DUNKERTON, Iowa (AP/WCCO) — An eastern Iowa school district superintendent has apologized after an event included potentially offensive messages about homosexual and transgender people, according to a report from an Waterloo TV station.

KWWL reports Dunkerton Community School Superintendent Jim Stanton talked to students Thursday afternoon about the messages delivered during an assembly earlier in the day.

Stanton says the messages delivered by a band Junkyard Prophet and a group called You Can Run But You Cannot Hide didn’t conform to the district’s teaching of tolerance.

After the band played music and discussed the perils of provocative lyrics, the performers and group members reportedly made disparaging remarks about homosexual and transgender people.

Jake MacAulay, the Annandale, Minn., group’s chief operations officer, told The Associated Press on Friday they only raised issues and let students and teachers discuss the topics.

Dunkerton is about 10 miles northeast of Waterloo.

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Comments (40)
  1. JBS says:

    Have you ever heard of seperation of church and state. would you approve of the conduct is it was pro-Islam or Jewish?

    1. Jesus Christ says:

      I love all human beings. Gale Dribble does not qualify, so I do not love him.

      1. Lucifer says:

        He doesn’t need you, Mr. Fairytale.

        1. Nate says:

          So it’s not okay to offend gays or criticize people’s religion yet your way of arguing a point on a posting forum is to offend Christians?


          1. Llp says:

            not true christians just the ones who hide their hate behind religion.most likely jesus will see them burn in hell

      2. Troy Linck says:

        thank you jesus!

  2. Slim says:

    “…didn’t conform to the district’s teaching of tolerance.”

    Do you think the person who made that statement is aware of it’s inherent irony and contradiction?

    I doubt it.

    1. markH says:

      One is not being intolerant to point out bigotry and intolerance. Invariably, it is the Christian’s who preach and teach intolerance, hatred, and misogyny toward others. We are all well aware that hatred and intolerance is only accepted within the walls of churches while under the guise of “religious belief; to do this in a public forum was the mistake.

      1. Troy Linck says:

        thank you

      2. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

        Correct MarkH. It is the people that are the most “Religious” that are also the most intolerant and hatefull. Religions main message always seems to be, “Be like us or go to hell”.

        1. Mowald says:

          If you are sufficiently fed up with religion and ready to “come out of the closet” as an atheist, please come to the Reason Rally on March 24th in Washington DC (see http://www.reasonrally.com or look it up on facebook).

          It’s going to be a fun rally for those of us who are good without god.

    2. Fred Schminke says:

      And that would be because there is no irony in the situation, unless you’re of the extreme theo-political right this group and it’s “ministry” represent. trying to whitewash reality. Or is the problem that you can’t discern tolerance for behavior and ideas that bring no harm and rejection of behavior andideas that seek to bring harm. The religious beliefs this group represent are closer to radical islam, indeed one of it’s members called islamic law requirng execution og gays “moral” in an interview. The funny thing is, after this incident, a number of people went to their facebook page and stated their displeasure in a very civil manner, the groups rep tried to debate and lost and then deleted all critical comments. You know “christian courage”.

      This group is a designated hate group. This group has ties to the extreme radical religious right with guns. Rejecting groups such as these is not intolerance, it’s Christians doing as Christ commanded us and rejecting evil and rebuking these followers of the anti-christ in his name.

  3. rusty shakleford says:

    the words “white christian country” don’t appear in the constitution either.

    keep your silly fairy tales to yourself. they have no place in our government.

    1. Eat this Dale lol says:

      Not all were.
      A good portion of them were Deists.

      Google it.

      1. Yep says:

        See the irony, Dale wants a world with all White male christians.

