MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It might be one of the biggest issues in the upcoming presidential election. Last night, CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were an important factor in their vote.

The poll reflects growing consumer anxiety as gas prices have risen nearly 50 cents a gallon in just over two months.

Consumers have been telling us they are cutting corners because for most driving is a necessity.

In Minnesota the average price is 3-58. The current national average for a gallon of regular is 3-76, but some analysts are predicting that gas could rise to $5 by the summer.

When you are an independent contractor like Tod Matthison, driving 200 to 300 miles a day, rising gas prices mean a smaller paycheck

“I average five hundred to eight hundred dollars a month in gas expense so it really cut into our overhead,” said

Matthison says he would like to cut back, but he can’t

“It’s scary, but what do you do? I have been doing this for 20, 25 years,” said Matthison.

Voters in Super Tuesday contests say gas prices were the most critical factor in their vote. The candidate who made the most dramatic promise to lower gas prices was Newt Gingrich, who said his plan that emphasizes expanded drilling would make gas $2.50 a gallon.

Voters clearly didn’t buy Gingrich’s promise he only won his home state of Georgia. Consumers should be wary of any guarantees, according to one Carlson School of Management Professor. He says the volatility in prices in recent years make fturue prices impossible to

“We don’t know if anybody tells you they know if gas prices are going up or down they just believe in their own magic,”

On Wednesday in Washington D.C., there was a hearing where Republicans and Democrats offered very different views of how to deal with this issue from a policy perspective: Democrats are urging conservation and tax breaks for electric vehicles with Republicans urging a dramatic expansion of drilling.

So, according to the exit polls, that division will be a key factor in elections this fall.

Esme Murphy

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  1. Pundit says:

    77% of the people question YOUR intelligence.

    High gas prices will kill any chance of recovery, growth and jobs.

    1. fourechodog says:

      Strange, it was all the Pres.’s fault in ’08…anccording to Sen. Obama, the Dems and the media.

      1. swcoolbreeze says:

        Dems say they can’t control how much gas prices goes up, but they sure have done nothing these past forty years to keep them down. No to drilling, no to keystone pipeline, no to nuclear power, no to sound fiscal policy. Yes to crony solar energy capitalists, yes to seaweed, yes to more regulations, yes to environmentalists, yes to dimbulb politicians.

        1. RonPaul2012LA says:

          Obama said yesterday that we would drill and build nuclear power, as well as a broad range of other power sources.

          Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, especially when that basket is finite and irreplaceable.

          1. jasperddbagghost says:

            Oh look! A Ron Paul Voter.

            How adorable ! I hear he’s zero for 23 states.

            1. Mike says:

              Yep, the one man who can “beat Obma and cure all ills” can’t even win a single state in his own party’s primary system. But, the alleged fiscal conservative surely does not mind spending millions of dollars of other people’s money per month to keep his name in the headlines when he can.

    2. thebigdog13 says:

      It all comes back to bad monetary policy. Quit making it so cheap for speculators to drive the market price up by giving them cheap loans.

      We need to stop letting the Federal Reserve set ridiculously low rates and stop the government from intervening in every market.

      The President can help! Stop talking about raising taxes on Big Oil companies (it will only result in pain at the pump), start talking about correcting our monetary policy, and stop talking about “all of the above strategies and implement them”.

      Clearly define for me what America’s short term and long term strategy for energy and energy independence is! This is something the President should do and should have already done.

      1. RioSam says:

        EXACTLY! But if these same 77% think this president or those RINO and wall street cronies are going to do anything about the monetary policy, think again. The only one even talking about the monetary policy and the Federal Reserve is Ron Paul…the rest of them are just more of the same…..so I guess until people grow a brain and put the RIGHT person in office >>>GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!

        1. ReConUSMC says:

          Paul heads will vote for Obama in Nov. They fool no one .
          His Foreign affaires idea’s are dangerous .
          He compares Israel and Iran as equal ?

          1. Constiutional Republic says:

            You obviously don’t understand his foreign policy – our country would be much safer with a non-interventionist (NOT isolationist) foreign policy that Ron Paul supports. It is passed time to defend our borders (remember the 9/11 terrorists came across our border with Canada) more than the borders between other countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, or Iraq and Iran. In case you haven’t noticed, our government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends and a big chunk of our government spending goes to foreign wars that we shouldn’t be involved in, and foreign aid to dictators (such as Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mubarak) that causes untold unrest among the citizens of these countries, resulting in resentment towards our government.

          2. Constiutional Republic says:

            Most Ron Paul supporters will NOT vote for Obama in November – his foreign policy, monetary policy, and fiscal policy, along with the crony capitalism of bailing out the Banks and rigging the economy to favor the politically well-connected are virtually the same as the Republican establishment candidates Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. The biggest threat to our country is our HUGE deficits and debt, and no one but Ron Paul is seriously addressing this issue.

    3. Zip says:

      Of course because it affects everyone. What gets me, is just a few months ago the news was saying how higher gas prices, means the recovery is strong and growing.


      1. RioSam says:

        The higher prices is because the USD is worth less…INFLATION! We need a SOUND monetary policy…which at this time we do not have.

        Vote Ron Paul

    4. Monopoly says:

      Stop the speculators and get gas around 2.50 a gallon. The economy would recover faster. Oh I forgot,Washington has something against AMERICANS.

    5. greg says:

      Doh! The problem is this green tech obama is offering doesn’t exist, nobody want the high priced electric car, the market at work. We have enough oil for 220 tears at 10 million barrels a day.

    6. Texas Freedom says:

      Presidents don’t ‘control’ gas prices, but their policies can either either help or hurt the situation. You do realize that your president is actively lobbying senators to make sure the Keystone pipeline bill is not debated nor voted on, right? Get a grip, Jimmy Carter . . . .

    7. RioSam says:

      What recovery, growth or jobs?? Unemployment numbers for new claims, people that just lost their job, was 360,000 for last week..down 1,000 from the week before…ooh..yahoo..this has been going on every week for the past 3 1/2yrs. There are somewhere between 60 and 80 million people out of work in this country..the figures the media spews are a bunch of BS. As for the gas prices that has to do with our inflated currency…once again we have the government to thank for that BS.
      Without a sound monetary policy prices of everything will just keep going up and up….so keep voting for Obama or those RINO establishment cronies (mitt,rick,newt) and things will NEVER change!

    8. ReConUSMC says:

      Wow is exactly who Y Lien was speaking of when he famously mentioned Useful Idiots .”The Collective ” .

      The Economy or Jobs means Zero to Wow obviously .
      One more than suspects He is part of that 49.5 % who pays no taxes and then gets back 3-7 K .

      1. Wow says:

        I make a comfortable $60K a year. It’s amusing to hear a jarhead talk about who’s a useful idiot.

        1. ReConUSMC says:

          That Jar head Major {ReCon Marine } was my earlier life .
          After UVA with a master degree in Economics Ka 3.80 .
          My very Successful Son was also a ReCon Marine and UVA Grad .
          Just for the record I am known all over America and Canada .
          And in the Furn Hall of Fame in High Point NC on main Street .
          I owned New Creations and was the former President of Sealy of Canada .
          I own and estate here in race horse country of VA .
          You tried to put the wrong real man down “Jerk off ” !.

          1. Wow says:

            Your random string of words might be more credible if they showed that you possess a basic grasp of the English language.

    9. StopMockingDemocracy says:

      Tyranny is now a big factor for the “election” too. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    10. ReConUSMC says:

      Pssssssssst When Bush said in 2007 to Drill … The price of Gas dropped $ 1.11 a gallon in 5 days .

      One of the first things Obama did in office in early Feb. was to end Bush’s Drill Bill .
      And unleash the EPA closing every thing making energy they can .
      The EPA has closed 78 Major Coal Mines in 27 Months .Why do you think the price of Electricity is up 18-24 % in the last 30 Months .
      Many future Buyer’s believe iElectricity could double in the next 3 years since Coal accounts for 51.3 % of all our Electricity ….. Meaning the price of everything we have , eat and use would not go up far higher .
      Look at Food now up 21-32 % on average in the last 3 years .

      1. George Washington says:

        We, the founders, heard a distressing report of a 15 trillion dollar payment sent to the British courtesy of this monstrosity you call the Federal Reserve. That is nearly the entirety of the national debt (which we never imagined would be created). I thought we warned you sufficiently that the authority to coin money should always be the responsibility of an elected congress, and not a private bank? What part did you not understand? Please, it pains us greatly to see what we worked so diligently to achieve, be frittered away like common rubbish.

    11. Clint Moses says:

      Double huhhhhhon you! The Presidents’ position in total is so lame that it defy’s
      reason…He’ll invest in Brazil’s desire to drill off shore and state that we will be willing to buy until hell freezes over. His position on helping the middle class and less so, is sad in deed…We have more than enough fuel resourses right here in the USA…WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT WHO UNDERSTANDS THE PROBLEM!

  2. Addicted to Oil says:

    It’s all good fun until they raise the price. We’ve only had 40 years to figure this out.

    1. Rube says:

      We did … Cars today get more that twice the gas mileage as they did 40 years ago. The air is now cleaner that it was 40 years ago.
      Problem is, it’s neve enough for a government that wants to pus an agenda to get votes from a vocal minority (Enviromentalists) and payoff supporters (Solyndra). Colleges and universities get huge federal grants for research on “Climate Change” which has been proven to be a HOAX.
      Now that we have figured it out, it time to stop the corruption.

