ST.PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A St. Paul church says a “miracle” $15,000 donation is helping it keep its doors open.

The Grace Community United Church started to suffer financially when they lost more than 70 percent of their congregation following the pastor’s endorsement of same-sex marriage.

The largely African-American Congregationalist church says they have experienced the high cost of supporting same-sex marriage.

“Some young people, maybe age 12 or so were walking by … I said why don’t you all come to Sunday school this Sunday, and their response was, ‘We heard you are a gay church and we can’t come here,'” the Rev. Oliver White said.

It was in 2005 when White voted in favor of the United Church of Christ’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. Ever since, he says he’s been explaining the decision.

“We are not a gay church, we are church with a door that’s open to everybody,” White said.

It was a sentiment 150 former congregation members said they wouldn’t stand by.

“They take the bible very, very literally,” White said.

Despite the backlash, White, who calls himself a country preacher, is still continuing to preach what he believes is the right thing.

Last Sunday, White presented the $15,000 check from a United Church of Christ in Dallas made up mostly of gays and lesbians.

“I had to get on a life support machine following that,” White said.

For their congregation, it was one big step closer to keeping their commitment and their church alive.

“All I could think of…is God is still speaking,” said Frances Goodlow, a parishioner.

WCCO-TV tried to reach out to congregants who left the church. WCCO also asked if Minnesota for Marriage or the Minnesota Family Council wanted to release a statement.

Although the organizations didn’t respond, their websites reflect beliefs centered on the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Comments (10)
  1. M Luther says:

    So we have finally established the price of changing Christian teaching, at least by one pastor. If you pay to eliminate one Commandment, you can alter another Commandment for half price.

    1. WiscBadger says:

      @markH “10 Commandments” have absolutely nothing to do with morality”

      Really? Do you even know what the 10 commandments are?

      1. MN Atheist says:

        @WiscBadger – I tried to reply to your comment several times last night but this stupid website would not take it. Can’t figure out why. Even though markH has now replied to you I am still gonna make my point…

        He said half of them…. like no other gods before me, no praying to statues, don’t look at your neighbors property and wish you had nice stuff like that, don’t say “jesus christ!” when you hit your finger with a hammer, don’t work on Sunday…lets see, that’s five! HALF the commandments. And non of these has anything to do with morality! Now the other half, I would agree that they are pretty good rules. But they forgot a couple. How bout:

        You shall not commit an act of forced sex
        You shall not beat your children
        You shall not assault another human being
        You shall not start a war
        You shall not sell crack
        You shall not be a bigot
        You shall not own a slave or sell another human being as property

        Oh wait…never mind, the bible condones that sort of behavior. Plenty of raping and beating and war and bigotry and whatnot going on.

  2. D Hecker says:

    I have a group of used car salesmen willing to put up big bucks to get rid of that pesky “Thou Shall Not Steal” rule. What’s it gonna cost us to get rid of that one?

  3. insignificant says:

    No miracle money,just a donation from another perverted church.Gays are allowed into the assemblies of the Most High God>to repent.Synagog of Satan teachings run rampant in todays church’s.Thats why they are called churches>Church/Circe/Circus

    1. gcr says:

      After reading your post… Name fits

      1. insignificant says:

        yes…truth is insignificant to those spirits who choose pluralty,which is the incorporation of pagan concepts into their christian sect,eh?

        1. jackactionhero says:

          What should be done to gays? It’s clear you wish the U.S. would establish laws banning it, so what should the punishment be for those who refuse to stop? You obviously feel entitled to decide for everybody, right?

  4. Hateisthenew11thcommandment says:

    Because remember, in the bible, it says love thy neighbor*

    *unless your neighbor is gay. Or a woman. Or one of those brown people.

  5. redneck purist says:

    A heart warming outpouring of idiocy.

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