MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’ve ever been to an ice rink, odds are you’ve wanted to go for a ride on the Zamboni. Well, a Twin Cities man is making that dream a possibility.

“With a crew of four people, sometimes five, it took six months to build,” said Dan Bourgeois, creator of the Cold Rod.
The Zamboni-look-alike was built on the drive-train of a Chevy pickup truck and can get up to 75 MH on the highway. Driving it though, seated in the back, can be a bit tricky.

“One of the things that helps for me is I spent so much time in my professional career driving these, so I’m used to seeing what the picture is,” Bourgeois said.

‘Dan The Icemaker,’ as he’s known, has spent 33 years around Zambonis, including 28 years making ice at the University of Minnesota.

While Dan says everyone who’s seen the Cold Rod agrees it’s a great idea, he hasn’t been able to make any money off of it.
“Personally it’s been very satisfying, financially it’s been a huge disaster,” Bourgeois said.

Dan’s put more than $250,000 into the project and is still paying large sums in insurance and gas. The Cold Rod only get four miles a gallon, and has a 44 gallon tank.

“At today’s prices, it’s another mortgage on the house every time I fill it up,” Bourgeois said.

So after three years of living his dream, the Cold Rod can be yours, for the low price of $150,000.