BARNUM, Minn. (WCCO) — A 17-year-old student attacked and injured a Barnum High School teacher for asking him to remove his headphones from his ears, according to the Carlton County Sheriff’s Office.

On Friday at 8:45 a.m., authorities received a 911 call from Barnum High School reporting a student fight, which resulted in a man injured and a request for ambulance.

When they arrived, Sheriff’s deputies learned that a male student assaulted a teacher over headphones. The 17-year-old was arrested for assault and taken to the Arrowhead Juvenile Center in Duluth.

The teacher, identified as Richard Bird, was taken in an ambulance to Mercy Hospital where he was treated and released for injuries suffered in the assault.

Comments (36)
  1. justme says:

    I hope they don’t let him back into the mainstream Schools. Parents, you need to teach your children respect, not just for themselves but for all people instead of acting like they were raised by a pack of wolves!

    1. notimeforyou says:

      We need to get rid of the lawyers and go back to the days when we were in high school. There were MANY parents, including mine who told the teachers they could do whatever it took to get us to learn. I remember getting a smack on the head
      once for acting like an idiot BUT I knew I deserved it and you can bet I didn’t go running home crying abuse …….I was just hoping my mom didn’t find out and give me another smack!

      1. just sayin says:

        Are you kidding? I hope you don’t have kids.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          We have 5. How many do you have? Do you have to beat them for them to behave? We don’t have that problem. Must be something you’re doing wrong.

  2. g dog says:

    Unfortunately – too many parents leave it up to the schools to
    teach their brats everything – including respect.

  3. Nothern Wolf says:

    I keep getting this sinking feelin’ that someday in the near future we will be teaching the youth of today wearing a flak jacket and from behind bullet proof glass.
    WTH would want to teach today?? Not a lot different than playing guard at Stillwater except there you mostly know they not packing a gun and when you finally get things under control you can exact a fitting punishment. In the public ed system as soon as Mom and Dad cry attorney —- junior back and laughing at you.
    I’ve had 3 in family tried their hands at teaching in TC area. One made it 13 years until last year and the other 2 walked away in less than 5-6. No way now how. I concur

    1. Keep It Real says:

      Yes all protected by the teachers union, so they don’t actually have to do anything. Get rid of the union and hold parents accountable for their kids behavior…2 steps in the right direction!

  4. Face says:

    I will pay for you to be sterilized.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      So will I, but the neuterologist will need a scanning electron microscope and a great deal of imagination. And he’ll need to be VERY specific.

  5. Mr.Yes says:

    Only In USA. I am sure there are still some Parents who defend the student.

    1. Keep It Real says:

      Of course. We’ve seen so many horrible teachers, so many acts by teachers that should get them fired…only to be protected by the union and lazy administrators. The teachers are as much at fault as parents in the current equation. Hold the parents accountable, get rid of the teachers union and we will be on our way to a good system of education.

  6. cmon says:

    makes you wonder why teachers don’t receive hazardous duty pay

  7. hunnybear18 says:

    You mean other than wasting the money we pay to have the little thug educated? His responsibility is to take part in the class.

  8. Seriously says:

    The thing about headphones is that the student is at SCHOOL. They are there to learn, not listen to music or do whatever they please. Once a student steps into a teacher’s classroom, they follow their rules.

    I’m really glad my tax dollars are providing this student’s education. Sounds like he’s really taking advantage of the opportunity.

  9. chuck says:

    I am waiting for the lawsuit against the teacher!! Seems like little Jonnie is always right today. I was always in more trouble at home that school. Parents said teachers are always right, now they are always wrong and we need to get a lawyer. Come on people your children are not all or always angels!!!!!

  10. Oh-Really? says:

    and the race of the kid is? come on!

    1. Chimera Sui Generis says:

      What difference does it make ???

      A brat is a brat.

