ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Senate Finance Committee has advanced a voter ID constitutional amendment after discussing the costs of taking such a vote.

The proposed amendment would require voters to show a state-issued photo ID at the polls.

An estimate of local and state costs for taking a vote on the amendment itself came to just over $100,000.

The longer-term costs of the amendment aren’t known because it doesn’t spell out how photo IDs would be checked in local elections.

The amendment moves to the Senate Rules Committee. The House hasn’t acted yet on the companion bill.

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Comments (14)
  1. Stanley Peterson says:

    I think voter I.D. is great. But, how will Al Franken feel when he will not be able to find those extra ballots in the sewer? Gee Whiz, he might lose his next election?

    1. Heckva Job Brownie says:

      It’s a felony…why didn’t Senator Coleman have any successful cases against these sewer rats?

      1. Tom says:

        @ Heckva Job Brownie

        That is because when Coleman tried to make case for voter fraud for one of the reasons why he lost the State Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that they found no evidence of voter fraud. And there are conservative judges on the Supreme Court and they ruled againest Coleman. So if you conservatives believe there is wide spread voter fraud which there isn’t then maybe you should email those conservatives judges and tell them they got it wrong!

        1. Stanley Peterson says:

          Conservatuve Judges in Minnesota? Who are you kidding. Do you call Miles Lord a Conservatuve Judge.? Ufta!

  2. Dave says:

    There is NO law that mandates a US citizen to carry or possess photo ID. This is not America, not South Africa during Apartheid.
    People have ID because it’s practical for day to day activity. If the state would issue approved photo ID when a person registers to vote, then I would be all for this law. Otherwise, it places the burden on those (granted very few) persons who do not have ID to pay a fee in order to vote.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      Photo IDs for voting and life in general, okay–it’s becoming a necessary evil I don’t like but will go along with. However, making it a constitutional amendment before the stated framework and operational requirements of the photo ID system will work is ludicrous and absolutely political stupid.

      Constitutional amendments should be for iron-clad principles that needs the weight of changing the [state] constitution. The Legislature is just being lazy in not passing this legislation it was elected to do. Too many amendments to the state Constitution will eventually make it weaker.

      To all those Legislators in St.Paul who think shoving off controversial legislation to the constitutional amendment process think about it–your job will be in jeopardy come next election. If you can’t pass legislation like you were elected to do then move over and let someone else do the job.

      1. stung4ever says:

        Swamp, the Legislature already passed a voter ID bill. Dayton vetoed it.

    2. Stanley Peterson says:

      Don’t prevent your Minnesota Educational systems from you not being logical?. We have too many “ratz” that vote more than once. Some ballots our even found in sewers (Franken) Just have some I.D. when you vote. One Man One Vote. Get it?….Thanks!

  3. Tom says:

    If conservatives in this state would actually show the rest of us this proof they have of this wide spread voter fraud that you are claiming then show it! But so far you haven’t proven anything! Just because you believe it exists in your little bubble doesn’t mean it exists in reality. We have had many elections in MN but in last 2 elections is where all of sudden you are claiming MAJOR PROBLEMS.

    Conservatives are only claiming wide spread voter fraud because Coleman and Emmers both lost. Now if they Coleman and Emmers would have won conservatives would not be claiming foul, you would be claiming that Coleman and Emmers won fair and square!

    1. Grynch says:

      Way to repeat yourself over and over again. We get it Tom. There is no proof of voter fraud. At least now we know that voter fraud will be prevented in the future though. I’m comfortable with knowing that it’ll be much more difficult for felons, illegal immigrants, and dead people to vote. What are the disadvantages of this anyways? Wait let me guess… poor people and old people won’t be able to vote because they typically don’t carry ID’s? LOL, that’s a joke.

      1. Stanley Peterson says:

        Grynch, You like I, were brain washed in the school systems and colleges in Minnesota. Get out in the trenches and find out how these crooks and quislings minipulate the damn system. The people there and here in California have been duped too! We are going broke. Don’t you get it? Quit listening to all those idiots. Ask questions and most of them will either get mad or run to another subject. Wise Up and get some facts. Let not talk nonsense! Thanks!

    2. Little Tin God says:

      Agree. The question is, would the GOP be pushing voter ID if Coleman and/or Emmers been elected?

    3. Little Tin God says:

      Gyrnch: There really is no proof of voter fraud. So what is your problem?

  4. Stanley Peterson says:

    One man One Vote. Not one Sewer 400 votes! Here in California we have 2 million illegals that vote with “No ID” ! Give me a break! No wonder we call you the land of the “loones” and “ticks” iln Minnesota with your DFL’s, are now called the “Lunatic” State. Play that fight song to the U of M Rouser with those words applied! Wake Up Guys!

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