ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota AFL-CIO is airing TV and radio ads across Minnesota against a constitutional amendment under consideration at the Capitol that would curb union strength.

The ads started airing on Tuesday, the day after a Senate committee approved the right to work amendment which if passed by voters would make union membership voluntary in Minnesota. Some Republicans in the Legislature are hoping to put the issue before voters statewide in November though it’s not yet seen as a certainty.

The AFL-CIO ad features firefighters, a nurse and other union employees. It calls the proposal unfair, unnecessary and unsafe. In addition to airing statewide, targeted versions of the ad will be aired in the districts of Republican senators from Bemidji, Willmar, Red Wing, Rochester, St. Cloud and Eagan.

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Comments (8)
  1. Fred says:

    Why should someone be forced to join a union?

  2. Harleymanmn says:

    It’s time that membership in a union not be mandated by legislation. If the union has a superior plan, then they can get membership by selling their attributes and convincing the potential member to join them Voluntarily.

  3. G Dog says:

    Never been to Mississippi or Alabama, huh?

  4. Thanks for nothing says:

    This is a great day! Exposed! Fail!

  5. StillDoingBusiness says:

    Unions in general are dissolving because they do not serve a valuable purpose. I have always been anti-union and I always will be. I have never been interested in doing business with a union company, nor would I ever stand around holding a sign because my employer isn’t bending over backwards to satisify my out-of-control demands. And as an owner of several companies, I can say honestly that if you respect your employees and treat all of them very fairly, then there is absolutely no point in having a union interfering with that relationship.

  6. Stanley Peterson says:

    Question??? What ever happened to the Teamsters Local 1145. It was the largest union in Minnesota in 1970, with 10,000 members. Where is it now?. All those jobs went to China and the Sun Belt. The only thing Unions can do now, is represent the Public Employee jobs. Then the only ones that suffer are the people with more and more taxes. In other words you get stiifed! I hope the people wake up before they turn off the lights! Ufta!

    1. Ordinary Guy says:

      Stan, the Honeywell work went overseas like everything else when it was discovered that Asian workers’ wages were going to stay repressed, and also that no taxes are paid by the product coming into the States. It’s all paid by the wage-earner. Nobody’s left hand realizes that their right is still expected to make up the normal amount of taxes, now without the good wages and jobs.

  7. Fred Hayek says:

    Unions can only be successful through force.

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