ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — St. Paul was the only city to earn an “A+” rating for driving safety, according to a recently released study.

The magazine Men’s Health released the rankings on Tuesday, and St. Paul was ranked at the very top.

The list was ranked according to a number of factors, including the number and rate of fatal crashes, the percentage of fatalities connected with alcohol or speeding, and the rate of seatbelt usage.

Two other cities earned “A-” ratings — Lincoln, Neb. and Boston, Mass. — but the rest of the list was ranked at a “B+” level or below.

Madison, Wis. was ranked ninth on the list, and Minneapolis didn’t even make the list’s top ten. St. Paul’s twin city was ranked 20th overall, earning a “B-” rating.

No fewer than 18 cities on the list of 100 earned “F” ratings, with St. Louis, Mo. ranked as the very worst in the nation.

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  1. why then says:

    so why are my insurance rates so high? Never had a ticket or an accident have an older car, not underage drivers but it keeps going up!

  2. Yeah Right says:

    Whoever cam e up with this poll apparently has never driven in the Twin Cities. People talking on cell phones, eating, fixing their hair, applying lipstick, no seat belt, no directionals being used, lane changes at last possible moment, crossing over solid lines, cutting people off, flipping the bird…the list goes on and on. I’m a daily commuter and see all of the above and more in the Twin Cities. Number one my arse, this is a joke isnt it? Is today April 1st?

    1. Chuck says:

      As pathetic as the raods here are – I kinda suspect this is fairly accurate.
      I drive 50K plus a year and St Paul is one of the best….but near the river and it gets crazy. St Paul is a puddy cat vs Mpls though.

      Insurance rates higher than ever but compared to a big city like Chicago-NYC-LA we pay almost nothing. Guess that spread the risk around isn’t always so good huh

  3. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Ever seen a hmong drive?

  4. I Can't Drive........55 !!!!!! says:

    Oh Great!!! More of this Minnesota “nice” BS.

  5. Kay says:

    Who ever made that rating could not have possibly ever driven in Saint Paul. If there is ever a time at an intersection where someone did not run a red light, it can only mean there was no one there at the time. I live in western suburbs and work in Saint Paul and I have two very different driving modes for here and there. In cases I would stop for a yellow in my neighborhood, if I did that in St Paul I might get rear-ended, maybe a chain reaction of the 3 cars that would have ‘gone for it’ behind me. Green does not mean ‘go’ in St. Paul, it means wait for cars to get done whipping through the red.

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