BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota State High School League is explaining why a paralyzed hockey player was not on the ice after his team won the Class 2A state boys championship.

Sophomore Jack Jablonski watched from a suite Saturday night as Benilde-St. Margaret’s beat Hill-Murray 5-1. Jablonski celebrated with his teammates in the locker room, but was not on the ice for the awards ceremony.

The league said Monday that Jablonski was not listed as a member of the official roster. But the league says its staff worked to make sure Jablonski “could be an important part of his school team before and following each game.”

Red Knights coach Ken Pauly says Jablonski will get a championship medal.

Jablonski was paralyzed Dec. 30 when he was hit into the boards during a game.

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Comments (10)
  1. Bobby says:

    “why a paralyzed hockey player was not on the ice ”

    Because there isn’t a wheel chair ramp to the ice. And having one would be stupid.

    My god, the reporter is a moron.

    1. Stands with a ramp says:


    2. Dolt says:

      So $hit for brains do you think the Zambonies drive down the stairs, you’re the moron!

  2. MSHSLsucks says:

    Lots of people on the ice that were not on an official roster. Just covering the backside, because of very poor judgement. Would be nice to see the league or “staff” stand up and say they made a huge mistake, not pull out the 200 page rule book.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Epic fail by the MSHSL. Jack was able to be on the ice at Marricui during the section 6AA champinships Feb 29th. A moment I will never forget! Too bad the MSHSL failed in the biggest stage. To say it was for insurance purposes is a cop out. Why could Jack be on the ice for the section finals and not at the championship game? Well??

  4. Shoe's says:

    Has not the media beat this Jack Jablonski incident to death?. How much more can they get out of this story?.

  5. Bob says:

    He got hurt doing what he liked. Now it’s over. Can we move on.

    1. MentalMidgetsAbound says:

      Yet you’re here… you’re reading it. You’re commenting on it. Moving on, are ya?

  6. Rockford says:

    He was a JV player not on the varsity. JV player’s do not share in the varsity’s awards and vice versa. Too bad the media made it sound like he was a member of the varsity because he never was.

  7. Common Sense says:

    Wrong again Rocky! He was on the Varsity till he got hurt Dec 30th. He did play some games for the JV also but did also dress for the varsity games. He was playing on the 3rd and 4th lines as a sophmore. Here is a great take from all of this. Agree 100%

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