OWATONNA, Minn. (WCCO) — Justin Bieber’s “Johnson” is now in Minnesota.

The 3-year-old boa constrictor, made famous by Bieber at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, is now a resident at the Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo in Owatonna.

A Twin Cities businessman bought the snake at a charity auction last November and was looking for find Johnson a good home. Enter the RAD Zoo, with one of the largest reptile displays in the country.

“We through there would be some interest in Johnson coming to live with us, but, we had no idea it would be like this. The phone has been ringing nonstop,” said Jamie Pastika, who runs the zoo with his wife, Melissa.

Johnson is small in stature with a long way to go before he’s full grown, but, he’s already gaining king-sized attention.

“He’s a star already, he was a star well before he got here,” said Pastika.

And with such a high-profile background, you’d think that unusual arrangements would have to be made.

“He hasn’t asked for any special preparation of his mice for dinner,” said Pastika. “Same as the other, just warmed up from the freezer.”

They’re saying all the right things, but, Johnson’s new neighbors seem skeptical. Word around the terrarium is the tortoises have already given Johnson the nickname “Hollywood.”

“He has proved not to be the diva at all. That could always be a concern, but Johnson has been adjusting very well, he seems well inclusive of the other animals here at our zoo,” said Pastika.

Well, there’s got to be something Johnson has in common with his famous former owner. Can he dance?

“I think with kind of a slow rhythmic beat, I bet he’d get going a little bit there,” said Pastika.

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(credit: CBS)

Comments (26)
  1. Jerry Springer says:

    I thought he was a girl

  2. Silly Billy says:

    Well what is it his snake or his Johnson?

  3. Owatonna's New "Johnson" says:

    “Justin Bieber’s “Johnson” is now in Minnesota.”

    Seriously? That’s how you start this article…. Poor taste, Brickman.

  4. Boomhauer says:

    Such drama over a danm snake. So what if it’s Bieber’s snake…
    \/\/TF cares! seriously… what has happened to journalism???

  5. Celebs?? says:

    So when the “Biebs” get famous he dumps his pet snake on a charity auction??

    He just spent 10M on a house in LA, call me and make in news when he donates 1M to RAD Zoo.

    He made over 80M last year, I made 65K. I donated $500 to charity, he donated what?

    Funny how “celebs” get news when they donate $5000 (let’s say they made $1M, $5000 is .5% of 1M), so if I donate .5% of my 65K that is $325, I donated more than that, so where is my news story?

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