GALLERY: Bruce Hagevik’s 39 Years With WCCO Radio

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Bruce Hagevik never expected to become a news reporter — just a radio announcer.

At the age of 15 Bruce became a disc jockey at the local station in his hometown of Ortonville, Minnesota. Several years later — after obtaining his BA in psychology at Moorhead State University — Bruce ended up at a radio station in Faribault where he did fill-in announcer work and other odd duties.

Then one day the news director and another employee got into a scuffle and the news director was fired. Bruce was enlisted on the spot as a replacement. And a long, distinguished career as a radio journalist was launched.

He came to WCCO Radio in 1973, when Richard Nixon was president, Wendell Anderson was governor and newsrooms were equipped with reel-to-reel tape recorders, electric typewriters and White-Out.

He wrote news copy for the great voices of WCCO Radio: Howard Viken, Dick Chapman, Jurgen Nash and Ray Christensen. He also covered major stories of the day and soon established himself as one of the great reporters in the business.

He has covered some of the biggest stories of the past 39 years, from the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping to last summer’s shutdown of the state government. Now in retirement, Bruce plans to divide his time between Minnesota and Miami Beach, where he and his wife have a condo.

Gov. Mark Dayton marked the occasion by proclaiming March 14, 2012 “Bruce Hagevik Day” in Minnesota.

Wish Bruce a happy retirement — click on the comments section below to send on your memories and well wishes.

WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Does His Last Newscast On WCCO Radio

WCCO’s John Hines Interviews Bruce On His Last Day

Comments (12)
  1. Beady says:

    Congratulations, Bruce. I will miss your voice and presence on WCCO.

  2. Sheilah says:

    Saturday and Sunday mornings just won’t be the same. The easy-going “banter” between you and Denny in the early morning weekend hours was extremely enjoyable. I would look forward to the music and events “guess the year”. The annual call to Norway at Christmas, the “pumpkin lady” at Halloween … but most importantly your delivery of the news. You, as well as Eric Eskola, are two big reasons WCCO Radio has the credibility it does. What a sad day for the station and the listeners, but an exciting new chapter for you. I wish you many happy years of retirement and reading on the beach!

  3. Renee Hamilton says:

    We will truly miss you Bruce! You are a true class act and we enjoyed your reporting so much over years. Congratulations on your retirement and please let your radio listeners know how you are enjoying your retirement.
    Thank you for all of the memories!

  4. Ann S. says:

    We moved to Minnesota 40 years ago and soon “found” WCCO and you there. As others have said, Saturday mornings won’t be the same without you. Your Christmas conversations with your “cousin” Ellen in Norway have always been of interest to us as well as all else that you have done so well. Enjoy your new lifestyle in good health. You will be missed!

  5. Pete says:

    Bruce – First of all, congratulations on reaching retirement…. Thank you for being there all those weekends. WCCO has been part of our life for so many years. you leave some giant shoes to fill. Because of your efforts over the years I believe I am a much wiser person. Enjoy your retirement. You earned it.

  6. Jonny D says:

    Without a doubt i will miss the weekend morning news with bruce gone but i will still be tuning in good luck bruce you will be missed enjoy florida my folks are enjiying retirement there also and love it

  7. BHOSX says:

    Not much I like about WCCO, but Bruce was a class act.

  8. Cindy Brod says:

    Bruce – You don’t know me, but I am originally from Big Stone City, SD, and went to school in Milbank and church in Ortonville. It was so amazing that I could turn on WCCO radio and feel like “home” was with me when I listened to you. And you made Ortonville famous—at least that is what the city folk there think!!! Thank you for all of your genuineness; you will be missed!!! My parents, Morrie and Alice Howland, love you too! Good luck in your retirement!!

  9. Liquid Nails says:

    I will miss waking up to Bruce’s voice on the weekend. He had just what it takes to keep you listening.
    Never met him, but I consider him a friend. He was a classic, and I will miss him!

  10. Les Svendsen says:

    Congratulations on your retirement. I just retired myself, in Sioux Falls. Have listened to WCCO, growing up in SW Minn., since I was kid –Bob DeHaven and Joyce Lamont, Howard Viken, even Cedric Adams . . . continued to listen to CCO over the years whenever I could tune in, or was in the Twin Cities. You fit right in with all the “greats” — when CCO was cookin’! Thanks. Enjoy your new life, as I am right now in Arizona, then to Mpls.

  11. Lisa Briggs says:

    So excited for the next chapter of adventures for you. You have worked so hard and touched so many people during your career. Happy Retirement!!!

  12. Lisa in Miami says:

    Congratulations from sunny Miami. Grab your favorite leisurewear and see you at the beach real soon. The natives are waiting….

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