      1. Stevo says:

        99% of the world’s scientists? Give me a break. Aside from that inaccuracy did they also figure out that man was causing this ‘change’? If they did, that would be a completely amazing and new conclusion to an unproven hypothesis. What can we say about past temperatures on this planet when they were higher and the CO2 concentrations were higher as well…silence….birds chirping…any ideas? And finally, have ‘we’ concluded that we are at the ideal temperature right now? It’s been warmer in the past during man’s time on Earth, I didn’t realize that we were at the optimum temp RIGHT NOW and that ANY change, one way of the other, was going to affect our survival so drastically. You realize that a slightly warmer planet could sustain more life as more land could be used for agriculture, I’m sure there are a million other cause-and-effects in this theory as well but wouldn’t that help your self-righteousness in feeding the world’s starving and poor? You’re not sure…yeah, exactly. Just like ‘99% of the world’s scientists’ do not know if man is the cause. Suffice it to say you are guilty of the same ‘uninformed and ignorant’ comments as those you belittle. Go hop back in your Prius and pretend you’re making a difference.

        1. fred says:

          Hey Steve, I’m a repub that owns a Prius. Why? Because I drive 60 miles a day for my job but don’t make alot of $ to do it. I bought it because I knew gas prices would never go back down.. Please don’t lump Prius owners in 1 category as while I drive it I still have my Freedom vs. Socialism, Worst President Ever, Your fair share is not in MY wallet and Gas was $1.83 when he took office bumper stickers on the car! ANYONE BUT HIM IN 2012!

          1. Hey You says:

            Hi, Fred. About 13 years ago, I bought the first hybrid sold in our state – my main thought was that gasoline prices would always go up. Well, it has taken awhile, but I really enjoy going to the gas pump in my 55 mpg car. Even today, I bought 3 gallons of gas to fill up. – -Very satisfying.

            But no, I am not a republican nor a democrat because over the many years that I’ve been around it’s been my experience that voting for either party results in disasters. It may take awhile, but sooner or later the majority of people will withhold support from those political (federal) parasites.

        2. ReConUSMC says:

          Steve you are 100001 % correct .
          In the last Mini Ice Age 1434-1847 .
          There were far higher levels of CO2 .

        3. RD says:

          Steve – Sounds like you read Ian Plimer’s “Heaven and Earth”. Excellent information on climate and temperature and the effect on civilization when temps rise and decline. Should be a recommended read for everyone….at least for anyone who makes policy within the government.

          You know how you can tell when someone doesn’t know what they are talking about on Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever they call it now? They either quote some crazy number on scientists who believe it (1000 yrs ago every scientist thought the earth was flat) yet offer no other information OR they selectively choose a start date for measuring temps that usually starts right after the last cooling period (that is the Hockey Stick theory the UN used for years which is total junk science) OR they base belief by cherry picking one or two measurements that seems to support their belief as cause when it is really coincidence.

        4. Michael says:

          Let’s say your 99% figure is correct, which I doubt but let’s say it is correct. Science is NOT based on a consensus. It is based on a theory that will either be proved or disproved through the course of trial run studies. Look at it this way, 500 years ago 99% of so-called scientists said the Earth was flat. Did that make it so? Just because there was a consensus the Earth was still round. it’s not like we were living on a flat plate of a planet and only after scientists changed their belief that the Earth suddenly became round. Please.

      2. Kawliga says:

        Well, my little attack dog; although you’ve swallowed the whole bit hook, line and sinker, there is another side to the story. Here you go:

        S. Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist, and founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, said in an interview with the National Association of Scholars (NAS.org) that “the number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now. I would like to see the public look upon global warming as just another scientific controversy and oppose any public policies until the major issues are settled, such as the cause. If mostly natural, as NIPCC concludes, then the public policies currently discussed are pointless, hugely expensive, and wasteful of resources that could better be applied to real societal problems.

      3. Tired of Stupidity says:

        Where do you get your 99% number from? Name your sources. Are you a member of the scientific community? One positive thing would be for you to cease in your moronic comments.

        1. change says:

          The climate change debate has won and failed in many ways. Instead of worrying about rising temperatures, we could reach the same goal by demanding cleaner air. If we simply change the philosophy away from climate change and focusing simply on reduction in air pollution, then there is no debate; WE ARE POLLUTING THE AIR PERIOD

          1. Dan says:

            CO2 is NOT a “pollutant”. It is a naturally occurring by-product of combustion, and plant food…..

            The air is no “dirtier” even if we double the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

            Get an education.

            1. Republicrat says:

              Go to downtown New York or LA and tell me that those cities don’t have polluted air.

              1. dugar says:

                go into your bathroom and tell me you dont pollute air until nature comes along and naturally cleans up your foul stench ps theres not too many cars in downtown manhattan

          2. Matt says:

            you speaking is polluting the air if we speak in your terms. so shut up…

          3. stan says:

            Another mindless lemming.

            Our air has never been cleaner. Get in line for a clue.

      4. Enormous Brain says:

        Apparently you haven’t read much peer-reviewed science lately. (1) Sea levels have not changed over the past 100 years despite claims of rising temperatures and the hypothesis that rising temperatures would adversely affect those levels. (2) Despite rapid increases in carbon dioxide emissions from 1998-2010, surface temperatures did not increase during that period. Yes, there has been no correlation between C02 emissions for more than a decade.

        99% of the world’s scientists once thought that leeches were a great medical idea…that saccharin was a carcinogen…or not…or…

        Stop deifying research scientists. They are no smarter than doctors or attorneys or accountants or historians or any other educated professional. They just pretend to be. But they are wrong everyday. Just like all humans.

        1. Rickster says:

          They are no smarter than doctors or attorneys or accountants or historians or any other educated professional. They just pretend to be. But they are wrong everyday.
          To quote Woody Allen, if only life could be like that! So true – plus a favorite BC cartoon that said man exhales CO2 because weeds need it. CO2 is like 1% of our mixture in the air – since air is mostly nitrogen & oxygen. How could something that is less than 1% cause so many problems?

      5. Rascal69 says:

        The Earth’s temperatures were proven (as in factual) to be higher in the 1300’s than they are today. Anybody know the reason? Bueller? Anyone?

        1. WagTheDog says:

          Not only that, the world’s temperatures have been going DOWN for the past eight years. It’s all about the sun and the moon and planet earth and Mother Nature … humans may dirty the air and water, but they aren’t enough to change the planet’s weather, though not for the lack of trying (see: HAARP and chemtrails).

          1. seenbetterdaze says:

            Geoengineering is the big word they use for Spraying the chemicals such as aluminun, barium, sulphur particles…in their quest to change the climate, redirect the Suns rays out from Earth. The extra added benefit is DEPopulation….people breathe it in, it contaminates the water, sea, etc. Wonder why they find Aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer patients when they autopsy their brain. Plus Tax Payers are paying TRILLION$ for this evil experiment.

            1. dan says:

              That crack dont smoke itself! I dont think we ever landed on the moon either. Booo!

      6. stan says:

        99 percent?

        Talk about someone who is a rube. You couldn’t get 99 percent of any group to agree on anything.

        I hear Wal Mart has a sale on clues; I suggest you go and buy one.

        1. Highdomer says:

          He wouldn’t shop at that evil Wal-Mart.

      7. ReConUSMC says:

        You mean the 5000 Plus e-mail admitted Lies coming from England so called Scientific labs and the top 5 Scientist caught lying here as well ?
        As well as the Head of the UN .
        UVA and Penn ST are in Court trying to hide his Lies .
        Man after 100 Years has yet to make it rain Locally much less change the Temps of the World .
        The is all about Radical Socialist power hungry total iron hand control of the “All ” there is Womb to Tomb .

      8. Daneel says:

        “99% of the world’s scientists agree that global warming is happening”

        based on the deliberately FLAWED data of scientists whose motivation ISN’T to save the planet or life as we know it but rather to SAVE THEIR FUNDING! When the data are LIES it ISN’T Science. Better to be a RUBE than a sucker…scientifically speaking. If you don’t want to “read any more of these uninformed and ignorant comments” there is a permanent solution for that condition and I’m sure NO ONE will stop you from taking the CURE! LOL Adios…give my love to P.T. Barnum.

      9. Says it all is an idiot says:

        Sorry “Your name” but you are an idiot. 99% of the world’s scientists do NOT believe that global warming is happening. The Earth’s climate has changed before and will again and may now be going through a change but it doesn’t mean we have anything to do with it. Did we cause the ice ages? Did we cause the subsequent warming periods? No??? Then maybe the only ignorant comments are yours.

      10. WhatsThePriceOfFreedom says:

        We have bigger issues then the price of gas right now. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      11. seenbetterdaze says:

        I’m old enough to remember when Pres. Carter started the Energy Dept….here we are 40 years later and the main purpose for the Energy Dept. was to wean us off Foreign Oil….After TRILLION$ wasted by that boondoggle we are still dependent on Saudi Arabia etal…and now we have the EPA another boondoggle and they refuse permits to let us DRILL HERE!

        1. America First says:


        2. ex says:

          Oh my God…..you still don’t get it. We have , and had more oil in Alaska than they have in the Middle east. Breandead, is the best acronim for you.

          1. Kebas says:

            >>We have , and had more oil in Alaska than they have in the Middle east.

            Forget Alaska. North Dakota alone could power the entire US for decades.