    2. Gribble Gribble, tried to pee but could only dribble says:

      @Dale Gribble……your post is the most uninformed piece of garbage I have read in a long time…it’s a fact….most founding fathers were Deist’s….Actually I’m hoping you are being sarcastic but if not….wow…you are at a loss

    3. Llp says:

      Besides they ain’t al white

  4. Just Wondering says:

    I wasn’t aware that democrats wouldn’t let these guys state their opinions in their church. I thought the article stated that they were at a public school, which has students from many different backgrounds. Christians are not the only people that pay taxes in the state of minnesota, contrary to the beliefs of some. It’s funny how you play the victim even though I haven’t read a single article about christians being unable to pray or attend their churches lately.

    1. Richard Cheese says:

      Hey idiot they were in Iowa, can’t you read???

      1. just wondering says:

        Points still the same, but all we have from your post is calling someone an idiot. Don’t worry though… you’ll be forgiven sunday, and can go back to be a jerk the other 6 days.

  5. Biologist says:

    People are born not liking gays…..or incest or child abuse. It’s hundreds of thousands of years of evolution at work.

    There are born that way.

    1. Troy Linck says:

      So lets stone the men who sleep with their wives while they are having their period…. and those who wear mixed blend clothes and those who eat shell fish ….

    2. Death says:

      Hmmmm, really? Have any evidence of that? Or, R U just talking out of UR rear-end?

      1. The real marine 0311 says:

        The evidence is in the bible, specifically the old testament in the book of Leviticus.

    3. Kilgore says:

      People are not born disliking gay people either. It has to be taught. I’m not sure how you then made the connection to child abuse and incest. However, if you believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, then incest is okay. How do you think the entire human population sprung from just 2 people? Not a lot of choices when you have to go about the business of populating the earth..

      1. Kilgore says:

        By the way, Mr. Biologist (not). You’re comments are more in line with someone who is a christian conservative than someone who understands science. You better be careful in your use of the “E” word, even in jest, as you could be labeled a blasphemer by your congregation and given the boot.

  6. Doc says:

    Anti gay Christians are offended by gay people so I think the gays should have apologized as well.

  7. Hank Hill says:

    Dale you giblethead!

  8. Lot says:

    Sodom & Gomorra called, they said why are you all such haters. It’s all about love.

  9. Troy Linck says:

    Yeah! Hatred Rocks! Let’s all hate for Jesus! No one can tell us who to hate! We are White Christians and we have no responsibility for our hatred other than to spread more hate and bask in the glory of our evil beliefs.

  10. Super PAC See BS says:

    Multiculturalism is religion too — The Church of Liberalism is the public education system, the official state sponsored religion in the United States.

    Liberals force people to respect their establishment of religion, and anyone who speaks against the gospil of tolerance is guilty of blasphemy.

  11. Super PAC See BS says:

    Liberalism uses the public education system as a state sponsored religion, and anyone who doesn’t respect their establishment of religion is guilty of blasphemy.

  12. See BS says:

    Public Education IS a stae sponsored religious institution for liberalism.

    1. Raoul Duke says:

      Give it a rest, Dale. Every knows how you feel.

  13. Paul Solinger says:

    It’s sad that this district didn’t do it’s homework. A quick Google search would have reminded them that the leader of this organization offended a great many Minnesotans with his prayer to the legislature last year that resulted in a public apology.

  14. thumper says:

    Bradlee Dean, does this for a living. He is obsessed with gaydom, while in denial of his own. I say that as he’s more obsessed with gays than gays are.

    He offended the MN Legislature, got kicked off The Patriot (radio station), and continues to repeat his actions. And in his wake others apologize for him.

    He has been chums with Bachmann, and T-Paw. Open mouth, insert foot.

  15. The real marine 0311 says:

    Bradley dean is such a worthless piece of chit.

  16. Mowald says:

    Please join thousands of freethinkers and humanists at the Reason Rally at the National Mall in Washington, DC on March 24th! It’s going to be a huge, fun rally and a chance to celebrate reason with other people who are good without god. Check out http://www.reasonrally.com or look it up on Facebook. There are buses organized from all over.

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