  11. pumphandle- says:

    For the record I don’t carry and never will, but knowing you can’t stop thugs from having weapons why should i care if some decent people have them, I live a life that won’t get me shot it’s pretty easy to do.

  12. me says:

    Teachers have no rights anymore. There was never anything wrong with a ruler across the hand, when out of link. I would seriously provide all of my teachers with written concent to give my child a swift kick in the keester if they got out of line, and disrupted the class. Too many parents believe in Dr. Spock and all that Psych BS. Every child is different and not every rule in the generic rule book works for every kid. The fact that today’s kids are out of line is because Parents are too afraid to discipline and teachers have no rights. It’s time it ends. We are the adults, not them! We are supposed to teach them, not be disrespected and assaulted by them!!!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Yes there was plenty wrong with putting their hands on kids. I don’t want some teacher with an axe to grind hitting my kids. That isn’t their job.

  13. Nothern Wolf says:

    I cannot take this seriously See BS – or you are a big part of the problem if so.

  14. @See BS says:

    you musta had issues with school and learning there junior.
    yet to ever read a positive post from your big mouth – neglected as a kid or bullied? Come on and share with us – you hiding behind a screen and safe junior.

  15. MarysBro says:

    Franks and Beans

  16. PJO says:

    I am a republican and I do own guns and I find your comment is assinine. ii wouldn’t want teachers to carry guns. Judging you by your comment, your probably a gun hating liberal fool

  17. Uncle Rico says:

    Way to stay on topic dumbo. Feel better now?

  18. Brett says:

    There is NO reason for a teacher to be assaulted by a punk in a classroom. The teacher IS the AUTHORITY. I would suggest to this teacher that he put cameras in his classroom, learn some good hand-to-hand combat skills, and the next time that a student thinks that he/she can take a swing at you, that you open up a big ‘ol can of whoop a$$, and put that FUTURE FELON in a hospital emergency room, pronto. If that’s what it takes to restore ORDER in a classroom, FINE.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      You think that would create a positive learning environment, eh?

      Somehow I don’t think you thought that one through very far…

      1. Doesn't know Jack says:

        What would you suggest? Here’s what I think you would say: “Oh please say your sorry for your actions and tell Mr. Bird that you really didn’t mean to assult him. Now you go for a 17-minute time-out and think about what you have done.” I would suggest that you jack get out of you fantasy world of princesses and ferrydust. Teachers need to be more respected as they were in the past and parents need to teach their children that respect or be prepared to face the consequences which may include being physically put in their thuggish place.

        1. jackactionhero says:


          So since I don’t condone teachers beating kids, that’s what I think?

          I’m not in a fantasy world. I have 5 kids in public schools. How many do you have? Do you need to beat them to get them to behave? I don’t, so it sounds like you are the one doing something wrong.

          1. Doesn't know Jack says:

            Five perfect angels? Good for you! I would suggest birth control or losing the number to the adoption agency before your luck runs out.

            1. jackactionhero says:

              Where does the perfect angels comment come from?

              1. desert eagle .50 says:

                From your incessant bragging about your alleged progeny.

  19. Brett says:

    Rubbish. A student has NO RIGHT to put their grubby hands on a TEACHER, PERIOD. The teacher was RIGHT, the so-called “student” was WRONG. End of story. Kick him out of school, allow him to learn how to live out of a cardboard box in the Duluth area in January.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Yeah because THAT won’t cause any problems for all of us again in the future.

      You are a very angry and very short-sighted individual.

  20. Brett says:

    Idiot. Parenting has EVERYTHING to do with a child’s behavior. BAD parenting produces an undisciplined thug, GOOD parenting produces a disciplined, polite, respectful, LEARNER. It’s all about consequences. If I had beaten on a teacher, I would have feared my parents far more than the police, but not THESE DAYS. But now, this idiot teen thug now has a violent criminal record…’s that going to go over to a future employer?? I wouldn’t even hire the brat to sweep my floors.

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