            1. madog2 says:

              Be fore we go any further with our complaining let’s stop to realize that when the kenyon gets reelected We will loose the United States as we know it. He will rule like a dictator and the weakkneed congress and sentate will stand by as they have done for the last 3+ years. The kenyon has got the elected criminals buffaloed and already controls the socialist liberal meadia and federal judges. Another thing, Why do we give the a***oles in Washington the title of honorable so & so?

      12. woody says:

        and millions of people die in car wrecks in these new light weight cars made with lots of plastic to make them lighter, thanks to CAFE standards

    2. ReConUSMC says:

      What are you smoking ? America has the most amount of Oil inland Off Shore .
      Oil Shale .. Natural Gas and Coal that any Nation in the World .

      While you leftist have Wind Mills , Expensive Corn B/S ..Solar Panels that have gone out of Business .
      Your Moronic Hero Obama is now Pushing Algae ???????????
      Yet to be made unless under Perfect Temperatures and Lab. conditions .
      One word …. .Pathetic !

      1. seenbetterdaze says:

        It’s all about Politics…Liberal/Progs do what their voters want and line their pockets….The Tree huggers are rich and powerful. The Oil Industry is too…but they all donate to both parties for the tax writeoffs and bail outs.
        Now the USA is Busted! And everyone in DC are scared to CUT SPENDING.

        1. ReConUSMC says:

          This is a cheap shot right out of Media Matters garbage !

      2. JEC says:

        and don’t forget Algae

    3. ex says:

      I get gas everytime I look at Obamnation and his stooges. And, I get it for free.

    4. Zuni says:

      Loony Liberal.
      We have over 250 years of oil left, majority of has yet to be tapped – source US Gov. I know you are a believer in global warming also, so here is another theory, oil is a renewable resource. There are scientists and geologists who are pushing forth that oil is constantly being formed.

    5. YOUVVE_gotta_be_kidding says:

      “CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were an important factor in their vote”

      That’s almost sort of similar to the Drudge headline that links to the story.

    6. YOUVVE_gotta_be_kidding says:

      “CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were an important factor in their vote”

      That’s not even remotely the same story described by Drudge’s headline.

      So that Hannity BS yesterday, and this today?

      Dude’s slippin’

      1. Robotech says:

        Back to school for you! The idiot alarm went off. Not only for what you said, but how you said it. Who cares how we got to the story…We got here! Drill at home, drop the prices and instant happy. Did you know, you can Google it yourself, that Hugo Chavez’s price per gallon is $.08? He doesn’t import!! He exports and only uses what they pull out of their inland resources. Here’s your sign!!

    7. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:

      No it all about Contraception just ask ABC News!

      George Stephanopoulos Liberal Democrat & ABC News Commentator in one of the 1st GOP Presidential debates was the first person ever to bring up contraception! Stephanopoulos tried to ambush Romney by asking him if states had the right to outlaw contraception! Romney would not bite and said “no state is even considering this so why even bring it up”?
      Prior to joining ABC News, Stephanopoulos was the communications director to the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign of Bill Clinton and later became the White House Communications Director. (oh no bias here?)
      So friends it was and is the Democrats who are pushing this Lame Contraception Bull Dity! Obama’s record, the Economy, the Bail outs and the price of gas are so bad they must distract the people away from the truth and all of the hope and change that has been going on!
      It’s the Economy Bro since I can’t call you stupid or that would be Racist!

    8. jake says:

      And yet we’ve been making synt. oil for about 15 yrs. now??????

  3. Analyst says:

    It’s too bad there isn’t some cheap way to get Canadian oil to the refineries in Texas.

    What’s that? A pipeline? And he stopped it?

    Well that was stupid.

    1. Mark says:

      You need to keep up! Obama is lobbying the dems to vote against the pipeline.

      1. karl anglin says:

        If the of oil goes to $140-$150 a barrel
        by this summer, Obama’s presdency is finished.

      2. Joe Blow says:

        You need to keep up; synthetivc crude aka oil sand oil was selling at a $5 dollar a bbl discount the other day FOB . How couldnt a Canadian pipeline to the refineries that supply US help? Obama is an Ass leading an Ass Parade of Lemmings off the cliff. Good riddance Democratic Party.

    2. Tired of Stupidity says:

      You must not read the news. Obama is lobbying the dems behind closed doors to vote against the construction of the pipeline. What a guy! Also tried to bribe Netanyahu not to strike Iran until after the elections…

    3. Ejeff says:

      Ditto- Obama is lobbying the dems to vote against the pipeline. He congratulated the move to build the pipeline from OK to TX after the fact because- HE COULDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT- DIDN’T NEED HIS ANNOINTED PERMISSION. So Obama is the best at running to the front and grabbing the flag of any parade because with this guy it’s always, “ME, Me, Me, I did it!” Unless its something bad, then its, “Not me, it was someone else.” He’s like a child or narcissist. Pathetic!

    4. Scott says:

      @ Observer…Who needs to read more? Idiot

    5. Jaybird7 says:

      When his hand chosen director of the Energy Department Steven Chu wants Americans to pay $9/Gal for gas it is obvious he is an enemy of America. So yes I will DENIGRATE this evil tyrant any way I can and if it annoys you that’s just a bonus. I despise so called progressives {Communists with different branding} and wish they would all leave this country and go where the system they advocate is already in place. I know I am a candidate for their re-education camps if Obama wins re-election since I am as Pro Capitalism as they come.

    6. Klepton says:

      And this thing votes. It’s unbelievable.

    7. ReConUSMC says:

      FOX News news and Business has 71 far leftist Paid talking heads .
      All the other net works put together ? 5 Moderate Republicans No Conservatives .

    8. ReConUSMC says:

      Harry Reid just said with Obama help announced the Key Stone Pipe line bill is being been turned down said on ABC local news !!!!!!!!!!
      Because He has enough far leftist support in the Senate now to get it turned down !
      Those far leftist Senators should be voted out office since they like Obama must hate America energy security .
      That precious Oil is now headed to China …… Thanks Lefties !

    9. TeaRunner says:

      According to the ratings, Fox is the MSM now. The rest are lefty wingnut radicals.

    10. Best3800 says:

      Nebraska basically stopped the pipeline,look it up,who would want pipeline in their backyard especially when there is a chance of contaminating the ground water. Obama just bought Nebraska more time to figure things out.

      1. maroonvee says:

        The Governor of Nebraska has been said on record that the pipeline is fine and what is the holdup.

      2. ReConUSMC says:

        That is old News … The Governor approved it 4 Months ago .But nice Try Lefty !

      3. Septimus says:

        @Best3800: The last time I read the US Constitution (an exercise most progressive-communists don’t bother with), the Federal government was in control of interstate commerce.

      4. wes says:

        no Obummer stopped the oil pipeline, don’t listern to the news. Moron

        1. Best3800 says:

          You cons. Are either on to something or on something, I think the latter! My god,who’ paying you republican Rubes for spreading such GARBAGE. The gov. of Nebraska approved it ,big whoop, he’s going to do the opposite of Obama no matter what. Ranchers in Nebraska don’t want this potential nightmare on their land. If this tar sands oil ever leaks they will be shipping in clean water from Minnesota til the end of time!

      5. Robotech says:

        Gee, so when Obama said No it was only a fleeting gesture? Stop it! You’re making yourself look stupid!!

      6. tcp says:

        If gas prices are a factor, we have but one choice. Toss out the current administration. They are on RECORD supporting higher gas prices. Don’t deny it, don’t spin it. This is the single most massive social manipulation in HISTORY!

        1. jake says:

          Hey wait, the Us exports more oil than it imports. fu#$ that pipeline from Canada, we don’t need that oil. And fresh water from Mn, the mining companies will destroy all that. But all said sir(Best 3800), thats a great comment.

        2. jake says:

          Nope, the banking fraud is and the collaspe of the United States.

    11. TMA1 says:

      Well there are some people who are just Blinded by His Light!

      BO is a Communist Pig. And you are just a Pipe Piper follower of the Embicile. Embicile.

    12. GGM says:

      He made calls all day to get Democrats to vote against the amendment. There is even a photo of him doing so. Keep drinking your Kool-Aid though. It hurts when you go through withdrawal.

  4. John says:

    Analyst – Had the pipeline been approved yesterday, the prices would have fallen? I guess you havent paid attention, but oil prices rise and fall all the time. We need to conserve and not use. Get in the game..

    1. Analyst says:

      News Flash.
      This just in.
      If supplies increase, prices decrease.

      We are already conserving.

      Biofuels are worse for the environment than fossil fuels and there is no reason to use them because there are vast, VAST supplies of oil.

      Five hundred years from now, when supplies do start to dwindle, technology will have developed alternative. Good alternatives.

      1. Analyst says:

        Nothing you have pointed out refutes the points I made.

        Speculators are good. When supplies dwindle, they jack up the price so we all conserve more.

        Regulate wall street? Do you want another crash?

        1. Observer says:

          Analyst. The price goes up if we conserve, the price goes up if we don’t conserve. If we drill, the price will go up because oil companies need R & D money. The world’s supply of oil and gasoline is at all all time high, and yet prices continue to rise, refuting your statement that as supply increases, prices decrease. Better go back and take a refresher course in macroeconomics, Mr. Analyst.

          1. VA172 says:

            Oil companies are just finding new reasons to raise the price of gas and blame someone else. Supply and demand has nothing to do with gas prices anymoe. Speculators and media have all to do with it. If anyhting, oil companies have also closed refineries because of lower demand. What does that do? Creates a shortage. Our government cannot/will not do anything about while our lawmakers are all bought off by big oil.

