MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We didn’t get much snow Thursday morning, but it was just enough to make conditions slippery outside for both commuters and pedestrians.

A spokesperson with Hennepin County Medical Center said at least 30 people had been hospitalized with injuries related to slipping and falling.

It’s not known if any of the injuries were serious, but it’s yet another reminder that it doesn’t take much snow in the Twin Cities to cause problems.

Comments (5)
  1. Rufus Larkin says:

    There are a lot of morons here who never learn when to increase distance between them and the next car.

    1. Peter says:

      This wasn’t about vehicle accidents Rufus. It was about people slipping and falling. Which I must say, is actually probably worse. Must have been old people!

      1. Ace says:

        Hey, I’m 81 and walked my dog for two miles this morning and I didn’t fall, it’s about looking where you’re going. You don’t know whether there’s dry pavement or sidewalk or ice under the light snow. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

  2. E. Minneapolis says:

    The problem is people don’t know how to properly salt and sand their sidewalks. If it’s just a thin layer of snow, that shouldn’t be a problem. But when people leave 2 inches of ice on their sidewalks unattended and allow to get wet so it becomes 100x slipperier… they deserve every lawsuit they catch.

    I’m a habitual pedestrian. I’m speaking from a major amount of experience. People have been lazy these past couple of years.

  3. B. Mahtomedi says:

    When snow coated the street like powdered sugar this morning, I fell down so hard that I wished I was wearing my ski helmet before my impact. I have a head ache and I’m going to survive but the ice in the mornings this week can be hard to see.