, taxpayers lose, and the poor get F*%$ed.

    1. pumphandle says:

      If you have a mortgage with 8% interest you deserve to lose your house, you’re a birth defect for accepting that loan.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Pull tab revenue = giving people money? LOL

      We’ll file your comment under the heading of “Unclear on the Concept.”

      Thanks for the laugh anyway…

  48. FinallyBigLeague says:

    Just an observation.
    Read the story…. then read the last comment given before mine.
    THIS is the problem with referendums. The general population gets so wrapped up in their little bubble that they forget the big picture. Here’s a story on a metropolitan venue that will serve a sports team, in addition to other events… and the last comment deals with European settlers and the English language. ‘CCO should cease allowing commentary. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

    1. Brett says:

      The “big picture” is this: it insures that a BILLION dollar stadium will be built for the 1% of citizens who can afford to go to a game or be handsomely rewarded. The other 99% get to watch a LOSER of a team that has NEVER won a Super Bowl, and NEVER WILL, due to the politics of the NFL, or the neverending incompentence of NFL refs. If you can’t see the nonsense behind this stupid idea, it’s too late to help you now.

      1. pumphandle- says:

        Wow, I can afford to go to a game, didnt realize I was part of the 1% geez im successful.

  49. Metrodome Defender says:

    At least this assures 30 more years of accelerated economic development (housing, retail, dining, entertainment) that was catalyzed by the Metrodome.

  50. Koch Suite says:

    I hope the seats are Extra Wide for the new generation of fans.

  51. Tom S says:

    The money going for this is an irresponsible subsidization of the rich while the education system and road systems that has suffered in Minnesota and benefits EVERYONE has suffered. This deal struck behind closed doors and without public input reeks of corruption in state government and shows that the current lawmakers have no interest whatsoever in transparency or input from the public whose tax dollars they are WASTING on this. Come November 2012, the people of Minnesota should remember this and vote BOTH the DFL and Republicans out. It is obvious they do not represent what the majority of the people want.

    1. Joe says:

      Are you kidding me, this has been in the news the past 2 years. All of the plans have be made and remade in the public forum. to say this has not been out in the open is a straight up lie!!!!

    2. jackactionhero says:

      What tax dollars, Tom?

      Can you copy and paste the line from the proposal that specifically states they will be taking your tax dollars and using it for a stadium against your will?

      Please do so, or STFU already with your nonsense. Seriously. What part of NO TAX DOLLARS confuses you so much?

  52. Brett says:

    What, no contribution from the NFL, like the Cowboys got (150 million)? What’s up with that? The NFL is LOADED with CASH, and the Vikes have given them some really good TV revenues over the past 3 years. Time to pay up, NFL, otherwise, I say, NO DEAL.

    1. Frankie says:

      Many times it has been reported the NFL’s donattion was icluded in what tthe Vikingss pay. Since you could remember stories about the Cowboys and not the Vikings it givess new mwaning to the term NO BRAINER,

  53. Piggy WIlf says:

    Does anyone know where I can get pictures of Minneapolis City council members having sex with barnyard animals?

    I’m going to have to really play dirty to make them give up their principles.

  54. Jason says:

    Where is my post?

  55. rick says:

    think Im done payin frickin taxes!!! hope you jock sniffers are happy as hell!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      You mindless buffoon.

      What tax dollars of yours would go to to finance the stadium under this proposal? Since you’re too stupid to figure it out, I’ll just tell you. ZERO!!!

      So what is your objection? Idiot…..

  56. Bob from S MN says:

    Just guessing since they just replaced the roof on the “OLD’ stadium that insurance paid for we all get a small piece of the “new”roof from the “old ” stadium?? What a sham. Still think they should build a stadium down by Diamond Joes in Iowa. Wide open fields and a good highway. Iowa has no professional sports teams and the state makes all their money from gambleing, let them pay for it

  57. Susan says:

    If the online pull tabs don’t produce the income required…who’s on the hook?

    It should be the legislatures that vote for this scam.

  58. Finally says:

    Push this deal through now! Then I won’t have to hear anyone else cry about it for 30 years

  59. Shanley says:

    Biggest factor here is the Labor Unions, sure Ziggy poop, RT Rawhyde and Karl Marx Dayton is in bed with all of them to get this done, same with that bridge the Federal government are proposinng in Stillwater.

    Both of these projects are a waste of my TAX DOLLARS.

  60. altavista says:

    Those who live in Minneapolis and pay property taxes here do not want a stadium located in Minneapolis. The citizens do not make money off a venture like this—Those who promote this sort of thing live in the suburbs. It is always interesting to see the comments from those who live elsewhere, but degrade Minneapolis. We have trouble in downtown because businesses that were set up to attract people who like to drink themselves unconscious draw criminals. It is not up to us to baby-sit sports fans. People have spent money for homes near the metrodome that generate high rates of tax dollars for the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County. In the process, and because of the money that these people have spent on homes, decent businesses have spent money, too. The east end of Washinton Ave to the River looks attractive now. A sports stadium will never generate long term jobs that will allow people to live at anything other than the poverty line. The kinds of businesses that are wanted in Minneapolis, as well as in out-state Minnesota, are those that come from corporations wiiling to invest here. Property taxes are very high in Minneapolis. We are paying as much monthly as small town people pay in a year. Therefore we don’t expect to have to provide entertainment venues so that you can leave your home-town and act out in ways that you can’t get away with in your own environment. Decent people from small communities are welcome here. Those who come in and act like jerks are not..

  61. Ken Ricker says:

    WCCO is good BUT!!! If the news media, Governor, Legis., Pat, etc…would have spent half as much time promoting education!!!! we maybe would have a MUCH better chance at solving the money issue for education!!! Vikings have maybe 300,000 fans in MN – Education with students, teacher, school officials , parents has 3 times as many fans. WCCO must have used the stadium issue 80% of the time since Dec as a leading story – ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Ken in Pengilly

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