            1. donald says:

              We have two liberals here trying to rewrite every economic textbook written and are telling us that supply and demand have “no effect”…that right people…”no effect” on gas prices?! Oh well…can’t fix stupid.

          2. BeauW says:

            There are actually 2 factors at work here…the increased world demand stressing the supply, but also the weaker dollar. Countries with stronger currencies aren’t paying as much more as we are,

          3. Septimus says:

            Question for Observer and Analyst: Tell me, when was the last oil refinery permit granted in the US? I think you will find your answer there.

          4. jake says:

            No Sir, sorry, but not even macroeconomics, it’s better said Microeconomics….like that of this fellas brain, MICROBRAIN. Peace Sir.

    2. Kawliga says:

      And what game is that John? The solar panel, wind power, electric car government boondoggle? Ostensibly, based on your theory, constructing a pipeline for the FUTURE is a useless endeavor.

    3. TeaRunner says:

      That’s a hefty pile of ignorance there, we’ve been exporting gas for months now and prices are still rising.

    4. ReConUSMC says:

      The average American mainly those 15 to 50 use ‘Twice ” as much Energy per Individual than those did in 1960 now with “Double ” the Population .
      While we make less Energy than in 1970 .
      There are 95 % more energy using Toys and Energy using things for Jobs now .
      The greatest Offenders are College age Liberals and Tree Huggers just for the record . Since they have all the Toys .

    5. Lu Shissler says:

      Yeah! Sure!! Tell that to the truckers who pay $800-$1000 a fill. How would you suggest they conserve? IT’S THEIR PROFESSION AND LIVELIHOOD! What do you think is driving our food prices sky high:? Geeeeeeeesh! Our truckers need to get together and all shut down for a week! I’ve never heard BO ever comment on what he expects to do for them.

    6. Scott says:

      Yes. Idiot. Oil prices rise and fall on speculation. The anticipation of an increase in supply will lower prices. Nice leftist drivel– the left never understands how business and economics actually works.

    7. Kip Noxzema says:

      Even if nobody drove cars, we would still need 5-6 million barrels a day. Wake up.

    8. Robotech says:

      Nooooo, if we tap what we have here at home instead of paying through the nose to the Arabs we can drop the price. The pipeline would help, but that’s a J.O.B.S’s issue. Obama said no to the jobs. Don’t get a headache confusing the issues John. I know the simple Liberal mind is only used to dealing with one thought at a time…Obama proves that every single day. One and done!

    9. JEC says:

      Ahh..go take a bike ride, idiot

    10. JEC says:

      Go take a bike ride, idiot

  5. jimmy says:

    It seems simple to me. Anytime gas prices raise above $2.50 a gallon, cut off all exports of gas.

    1. ReConUSMC says:

      No way to cut off private Co exports ,
      But IF We could open up all oil drilling and form and Oil cartel with Canada .
      Then the middle east could play their barrel cost games with us .
      Oil is a world wide comity and is Gold and Silver .
      This is why Conservatives are against one world order !
      While leftist love “One World Order ” until it bits them in the pocket book .. reality sets in !!!!!!!

    2. Jake says:

      If gas goes over $2.50, or let’s say $3.00, then just stop driving. Simply stop. Look, it’s easy, it will get the price of gas down in a hurry, right?

  6. Ordinary Guy says:

    This puts oil price-fixers in the position of Kingmaker.

    1. ReConUSMC says:

      Would the word King Maker Microsoft mean anything to You for 22 years .How about Google as well ?

  7. msrn says:

    In the short term, the president has little or nothing to do to reduce prices at the pump.The dril, dril, drill that Republicans claim as the answer wil take a couple of years to affect pump prices, regardless of what Newt says. If drilling reduces pump price in the short term, why has the the drilling in North Dakota not kept prices down?

    1. Analyst says:

      How do you know it hasn’t been a downward pressure on prices?

      How could it not?

      Do you know what futures markets are?

      1. jimmy says:

        Why would it? Supply and demand has nothing to do with the price of gas. It’s just greed baby greed.

        1. Analyst says:

          Congratulation on winning the dumbest post of the day award.

          It wasn’t even close.

          1. Observer says:

            @Analyst. Jimmy is fairly correct. Compliments on being the first poster to call someone a name on this post this morning. Running out of cogent arguments?

        2. Stevo says:

          Greed? What a simplistic view of a complex trade commodity, if only it were that simple. Say, don’t you have a fairy tale to go read right now? You’d be better served living in your little fantasy world that discussing this kind of subject, you’re in way over your head.

        3. Ed ucation says:

          Blaming high gas prices on greed is like blaming all airplane crashes on gravity.

          1. YOUVVE_gotta_be_kidding says:

            Right! Because without gravity there would still be all kinds of….

            Wait a minute, so greed is causing the price increases?

    2. dan says:

      You are right it will take a couple years. That was your arguement 3 years ago when Obama was elected. Had you gone with the Drill Baby Drill, we would not have seen a doubling of gas prices during Obamas watch.

    3. Joe Labbe says:

      North Dakota production is too small a sample size. Natural gas is a better example. We’ve dramatically lowered the price of LNG through domestic production. Watch this and imagine the possibilities. http://www.newt.org/news/video-message-newt-gingrich-american-energy/

    4. ReConUSMC says:

      Your Dead Wrong ! In 2007 when Bush hit the Drill button the price of gas dropped a $1.11 a gallon in 5 days . When Nixon used our own Oil Reserves the prices dropped as well .
      ‘Speculation ” occurs’s in the Positive when Obama say’s Drilling in not the answer OR THE KEY STONE PIPE LINE …….WE BUY !!!!!!! GET IT .
      When the world is producing 22 Million barbells a day and only selling 17-18 Million barrels the price drop greatly .
      Supply and Demand is something Obama a say a marxist and Liberals just can’t understand sadly .

    5. JEC says:

      This has been the Democrat mantra for the past 25 years. If they had gotten out of the way we’d be there today

  8. wondering says:

    Whatever the multiple reasons for high gas prices, this president want high prices and so does his administration. They are on record as saying such.

    1. BeauW says:

      And before the last presidential election, he said he would bankrupt the bulders of coal fired plants.

      1. Lu Shissler says:

        Clinton had already started that in Utah brfore he left office,

    2. Best3800 says:

      Wondering what Pres. on gods green earth would want higher fuel prices?That must be a sure fire way to get Elected. Not! What group of Idiots you been listening to?Fox noise says so not thePres.

      1. Corey says:

        You don’t seem to remember anything from 2008-2012.

        Obama actually said he doesn’t mind high gas prices. He even told us his plans would make energy prices skyrocket… His energy czar said “We have to make sure gas prices are up near the levels it is in Europe ($9)…., sounds like you don’t really follow news and politics and instead depend on whatever Rachel Madcow tells you to think.

    3. Bambi says:

      You do realize that you’re a moron, do you not?

  9. dan says:


    Do these comments come to you after a good night out? “None of the oil from the Keystone would be used in the US”. Please cite your source on this.

    3X more oil in rigs than when Bush was in office. Foriegn rigs, yes, but Obama has done a great job of pushing these away from American shores. This has also sent jobs out of the US. Please cite your source on this as well.

    Where do you think the energy comes from to power up the elctrical outlet in your home? What do you think will happen to Electric prices if we all convert? We will be burning more fossil fuels and dumping more Nuc waste in your backyard.

    Electric must be going gang busters, sounds like Chevy just halted production of the Volt due to lack of interest. What does Obama suggest? Bigger tax credits! WTH did you elect?

    Until gas prices exceed $10/gallon there are no feasible green options.

  10. Tom says:

    Gas prices are up, but demand is down! Speculators are at again because they have “anxiety” over Iran. They always base their speculating on “what if” and a majority of the time the “what if” never happens!

    1. Observer says:

      @Tom. Yes. Syria factors into the speculation also. Remember when the Shrub said that if we invaded Iraq, we would guarantee cheap oil and gas? At the start of Shrub’s presidency, gasoline was a buck a gallon, and the price has been going up every since. Political destabilization of the Middle East because of U.S. action or inaction is part of the equation.

      1. Tom says:

        @ Oberver

        Yes I remember when Bush and Company promised us cheaper oil and gas, something the conservatives deny Bush promised. I guess they deny because it is another promise that Bush made about Iraq that never came true.

        1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

          Yo, Tom the moron:

          1) Gas was MUCH cheaper under Bush – can’t argue with facts,

          2) As for the “Iraq promise” (based upon 20+ Democrats saying the SAME THING):


          Shove it, worthless liar!

    2. Joe Labbe says:

      What if we could tell Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other oil-producing tyrant nations to go pound sand? Watch and learn. http://www.newt.org/news/video-message-newt-gingrich-american-energy/

    3. Rascal69 says:

      Much of the increase in oil prices for the U.S. is the result of the devaluation of our currency. Let me explain with a simple statement. As a producer in the United States, If you were selling oil to another U.S. company, you would sell it for $100 USD. But, take that same oil and sell it to a European company, say Germany, and you receive $142 USD. Which would you rather have?

      Of course, that means when the U.S. companies purchase oil from foreign sources, it takes more U.S. Dollars due to the devaluation of the dollar and the current exchange rate.

  11. Ace says:

    The good thing about it is that I don’t see as many little old ladies driving huge trucks to the beauty shop, maybe they’ll go back to cars and save gas. These huge SUVs and big pickups are being used a lot for transporting one or two people instead of for towing or hauling.

    1. Lu Shissler says:

      Okay, you just quit picking on little old ladies! I’ll be darned if I’m going back to the little red Radio Flyer!

  12. Peace says:

    I love the way Dems want us to go back to riding horses to solve all of our problems. However, when Bush was in office and gas prices rose, they were screaming that he was causing the prices to rise so he could rake in more money. Well, if that logic is true, then Obama must be getting crazy rich right now.

  13. yoink says:

    As if anything any of the presidential candidates say will make any difference in gas prices. The ignorant people of America believe what they hope will happen. It is a terrible way to vote.

    1. JT in Atl says:

      Hey Yoink, I understand now. Bush had control over gas prices but Obama does not.

  14. bob says:

    Government largess, government spending and illegal aliens are the real issues.

    1. Ordinary Guy says:

      No amount of cuts will make up for the loss of money here from imports of oil and tax-free goods and services. It’s not fair, and it’s not fixed.

  15. Ejeff says:

    So, 3x the number of oil rigs in operation today all started less then three years ago?? No, they are there because of what happened during the Bush years. Obama is only taking credit for it, (or obfiscating) but really he has driven oil rigs away since his presidency. Remember his comments to Brazil, “we’ll be your best customer,” (especially since you now have many of the rigs that we used to have.) There is no basis to argue that this prez or most democrats support oil production, because they don’t. Electric cars run on coal and gas, whatever feeds the charging units. We need fossil fuels until alternatives are more than just a fantasy. Have you ever looked out over a beautiful landscape covered with windmills, and have you ever been close enough to hear the annoying buzz they make? Demand for gas is low because so many people are out of work. And finally, I am not interested in having an electric car- You can if you want. Not me! Green energy is a fantasy or hobby. You can not propel the engine of a busy, growing nation on nothing.

  16. Tressa says:

    Two weeks ago Obama said higher gas prices could be a good thing. Three days ago Obama said that higher gas prices could hurt his chances for re-election.
    What he does not get is that higher gas prices cause inflation and hurts us.
    Obama’s energy secretary wants higher gas prices. The guy does not even own a car.
    This administration does not have a clue. We the people, are hurting.

  17. ObamaIsABleepClown says:

    I’m just happy the adminstration main goal is not to lower energy cost but to fund awesome ideas like solyndra. Maybe soon we will be able to strap a windmill to every car in america. That will solve all our problems… Go OBAMA….

    sarcasm off/

  18. Alvinjh says:

    You are a liberal lefty Obama supporter…right?

    1. Wow says:

      I have not been an Obama supporter. He’s way too moderate for me. However, I’m starting to think he might actually be thinking in the long term, so I might ease up on my criticism of him a little bit.

  19. Obamasupportersareidiots says:

    When Bush was president all the libturds blamed him for high gas prices.

    Now with Obama as president, these assclown hypocrites say he can’t control prices.

    LOL! Fruitcakes

  20. Jeff says:

    Bone head is willing to release some of the strategic oil reserves in order to help keep the price of gas from climbing too high. Why doesn’t he simply allow for driilling oil under American soil? This would reduce our dependance on foregin oil, create jobs and help bring down the cost of gas.

    Oh yeah, he really doesn’t care about jobs, or what things cost the American people.

    1. Obamasupportersareidiots says:

      He is only releasing the reserves in time to get elected.

  21. Joe E in the IE says:

    When you’re over 50, out of work and repeatedly informed you’re “overqualified” or don’t offer enough Work Opportunity Tax Credits because you don’t have a criminal record and never used drugs, getting a job to pay for the gas takes precedence.

  22. Obamasupportersareidiots says:

    Back when Bush was president all the smart libturds blamed him for high prices.

    Now they blame speculators, population growth, China, Syria, Iran…. everyone except Obama.

    Nice little Hypocrites.

  23. Rascal69 says:

    I question the intelligence of the remaining 23%. What are they thinking?

  24. adm454 says:

    As some of us may realize, it isn’t just high gas prices. It’s high oil prices for your furnace and high diesel costs for the trucks, which translates to higher costs for all goods and services. The problem is, most of the morons who responded to this poll will still vote Democrat, because the average American is as dumb as a stump. Here is Cow Hampshire, back in ’08, seventy-seven percent were worried about losing their jobs and their future in general. Yet, they voted for Jeanne Shaheen to replace John Sununu, and voted, again, for the Super Freak, John Lynch, who is still Governor today.

  25. duedad says:

    CBS has no clue – communist sycophants

  26. Leo Brown says:

    Vote that socialist out in November. Everything he has touch has gone in the tank.

  27. JT in Atl says:

    Obama energy policy is fine. We all just need to inflate or car tires and in 5 years we will be energy dependent. Just give him 4 more years and he will prove it.

  28. 11 11 says:

    Then there’s the handy fallback – it’s Bush’s fault.

  29. James Carville says:

    It’s the economy, stupid.

  30. Jaybird7 says:

    Have you taken into consideration the electrical energy production needed when all these vehicles are plugged in? How about the Grid? Not only do you have to make the electricity you have to distribute it as well. The logistics of supporting a major swap over to electric cars would cause brown outs and increase the cost of electricity significantly. Since Chairman MaObama’s EPA won’t allow the use of coal just where is this extra electricity going to come from? Your solution may sound nice bit it isn’t realistic given today’s infrastructure.

  31. Joel says:

    If you believe in Obama energy policy; I have a pond full of algae I can sell you

    1. Ordinary Guy says:

      Pond algae blooms one month out of twelve. Scientists may grow it like local oil, but not in ponds and not because of Washington. It’ll be because of Minnesota gumption when we did it ourselves.

  32. Jeremy says:

    I tend to agree. Gas prices are a symptom of a shoddy energy policy. Fix that and you fix the wild swings in gas prices.

  33. ReConUSMC says:

    If that 77 % were air head far leftist who want $ 9.00 Gas like Obama and Sec Chu To put “Green B/S More in line you would agree with them pathetically !

  34. DiegoAT says:

    Everything from vegetables to Microchips are affected by the cost of oil.

    Our president has gone out of his way to say oil companies are greedy and bad and that “green energy is the way forward”. He was hoping to capitalize on the Arab spring which drove up the price of crude. He hoped that hard working Americans that are living paycheck to paycheck would #1 blame big oil for all their problems #2 be willing to wait 20 years to develop technology& infrastructure that might make “green” energy viable in 50 years

    Obama has made a terrible miscalculation. Americans know that we have a vast supply here in the USA & that Obama is leaving our fate to Chavez in Venezuela, Akmawackjob in Iran, and other OPEC thugs.

  35. Joe Labbe says:

    I can appreciate anyone questioning the solutions Newt Gingrich is proposing. Fortunately the answers are easy to find. I encourage anyone who thinks $2.50 a gallon gasoline is nothing more than pandering to the uninformed to invest a few minutes listening to the actual plan laid out. It’s SO much more than relief at the pump. Newt’s plan brings most of our country’s biggest problems under one umbrella. A real energy policy. Watch this like you’re conducting a job interview. Would you hire this man to fill the toughest job in America? I think you will.

  36. Paul Revere says:

    THE most important issue is US sovereignty in a world trending towards world government. The economy and gas prices are a secondary issue. Without being able to set our own destiny independently from the world at large, nothing else would make any difference.

    I’m seriously afraid that if a world government can “guarantee” you a stable and prosperous economy, you all would give up America to get it. Am I wrong here? I hope so.

  37. Alex says:

    The Israeli troublemakers are sure causing us problems on many levels including high gas prices. I’m sure they bought oil futures (using our tax dollars) before running up the prices, though. Always out for themselves.

  38. JC Dunn says:

    You have gas $6 a gallon in some areas and steak at least $12 a pound in most areas. Even the price of cat food has gone up under this president so their is no help for grandma there either. Obama can’t hide the sad state of the economy from those that have sacrifice on a daily basis because of it.

    1. ElPolacko says:

      Everyone is acting like $6.00 per gallon and $12 steaks are a surprise. This is the first phase of a hyper-inflationary spiral. It’s not that the gas costs more …it’s that the money is worth so much less. Gas prices are not coming down, gas prices are correcting for inflation. You can lay this disaster directly on Pres. Obama and the former Democrat majority.You can’t add $4.6 Trillion in fiat money in 3 years and not see prices go up. They should measure “inflation of the money supply” by the price of gold and gasoline. Instead they measure inflation like they do unemployment….incorrectly.
      Get used to paying more for everything and this is only the beginning

      1. TruPatriot says:

        You got it man. RON PAUL is the only guy addressing these problems. And the only guy who wants to fix this country and not keep going down this same ole pass to destruction. Ron runs on small citizen donations, not Goldman Sachs money like all the other puppets . Some think the elite are doing this on purpose, to implement their one world currency. And now our military just said they don’t need congressional approval to go on military ventures. All they need is approval from a wing of the global government, the United Nations or Nato. Our country is being hijacked by bankster tyrants.

  39. nukegm says:

    go educate yourself. buffoon would be an understatement.

    1. Wow says:

      I’m highly educated, but I suspect that makes me an elitist, right?

      1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:


        An aszhole.

  40. Patrick says:

    How cute that none of you conservatives seems to be aware that the US is in fact a gasoline exporting nation. As for the 77%, well, they have time between now and November to learn something.

    1. TeaRunner says:

      Learn what? Holder won’t investigate collusion and price gouging?

      With excess supply, competition should be ruling the market. It’s not. Not by a long shot. So the question is, who is paying off Holder and Obama if they truly do want lower gas prices?

  41. Kelvin says:

    As always, it’s the economy, stupid. People vote their pocketbooks, and Obama and his band of comrades are intent on picking the people’s collective pockets.

    Obama failed eco-lunatic policies have largely contributed to high gas prices, as the fringe eco-nuts continue to hold America hostage to Middle Eastern oil.

    To quote his energy czar, Steven Chu, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost gasoline prices to the levels in Europe.” Obama and Chu believe it and they are doing their darned best to make it happen.

    Obama’s the President. He can’t blame Bush for this one.
    The “5 bucks a gallon” stops at Obama’s desk.

  42. robertg says:

    That means that 77% will definitely not vote for any democrat.

  43. Cali Republican says:

    I agree that alternative energy should be the ultimate goal, but the steps needed to take us to a world of non-fossil fuels require initiative and investment – two things that are greatly lacking in our very down economy. Gas prices are where they are as a result of market speculation coupled with supply and demand – not one or the other. By opening up US sources for oil, you indicate to the global market that the US is now going to contribute to the supply. Accordingly, investors will be less likely to speculate on higher prices and the current market participants will adjust supply accordingly – the market will shift.

    Right the ship and give the global economy a few years of (relatively) inexpensive energy and some of the confidence will return to the market.

    1. Joe Labbe says:

      You sound like Newt. Have you watched this? Can you invest a few minutes of your time to listen to Newt’s Energy Plan? Please share if you agree.


      1. ex says:


  44. ChasM1 says:

    You question other people’s intelligence. I am 100% certain you are dumb as a post along side the road.

    1. Wow says:

      I guess I am that dumb, if that post happened to be smarter than the top 2% of the human population.

  45. ZOO says:

    If a middle east Muslim gets a headache, the boiler room commodity gamblers use that excuse to jump the price of crude. If Ahmadinejad farts, the price soars. But yet Obama claims that no actions or words by the U.S. President can affect the price of gas.

    In July 2008, GWB lifted the executive ban on offshore drilling in the U.S. when gas was over $4.00, and six months later we were paying a $1.49. Obama is a lyin mutha. If the leadership of the country aka the President presented a mandate that the U.S. would develop every last drop of oil on our soil, the price would start tumbling tomorrow. But Obama and the environmental groups sucking him will never let that happen. Dump this !%!@!! in November for anybody else. The price gouging at the pump is killing most Americans.

  46. Gregg says:

    Obama’s energy policies, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:


  47. EllieEnlightened says:

    I am getting my Amish buggy. Just call me Ellie Yoder.

  48. Chris M says:

    Anyone who would cast their vote for the President of the United States of America based on the day’s gas price, should not be voting. This is NOT the most pressing issue in America – not by a long shot.

    1. Lu Shissler says:

      Tell that to a trucker!

    2. Rascal69 says:

      When the price of gas skyrockets, everything else made from oil does the same. What kind of cell phone do you have?

  49. Alan G Phillips says:


  50. ader says:

    $2.50 isn’t a number Newt pulled out of the hat with his magic wand. A panel of industry experts said between $2-$2.50 it would economically feasible to continue to pump and refine while still exploring for new fields and new technologies. And if you research how much land the federal government has locked up in ownership, you would see that there are still alot of places that haven’t been explored. Obama keeps saying his depts are releasing gulf permits, but that’s not what the facts are.

    1. Lu Shissler says:

      The Feds own about 80% of the State of Nevada. Time to get them out of here.

  51. Mark says:

    Don’t worry everyone, Barry promised to fix it with algae!
    Seriously though, if you want four more years of failure, double down on Obama.

  52. Chris says:

    Ron Paul voters will stay with him even if he loses every state.
    They are voting on principles and core beliefs.

    The rest of the country is lucky to have the conversation occasionally steered in the right direction.

  53. DG says:

    “77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were the most important factor in their vote.”
    We’re doomed.
    We’ve come a long way from “Give me freedom or give me death.”

    1. dan says:


      If you are going to quote something be sure you do so accurately. No where in the column does anyone state it was the “Most” important factor.

  54. bridgemanusa says:

    If I am having trouble paying for gas, do these clowns really think I can run out and spend 35K to buy an electric car? What is wrong with these people?

  55. Obama's USSA says:

    Mr. Obama has said more than once that he wanted to see gas prices to rise so that he can advance his environmental agenda. He has vetoed the Keystone Pipeline to placate a few environmentalists even though its contruction could mean lower fuel prices in the future. As you struggle to feed your family or to purchase the things that you want or need, remember your suffering is for the greater good as envisioned by Mr.Obama. As your job goes on the line because fewer Americans have cash to pay for your company’s services or goods, remember that you are helping Mr. Obama’s greater good. Don’t worry about losing your ability to control your life because as Mr. Obama achieves his goals at your expense you will have less decisions to make as those decisions will be made for you by the Government.

  56. Thomas Jefferson says:

    The price of gas and other commodities is not increasing, the value of the currency that you use to pay for them is decreasing …. fast. The power to coin money MUST be returned to the congress, immediately. I thought we hammered this out 236 years ago, at great risk to ourselves and our fellow countrymen, so that future generations could be free from this purposeful looting by obnoxious bankers? What the hell have you modern American’s done to the country we left you?

    1. Thomas Jefferson II says:

      Thank God- SOMEONE who gets it!! RON PAUL 2012!
      “Resistance to Tyrants IS Obedience to God”

  57. michael says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault that this is happening on Obama’s watch! What is he supposed to do, suck it up with a straw?

    1. Lu Shissler says:

      Not much difference between the two, One started the sprnding spree and the the next one made it even worse. Both elitists!

  58. Flashprism says:

    Dear Mr President I want to thank you and your team for the great financial condition I now find myself in since you brought us Hope and Change

    I am 64 years old, worked as a machinest for 9 years while I went to college nights, obtained a BS accounting and an MBA. Life really looked promising for us in retirement however I have lost most of my 401 K in the last down slide and lost my Job with GE when they relocated to China. I spent a year looking for a job and finally found one at 1/2 my previous salary about 75 miles from my home. With your help on making the country green it’s now costing me about $1200 additional in gas yearly on my greatly rduced income. My wife and I appreciate all you have done for us and we are so pleased that you and family can enjoy the fruits of your labor as a community organizer. We havnt had a vacation in 3 years however we have been enjoying reading about your families travels and escapades arround the country and the world. Based on what I’ve read you have certainly found a way for your family to obtain those long waited reparations. Keep up the good work.

  59. Richard says:

    Rising gas prices are result of a number of facttors that combined have created a “perfect storm.” First, we have the debasement of the dollar as a result of runaway spending by this adm. and his democrat allies in the congress. Petroleum prices are pegged in dollars so as the value of the dollar is cheapened it results in more dollars to buy one barrel of oil. Second, there are more people unemployed resulting in less demand in the US BUT because of emerging markets like China, India and Brazil the oil companies can maintain high prices. Third, the rising tensions in the Gulf caused by Iran threatening to close the straits of Hormuz along with Obamas ineptness have caused speculators to raise their prices. Fourth and finally the Saudis have cut BACK on drilling for more oil which contributes to the price rise.

  60. Pat Alexander says:

    Yes, Old Al Gore sez the ice caps are melting. The sea is rising. The coastlines will be swept away. Run for your lives !!!

    Then he buys a multi-million $$ beach home.

    That tells you all you need to know – unless your brain is completely fried…

    Put down the Kool Aid…..

  61. Zemindar says:

    If gas prices are the biggest issue on their minds we are doomed. I’m betting most don’t even know why gas prices, grocery prices, etc are climbing.

    1. Lu Shissler says:

      Well, maybe the MSM should start talklng about those things you mention and get off the Stephenopholus contraception kick!

  62. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    You can all thank Obama and his big oil buddies for the high gas prices.

    You know which candidate in 2008 received the most campaign contributions from big oil interests? I’ll give you a hint: he’s the president right now.

  63. Slim says:

    It will ALWAYS be about energy until there is a clearly defined policy regarding it. As it stand’s Obozo’s energy policies have hindered us. Frankly, US energy policy period has been dismal since WWII, it got worse with Jimmy Carter, because of a schizophrenic notion of protecting the environment over energy and by proxy economic security.
    O’Bozo needs to go, along with 85% of the permanent bureaucrats at the EPA, or the regulation of energy will keep the Saudi Family firmly with a grasp around our proverbial throats.

  64. Chippy55 says:

    This article has lots of typos, doesn’t make sense in parts, and had to be written by a Liberal who is only interested in formulating public opinion, not on presenting news.
    I take issue with the sentence that begins, “Voters clearly…” I think a good editor would have changed it to “Apparently voter…”, because how does the reported know what’s going on in someone’s mind?
    Clearly this article was written by a Liberal.

  65. WagTheDog says:

    Nonsense. Gas is about the same price as it was a year ago … nobody was complaining then. This is all about gas all right, the gas bellowing from the blowhard media.

  66. TeaRunner says:

    How about Holder prosecutes colluding gas companies instead of ebook publishers?

    Not everyone can get by on an electric car.

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  67. TonyD says:

    Why comment? Obama has already told us that we don’t know what we’re talking about or aren’t being truthful. I’ve never seen a president with such contempt for people he doesn’t agree with.

  68. Patriot42 says:

    The average family can’t afford an electric car even if they worked. We want to have the choice to buy gas or you idiots can buy electric and drive 20 miles before you have to recharge.

  69. Vince says:

    If 77% feel that gas prices are the most important factor in the election then watch how gas prices MIRACULOUSLY drop right before the election.

  70. Truthamistlies says:

    Hello All, Well at the very beginning of the POTUS’s term he indicated clearly he would like gasoline prices rise to reach his agenda of getting people to use alternative fuels … but of course he wants that to happen over night and show glaring success. Also the WH and POTUS have stopped or delayed all licenses for drilling and shut down offshore drilling for so long that gas prices have risen. Then the POTUS tops off by saying that the companies given millions of dollars of grants are successful for alternative energy except that now the list has risen to over 10 companies that have gone into bankruptcy. If this is hope and change I would rather have stagnation !

  71. jeremy says:

    I really wonder how they are going to spin this

  72. Lew says:

    SAD, just plain SAD. The occupier of our White House tramples our Constitution, totally disdains our traditions and values, corruptly doles out our money to his cronies, kowtows to our enemies, wastes the lives of our military persons, assassinates American citizens, and commits a host of other misdeeds- and voters are most concerned about the price of gas. Well, people you get the government you want… and all the baggage that goes with it. So if gas goes down, obama will be your hero and you will blindly give him another 4 years to finish his mission to destroy the US. Paraphrasing TS Eliot- This is the way America ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

  73. Joe says:

    Why dont you ride you pink unicorn to work. Hey man, my truck which I requrire for my work will not run on a pathetic battery. Planes and trains will never run on batteries either. Not all things wil run on batteries and windmill so this all or none approach you moronic treehuggers are preaching is total BS. Please die or leave the country! All of you leftist communists!

  74. A concerned conifer says:

    Please don’t take away our carbon dioxide, we absolutely need it to breathe. You must understand that we simply cannot up and move to where the CO2 enriched air is, we are stuck in the precise position where we were born and raised. Please realize that we have become used to your emissions of carbon, and with greater concentrations over the years, we’ve multiplied greatly to take advantage of the situation. Now you decide to clean up your act, leaving us to suffocate! What horror you are dooming us to. Don’t listen to your liberal so-called experts, we HATE clean air devoid of carbon oxides.

  75. I’ve been using gas pump activism to beat Obama and his environuts. Putting decals on gas pumps, on store coolers, drive thru screens, inside menus, etc. They say “These high prices brought to you by Barack Obama” with his picture next to it. They’re reusable and leave no residue (no worries about vandalism) get em at http://www.gconservative.com feels great everytime I put
    one up somewhere

  76. walter12 says:

    This is what the monster Obama has wanted all along and now he has it. Are we going to take it, is the question? GD this Spawn of Satan, this Obama.

  77. Ltpar says:

    Hello people, what the heck happened to the economy and jobs? Forget the gas issue. Iif you are stupid enough to re-elect the Pied Piper of Chicago, he will keep his promise and we will be paying $8-9 a gallon for gas, like Europe does. How’s that change working out for you?

  78. boots says:

    i get 7 mpg, and Obama thinks I can afford to trade my truck in, just like that …pffffft, We need to take advantage of our own resources in this country …. I am so sick of Pols telling us that drilling won’t help for 3-4 yrs, every yr we hear, it won’t help right away… ugh… I hate what has become of our country

  79. Shags Burlow says:

    The simple reason why oil is the best energy resource is because energy produced by solar and wInd has to be consumed as it is manufactured. There is no shelf life or storage of this fragile energy.

    1. Lu Shissler says:

      Yes, and those windmills on top of those big rigs makes it really tough to get under those bridges!

  80. suzy000 says:

    True unemployment is 19.1%…gas is at an all time high for March…Wall Street is on a roller coaster ride….we are in serious trouble. If we do not get a new President in power in 2013 that knows what they are doing…it’s over. I am SO SCARED! We are just barely hanging on!

  81. Highdomer says:

    The government’s own figures says we have enough oils reserves in the U.S. to supply our needs for 250 years. Drilling for it creates jobs (see North Dakota) The president lobbied against the GOP’s Keystone pro-pipeline bill that was killed by just four votes. Meanwhile the VOLT line is shut down (thousands laid off). Wndfarms are being shut down in Oregon because they produce more power than they can sell so the government comes in and pays for the power that would’ve been sold. Your tax dollars. This is what happens when the inmates run the asylum.

  82. bayareabill says:

    What fools people are. They are so short-term in their views that they can’t see beyond their next fill-up. It’s truly distressing and disgusting how stupid our voters are.

  83. Bright Day says:

    I totally get it that conservatives are scared out of their wits that they do not have an electable candidate in 2012.

  84. steve says:

    No way is this the biggest concern! The networks all seem to say it is contraception! Not gas prices, unemployment, deficit…

  85. Shepherd says:

    The national average per gallon when Obama too office was $1.790.

    High Gas Prices? Just Remember
    Vote N∅bama in November!

  86. Jelly Roll says:

    A number of conservatives who are posting here sound as though they are cranked up on whiskey with their talk of Satan’s spawn and Communist threat.

    I sure hope they’re not out driving while under the influence.

    1. bayareabill says:

      DUI is better than VUI — voting under the influence of extreme right or extreme left views.

  87. Peak Oil, Don't Forget It says:

    Gas prices were higher under Bush in Spring of 2008 then they are today.

    HA HA morons.

  88. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Drill and don’t stop drilling until we are self-reliant and we can use some of this new found oil and gas money to help speed along development of other sources of energy. Now doesn’t that sound reasonable?

  89. Reality Bites, But I Don't says:

    Millions of cars on thousands of highways every minute of every day. Hell yeah, I know I can’t get enough of that cruising down the highway, whistlin’ and feeling carefree.


  90. Survival 101 says:

    The world is competing for limited resources, and it’s just going to get worse. It’s pretty obvious that Obama and his crew (George Soros, hint hint) are busy ushering in the New World Order. We know that the plan is to stabilize the World Economy through planned crisis, then round up the indigents and put them in FEMA labor camps. Is this going too far, or not far enough. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

  91. ReConUSMC says:

    In all due respect you just told many lies on purpose not by mistake ,
    A large part of the Oil would stay here . America is the second largest exporter in the World . One in Air Planes , Medicines as a example and well as Farm Equipment ,Copper , Seeds and Special Fertilizers .

    Next we far making 6 % less Oil than 1970 with double the population ,It takes 22-25 to get Fed Permits to drill for Oil ….. 5 days by the state of Texas . Bush pushed OIL Drilling .Clinton and Obama won’t and didn’t .
    Electric Cars run off of COAL ..51.3 % of our of our electricity ………… While the EPA is shutting down Major Coal Mines weekly in 7 states .
    A Volt get 24-30 per miles per 10 Hour Charge at $ 1.27 per Killowatt charge ……. Total cost $ 21.76 per 24-30 Miles .
    A 18 Wheeler beats that…….

  92. FRANCIS says:

    We would not even be in the shape we are now with gas prices if Our Dumb Ass president hadnt stop the drilling on the first day of his term. As it stands now we’re still 3-5yrs from oil dependentcy. Freakin Idiots. we would have been alright now if it won’t for that. Agian FREAKIN IDIOTS.

  93. John says:

    77% of Americans say gas prices are the BIGGEST factor in the next election? That means that more than 77% of Americans are braindead morons. Gas prices are the effects of massive QE programs designed to bailout the banks and enslave the people. ITS CALLED INFLATION!. I bet the same people think that a war with Iran is about nukes! I must be living in the Twilight Zone with these fools.

  94. Cindy says:

    The oil companies control gas prices. We are at their mercy.

    1. Jake says:

      Not if we stop driving!!

  95. NCMike says:

    Obama has repeatedly said that he favors higher gasoline prices. He says this will result in less driving by Americans, fewer emissions, and the growth of alternative energy sources. This should raise several questions. Do you enjoy sacrificing the economic well-being of your family for the benefit of the planet, not to mention, the federally subsidized “Green Energy” gang would profit from your tax dollars and funnel a portion of them back to the Obama re-election campaign? Has the President successfully stroked your self-esteem as you proudly strut your “save the planet” prance? Are you sufficiently indoctrinated to the point that you can blythely lie to yourself, and convince yourself that up is down, less is more, and wrong is right? Are you nuts?

  96. NCMike says:

    When you can believe that people like Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Franken have YOUR best interests at heart, it’s actually quite easy to believe the serial lies that Obama routinely bloviates. When you can convince yourself that Bush caused gas prices to rise when he was President, and you are equally sure that poor Obama has NO CONTROL over gas prices, then you are a sufficient liar that you can pull the wool over your own eyes. Once you are able to convincingly LIE to YOURSELF, all the rest of this preposterous nonsense from Obama is really quite easy to swallow.

  97. Dryden01 says:

    Every time I fill up at the pump I think of President Obama and his energy appointment of commissar Chu. These two believe that poor Americans should pay the same pump prices as wealthy Europeans. One thing is certain, the poor will need all those free Obama abortifacients to permit them to pay for gas and still have enough left over for hot dogs and ramen noodles for Sunday dinner. We are going broke paying for gas and the buffoon in chief is telling us how we will be saved by algae.

  98. Obama4Life says:

    Things like oil and gold DON’T inflate: our dollar loses value and buys less.
    The price of socialism IS a devalued dollar.
    We all pay for “freebies” through higher prices for gas, gold, groceries, utilities, etc…get used to working harder until it kills you. That will solve the social security crisis (less people collecting)
    He GAVE our money to the Brazilians to drill for oil (not meant for us)
    Whah ha ha ha – sukkahs

  99. John Wolf says:

    Time to dump Obama et al. He is out to destroy this country and apparently is doing a good job.

  100. Tommy ABC says:

    Don’t worry this is not our first presidential election. We know that gas prices will mysteriously drop a month or so before the election. We can simply look at what Obama has said in his own words. He wants prices to go up. That is the only way he can get people to buy into solar, wind, etc.

  101. Dan Myers says:

    You can actually lower your gasoline or diesel fuel usage by using this product.
    EnviroTabs. Don’t believe it? Don’t go to this website http://newgreenfuel.net
    Keep spending more than you have to!

  102. ElPolacko says:

    Everyone is acting like $6.00 per gallon is a surprise. This is the first phase of a hyper-inflationary spiral. It’s not that the gas costs more …it’s that the money is worth so much less. Gas prices are not coming down, gas prices are correcting for inflation. You can lay this disaster directly on Pres. Obama and the former Democrat majority.You can’t add $4.6 Trillion in fiat money in 3 years and not see prices go up. They should measure “inflation of the money supply” by the price of gold and gasoline. Instead they measure inflation like they do unemployment….incorrectly.
    Get used to paying more for everything and this is only the beginning

  103. Constitutional Republic says:

    ElPolacko, you are correct in your analysis – and the only candidate for President in 2012 that understands this is Ron Paul. He has a detailed plan to balance the budget in 3 years, and rein in the corporate welfare and the Federal Reserve in the process. The other real effect on gas prices that Ron Paul would bring about is dialing down the warmongering, thus reducing speculation in the oil markets that has driven up the price of oil in the last few months as gasoline supplies increased and demand decreased. Speculation in all of the commodity markets has added to the price increases that our continually devaluing dollar has significantly caused – and the root cause of our devalued dollar is excessive spending and increasing the money supply to fund the growing deficits/debts. Keynesian economics has contributed greatly to our financial mess, and Austrian economics has the obvious solution to fix the problem: Quit spending money we don’t have, just as any responsible individual would do with their personal finances.

  104. Mike G. says:

    Obama stated before he was elected that it would be a good thing if gas prices were high as it would get us off gasoline “habit.” But more than half of the people in this country were still stupid enough to vote for him anyway!

  105. Kip Noxzema says:

    Regardless of what party you are in, there are serious questions you have to ask yourself.

    When our president speaks, is there evidence he’s telling the truth? Y or N?

    Does this government continue to give money to failed energy companies? Y or N?

    After all the spending bills, have we received the 2.2 million shovel ready jobs in the private sector? Y or N?

    Does my family need a Socialized medicine system that we are forced to join or pay a fine? Y or N?

    Does my president care if I pay very high gas prices and it hurts me and my family? Y or N?

    Shouldn’t we have good foreign allies if me or my family is attacked by terrorists? Y or N?

    Aren’t high fuel prices a major reason why food prices are continuing to go up? Y or N?

    Do I want the CEO at my place of work to be successful and we can all get raises? Y or N?

    Isn’t working hard and chasing the American Dream a good thing for my family and I? Y or N?

    Shouldn’t we get our unemployment rate numbers from an independent source like Rasmussen? Y or N?

    Shouldn’t we put more money in the hands of everyone by taxing and spending less and watch the country rebound? Y or N?

    Is there one party that likes to tax and spend and another that wants government out of our lives? Y or N?

    If someone makes more money than me, will that information help me in any way, shape, or form? Y or N?

    Answer the questions truthfully and vote for what is right for you and your family. See you in Nov.

  106. TruPatriot says:

    If this were the case the sheep of this country would realize that gas prices are high not because of greedy oil companies or us not drilling. Sure they are greedy but gas is a lot lower than people realize. Gas is high due to INFLATION. Due to a private group of bankers called the Federal Reserve printing up endless amounts of money, to give to their banker buddies and military industrial complex. Not to mention foreign bank bailouts that we only knew about because the Freedom of Information Act. In 06, one troy ounce of silver can buy 4 gallons of gas. NOW, it buys 11 gallons of gas. They cannot devalue gold, silver, and copper. They sure can devalue the fiat dollar. Higher prices hurt the poor and middle class the most. Wake up people. Turn off brainwash and distraction tv. They don’t want you to focus on the real culprit. Both political parties spend too much and devalue our dollar too much. The only guy who isn’t going to keep this problem going, as inflation gets worse and worse, is RON PAUL. He runs on small citizen donations, not Goldman Sachs money like Obama and Romney. In 08, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Lehman Brothers, and other bailout banks funded Obama and McCain’s campaigns. They own this place. Only one who isn’t selling out, RON PAUL. That is why controlled mainstream media ignores him and or brainwashes people by saying he can’t win, or he’s unelectable. Funny how bs that is because in their same polls, Ron Paul does THE BEST against Obama. The sellout republican party doesn’t want Ron because he doesn’t represent the banks and corporations like they do.

  107. Aaron McPatriot says:

    Um, If this were the case the sheep of this country would realize that gas prices are high not because of greedy oil companies or us not drilling. Sure they are greedy but gas is a lot lower than people realize. Gas is high due to INFLATION. Due to a private group of bankers called the Federal Reserve printing up endless amounts of money, to give to their banker buddies and military industrial complex. Not to mention foreign bank bailouts that we only knew about because the Freedom of Information Act. In 06, one troy ounce of silver can buy 4 gallons of gas. NOW, it buys 11 gallons of gas. They cannot devalue gold, silver, and copper. They sure can devalue the fiat dollar. Higher prices hurt the poor and middle class the most. Wake up people. Turn off brainwash and distraction tv. They don’t want you to focus on the real culprit. Both political parties spend too much and devalue our dollar too much. The only guy who isn’t going to keep this problem going, as inflation gets worse and worse, is RON PAUL. He runs on small citizen donations, not Goldman Sachs money like Obama and Romney. In 08, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Lehman Brothers, and other bailout banks funded Obama and McCain’s campaigns. They own this place. Only one who isn’t selling out, RON PAUL. That is why controlled mainstream media ignores him and or brainwashes people by saying he can’t win, or he’s unelectable. Funny how bs that is because in their same polls, Ron Paul does THE BEST against Obama. The sellout republican party doesn’t want Ron because he doesn’t represent the banks and corporations like they do.

  108. robert smith says:

    Not to worry. Obama will make it up to the average consumer.

    His 2012 campaign slogan:

    “I give you dem rubbers.”

  109. KEvin says:

    And it looks like 77% of Americans are just not that bright either. The president cannot control gas prices. Wall-street does. Electing Mitt Romney would be like electing the Fox to guard the hen house. We have such a large supply of oil that much of it is being exported. . The oil companies are going to try to alter and control the election based on the stupidity of Americans, Sad.

  110. Ordinary Guy says:

    What makes you think you have a right to Alaskan oil or any other? It goes to the highest bidder, once you’ve take your lease money. Oil flows around the world. You’re not entitled to any. It’s a free market, right?

  111. Instigator says:

    I wonder what would happen to the economic landscape if you outlawed speculation and electronic(computerized) trading?

  112. Citizen says:

    Nice to see the conservative, foaming-at-the-mouth, conspiracy-touting, ignorant, name-calling trolls have almost taken over ‘CCO’s poster boards. I hope you are happy, ‘CCO, with the filth spread in your comment sections. It is disturbing to see a mainstream media outfit promoting this type of sordidness, but then it is all about money, ratings, and viewership, isn’t it. Certainly can’t be about informed disagreement.

  113. ckeef says:

    Wait until november. if gas prices stay high, it will affect everything. not just at the pump. also food prices, clothing…everything. more people will be on govt assistance, more foreclosures. less cars being sold. we will have a worse national malaise than when carter was president.

    1. jake says:

      It already has and YES you are right!!! Charter, he was a joke and his stupid craving for jelly beans… we payed for them damn jelly beans. Remember?

    2. jake says:

      Sorry, I meant Carter.

  114. Fred Hayek says:

    Gas has doubled since 0bama has been in.

  115. Fred Hayek says:

    Gas prices have doubled.

  116. ron says:

    I remember waiting in line to buy gas in the 70`s. You had odd even days to buy gas. Based on your lic plate, in CA..We didnt learn our lesson then, and we our not learning it now. So go out and buy a nice big car.

  117. ron says:

    I remember buying gas on, odd-even days in the 1970`s. We are too stupid to learn. So, go out and buy a nice big SUV. You deserve it.

    1. jake says:

      Yep, instead, go buy a mazda or some other foreign piece of sh!& and support other countries. YOU are an idiot and YES I own a CHEVY TAHOE, which supports American jobs. 92% American parts and assem. in Texas, America. You are a disgrace to the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. jake says:

    Remember folks, prices were around $1.75 or so before it got voted in, since than, it’s been rising. Also, the US exports our oil for a cheaper price and then turns around and imports others oils at a much higher price??? Our “extra” fuel since our demand is down(due to prices) is exported to S. America and yes I understand that the refineries are producing more since “it” was voted in, but this is NOT solving our problem. There is no shortage of oil and in the near future, may it be 100 yrs. or so, won’t be a shortage. To add to that, with the rate the US is progressing, we won’t be here in the next 20 yrs….none of us!!!

  119. Diet Solution says:

    I do like the way you have framed this specific issue plus it really does give me personally some fodder for thought. However, through what I have experienced, I basically wish as other remarks pile on that men and women continue to be on issue and in no way get started on a soap box of some other news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this exceptional piece and whilst I can not really concur with the idea in totality, I value the perspective.